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Hey /jp/, I'm into some deep shit.
I'm 20 years old, and I'm your typical NEET/hiki. I don't have any touch with the real world; I don't go out, have no friends, etc. The thing is, my life is about to change dramatically. I'm a Greekfag, and army is mandatory.
In 80 days, I'll be forced to live with total faggots under the same roof. Holy shit. I'm scared.
Also, I'm tiny, and my body is very weak. I haven't had any real exercise since forever, and my muscles are made of shit. I barely weigh 50 kg (110 lbs) and I may not even be able to carry equipment around (since I'll be in the infantry).
Furthermore, after I'm finished with all that, I'll need to get a REAL job and gtfo from home, 'cause I'm already too old to leech my family.
I don't know what should I do. Well, FUCK.

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If youre too weak wouldnt they kick you out of the service?

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It'll be a good learning experience for you.

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Does showing up at the recruitment office in drag no longer work? What if you got a psychiatrist to certify that you're crazy?

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Become a trap and move in with another soldier when you're done.

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learn Aikido

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Note to self: Invade Greece.

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I'm sorry to hear that man. Isn't there some sort of medical exam you need to pass before you're even allowed to join the army?
I, for one, wouldn't even get into the army if I wanted to because of various medical reasons.

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No. They only kick out the physically disabled.
Even if you're mentally fucked up, you'll still do your service.

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I suggest you become anorexic, you're halfway there anyway.

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you'll be fine, it's just your imagination

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I.. really doubt that'd help.

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>army is mandatory

surprising, considering how much actual warfare comes out of your country

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Man up OP

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Go to a psychiatrist and certify some random condition that makes you unable to be around others. It probably wont be that hard for a person such as you.

But actually, I'm kinda envious. I was discarded, yet I've always wanted to try being in the military. Just for a year or so maybe.

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Society is bullshit.

Just work for money and tell everybody to fuck themselves.

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Run the fuck away.

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Πάρε τρελόχαρτο.

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No, that doesn't work. There's a huge drawback if you get kicked out of the army.
If you get "I5" (unable to do your service), you can never get a job.

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Greeks? On my /jp/?
Από πού είσαι?

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This reminds me, didn't we(americans) have to fill out a draft form when the war on iraq started, I barely remember filling it out. I woulda fucking went awol if the cowboy president actually put the draft into effect

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Wow, Greece sure sucks.

My country's army rejected me because my family has lots of hereditary diseases, e.g. heart conditions.

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Not any more. They can no longer reveal why you've avoided the draft.


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Do you get disability checks? If so, that's fucking awesome and I'm not seeing the drawback.

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Move to another country?

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Holy crap, fellow NEET Greekfag?
I'm also in for November. If I see any skinny guy I'll try to see if that's you then.

After the army I'd also "need" to work, but I'm already live alone the past 6 years. 24 year NEET/virgin/jobless faggot here.

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OP, are you saying that a superior and enlightened true NEET like yourself is unable to do something that every normalfaggot in your country can easily accomplish?

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Where the hell all those Greekfags came out? We used to be only me and MolesterJim here.

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this is a good thing OP. Become a man, get a job. Then start some kind of business selling otaku shit to your countrymen. Make money out of things you like.

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There is no such thing as Greek otaku. Only general shounenfags/yaoi fangirls. I highly doubt there is anyone knowing about Touhou apart for the 5-6 Greekfags here.

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Who ever said that NEET/hikkis are enlightened?

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Don't forget athens

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Holy crap, that's pretty awesome. Having the fact that I have a chronic depression and attempted suicide, I might get myself a I5.
I have no idea, actually.
November here too, haha.
Add me on msn. Mail's on email field.

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You say it like its a bad thing.

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Why bother with that when people can simply import via HLJ, etc? I doubt the market would be big enough for otaku merchandise in Greece.

