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How did you survive high school /jp/?

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I became a ninja and thus attained real ultimate power.

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i didn't

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By going to classes and passing my exams, I guess.

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My schizophrenia came about a year later in college.

I was bad in high school, but I was still able to blindly follow everyone's commands and become valedictorian.

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I didn't, I dropped out in the first month of grade 10.

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I stayed outside of the class, waiting for the next period to start instead of going into the playground on breaks.

Also, dropped out at age 14.

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Enjoy your parents basement until you kill yourself.

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Thanks, I will.

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I had friends.

Keyword here is had.

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Schizophrenia Anon has been and will milk this for as long as possible.

Going on disability helps too.

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15 for me.

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By throwing food wrappers and other trash at kids with heavy backpacks during lunch period. And doing well in class.

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i was kind of popular, just not with any of the girls sadly.
At least it was a fun time doing stupid shit with the other guys.

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I dropped out. NEET/hiki since.

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By never going to my Junior year.

Before then, by skipping 1/4th my classes to play with my P&PRPG buddies whom I later abandoned deciding they were destined to just play the same exact archetypal characters over and over.

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So how are psychotic episodes working out for you?

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They are interesting and I don't want to get rid of them.

Hopefully that and my asperger's will get me on SSI/D.

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I stopped going my Junior year
Somehow got a payed semester for Community College my senior year.

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Felt good, man.

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Let's see, I had friends but I didnt go out to drink or anything. I went normally to it and studied. Survived it pretty normally.

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Who the fuck studied for high school?

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Same here bro!

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Was in a special math school, where most other students were also nerds. There was actually a nontrivial amount of animefags in my class. Not that I ever befriended them either (always hid my powerlevel)

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Sleeping through all classes except literature and any foreign language class other than that those were the best and most fun years of my life. Moving on from the same clique of friends I had in grade school through gymnasium and meeting completely new exciting people was extremely fun.

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I don't remember; I was asleep.

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Are you new here?

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I stayed home half the time because I couldn't deal with the pressure, then I dropped out because I got sick.
Haven't done anything for the last five years and don't think I ever will.

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I can honestly say I feel the same way.
It was the only time in my life I felt like I had friends.
I'd love to be able to go through highschool again.

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>I'd love to be able to go through highschool again.

I wouldn't.

Mine was full of gangsters and stoners.

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I guess a mix of people forced together is sometimes a good thing, I dont think I'd ever make friends like that now. Since most of them seem like faggots yet still i'm friends with those drunk full of barf idiots.

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So was mine.
Still doesn't change the fact it was the only time I had friends in real life.

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I didn't, took a placement exam instead.
And currently barely surviving college. ;_;

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In Croatia we have gymnasiums (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gymnasium_%28school%29)) and here usually normal people gather.

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Croatia (4 years, starting at age 14/15 after 8 years in elementary school, five different educational tracks: opća gimnazija (general education), klasična gimnazija (focused on Latin and Ancient Greek), jezična gimnazija (focused on modern languages), prirodoslovna gimnazija (biology and chemistry) and prirodoslovno-matematička gimnazija (mathematics, physics and computer science), ends with Matura)

>prirodoslovno-matematička gimnazija (mathematics, physics and computer science)

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Oh my fucking god, my own clone. Except it was more of the first week. I was already skipping alot near the the last two terms in grade 9.

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i didn't survived, i lived like a normal person in school

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By fucking off and only passing with test scores and the minimal amount of homework. I sometimes wish for a do-over, but I'd just fuck up again anyway.

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The same as in Austria.

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I'm still in high school, exchange student in Japan
I just want time to stop now

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Are you me? You must be.

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I put sixteen shells through a 30-06.