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>Is Mega really that much of a idolfag pandering clout chaser?
Yes, is it obvious from how her channel has taken a nosedive since she just keeps jumping from trend to trend.
If Roberu ever got bigger than her she would be begging for a collab the moment his subcount surpasses hers
Mega legitimately has no integrity as a content creator and just goes for whatever is popular, and it just happens that it's idolfaggotry at the moment, it's not like she's forbidden from doing so but since she's performing horrible she's just copying the formula that made Gens 3 and 4 successful ignoring that it's her who's the problem with her channel not the situation surrounding , she has always been like that even as Nobu

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I hope Choco doesn't call into Roberu tomorrow. I can't trust her around the stars not since finding out that A-chan's "horror stories" as she put it are literally the tip of the fucking iceberg
Who do you hope calls in?

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Miyabi!! Would look so pretty in 3d

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If only he wasn't almost 20k away from it.... please catch up

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they all would
i would love to see a 3d astel personally

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When are the Holostars going to get a live? Realistically I mean. Seeing Shien's mamu talking about wanting to see it happen hurt me in the heart

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You're badmouthing Polka a lot while ignoring that it's probably also Roberu's fault they aren't collaborating.

Remember that Roberu is a big idolfag himself who is really cautious about stepping too far into the territory of the JP girls because he doesn't want to potentially ruin their idol image. In fact, Polka being friends with Roberu probably made a collab even more impossible. They probably talked to each other in private and decided that if they collabed they'd probably come across as too familiar with each other and didn't want to risk the backlash.

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They probably don't want to cause each other unnecessary trouble.

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i hope Matsuri does but i'm not 100% sure she would since Roberu said he hasn't talked to her in a long time and unless i missed it, she hasn't congratulated him on the 100K

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Things weren't the same after Matsuri paid a visit to his bar. It's a shame because I thought they were funny together.

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Matsuri cried like a bitch on Roberu's stream and guilt-tripped him into apologizing for something that wasn't his fault. No wonder he doesn't follow her on Twitter.

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>Roberu is a big idolfag himself
He's not stop spreading this shitty misinformation, he's just a fan of Cinderella girls, he's as casual as they come, even by own admission

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I really like the tease in astels design, large overcoat barely hiding his skintight body suit. I hope they make it like real cloth that you can get peaks of what’s underneath

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Doubt it, i mean they got completely shafted at holofest straight up not even acknowledging once their existence and Roberu should have gotten his 3D months ago, with Gen 5 pretty much confirmed to be getting theirs in January i don't see the stars getting a 3D any time soon

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I thought we left the drama queens in the other thread

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He doesn't follow her on Twitter? That's strange

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Case in point: Cute booty

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It's a shame there isn't more art of him without the coat, the body suit is cute.

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his roommate doesn't follow her roommate back but "Matsuri" and "Roberu" follow each other

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Speaking of Robert and Festival, what happened to the unit with Rikka and Fubuki in it? Re:noise was the name right? I feel like they unveiled it and never streamed together ever again

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Oh okay that makes more sense

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Anon, I'm talking from experience Mega has always been a trend hopper, it doesn't have to do anything with personal relations or fan impression because Roberu doesn't actually care about it.
Be real with me, do you genuinely think Roberu cares about it when he has willingly collabed with FBK, Matsuri and Choco? he knows collabing with men is not a compromise to the image of an idol, because he freely talks and engages with other female vtuber who are more idol-like than most holos
> he doesn't want to potentially ruin their idol image
Is just a polite way of saying "they don't want to associate with me"
>They probably talked to each other in private and decided that if they collabed they'd probably come across as too familiar with each other and didn't want to risk the backlash.
> didn't want to risk the backlash.
Again it has been proven time and time again that there's no backlash, Marine doesn't catch any flack for openly gushing about the men she interviews on her radio show, and foxdemon never had any negative impact on either friend or Oga
This is 100% on Mega, because Mega has always been a pain in the ass to deal with, from her utaite days, to Nobuhime and now Polka, her being a menhera is not some silly joke but a real thing, upd8 unironically had the right approach by restricting her interactions because she's extremely prone to burning bridges and that has always been the case, Tamaki several times made obvious that it was her putting in all the work in their relationship

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Agreed, shame. Combined with the thigh high boots it’s top tier

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Don't like admitting i'm new (by new i mean 4 months old) but first time hearing of this

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Because that's exactly what happened, the announced the unit and that was pretty much it, because that's how FBK handles things, she get's a new group together toys with it for a month or maybe two and then completely drops it, the only one that stuck around is Bakatare and that's just very blatant favoritism in her behalf

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>thread is not even a week old
>already getting schizo’s

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hook line and sinker

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You seem to be lost

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>Is just a polite way of saying "they don't want to associate with me"
But Fubuki said herself that Roberu turned down several collab invitation from her

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well well well... its time for me to ascend to my throne and lord over you sharts

i warned you homosharts once

i warned you homosharts twice

i warned you homosharts three times

homosharts are four things

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How all went so right with foxdemon

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homosharts are trapped

homosharts are stuck

homosharts are cornered

homosharts are imprisoned

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Is there any reason for holostar to gatekeep with katakana?

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Where's the penis

>> No.31149132

Watch Arupapa's English stream

>> No.31149158

He's playing the game in English... Oh boy...

>> No.31149171

it's just the schizo wanting to shit up the thread. he's the same one here>>31148979 you should be able to recognize him by how he types
i advise that you ignore him

>> No.31149179

Is there any reason for you to keep asking dumb questions?

>> No.31149195

Wow. Aruran got himself in English pretty much perfectly there I'm impressed

>> No.31149213 [DELETED] 

i'll punish you naughty homosharts

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I asked if they wanted to keep the katakana and the answer was yes, so I kept it. It feels more like a tradition brought over.

>> No.31149245

Schizo aside >>31148979 does have a point Bakatare and FOXDEMON are the only units that Fubuki has supported long them, mostly because they're her close friends

>> No.31149246

It looks cool

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This thread is too slow for multiple shizo’s....

>> No.31149261

Ok I guess.

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Seeing Aruran take apart the English dialogue like a puzzle should be interesting

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I'd be lion if I said I didn't want Botan to gentle femdom me!

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Katakana reading reps.......

>> No.31149350

It's fun to see him tackle it, he grasps so many things in/about english so quickly.

>> No.31149351

Okay. The discord spoilers was one thing. The other things were there too. But this? This takes the fucking cake

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Homosharts finally have a containment thread? Nice. Have fun you faggots

>> No.31149393

Wait what, is this not the same as the usual hololive threads? I literally copy pasted the thread title from a previous one.

>> No.31149427

wrong thread homosharts

>> No.31149463

Clearly you didn't copy and paste my friend because that does not say ホロライブ

>> No.31149466

Oh I'm SURE you copied it

>> No.31149527

>Lobotomy Corporation
so what's this game about exactly?

>> No.31149559

>homobeggar shat on mega/nobu/polka because roberu doesn't collab with her

>> No.31149563

It's a management game about SCP type monsters that you use to harvest energy. Haven't watched too much gameplay but what little I did watch sort of reminded me of the base/antfarm parts of XCOM and X-COM

>> No.31149626

The way Aruran is learning is really effective. Fuck duolingo.

