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i lol'd

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But cartoons are for stupid little kids and anime is for cool teenagers like us.

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WTH are you talking about... Fairly OddParents kicked ass.

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Seems more likes something for /a/.
You think anyone in /jp/ actually wants to go to Japan? HA.

We just want their touhous and women.

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and girls

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boys too

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Why is the art so penny arcade ripoff in appearance?

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Get that out of here, I only like shotas

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Very well then.
We just want their touhous and women and children.

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Sounds good

So when do we attack?

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Whoops, wrong picture.

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Thank you

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Why do you Americans do this in films and shit, anyway?


It's always seemed a bit fucking redundant to me, I guess.

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You know there's a Paris in Texas, right? And a Moscow in Idaho.

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There's more than one Paris, London and Cairo.

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there's a Paris in every US state

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Even Alaska and Hawaii?

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They aren't really states, we just told them they are so that they'll quiet down.

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There is such a thing as context. Also, if you say "London" without qualifying it further, you mean the most obvious one. Sadly, to some Americans, the most obvious Cairo is the one in Wisconsin. "What's a Egypt then?"

check Google earth

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Or it could just be used for dramatic effect to the point where it has no meaning anymore.

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>Also, if you say "London" without qualifying it further, you mean the most obvious one.

That is not a rule.

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How would you immediately know that the guy is Japanese and not an Asian-American?

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ITT people don't "get" American humour

I'm English so I've grown up appreciating subtle ironic comedy

American comedy is a guy shouting really loud so that everyone understands. OP pic is American comedy. It hammers the point home HARD, and there is no chance to miss it, even if some of the words are too hard to understand.

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I actually thought he was an American until panel 3 made that assumption confusing.

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Typical American

Please take note intelligent Americans, you are the minority.

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He means a mere "Tokyo" would've sufficed, rather than "Tokyo, Japan".

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ITT ignorant european

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>ITT sexy european

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I just skimmed over the narrative boxes without really noticing them.

My, you're an asshole.

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under is the new over

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Hopefully he is a banned one.

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I'm not Amerikkkan, I don't have a static IP

you can't ban me even if you wanted to

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Typical trip faggot.

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You are unaware that whole IP blocks have bans on them.

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Banning the largest ISP in the UK just to get rid of me?

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I pretty much saw where this was going after the first panel.

It's not like these types of jokes are uncommon here.

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holy shit, competent-intelligence in /jp/!

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In such cases, the administration can opt to ban a range of IPs, newfag.

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my ISP assigns me an IP at random from its entire pool, newfag

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The block you are on, yes. Most of Brazil is banned.

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I wouldn't rule it out. You should be more careful.

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Well, They could just stick a bot on to ban your trip.

You'd be less annoying without one anyway.

Also, Newfag.

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I suggest you look at what has been banned in the past. ENTIRE foreign blocks banned. Truth is Moot doesn't need the UK, if you want to act like a tool and post like your in /b/ at all times go ahead.

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