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After KoG ruined Horo's chance of getting 24M GET on /a/ and it ended up being a /b/ anus GET, I've decided that's it's time to pack my bags and leave /a/. I've been told /jp/ is the polar opposite of /a/, so I think I will like it here.

I heard a new Touhou game was coming out tomorrow. Any new screens other than the box art?

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No. Go back to /a/ faggot

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Sakura is a good girl.

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More like /a/nus, mirite? xD

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Welcome and enjoy your stay.

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>pack my bags
get out
roleplay shit is not really welcome

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The first rule of posting in /jp/ is not to say anything about coming from /a/.

Lurk more, please.

In before a troll makes a big deal about sage posts.

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>/jp/ is the polar opposite of /a/

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You guys still care about gets?

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/jp/ isn't everything /a/ isn't, /jp/ is everything /a/ didn't want.

Even so I still believe we are superior. Though I don't see the point in introducing yourself in these threads all it does is create a "get out of /jp/ shitstorm"

Lurk for a few weeks, if you enjoy it and feel like posting post as a regular. We hate newcomers.

Other than that, welcome.

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/jp/ is /a/ except everyone hates anime and it's twenty times slower.

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Welcome OP

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>We hate newcomers
Not really, we just hate people who act new (= dumb).

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/jp/ doesn't hate anime but we rarely talk about it compared to /a/.

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Do you piss on the floor? To post on /jp/, you have to be a floor pisser.

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No, other boards just come and spam us when gets are close. /b/ and /v/ mainly.

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Even with all the trolling in these threads it still makes me smile to think that /a/ would never see a "Hey /a/ I just came from /jp/" thread.

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I used to think /jp/ was better than /a/.
The last few weeks made me reconsider that.
Seriously summer has been very harsh for /jp/, it's not only fucking boring, it's also full of tripfags circlejerk, roleplaying faggotry and lots of hate.

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is a newcomer.

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Hey /jp/ I just came here from /sp/ and I was wondering if you guys discuss sports here?

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-Fap to loli (if you don't already do so)
-Play some visual novels
-Familiarize yourself with touhou through doujins and at least try one or two of the games.
-Acquire a love for japanese birds and spaghetti
-Stop caring about gets.
-Learn the pleasure of being cummed inside.

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'sup OP. First thing to know: /jp/ is tsundere. If they say something is shit, they're being tsundere; if they give a reasoned explanation for why something is shit, they're trolling; if they give a reasoned explanation for why they personally don't like something, they're serious.

Enjoy your stay.

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...We have a sports board? This is new to me

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Sup /a/, why don't you go back to your board and act butthurt over your GET being stolen.

No pun intended

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To be honest /jp/ is a lot better than most users think the board is. The slower speed and the smaller user base makes for interesting threads that don't really grab the attention of trolls like it happens in other boards. I came originally because of Touhou but this place grew on me.

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Watersports, yes.

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Really? We're only a few boards apart and we sure a /p/.

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Well, I don't really lurk the other boards

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/jp/ sucks! And I thought we could be bros! I'm leaving.

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The only time I visited /sp/ was when it was /sp/erm.

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It's /sp/artans!

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You forgot
-defecate and urinate on the walking surface of your room.

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your waifu posts here, so it should be OK.

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It took someone stealing a shitty GET for you to realise it's time to leave /a/?

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If you care about GETs you don't belong here.

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If you like loli, you're welcome. If not, you're welcome as long as you don't mention it.

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/a/ hates Maria

What a bunch of heartless faggots.

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We hate her too.

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Ignore >>3124380, I still love Maria.

I wish to express my love to her gently.

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