>> No.31149653

Yeah. I'm actually surprised how good is English is

>> No.31149709

wrong thread, fuck off

>> No.31149718

Please don't be mean to our friends

>> No.31149748

If it has the big ー line in it, it's the holostars thread.

>> No.31149793

Filtered by via a, thinks it's not even English

>> No.31149895

Aruran seems like he's about to fall asleep

>> No.31149897

It's actually pretty smart of him. Good for Arupapa but the words and terms might be a bit challenging to deal with for people who aren't used to English. It's fun to see him pick apart sentences and ask for help on vocab though. Very cute interaction.

>> No.31149924

as an ESL myself. "via" really sound odd for an English word. Seems more French to me

>> No.31149929

He apparently stayed up playing Apex

>> No.31149987

>doing his reps for the tournament
he has very big shoes to fill after all

>> No.31150039

It's a shame we'll never get to see Chibistars have another go at a tourney

>> No.31150149

platinum endurance soon(tm)

>> No.31150155

Via is also dutch. I guess it’s a loanword for many languages

>> No.31150198

we gotta move on anon...
speaking of which, i wonder what name they'll pick for the new unit.

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It was amazing

>> No.31150248

I know
I wish I remembered the stream they won that one scrim in and got champion after holding up in that house what felt like forever, surrounded by multiple teams. I jumped out of my seat when either Kira/Izuru clutched the win and got champion in the final ring.

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This is now a Mikochi thread.

>> No.31150309

Aruran is losing steam hardcore. I won't concernfag but he should sleep.

>> No.31150344

Doesn't help that he's playing it very slow because it's in English
Miko doesn't want to be around men anon

>> No.31150387

I was watching the polka stream so missed the start of this Aruran stream looks like a interesting game, has he been enjoying it?

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Glad you guys are still using the katakana, it's funny seeing people mistake this for the main thread.

>> No.31150401

He only just started

>> No.31150423

Based, fuck homosharts.

>> No.31150426

Surprising that there are that many anons willing to post in the JP thread that can't even read kana honestly

>> No.31150431

This is an interesting game to choose for english practice since he did at least play through recently but its too bad he didnt pick something with some simpler more commonplace vocabulary.

>> No.31150450

It's pretty muzukashii English for someone at his level. He's doing his best but he's tired and you can tell he's straining to pay attention.

>> No.31150521

I see thanks, hope the coke wakes him up a bit

>> No.31150535

Aruran cracking open the caffinated drinks

>> No.31150537

>Aruran doing coke to stay awake

>> No.31150685

hang in there Arupapa

>> No.31150692

I don't know why but it's really fun watching Aruran learn English with the chat

>> No.31150785

It's nice to see the chat being or trying to be as helpful as they can, we're all learning together in a way.

>> No.31150814


>> No.31150828

What are a chan horror stories

>> No.31150840

He puts in the most effort to widen his English knowledge and his chat gives him genuine help when he's stuck on something.

>> No.31150868

Just watch the Chocostars collab to listen to the dates that Choco was willing to tell the stories of as her idol self; keeping in mind that this is just the tippity top of the fucking iceberg. That woman has more skeletons in her closet than a fucking morgue

>> No.31150884

Its making me want to jump into a game even though I can barely stumble through tweets most of the time. Too bad these english streams are so early for him though.

>> No.31150927

you do realize that every idol is diffrent right like its okay Fubuki collabs with any holostar but if rushia did her fans would go insane

>> No.31150946

Rushia already streams herself taking Tamaki's 12 incher no problem though?

>> No.31150961

Aruran is dying of sleep deprivation on stream...

>> No.31150962

Yeah it motivates me to keep learning Japanese so i can get to the level where i struggle but somewhat manage to play games. It sounds like it might be a bit too much for him today and he should get some rest

>> No.31150974

Do you guys think that there is a large, untapped EOP audience for male talent? So far it doesn't seem like male vtubers have had their Fubuki or Korone to bring in the EOP fans, and I know there are a shit ton of fujos out there who would eat this up. Even the biggest nijis seem to be much more Japan focused.

>> No.31150982

"My brain is sleeping" is a really funny phase for some reason, might have to steal it for casual use.

>> No.31151009

Tamaki is too feminene so he doesnt count if Rushia collabed with someone like oga then Oga would be fucked fue to rushia fans

>> No.31151028

Have a link to it?

>> No.31151037

>Oga x Rushia
god that's so fucking hot to imagine

>> No.31151054

Not that schizo but just look it up

>> No.31151083

Oga is a huge pushover, it'd be small dom x big sub.

>> No.31151103

>Aruran has an interpreter in chat helping him
Based, too bad he needs to sleep now

>> No.31151106

I think there is, most westerns are pretty open to male streamers, Aruran got a little bit of popularity with his "teach me English slang" but need something with a bigger impact to happen.
I do feel we need a more normal type male game streamer who's just targeted at male gamers though.
Stream chats like Izuru might be a bit too off-putting for some westerners

>> No.31151123


>> No.31151136

Oga seems like the type to seem like a sub but turns things around in the bedroom and you realize how strong he actually is

>> No.31151153

Oga almost got strangled to death didn't he? That's hot

>> No.31151160

fujo here, word youre looking for is power bottom

>> No.31151180

Do girls even watch holostars?

>> No.31151186


>> No.31151199

Look at Izurus and Astels chat and you'll see alot

>> No.31151208

The technical term is 襲い受け.
You don't want a fujo gf.

>> No.31151211

Is oga a dom

>> No.31151222


>> No.31151247

This is a homosexual thread. Refrain from posting f*males.

>> No.31151265

I think there's definitely a big demand for a gaming-only homo with an upbeat attitude/reactions. Astel plays APEX a fucking lot but the idol/Disney aspect of him for sure turns off people that are not that used to the chuuba scene.
Just grab someone that's willing to play different videogames 24/7 while providing funny commentary/reactions and you'll unironically the biggest male vtuber ever.
Also, reminder that while the thread is small and slow, schizos, shitposters and falseflaggers will still come here. Just ignore them.

>> No.31151297

I wouldn't mind a fujo friend to compare and contrast opinions with...

>> No.31151304

he is in my fantasies

>> No.31151307

I feel the closest one so far is Kanae. Kanae gets a lot of interest in his clips, and there are eops in his chat, though they only recently started chatting more in the chat thanks to him streaming on twitch.
Right now interest from female eops is more in the form of buying things and making fanart than watching full streams it feels though thats just my feeling and nothing concrete.

>> No.31151335

Well you're in luck because this is the fujo thread. We're all friends here.

>> No.31151367

Why does fubuki like oga so much

>> No.31151380

Unironic sexual tension, they get along *too* well

>> No.31151400

>reminder that while the thread is small and slow, schizos, shitposters and falseflaggers will still come here. Just ignore them.
i hope people keep this in mind and learn to recognize it. it's not that hard to do really

>> No.31151474

The thing is as far as recruiting talent, if you're doing well as an independent twitch streamer now, especially a variety streamer which is a pretty hard area to break into, why would you drop that to work for a company and take a big cut to your donations?

>> No.31151481

I though Arupapa was gonna go to sleep...

>> No.31151509

Its cute that twice now chat can communicate the meaning simply with emotes. Also this made me realise just how many things you can pop.

