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"Oh, Hong Meiling... The gatekeeper girl, is she not?" Patchouli sniffed with some distaste. "I've noticed she tends to be absolutely terrible at keeping that accursed witch out of my library. She always seems to daydream; she is very idealistic in her pursuits. She also seems to have a soft spot for dogs, but regardless." Patchouli sighs. "Is that all?"

[ ] "Do you know anything else about Flandre?"

[ ] "Mind if I get rid of it now?"

[ ] "Does Sakuya wear padding?"

[ ] "How do you fly?"

[ ] "What is Sakuya's problem?"

[ ] "What do you know about Sakuya?"

[ ] "Hey, Meiling is a fine woman!"

[ ] "Don't talk like that about Meiling!"

[ ] "What do you know about Remilia?"

[ ] "No, I am done."

[ ] "Screw you, bitch."

[ ] Silently depart

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[ ] "How do you fly?"

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[x] "Mind if I get rid of it now?"

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[ ] "How do you fly?"

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Soft spot for dogs?


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[X] "No, I am done."


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[ ] "Mind if I get rid of it now?"

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[x] "Hey, Meiling is a fine woman!"

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[X] "No, I am done."

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[x] "How do you fly?"

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here, changing my vote to [X] "Mind if I get rid of it now?"

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[X ] "Hey, Meiling is a fine woman!"
Obligatory waifu option.

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[x] "What do you know about Remilia?"

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[X] "No, I am done."

Let's get on with the story. Arguing with Patchy isn't helping anyone.

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[X] "Mind if I get rid of it now?"

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[x ] "Screw you, bitch."

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[x] "Do you know anything else about Flandre?"

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[ ] "What do you know about Sakuya?"

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[x] "No, I am done."

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[X] "No, I am done."

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[x] No, I am done.

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[ ] "No, I am done."

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[X] "Hey, Meiling is a fine woman!"

There's no other answer for me.

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[X] "No, I am done."

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[ ] "No, I am done."


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I missed the previous thread, link?

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[X] "Do you know anything else about Flandre?"

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[X] "How do you fly?"

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[X] Silently depart
I'm in a dress, tired, beaten and abused.
I'm going to take what pride I have and get the fuck to bed.

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7 votes for [ ] "No, I am done."

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[x] "Mind if I get rid of it now?"

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[X] "No, I am done."

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WINNER: [X] "No, I am done."

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[x] "How do you fly?"

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Thank god, let's just go to bed and get on with it.

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Hey, Ali-- I mean GM. Have you read the suggestions in previous thread?

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[x] "Don't talk like that about Meiling!"

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How come there are never any polite options for Patchy? I know flattery isn't getting us anywhere, but being a dick will only make her mad at us and less likely to teach us magic.

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I missed the last 27 threads, whats goin on here?

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You're not dead!
Horray! =D

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the lake hate us

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>>308976 =D
Kill yourself faggot

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Don't be an asshole.

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Check this link to get mostly caught up: http://bloodyshovel.oddwebsite.com/Ehs%20folder/YWUIG.html

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We're trying to convince Patchy to teach us magic so we can kill the lake.

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I will never know the truth of Sakuyas pads:(

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[x] No, I am done.

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Hopefully we'll get some of those options tomorrow.

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We'll find out when Flandre tells Remilia that we mentioned that and then Sakuya tries to knife us to death for knowing too much.

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china likes dogs

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Fixed your image

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Beat me to it

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Must find accordion for Patchy.

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"Humans are curious creatures." She shrugged, looking away. "Lead him to the exit, please." She looks back to the ancient tome in front of her, attention diverted as the demoness leads you to the exit before departing.
You're quite tired.

[ ] Browse the library

[ ] Sleep in the library

[ ] Sleep in the guest bedrooms

[ ] Sleep in the basement

[ ] Visit Meiling

[ ] See where Sakuya is

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china is gonsokyos nr1 gangsta

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[x] Visit Meiling

We promised.

>> No.309066

[ ] Sleep in the guest bedrooms

>> No.309067

[ ] Sleep in the basement

>> No.309068

[ ] Visit Meiling
This is hopefully obvious to more people than me

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[X] Sleep in the guest bedrooms.

>> No.309071

[x] Sleep in the library

The safest place we can be.

>> No.309072

[X] Sleep in the basement

>> No.309073

[ ] Sleep in the basement

>> No.309074

[x] Visit Meiling

>> No.309075

[ ] Visit Meiling

Didn't we tell her we'd visit a while ago?

>> No.309076

[x] Sleep in the basement

>> No.309078

[X] Visit Meiling

Since it's night (I think?) you might a chance to sleep by her.

>> No.309080

[ ] Visit Meiling

>> No.309081

[ ] Visit Meiling

>> No.309082

That's for tomorrow night.

>> No.309083

[X] Sleep in the basement

And hope to wake up without extreme anal pain.

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We promised we'd see her the next day.

>> No.309085

[x] Sleep in the basement
we need to progress to day 4 or whatever day it is.

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[ ] Visit Meiling


>> No.309087

[ ] Visit Meiling

>> No.309088

[ ] Visit Meiling

>> No.309089

[X] Visit Meiling

>> No.309092

[x] See where Sakuya is

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[x] Visit Meiling

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China likes dogs.

