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I heard Touhou is for pedophiles. Is that true? What other shmups would suggest instead of Touhou?

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What are you, some sort of adult lover? Can't you love children like me?

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Anything from CAVE.

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That sounds about right. Move along.

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>I heard Touhou is for pedophiles. Is that true?
It isn't.

The end.

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>Anything from CAVE.
This. Thread over.

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>touhou is for pedophiles
where did you heard that bullshit ?

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Pedophilia is just an arbitrary standard set by people with subjective moral standards.

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The internet, and the game is based around little girls, so....

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armed police batrider

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And Psikyo.

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Most of them aren't little girls. That's just ZUN's stylized art.

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But you only see ZUN's art in game.

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So, they might as well be little girls, that's what they look like.

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Except that he's written bios for the characters, so no.

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The only bios that specify appearance are the ones where he points out that they look like little girls.

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age, height, 3 sizes, blood type

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I do not recall reading that in Perfect Momento.

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You think ZUN knows about female body proportions?

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0/10 troll harder bro

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Anybody who says children aren't sexually attractive is lying.

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Only 2D.

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What's so attractive about an underdeveloped body?

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It's cute.

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2D is attractive because they are drawn to look more like children, search your feelings, you know it's true.

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Yeah, it's cute, but it's not like something I'd wanna fap to.

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Oh wow, Japanese tier list?

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What's so attractive about an undeveloped forest?

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why not? Cuteness is attractive too.

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Because women just get fatter and uglier when they get developed sexually.

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Nope. It's because 3D is pig disgusting.

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That's the approximate heights according to ZUN's emails.

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I don't get a boner over lolis really, it's more like I want to hug them or something instead.

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What's this about? I guess it is not about chest sizes..

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Read the thread.