>> No.31151566

Cover has a knack for recruiting good talent. There's definitely talented people under 1k subs that would kill for the chance of joining, you just have to find them. Ame was one of those, she was a literally who and now she's extremely popular. Who's to say that the same can't happen with a homo?

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>> No.31151580

send me a whisper on the subchan

>> No.31151594

Yeah I'm not sure how it would happen, i feel it would have to be like HoloEN where Ame or Guru? was a twitch streamer, someone who has intentional but hasn't hit it off yet

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Bros I just got back from my vacation, what did i miss? What's going on with the rest of the board?

>> No.31151632

I can't believe so many of you can't read katakana

>> No.31151637

Meant to type Potential sorry

>> No.31151640

You better have meant to post in this thread. You didn't did you...?

>> No.31151645

antis got called for a questioning by the ccp, board is now vtuber friendly

>> No.31151655

this has to be bait at this point

>> No.31151708

It obviously is. Even if you can't read katakana, all it takes is one look at the OP's pic to tell that this is clearly not a Hololive thread.

>> No.31151724
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Nice thread you've got going there...

>> No.31151759

wtf you on about newfag? also her name is kanata

>> No.31151761

give us back our bathroom

>> No.31151784

Perfect time to sleep with Aruran

>> No.31151822

I'm pretty sure Aruran just incorrectly translated what he meant to say as in the dialogue/writing as "sentence"

>> No.31151831

Welcome to the holostars thread everyone this thread is acrually peaceful

>> No.31151889

time for me to go to bed as well
excited to tomorrow. it's gonna be a fun celebration and i'm looking forward to see who calls and this

>> No.31151968

Speaking of Aruran was anyone here watching that guitar practicing stream of his (archive is for members only)? It got pretty depressing, he kept talking about meta stuff and questioning his value as a person/vtuber, felt like he was having an existential crisis. I knew he was in a tough spot but I didn't know he was so low mentally too.

>> No.31151977

Watch Miyabi's and Izuru's cover of Universe please

>> No.31152009

Can you give any specific quotations? I'm not a member

>> No.31152022

Even the big wigs that are in Hololive have talked about this kind of thing and given that Aruran couldn't even afford a bed and desk honestly it's better that he vents to his members. I didn't watch this stream so you could be bullshitting me but honestly if it's true it makes me all the more glad to have been supporting him all this time

>> No.31152141

always feel kinda empty when there's no morning stream...

>> No.31152167

I caught some of it but couldnt see it all, sometimes you just get that way mentally but at least he can vent and be true to his members, its been pretty rough for him. Support and enjoy as you can because things can always change.

>> No.31152193

I don't remember much and I could only follow with my limited Japanese but he was calling himself 駄目な奴 and he said he didn't have much outside of streaming. Then he got some supachas wishing him well and started saying "I didn't want this to turn into such a weird stream."
The live was for everyone, but the archive is member only.

>> No.31152338

The grind begins after he sleeps

>> No.31152359

If any clipfags want to jump on that Aruran would probably get a big boost in subscribers. Don't know if he'd exactly want it shared though.

>> No.31152545

Hes really getting put through the grinder to fill in for Kira,

>> No.31152993

He was starting to lose his mind trying to get the notes right for the tune he was trying to copy and started getting introspective, but he said for everyone not to worry about it since it's better if he lets out that pressure than keeping it inside. Shinove used to buy him groceries and meals when he first started because he was even poorer than where he is now.

>> No.31153619

>If any clipfags
You’re the fag.

>> No.31155525

I bet he pick this song mainly because [email protected] cover

>> No.31156041


kind of an overplayed song, but izuru's hakujitsu is so good bros. wish he did a full version in this style

>> No.31157177

Clipfags are necessary evil, too bad most of them are homoshipper

>> No.31157354

Dang, is every holostar poor or something? Sure seems that way.

>> No.31157465


>> No.31157819

I mean, not to shit on them too much, but if they had the means to earn money reliably they probably wouldn't have joined up with the holostars. Holostars are stuck in this really weird spot where it's demanding enough that you can't really do it as a side gig but at the same time until fairly recently it doesn't pay enough that you can live off it.

>> No.31158303

That's ironic considering they don't seem to mind Rushia stripping for random people

>> No.31158681

>Dang, is every holostar poor or something? Sure seems that way.
Obviously. Not only do they have low viewership but on top of that there's less people looking to be gachikois and throw away thousands of dollars on men so those viewers also pay less.

>> No.31158721

>That's ironic considering they don't seem to mind Rushia stripping for random people
People care about the character not the person. Who gives a shit what the actress playing Russia did? But who "Russia" the character, colabs with, is what they care about.

>> No.31158762
File: 323 KB, 949x771, 1598519705670.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Holy shit you guys already have culture. Owh fuck our sister gonna hate us more. I don't want that.

>> No.31158829
File: 61 KB, 900x675, miyabi....jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the stars have it rough...

>> No.31158893

I wonder what pills those are

>> No.31158915

Look like traditional supplement like ginseng extract.

>> No.31158924


>> No.31158969

On another news...

>> No.31159090
File: 36 KB, 533x249, rurisan.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She's gonna tease Roberu to death if she calls in tomorrow.

>> No.31159221

to be fair it's literally an unaltered latin word that multiple languages use

>> No.31159224

Translation also surprised that choco fans didnt yabai about holostars

>> No.31160293

Hopefully she invite him again for collabs. Her drunk among us with other chuuba was a blast

>> No.31160595

Astel's chat unironically has a massive overlap with kpop fans, look how insane they go whenever he sings a BTS song

>> No.31161044

BTS is popular among normies too, not just K-pop fans. I always find their popularity in Japan hilarious considering their most popular member literally wore a shirt with the Hiroshima bombing on it.

>> No.31161281

The song was like #1 worldwide for 3 weeks and it's still 9th on billboard top 100, releasing a full English song that lots of people loved, so it's no wonder lots of people loved it in Astels chat.
I was out shopping in NZ and it was even played on the radio in stores

>> No.31161492


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Err guys opinion?

>> No.31161858

2Hu posters are against it, vchuba posters are agaisnt it.
It's kind of shit.
I did enjoy the 2HU genocide for a bit tho.

>> No.31162279

Looks like Bossu won't stream on Christmas...

>> No.31162374

What makes you say that or is this just a shitpost

>> No.31163431

Honestly I think most of the blatantly shitpost threads that are made just to take advantage of the current situation will die off soon. I definitely could be wrong of course

>> No.31164524
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Here's mine: I don't give a fuck

>> No.31164541

The issue is when the generals get deleted on sight or if the generals get shit up so hard that the Posters are forced to post in satellite threads (not really possible to lower the thread quality that much to be honest). There are easily 400 IPs ready to post in one hour and there are hundreds of possible "legitimate" threads that can be created around hololive (or chuubas in General since the original vyt split loses its main argument if the post speed is distributed over the entire board).
That will really flush the entire board.

>> No.31164768

I wonder if this will still be here when I wake up

>> No.31164811

Does this sounds like something a dom would say?

>> No.31164907

I suppose girls are the target audience just look at the christmas voicepack they released

>> No.31166924
File: 57 KB, 740x457, 7F9FF847-4F3A-489E-9817-D0EEF8002CC5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bts was based for that

>> No.31166929

took a break and missed son's big milestone

>> No.31169245

Yah they really need to turn around the perceived target audience, girls are sometimes super crazy for guys but that audience won't find them because girls do not understand how to use the internet. I mean we can easily see that by how many goddam face doxxes there are of Hololive, like did nobody get the parent-kid talk about not sharing any of your information on the internet??????

