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Big 2hus are the best 2hus

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I am taller than all of them except Okuu

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They look like they crush balls

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Because they do?

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They do?

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They do.

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Crushma balls

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Good for you

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I want to kick them all in their cunts

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Damn this thread sucks, you're really busting my balls here jaypee!

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I am shorter than all of them, especially Okuu.

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ha, 2 meter tall sunflowers.

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I am glad he posted another batch

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>he posted another batch
How recent?

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i prefer my 2hus much bigger

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too big

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no such thing

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not big enough

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getting smothered by Okuu!

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Yeah there is.

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I disagree.

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are you sure you want it anon

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Only if she's not the size of a mountain.

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I want to land face first into Reisen's chest.

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That bodytype seems attractive until you see it in person.

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>Okuu 198cm
Completely agree, I have seen videos where she's 160-170 and it doesn't make sense, she's very tall and her wingspan is at least 4 meters

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I am taller than none of them except Ran

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Much smaller than them, but I wish I were shorter

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Why is she thinking about the Tower of Babel?

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Nice and check em

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bird cannot fit

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So strong she's chained to 2 planets and a moon

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Just make the lockers bigger. Easy fix.

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>her wingspan is at least 4 meters
Imagine being hugged by Okuu...
Strength scales to size, so she'd squeeze the life out of you if she was ever excited to see you.

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Yeah, it would be a problem, but I think she will know how to measure her strength having a mental image of the pain she would feel if she killed her husband with a hug...

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me on the left

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bigger isn't always better.

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>taller than all of them including Okuu

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tell me disadvantages of large 2hus

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Tell me where i can find 2m tall yuukas in real life please

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Made for mating press.

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No, I mean the body type isn't as good as you think.

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Okuu being immensely taller than the entire Touhou cast makes absolutely no sense and I never understood it. It feels like more of a niche meme and arbitrary fetish than anything else.

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In short, it makes spellcard battles hell to make without looking way too much like Suika's. Easily offset by having both sides huge, of course.

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Japs are tiny, ravens are big birds. Okuu is a hummanized raven, so that makes her a big girl and much much larger than a most the cast.

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Utsuho isn't penning Ramiel!Cirno. She ought to save herself the effort.

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Do not cunt punt the ballcrushers.

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Small touhous

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if you would take main games spritework to consideration all enemyhus are much bigger then protagonisthus and it doesnt affect spellcard battles in any way

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Does she care that you can see up her skirt at all?

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Checked but they'll just crush your foot instead

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Saki will.

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do you care about the bugs you encounter when walking

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Do you know how many times you've blinked in your life?

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what if i have fish like eyes and dont need to blink

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Then I'd call bullshit because you don't have the ability to do that.

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One is a computer
One is a friendless sadist
One is a walking nuclear control center

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I want Tenko to defeat the ballcrushing menace.

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Would you be suprised ?

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scared too.

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Sacchan is 8 feet tall!

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giant angel girls are my favourite

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I like bighus 2

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So BIG that her height is her name. She's so tall that she's considered Yuugi height!

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Can they still crush your balls if you hump them or receive sumata?

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What if you hump their thigh from the side

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[laughs in Dutch]

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>Sacchan is 8 feet tall!
What does that mean for hugs?

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Utsuho can't hug you since she's mindless crow with a nuclear reactor inside her. She has no empathy, no real emotions, and no intelligence. The only thing she can feel is rage. She is the worst waifu of 2hu,

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Your headcanon is trash

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your 2hus are large in the wrong direction dude

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The three pairs of wings of hers alone would make hugs divine. Her large size would put your head at tummy height for hugs, and her breasts would rest on top of your head. Easily among the top 5 of hughus.

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why would angel of death hug me

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She isn't very good at her job. She tends to sleep alot.

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What a sight to behold!

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Tenko...easy on the peaches

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A man can dream.

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God I wish that was me

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Then she peels me off her sole, sit me on her huge lap and pets me.

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Or puts her nylons on, trapping me their while she gets herself off.

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Remi is a bighu

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her boobs are too big and everyone can see her panties.
good children will refrain from looking up at her peachy celestial rear.

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>she's mindless crow with a nuclear reactor inside her.

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Yeah, but Okuu doesn't seem to think about long term stuff.

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bighus have entered your city

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That doesn't even require thought, thats just a mere matter of instinct for animals.

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suffocating in yuukis breasts!

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For starters, they're too big to do anything useful.

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How cruel! Spending your final moment between a large female oni's breasts!

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Why do you even want them big?

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How big exactly

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So you can get more of the girl you love

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I wonder if Flan could blow down a building if she sneezed.

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I recognize that artist and its a bad thing

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>its a bad thing
Why? Name?

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big in what sense