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Does /jp/ hate sleep?
I'd rather not sleep at all, it's a waste of my time and my life.
It's too bad my body and mind get the best of me.

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Speaking of
>waste of my time and my life.
while being on /jp/?

sure thing, brah.

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what ? sleeping is essential, who don't like to sleep especially during summer ? implying that you enjoy your life, you will enjoy it more if you take a rest

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I wish I could go to sleep and never wake up. That would be nice...

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No I won't.
I'd rather not sleep 1/3rd of my life away.
These paste few weeks have been the longest of my life.
If I could live like this with no problems It'd be ideal.

By society's standards maybe, but I am enjoying myself, so why should I let that bother me?

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That's pretty close to suicide.
You should talk to someone.

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I love sleep. I'd sleep all day if I could.

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gonna go sleep right now actually

sweet dreams
(I will not be posting Kohaku)

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I hate the fact that my horrid insomnia keeps me from sleeping. I'd be a fuckload more productive if I could get to sleep when I needed to.

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but you can't, if you don't take a rest at least 8 hours by day your life time will decrease, considerably

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I'm tsundere for sleep.

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Studies have shown that those who sleep an average of 7 hours a night tend to live longer than those who sleep less or more. Of course, there could be any number of causes for such findings. Illnesses may cause you to sleep more than usual, and those who are sickly tend to die young.

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Can you provide a source.
I'd really be ironic if that were true.
Either way these are the last years of my childhood, I'd like to enjoy them.
You only get to be under 20 once in your life after all.

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Here's one article stating otherwise.


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>Master Sparks !!SAGveut/1uW

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lrn2 lucid dream

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I hate sleep, or at least the ideea of losing 5-6 hours of my life each day. I love sleeping though, it's the last thing in my life that genuinely feels good.

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I sleep about 6 hours a day.

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good think i sleep 8 hours
i saw this in a book

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Sleep is a waste of my time as long as it isn't a lucid dream. Lucid dreams are something I appreciate, but other than that, I too would rather not sleep at all.

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It's ironic that getting more rest would extend your lifespan?

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Opposite, I wish I could sleep all the time, in one long lucid dream.

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I wouldn't hate sleep if I could lucid dream all the time.

I want to start keeping a dream journal so I can achieve this but I'm lazy.

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>but you can't, if you don't take a rest at least 8 hours by day your life time will decrease, considerably
I thought that people who sleep 6-7 hours a day live longer than people who sleep 8-9 hours a day, but are in general less healthy.

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I had sleep paralysis 2 times and I nearly killed myself in a dream/delusion once before, so I'm too fucking scared to try lucid dreaming, unless it's accidental.

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I see the whole "miniature garden" comparison used in a LOT of doujinshi. I wonder where it started?

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uh she "grown" younger ? this girl act like me when i was a kid, good thing that a punch in the face of someone you hate change something, everyone respect you even after school

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Don't know how it caught on, but with a quick Google:

For the town-dweller or for one kept indoors of necessity the miniature garden was created, though it was also seen in pavilions it was most usually on the tables of scholars. It, too, symbolized Paradise, the Isles of the Blessed or the Abode of the Immortals reflected in miniature perfection with the whole range of the yin-yang symbolism. Exceptionally beautiful stones or shells were used and there were miniature grottoes, trees, bamboos and grasses growing among the mountains, valleys and waters.

Sometimes a miniature landscape is intended as a symbol of the world or the universe.

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Reported and hidden.

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It's ironic that I'd lose my lifespan from trying to stay up to enjoy it more.

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I have trouble maintaining or getting any sleep. Once I manage to fall asleep I wake up tired most of the time. Upcoming C76 won't help my insomnia either.

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Okay, someone tell me, is this irony?

Because I STILL have no fucking clue what irony exactly is in a modern context.

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I fucking love sleep. I generally sleep for around 10-12 hours.

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Okay, I'm trying to get more "lifetime" by trying to sleep as little as possible.
It'd be ironic since by doing that I'm shortening my overall lifespan (apparently).

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