>> No.31169714

Don't worry, son was too busy to celebrate his 100k

>> No.31169744

Kpop is actually very artificially number fucked compared to American artists. Alot of their fans take it into their own hands into making sure they get as many artifical numbers they can which causes their impact to be way less than it actually looks like. There are a lot less people into KPOP than you think but there audience is so mentally brainwashed that they replay it constantly in the hope of getting it to #1 and not because they actually want to listen to that music.

>> No.31170292

I agree, i enjoy Kpop but lengths some of the fans go to is a bit too crazy and depressing to me.
I think for 'dynamite' though it definitely had the most normie appeal to it where a lot of people who don't like Kpop normally enjoyed it, which by making the song English only helped achieved that

>> No.31170615

isnt tamaki an actual girl that roleplays as a crossdressing boy?

>> No.31170832

Yah only way some of the girls would collab with a "guy"

>> No.31171310

>he watches anime men

>> No.31171345

And she's an immense idolfag. And a bitch in general.

>> No.31171376
File: 79 KB, 1280x768, 1607254443839.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Watch this cover.

>> No.31172076

>I mean we can easily see that by how many goddam face doxxes there are of Hololive
That’s because a lot of them were more “outward” entertainers, you don’t usually find face pictures of chubas who weren’t so open

>> No.31173610

It's real and the archive is members only. It's the one where he practiced playing to Izuru's cover of Telecaster B-Boy. It really got sad in the middle but the chat was really uplifting, many people were upgrading their memberships for him. Aruran has it pretty rough, hope it keeps getting better for him.

>> No.31173756

This thread is doing pretty well by ignoring them. Good job homobros.

>> No.31174135

I watch anime bros

>> No.31175264
File: 493 KB, 865x627, Epcr2GmVoAAhTsa.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Astel twitcast

>> No.31175430

The only star I find attractive as a straight man is shien

>> No.31175734

He's been pushing himself a lot lately, I'm happy for him for reaching his sub goal for the year and being able to spend more on himself but I do hope he can relax a bit soon.

>> No.31175895

I mean i'm not gay but Astel seems to have a very poundable twink boypussy

>> No.31176229
File: 179 KB, 2048x1205, Ep8BuArUwAYyW27.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It would gay be *not* to

>> No.31177025

https://youtu.be/9XhxlcffJ4k Pizza dad apex endurance stream starting up

>> No.31177160

What the fuck he's already half way through gold I, explains why he was so tired during lobotomy corp.

>> No.31177210

You think he can actually go all the way to Diamond 4? Would honestly be amazing if he does it in time, before the tournament.

>> No.31177219

He did say he stayed up playing Apex during the Lob corp stream

>> No.31177284

I don't really know Apex that well and how ranking up works, but i hope he does well

>> No.31177336

No chance unless he gets carried by both Astel and Izuru, his awareness isn't good enough yet. Someone self-revived near him during yesterday's apex and he didn't even realise at all. He needs to be able to recognize soundcues and footsteps.

>> No.31177377

Theres no way he gets to diamond solo in a reasonable time. At most he might get to plat and get stuck. Aqua gets it by being stubborn as hell and Astel got Izuru to help him pull him out of plat hell

>> No.31177383
File: 2.10 MB, 1155x1830, 1605255268725.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is peko moona dead?

>> No.31177478

Fair point. It really is just one of those things that you need to sink a lot of time in to learn and commit to instinct.

>> No.31177542

You seems lost buddy

>> No.31177686

It looks like pizzadads apex reps haven't gone in vain, He seems to be playing better than last time

>> No.31177707
File: 13 KB, 486x360, SoulfulSpeedyHoiho-poster.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hey buddy, I think you got the wrong thread, /hlg/ is about 2 pages down.

>> No.31177781

Yeah, I've also noticed his aim is a lot better than last time. Although, the split second decision making isn't quite there yet.

>> No.31177878

Nevermind, he's still dogshit with the point blank Mastiff.

>> No.31178269
File: 318 KB, 366x366, rambie.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh shit, I'm sorry!

>> No.31178345
File: 1.99 MB, 2300x2900, 1608332367976.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No! No homo posting in Holostar thread.

>> No.31179634

Which of the Holostars have girlfriends?

>> No.31179685

In my experience male west audient tends to be
"eww males", not sure if there is a large west female audience for male vtubers.

>> No.31180152

Just drop by to say congratulations to you guys. I am legitimately happy you can finally have your own thread. Since holostars has more and more audiences, I would say this thread is well deserved and long overdued.

>> No.31180279

Astel actually has quite a lot of western fujos in his audience at the moment, combination of being moderately cute without a pastel palette and being into disney which you know those young girls love to eat up. You can see it in the replies to his tweets and just generally how his chat is like "WOOOW YOU'RE SO CUTE BABY :blush: <3<3<3"

And of course with the fact that the west is very open to male streamers, it all just depends on having the right angle of attack and going under the ribs of the western audience and pulling them in, instead of lightly tugging their shoulder.

>> No.31181048

Is Pizza Dad allergic to scopes or something? I've never seen him pick up a 3x scope, he literally just skipped over a 3x on his 301 and Hemlock.

>> No.31181153
File: 20 KB, 512x384, 9af.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'll show you who's the boss of this gym!

>> No.31181162

they promised they'd do a collab where they watch their debuts together so i hope they deliver on that
but anons also said that he promised Matsuri they would watch his debut together for his anniversary but i don't think that's happening...

>> No.31181259

Tonight we find out anon.

>> No.31181305
File: 24 KB, 150x150, Pink_Wool_JE3_BE3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Worthless thread

>> No.31181315
File: 828 KB, 2400x1350, Ep_wh3xU8AALvf8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Mebaru art

>> No.31181349

I agree, all holostar discussion should just be in the ホロライブ thread!

>> No.31181358

T-minus 15 minutes brother.

>> No.31181450

>10k subs
Mebarunrun-mama, you're missing a 0 somewhere in there...

>> No.31181478 [DELETED] 

Muted, back to the other tenshi.

>> No.31181499


>> No.31181514

she immediately realized she messed up

>> No.31181541

Please leave this thread and never come back. We don't tolerate shitting on any of the holos here.

>> No.31181554

Embarassing. If you want to call Choco a whore do it here too

>> No.31181567

Duality of /hsg/

>> No.31181642

>Short by 1 point to Plat 4

>> No.31181673

Roberu's Cover of "Chiken Rice" debuting soon

>> No.31181765
File: 69 KB, 180x201, 1596642296090.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i want to say but "that anon" could be around

>> No.31181787


>> No.31181790

How do we save Roberu 's virginity from Asano Ruri

>> No.31181791

Don't you even fucking think about it. Shien is single

>> No.31181833

By having Kuku take it.

>> No.31181851

Is Ruri hunting son down?

>> No.31181892


>> No.31181902

Ah fuck. No eng sub.

>> No.31181943

It's okay man you can say Shoven

>> No.31181997

Son sings pretty well.

>> No.31182033

He's definitely improving, probably helps that he cares about his family which allows him to put that emotion into the song

>> No.31182034
File: 437 KB, 446x588, 1603692529919.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Good job son, good job.