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this >>3099454

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The military is the best way to straight up and do something with your life, I've started to make plans...that If I fail at College I would join the military, at least the money is better than a regular job and if you dedicate enough who knows...maybe one day you'll become a Coronel or aim higher and become a 1/2/3/4 star General

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Let's see... you can...
1. smoke pot, get incarcerated
2. do you have a brother serving at this time?
3. any elections coming up?
4. do you have three children? lol
5. sole supporter of your sickly parents?
6. join a monastery? Wait, that's only for... foreigners. What, is that like a separate country? Why would foreigners have to serve in the greek army? I don't get it.
Long story short: join the clergy, do a lot of pot, rape three women and cut off your dick. I don't think they'll take you after that

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Is the military life really suited for a hikki though?

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athens lives in fucking London years now. Fuck him.

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Επίσης, αυτό το θρεντ ανήκει στο /ρ9κ/.

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Dude. You don't get payed in the Greek military.

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Are there any AMERICANS on /jp/?

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You better be trolling, son.

If not; HAHA, OH WOW.

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Dude, fucking bail. GTFO and over here to America, we'll set you up with a job flipping burgers and collecting welfare.

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for a hikki....no since you'll be experiencing at least 18 hours a day of exercise, humilations and other stuff......so you can start to work out and make little exercise so when the time comes to join in you are fit and at least perform regularly.

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Does just living in America count?

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That's not an option for me, really.

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Michigan man reporting

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Which country has the strongest NEETs /jp/?

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This article states that the salary is 9 euros a month:

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gimme a minute making an account for this.

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get a work and bribe some high ranking military guy, so you skip the army...or get a medical exam and tell the doctor to write down you have flat feet, with those things there's no way you'll be able to stand the long walks.
Unless laws in Greek don't apply for flat feet =/

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Why the hell does GREECE have a draft?

Sounds like a massive waste of manpower... unless they're just rounding up NEETs.

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Fuck yeah, 3 packs of cigs.

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Haven't you got a family member/friend who's a psychiatrist?

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Our goverments and we (cause we vote for them) are massive faggots. The army is not the only MASSIVE FAGGOTRY we have.

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At least the food is free for them?

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No. But I don't want to go to any phychologists/phychiatrists anyway.
I have a serious problem communicating irl.

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Having lots of young men sequestered lowers the unemployment rate.

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What will happen if you don't show up?

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>Fuck yeah, 3 packs of cigs.
Really? You can't even get 2 packs of cigs over here with that kind of money

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It is, afaik.

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But someone else said they don't get paid

So its all done just for statistical relief? sounds lame

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Wrong board.

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I've been wondering: is turning into a catholic priest a viable way of sustaining myself without much work? I mean, I think you don't have to do much besides the liturgic shit. Besides that, I am already a lonely person and keeping the celibacy vote will be damn easy. It's not like someone will find out if I get myself an internet connection.

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Also, free shota for all!

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To become a catholic priest you first have to beat this man in a kung fu fight.

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And you get to hear people's sins.

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Do I get to fuck Karen if I win?

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lol priest...first you need to enter "school" and wait maybe 5 years until you have studied enough (Philosophy and stuff like that) then you can think of becoming a priest..I'll rather take the military...at least other countries threat their men better and you have higher chances of doing something.

Private 1st Class in my country gets around
$550 (dollars) per month

Once you jump into Captain you get around $2,500 (dollars) per month

Our current Army Chief gets $14,000 (dollars) per month, also add all the bonus you get...for a single man it would be great, also you might be able to develop a friendship with your unit...and maybe in the future start a private company...who knows, life works in mysterious ways

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If it were just a matter of dealing with the people there he might be fine.

the bitch of it is how in shape he is, its going to be hell with that body

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Indeed. I'll get raped.

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No, you get to fuck Lancer instead.

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I finished my military service a bit over a year ago in Finland. I'm not much different you, I weighted 47 kg when I started my service.
I don't know how they do things in Greece, but in Finland they'd give you a job that you can do, there's something for everybody. Physical excercise wasn't too hard at start, I had time to grow some muscle and gain weight. I weighted 57 kg when my service was over, I was pretty buff for a nerd. I think you should do fine at least in terms of endurance if you don't smoke or drink any alcohol.

Anyway, think of it as an opportunity to get better at communicating with complete strangers.

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I don't mind studying philosophy at all and I think I'd like theology.