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Japanese nigger killing tripfags.

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no i'm french you must rape my ass

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Je ne parle pas france toast.

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Give a valid reason why you should hate tripfags.
If anything you should love us because we are able to filter out the bad ones.
Too bad I can't do that with Anonymous posters.

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Fucking french.

Also I thought his fingers were penises.

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In a forced-anon system, every post is taken completely on its content and value, Good threads are posted in, bad threads are generally ignored (or devolve into a shitfest of trolling, which happens in both forced-anon and systems with registration). In a system where tripcodes are rampant, posts are taken on past reputation, off-the-topic posts referring to the tripcode user (ex. tripfag posts something, the people who hate him call him a fag, he defends himself, thread inevitably derails)

tl;dr Anonymity in fact contributes to the quality of a board, rather than taking from it.

"You're on to something here anon. I often wonder what would happen if my team at work were forced to have meetings anonymously. There are often times when egos and reputations get in the way of solid innovation and sound business decisions."

"One Toshiaki (the default name for an anonymous poster ) is as good (or as much a loser) as another." There is no reason for anyone to feel like they stand out as someone important in this Japanese community. If nicknames were used, as the creator of the board Hiroyuki Nishimura once explained in an interview, those people would gain authority in this network over time... an authority which would make it harder for others to tell them "what you say is wrong/boring/lame." Nishimura says, “All information is treated equally; only an accurate argument will work.” And: "People can only truly discuss something when they don’t know each other."


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Hey, it's not like i'm knocking any GOOD threads off page 0

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