>> No.31182082

that was amazing and emotional
i hope Roberu starts working seriously on his singing reps. he has great potential

>> No.31182085


>> No.31182132

Don't forget to watch the follow-up stream. Note that this isn't the totsu, that's for later.

Those usually come in later, if at all.

>> No.31182172

Since we have our own thread now, can i start making narratives that Rikka and Aruran hate Roberu because they didn't end their streams?

>> No.31182234


>> No.31182251

>waiting room: over 1k waiting
>stream stars: 200 watching

>> No.31182252

I'm glad holostars got Roberu and Roberu chose to be in holostars.

>> No.31182256

Aruran, no
Rikka, yes

>> No.31182271

That's how schizos start sprouting

>> No.31182278

I'd like to think we're above that, but it's not like I can stop anybody. I think Arupapa would've stopped if he wasn't short that one last point, though.

>> No.31182294
File: 110 KB, 533x681, 1602159757068.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it's been known that Rikka hates those that surpass him

>> No.31182310

Getting chills waiting for the stream to start fellow regulars

>> No.31182313
File: 292 KB, 365x486, 1597737482306.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Youtube: Feature, not a bug.

>> No.31182329

i love this man so much and i'm happy he exists

>> No.31182333

why not? if people cant differentiate narratives from regular posts it's on them.

>> No.31182348
File: 22 KB, 918x918, 1606552078743.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No U old man.

>> No.31182395

I wish I was a woman so I could give Roberu what he wants

>> No.31182422

he already has Kuku for that, anon

>> No.31182431

Yeah but I wish it was me

>> No.31182442

But anon you can't /ss/ adult man.

>> No.31182456

>$3,500 5 in

>> No.31182465

That's what roleplay is for he just has to get in character

>> No.31182467

ask yourself if you want to date a woman who spend her time in Mongolian weaving forum and in jay pee at that.

>> No.31182487
File: 11 KB, 569x118, sun.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Temma being a supportive gen mate
SunTempo is the last stronghold

>> No.31182491

My boy got big in a year.

>> No.31182494

Yeah sounds good

>> No.31182515

Discord in sons chat!

>> No.31182525

Temma really need some miracle to boost all the SunTempo member.

>> No.31182527

I miss TriNero so fucking much man

>> No.31182540

>fucking Discord
jesus son how much winning can you get

>> No.31182561

How are the chances that all of Roberu's anniversary covers are gonna be christmas themed?

>> No.31182581

Anyone has the clip of Kaoru's desk collapsing while playing that card game against Shien?

>> No.31182589

I do too, but it's time to let it go. SunTempo picked up the torch and is doing a fine job.

>> No.31182635
File: 787 KB, 800x533, EgbN22eUMAAXIg6.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

those off-collabs rellay did wonder to temma. I have never seen him this much active with his gen mates.

>> No.31182661

>Reaches Plat 4
Congrats Aruran. Now he's advertising Roberu's stream and ending after thanking supas.

>> No.31182676

Friends are a nice thing.

>> No.31182695

He said was going come out of his shell.

>> No.31182705

when was the last MaFia collab?

>> No.31182711

Is he grinding to that rank so he can join the tournament?

>> No.31182727

Temma had an English only DBD stream a few weeks ago. I was impressed by his grammar, he was pretty capable of putting together an english sentence, even though his vocabulary wasn't huge.

>> No.31182745

Not that long ago actually but I can't remember what it was...

>> No.31182758

It's not confirmed but that seems to be the general assumption. Only time will tell.

>> No.31182782

Will keep happening as long as you keep the katakana name, most people just see the kanas and think it's hololive and post

>> No.31182784

oh the stars rarely call each other senpai aren't they?

>> No.31182790

so, I know this is the holostars thread, but does Pekora belong being Roberu's sister and all?

>> No.31182811

Rikka just congratulated Robechan on stream. Cut that narrative down.

>> No.31182817

"Ah Choco-teacher!"
Yeah. Miyabi was moved when Iofi called him senpai

>> No.31182844

He's not terrible at it like some people seems to imply, as shown when he also did an Among Us viewer participation stream. He has good comprehension, just lacking in vocab as you said.

>> No.31182854

reminded me i gotta get around to watching the English Fall Guys
i've been so busy this past week i've missed so many streams...

>> No.31182867
File: 145 KB, 236x559, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Only males allowed here sorry

>> No.31182876

>Oga wanted a Holostars Gen4 because he wanted to be called a senpai

>> No.31182880

I just heard someone pressing buttons in the background of roberu's stream... is his gf setting a timer or something?

>> No.31182886
File: 239 KB, 850x1141, 1608720795967.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you will never get rid of old man posting

>> No.31182895

Playing 4D chess here.

>> No.31182902

I want kanatan to be my husband...

>> No.31182920

As long as you're not shitting up the thread, I don't see why not.


>> No.31182923

He doesn't have a gf he doesn't have a gf that was a chair creek in his 24 hour zatsudan not a gf laughing in the background that wasnt buttons it was his AC timer it wasnt a gf he is single he is single he is single

>> No.31182932

Roberu you can't just charm your mama

>> No.31182962

Holy shit this man really has bard's charm.

>> No.31182978
File: 298 KB, 506x565, 1608291250813.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

schizo regular...

>> No.31183004

Don't worry he's ugly and not rich enough to make up for it

>> No.31183022

i think he looks cute tho

>> No.31183051

dude made near 100k in a year man, he's pretty well off.

>> No.31183060

I love his snaggletooth, it's charming. He might have gotten it fixed with all the appointments but I'll always think he's cute.

>> No.31183065

He is not ugly.

>> No.31183071

How much of that did she spend at the local soap land though?

>> No.31183085

alright alright I guess I hate shit taste

>> No.31183093

I thought I'd be sadder that there's a schizo among our family, but then I remembered that I'm also a nousagi and that I'm pretty used to it.

>> No.31183094

you know holostars could use some collab with some mobage

>> No.31183106

Roberu is a man forgive my typo

>> No.31183122

Somehow, Katana and Suisei are the only HoloJP girls I watch on top of the holostars.

>> No.31183126

80% to idolmaster

>> No.31183131


>> No.31183163

this is so fucking adorable. i love Babudon

>> No.31183180

Roberu's boyfriend in chat

>> No.31183199

then who is in his house?

>> No.31183206

Nobody because he lives alone and is single

>> No.31183216

he can be my woman
there will always be schizo, even in the slowest of threads
The 07th expansion thread had one schizo called italianon spam the threads for like, 4 years, always talking about his own theory and replying to everyone, everyday

>> No.31183223

the other Roberus

>> No.31183228

then who was setting a timer?

>> No.31183235

Haven't seen 2, 3 and 4 in a while now that I think about it

>> No.31183257

>even if you hate me, i think everyone single of my viewers is important to me

>> No.31183276

Nobody was setting a timer it was his AC in the background
That noise in his 24hour stream was his chair making a creaking sound it wasn't a GF laughing in the background
Roberu lives alone and is single. Roberu does not have a girlfriend.

>> No.31183283
File: 283 KB, 480x480, pekostars.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

okay, good to hear as I feel ID is also holostars related..

>> No.31183288
File: 173 KB, 1280x720, Ep_sqxYUwAIsgIj.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Shien Rikka Oga Izuru collab after this.

>> No.31183301

Who called my son disgusting? I'll fucking end you

>> No.31183308
File: 674 KB, 550x829, Screenshot from 2020-12-24 19-46-37.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It went to the Xenoblade2 + Cecilia Alcott figures...

>> No.31183332

>holostars is an idol group
IdolCHADS win again

>> No.31183333

cant be mad since ha has good taste

>> No.31183340

>already trying to get in on the comfy thread
can't blame you, but at least make it less obvious

>> No.31183348


>> No.31183357

I want my cute idol Kaoru back...

>> No.31183370
File: 578 KB, 624x886, EiX5DzHVgAE5hNg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Izumi and Kuku in chat
I better see those two in the totsu later.

>> No.31183385
File: 1.55 MB, 1009x811, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not Matsuri that's for sure

>> No.31183386
File: 171 KB, 640x396, 1607912331933.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>the COCK laying claim once again

>> No.31183394

They're fighting for being the first to call

>> No.31183400

It all depends on how long it really takes Kuku to sing 56 songs....

>> No.31183412

Roberu doesn't really hate her does she? I liked their streams

>> No.31183419

Someone protect him...

>> No.31183420

>he didn't actually think he'd last a whole year

>> No.31183422

this day keeps getting better

>> No.31183427

kek i love you purity poster

>> No.31183491

Imagine if she calls in and converses in song, like a fucking Disney movie.

>> No.31183522

Shit, it was that bad?

>> No.31183529

I like how Kuku showed right after Izumi with more comments and a longer congratulatory message
I thought i left my shipfag days behind me but RobeKuku is too good

>> No.31183539

>chicken, capybara, dog (jackal)
son sure has a way with animals when you think about it.

>> No.31183565

Go check their numbers at the start of this year. They were literally indie tier back then. And that was before Suzaku and Kaoru left.

>> No.31183587

>play the games i want

>> No.31183598

Aruran would regularly be below 100 viewers and he'd been around for like half a year by then

>> No.31183614

Do most stars work second jobs?

>> No.31183622

More like non-humans. I think Ruri is the only "normal" human in his harem.

>> No.31183623

Miyabi used to have 8 - 9 viewrs ...

>> No.31183661


>> No.31183665


>> No.31183673

He still have 8-9 views

>> No.31183690

It makes sense. I'm sure some other stars share his sentiment. At least the Cover did notice and put them in a lot of promo event lately and even scheduled off-collab for them to be more tight-knit.
yeah we lost some stars on the way but I think they are going in good direction.

>> No.31183711

Yes, thanks for understanding

>> No.31183723
File: 126 KB, 210x360, 1604317686305.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.31183742

one day...

>> No.31183762

I hope I get to see the boys on the stage

>> No.31183818
File: 275 KB, 1535x2048, EkFPttBU8AYRieR.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My son is on-topic right?

>> No.31183888

I love these four together

>> No.31183895
File: 3.53 MB, 2480x3508, Ep2qhqxUYAAYmEa.jfif.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

we'll get there. continue to have hope

>> No.31183907
File: 649 KB, 1800x1495, Eb1_sU0UEAAoZ-U.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

im preparing my reaction folder for the day I can chat spam holostars live with you fag

>> No.31183921

It really helped that Kaoru networked like crazy and setup some connections. Roberu as well, he had a bunch of memorable moments that helped first timers find him.
>Are you winning son?
>Kaze no Sakana
>RobeKuku "I will never be the shota" clip
>FBK's Breakfast Roberu trended on twitter
>Jump King
>Fall Guys
And a whole lot of the weird streams he's known for.

>> No.31183926

That Fubuki though kek

>> No.31183948

Long long ways away. Only Rikka has his 3D

>> No.31183970

Gen 1 properly observing the oneness of God with Tahwid ameen

>> No.31183982


>> No.31184016

I miss the Fall Guys arc. Hope it's making a comeback

>> No.31184025

I wonder if Roberu will go this entire stream without doing the "are you winning son?"

>> No.31184036

The comrades I've lost...

>> No.31184062

If Kuku manages to convince him, I could see it happen.

>> No.31184073

thank you gonna type 'r u winning son' in his chat rn

>> No.31184102

>i won't dissapear
i'm tearing-up... i don't know what i'd do if that were to happen. Kira was already hard enough and he didn't even stream that much

>> No.31184123

I wept because of Kaoru

>> No.31184151

Robert's Totsumachi is at 23JST don't forget

>> No.31184177 [SPOILER] 
File: 208 KB, 393x407, 1608812047317.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.31184191
File: 481 KB, 1424x1424, 1597770953889.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.31184219

Rean vtuber when?

>> No.31184220

Not my son anymore fucking dropped

Did anyone buy Roberu's birthday goods?

>> No.31184313

FBK seems to be rooting for it, and gives me more hope than I thought possible. Sasuga Friend.

>> No.31184348

What do you think of Miyabi's ASMR so far?

>> No.31184373

Miyabi is streaming

>> No.31184389

Fubuki was always the ultimate unityfag

>> No.31184419

If falcom ever decides to try this, it won't be rean.
Remember his VA is expensive.

>> No.31184420

>Miyabi currently has the same number of viewers as people waiting for the collab at Izuru's channel to start

>> No.31184525

I mean Miyabi has the worst numbers out of all the stars, so that's not surprising. Kind of sad considering he's also been there the longest.

>> No.31184546

>fixed it for the pixiv version
good job mama

>> No.31184555

not really a fair comparison since it is a 4-star collab

>> No.31184607

So will 常連さん be the nousagis of this thread? With people complaining holostar isn't just roberu and roberu reaction pics to everything.

>> No.31184645

nousagis will be the nousagis of this thread because many are fans of holostars and ID

>> No.31184678

someone should make it the next OP

>> No.31184729

>Kuku's stream will be 6 hours long
yeah, she won't make it to the totsumachi unless she literally stops the stream just to do it.

>> No.31184747

>the collab was pushed back 15 minutes
dang it

>> No.31184753

Just all his ass during the stream

>> No.31184755
File: 222 KB, 773x641, Screenshot from 2020-12-24 20-31-00.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What are you guys watching til the totsu? My choice is
>Kuku utawaku
>Izuru collab
>Botan Frostpunk

That would still be nousagis. Although I'd like to believe that the nousagis who also genuinely like the stars aren't the type of cancer that they're known for.
t. pic related

>> No.31184783

i'd be really disappointed if she doesn't call...

>> No.31184822


>> No.31184853

I believe Best Chicken would show her dominance by calling in and serenading our son.

>> No.31184889
File: 374 KB, 670x510, 0000.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>What are you guys watching
Kuku is pretty SOUL she should do a duet with Roberu one day

>> No.31184988

I believe cover used to give them a small salary until monetized. I doubt they can survive without a a second job but I do not understand most of what they say.

>> No.31184994

Suichan. She'll be singing for at least 6 hours.

>> No.31185012


>> No.31185033

There's still chance. I remember Towa calling to Roboco's totsu in the middle of her stream.

>> No.31185064


>> No.31185101

get in homobros

>> No.31185424

Pekora and Nyori family collab via Moona and Hiyori

>> No.31185504

>Kuku calls in while she's still streaming
>she sings Chicken Rice with Roberu
>they announce their engagement right after live on both streams
would be pretty kino

>> No.31185668

Roberu is not getting engaged to anyone.
Kuku is a nice handsome boy, however

>> No.31185974

Keeping the katakana next OP but would everyone also want the previous thread shown in the next OP?

>> No.31186010


>> No.31186038


>> No.31186042

Anon..no. That’s like an unspoken rule, don’t make it into a general

>> No.31186060

Keep the kana, but ditch the previous thread. No need to fall to general levels.

>> No.31186115
File: 419 KB, 2048x1506, EorPik5VEAAB_by.jfif.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

pls use this OP for me anon

>> No.31186133

Err lads. Should I worried about holostar future?

>> No.31186234

W- what did he do?

>> No.31186241

Probably just report spammed by chinese trolls for retweeting coco.

>> No.31186286

>>we can easily see that by how many goddam face doxxes there are of Hololive
People already doxxed the homos

>> No.31186335

Bold of you to assume hands-on parenting from the Japanese

>> No.31186352
File: 788 KB, 1554x2048, 8C5B60CC-E820-4DB7-86C9-A29E8DEA0E9C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No this

>> No.31186562

Astel is cute

>> No.31186586

Great, thanks for the input homobros. I also don't want to.

Will save these for the next ones. Might use the Chicken Rice song cover image though.

>> No.31186695

Rikka, your points...

>> No.31186746

Did Shien change his oshi mark from a bottle to a purple circle btw? Did he do it because of yogiri?

>> No.31186790

The purple circle is his official oshi mark. The bottle is the unofficial one, from when he fucked up his twitter settings.

>> No.31186801

There are over 60 different women in hololive, all of which are either menhera/autistic/femcel/inkya/commushou/neet/retarded, or some combination of the above. For most of them, they have spent months, if not years, streaming for dozens of hours of a week every week. During each and every stream, they have been subject to a constantly growing supply of male affirmation of their attractiveness, likeability, sexuality, and value as a romantic and sexual partner. They have had thousands of men routinely compliment them, often literally sending them money to do so. To tell them that they love them, that they think their voices are hot, to tell them that they want to fuck them, marry them, love them, make them feel happy and satisfied. For many of them, for an average week, this comprises the majority of their interactions with other people. And they are all acutely aware of how they are physically desired.

There is a 100% chance that, in the years Hololive has been active, among the dozens of dozens of mentally fucked up women that are a part of it, one or more have masturbated to the idea of being desired by literally thousands of fans. You know its true; if you were in their position, you absolutely would have, at least once, because you've 100% masturbated to weirder shit. There is only one reasonable conclusion; a Hololive girl has masturbated to her fans. Masturbated to you.

>> No.31186925


>> No.31186952

Wrong thread. Also there aren't that many girls in Hololive
To summarise: wrong thread holoshart

>> No.31186999


>> No.31187122

I know this is pasta bait but
> women
> masturbating
> to men

>> No.31187159

What do women masturbate to? Asking for a friend

>> No.31187277

>knows it’s pasta
>still responds to it baiting other shitposters

>> No.31187388

Son soon

>> No.31187411

You joke, but I found the homo's because one of them popped up while I was looking for fap material.

>> No.31187445


>> No.31187457

Today is a pretty bad day to do a totsumachi, pretty much every vtuber is busy right now.

>> No.31187542

we'll see i guess

>> No.31187596

I do wonder who’ll call in. I hope retards don’t overhype it though

>> No.31187631

i just want Kuku...

>> No.31187721

Polka haha... onegai;-;

>> No.31187731

Other women
> realize 2 of the VOMS girls are streaming
I hope monoe calls in at least...

>> No.31187758

his totsumachi was something people had high expectations for because he collabs with so many people, it's not going to meet those expectations because the timing is terrible, the two most obvious non-holo callers are both busy in their own streams right now too.

>> No.31187765

>Other women
Will they let me - I mean my friend - watch?

>> No.31187769

Merry Christmas motherfuckers.

>> No.31187807

It's feels so weird that the BGM is different. I almost didn't realize it's the totsu stream I was listening to.

>> No.31187818

Kuku is streaming, so is Izumi, 2 VOMS are too, it's just bad timing.

>> No.31187835
File: 15 KB, 158x69, 1599065654466.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

made he did this on purpose so he doesn't have to deal with too many people

>> No.31187867

This reminds me of that time Fubuki blew up his bar. Why the hell is he outside?

>> No.31187889

>they're gonna start streaming calling in to Roberu

>> No.31187898

if he's only going for an hour, he's going to get nobody....

>> No.31187908
File: 85 KB, 303x383, 1596424984604.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

post yfw no one outside the homos call because of the shit timing

>> No.31187926
File: 16 KB, 488x274, 45675.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Save your doomposting for later. It's xmas time.

>> No.31187930

If she calls in I might unmember

>> No.31187973

>Temma first call
SunTempo no Kizuna!

>> No.31187975

Enter knight.

>> No.31187992

Page 10, get ready homobros.

>> No.31188000

He has a stream later so it was now or never.

>> No.31188050

>Only an hour
Damn it son, this was the moment for the 24hr totsu...

>> No.31188113

So much for wanting to stream so much

>> No.31188153

Oh damn that’s the perfect crime.
>haha oh everyone’s busy dang just my luck oh well haha

>> No.31188176
File: 407 KB, 1400x1000, 84431154_p8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm so mad I slept through Roberus cover, it came out really well.


>> No.31188190

FBK is definitely calling in she just got done with the gamers collab. Also betting money on iofi calling in

>> No.31188198

If I remember correctly, this is his first totsumachi isn't it? He might be nervous and just testing the waters first before he commits to a longer one.

>> No.31188203

DuoNiro... + izuru

>> No.31188215

What if Roberu ignores Fubuki and doesn't let her call? He wouldn't would he?

>> No.31188239


>> No.31188263

Please don't forget about the toaster.

>> No.31188280

of course
not as much as Niji guys
but even holo girl have a female audience, esp the likes of Suisei or Ina
tho you're probably less likely to call one autist on this board since 4chan is still more male-biaised
In fact you could be talking to a girl right now, be careful anon!

>> No.31188331

Is there even a source for this narrative? I keep seeing it going around lately.

>> No.31188390

Cute loud kusogaki brat

>> No.31188399

About Roberu turning down collabs? Fubuki said it ages ago (before videos got privated) but I can't remember what stream and it could not even be on her channel right now. 5ch even were making up shit about how they'd had a fight or something since they'd stopped collabing. I wish I could remember where and when anon but I don't just know it is true that Roberu was rejecting collab offers from Fubuki. I don't know why though, I do hope it's nothing negative

>> No.31188423

Astel is on vacation right? I hope he can call in.

>> No.31188425

don't be silly anon, girls don't exist

>> No.31188610

That was a cute call with Rikka, Oga, Shien, and Izuru.

>> No.31188625


>> No.31188627


>> No.31188628


>> No.31188642

>FBK in
Believe in our friend!

>> No.31188664


>> No.31188671
File: 63 KB, 278x281, 1608743624938.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>5ch's narrative destroyed once again

>> No.31188681

oh no my narratives

>> No.31188696

Kill the narrative right now

>> No.31188697

he said during his 10k stream that he didn't want to be viewed as a leech, I've been of the opinion that he's keeping his distance because of outside impressions of him. either way, I'm glad he's taking this call because she's one of the HoloPro members that does care about all her coworkers

>> No.31188708


>> No.31188720

I hope the announcement tomorrow includes some merch, the newer keychains being blind picks was really shitty

>> No.31188732

Fubuki never disappoints.
My respect for her in endless

>> No.31188757


>> No.31188807

Yes, Disneysea again.

>> No.31188852

i hope he stops thinking like that now that he's at 100K and collabs more with friend and even Matsuri

>> No.31188901

never doubt FBK

>> No.31188908

>co-star with ueshama

>> No.31188910

Suisei is singing one of my favourites, but I have to kneel for FBK

>> No.31188914

God I hope not, I don't want girls in my gay entertainement

>> No.31188929

I would be Fubuki's slave if I could

>> No.31188945

>See you shitty santa!

>> No.31188969

they do hate each other. my narratives are saved

>> No.31189031

It's just banter mate. Remember when Matsuri called him trsh channel-kun? (I tried to translate the typo too)

>> No.31189039
File: 75 KB, 680x530, 1605894145255.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.31189050


>> No.31189079


>> No.31189145

>He still can't get the icons to be uniform in dimensions
It's not that hard son...

>> No.31189170

work on your sarcasm reps

>> No.31189188

My OCD...

>> No.31189203

first time pls adestand

>> No.31189209


>> No.31189243
File: 159 KB, 426x203, Annotation 2020-12-24 213529.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.31189246

holy shit aruran made enough to buy a roomba?

>> No.31189269

>Stopped trying already

>> No.31189290

Izuru tweeted that he's going to sing some point after midnight.

>> No.31189302

At this rate he won't even be able to get all of the Holostars in to the stream

>> No.31189317

>Fubuki surrounded by men
i hope another female calls...

>> No.31189372


>> No.31189381

Astel's in.

>> No.31189382
File: 174 KB, 1440x960, EokwQl4UYAAlo7e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.31189404

Astel's mic quality kek

>> No.31189410


>> No.31189425

those EOP stream numbers were no joke

>> No.31189442
File: 1.23 MB, 1440x810, space seaweed.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.31189446

Miyabi in Temmas chat, surprised he hasnt called in to Roberu yet.

>> No.31189457

>Kuku singing
>Temma singing
>Izuru singing
Fuck I can only listen to so much at the same time.

>> No.31189489

He's probably next after Astel.

>> No.31189498

if anyone else outside the stars is gonna call i think it will just be Iofi especially with the time running out

>> No.31189513
File: 1.46 MB, 2000x1800, 1suntempo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

SunTempo bond is real!

>> No.31189523

>Astel and Roberu play Apex off stream

>> No.31189589
File: 55 KB, 180x155, 1596641351238.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

he's the surprise third part for the tournament
Arupapa is just a diversion

>> No.31189606

>Astel has Pocket Wifi
>Temma has Hiyamaru
>Roberu has no mascot
And so he took it upon himself to give birth to the Camel.

>> No.31189634

I thought Roberu was shit at Apex. Was he just hiding his power level?

>> No.31189661

>Roberu is actually the secret anti-Gorilla strat.

>> No.31189667
File: 167 KB, 344x373, 1603727778730.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm, like, cant choose what to watch man

>> No.31189699

cute magnet

>> No.31189700

Monoe in!

>> No.31189701


>> No.31189706

imagine if its true

>> No.31189712


>> No.31189719 [DELETED] 


>> No.31189723

Cute laughing Magnet

>> No.31189724


>> No.31189725

Monoe confirmed won the Son bowl

>> No.31189771

>The reason Roberu hasn't been streaming much this month was because he's grinding APEX hardcore
It's a stupid theory but I like it.

>> No.31189782

>that laughing
Damn monoe

>> No.31189788

g- guys is it really just 1 hour?
what about Iofi, Ruri, Izumi and Kuku...

>> No.31189835

Roberu said he opened his DMs for an hour for people to get in.

>> No.31189840

>that laugh
how is he this powerful with women

>> No.31189875

The Flowchart contains the forbidden knowledge.

>> No.31189876


>> No.31189899

Izumi and Kuku are both streaming right now with no signs of those streams ending any time soon(Kuku still has like 30 songs to go)

>> No.31189917

Eroge Protagonist rank EX

>> No.31189920

i'm not sure what that means.
is it that people have one hour to "get in line" rather than the stream being 1 hour?

>> No.31189953

>temma actually consumes the choco balls

>> No.31189986

Kuku please your man is being stolen by a VOMwhore.
just call during your stream...

>> No.31189994

chad aura too strong

>> No.31189997

Why wouldn’t he? Why would they throw away food

>> No.31189998

Yeah. If you don't organise it like this you end up with a ze-zehi situation like that one Roboco totsumachi where she didn't let anyone know in advance

>> No.31190009

Did he eat the one he dropped too?

>> No.31190022

she's just spinning, please understand

>> No.31190030

oh alright i see. thanks

>> No.31190031

>talks with her longer than any holos
what does this mean re

>> No.31190070

Christmas cake and chocolate, I'm jealous.

>> No.31190095

ENTER dare?

>> No.31190114

Enter Lenri.

>> No.31190120

Lenri might as well be a holostar at this point.

>> No.31190133

Lenri, Pochi best friend

>> No.31190159

Holostars are co-workers who get along, and not actually close friends. It's pretty obvious.

>> No.31190164

So that's why he's always there

>> No.31190191
File: 90 KB, 222x295, Annotation 2020-12-22 223449 (2).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pochi's deep sexy vioce daughter (male)

>> No.31190212


>> No.31190251

>a sister from hololive id
this is a surprise. i didn't know

>> No.31190276


>> No.31190278

Not like this

>> No.31190286

How did you not know Pochi designed one of them?

>> No.31190304

Who's Lenri's sister?

>> No.31190320

Miyabi posted a voice message on twitter for Roberu

>> No.31190323
File: 173 KB, 355x480, 1605715280613.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How can you say that when SunTempo literally just confirmed earlier that they hang out together a lot behind the scenes?

>> No.31190338

Reine, sister as in same illustrator

>> No.31190350


>> No.31190351

> mentioning reina
The say she vists bar robel is the day we see some shit

>> No.31190363
File: 92 KB, 296x220, 1608721404207.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>he doesn't know everything is just an simulator

>> No.31190377

Reine, the new ID girl. Siblings in the sense that they have the same artist/mama.

>> No.31190391

anon i barely know anything about Mamas and Papas. i don't pay much attention to those things really

>> No.31190400

the ID nationalist peacock girl from holo ID

>> No.31190452

i guess he's not calling...

>> No.31190459

shut it down shinove-san!

>> No.31190528

Is it over?

>> No.31190575


>> No.31190615

what who?

>> No.31190621


>> No.31190626

Roberu is famous...

>> No.31190637


>> No.31190659

>ono yuuki calling, but not miyabi

>> No.31190665


>> No.31190669


>> No.31190691
File: 99 KB, 313x337, 1603727778731.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.31190697

Miyabi has his message on twitter, for whatever reason.

>> No.31190699

Fucking Roberu man

>> No.31190709

Jojofage keep winning

>> No.31190716

Sorry my ignorant, is he big?

>> No.31190754


>> No.31190769

he's a famous anime va

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