>> No.309095

[ ] Sleep in the basement

>> No.309096

Winner. But, uh, you guys do know that our promise was for TOMORROW night, right?

>> No.309098

[X] Visit Meiling

>> No.309099

[ ] Sleep in the guest bedrooms

>> No.309100

[X] Visit Meiling

>> No.309101

[X] Sleep in the guest bedrooms

>> No.309105

[ ] Sleep in the guest bedrooms

>> No.309106

WINNER: [ ] Visit Meiling

>> No.309107

[X] Visit Meiling

>> No.309110


"Impossible! Absolutely impossible!"

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I voted for sleep in the basement, but I guess going to see her in the cover of night is safer, and more romantic.

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Goddammit Anonymous we need to befriend Sakuya-san

>> No.309115

God damn it, Anonymous, we need to get to Day 5 already!

>> No.309116

Hey, nothing wrong with popping out to let her know we're still alive, right?

>> No.309118

Yeah let's get killed by Flandre or overstay our "welcome" in the library or just take a bed of our own choice. Good idea.

>> No.309120

[X] Sleep in the guest bedrooms

who cares anymore. To many stupid people on these boards.

>> No.309127

We're in a fucking dress. How is that romantic?

>> No.309131

[ ] Visit Meiling

>> No.309132

so we're ignoring the tea party with flandre completely? why are we redoing this part

>> No.309134

Nonsense. China is undoubtedly worried sick about us right now and is unable to sleep. We need to comfort her.

>> No.309135

Maybe she likes her man to look pretty?

>> No.309136

Oh yeah, and GM, as amusing as it might be to make us visit Meiling in a dress, please let our character have some common sense adn take it off. Patchy has already said that it's okay for us to.

>> No.309137

Everyone is gay in Gensokyo, it'll be more appealing to China if you appear as a woman.

>> No.309138

i think ill just start trolling with everyone else

>> No.309143


People must be coming from /a/ to play GM's threads.

>> No.309155

flan already forgot about us

>> No.309157

Whouldn't we start calling her GW?

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Good job getting within its range.

Brace for LAKE END.

>> No.309168


Plus, she might mistake us for someone else at night in a dress...

>> No.309169


No! No getting Laked this time!

>> No.309171

Best way of survival. Why won't everybody listen ;_;
The opposite is also true, being hated by Sakuya means being killed "accidently" at the first opportunity

>> No.309172


Actually, if we hide the dress with China, Flan won't be able to find it.

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>> No.309174

[x] Visit Meiling

>> No.309177


We just have to avoid provoking it.

It's only counterattacked us when we tried stupid things.

>> No.309178

This Lake is getting tired man... can't you guys mix it up a little... like a pond, or a puddle every now and then? What about a small inland sea?

>> No.309179


>> No.309180

Just watch as we get outside still wearing the dress to find China, Keine, Mokou, and Cirno all standing around, and can do nothing but sobbingly beg them to listen to us as they all fly away in disgust.

>> No.309185


then we get suicidal and guess what happens after that

>> No.309188

Yeah, visiting China again while wearing a dress, when we already made a promise that we'll visit her tomorrow seems like a good idea.

>> No.309189


>> No.309190

We decide to piss Flandre off?

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"Helloooooooooooooooo Anon!"

>> No.309194

Cirno would be amused. And we promised that we'd amuse her.

>> No.309198

UNless of course the writer decides to just take it off and leave it as we said we would.

>> No.309209

Good thinking anon

>> No.309210

gensokyo is assimilating us
when we wake up, we will be a frilly hat wearing female loli

>> No.309213

with man parts.

>> No.309214

Anon's wish to be the little girl comes true at last.

>> No.309215

moot would be proud

>> No.309216

i want to be the little girl

>> No.309218

Does Anon, have a plan?

Seriously Anon, make a plan.

Strategize that's what the down-time is for, not image-searching picturesque lakes.

>> No.309223


What about MANnosuke? He got to keep his manhood...

>> No.309231


>> No.309236


1. Live to day 5
2. fuck china
3. ??????
4. Profit

>> No.309239

Try getting the rabbits in Eintei to work hard all day before that. It will be easier.

>> No.309242

Get Cirno points by acting (9) in dress in front of her.

>> No.309243


Plan is to build up a relationship with China and learn magic from Patchy. Once we can fly, get out of SDM and go find somewhere to live, since we can come back to visit China whenever we want.

>> No.309244

The plan is to get as many girls to like us as possible, and then promptly dash any and all chances of advancing the relationship, ending only when everyone is broken-hearted and we have no other choice but to kill ourselves in despair.

So far, it seems to be working.

>> No.309247

>1. Live to day 5
2. LOVE Meiling
3. ??????
4. Profit


>> No.309249

Cirno and Mokou break out in a fit of hysterical laughter, Meiling understands but is a little creeped out, and Keine flies off screaming "WAHH! And I thought you were so RUGGED!"

>> No.309253

a plan has already been laid, no one reads. we will never advance the story, we will keep going back and forth between characters until one of them kill us. But you know, when we are close to Meling we will be close to the lake, im going to spam whatever option takes us in to that lake.

>> No.309257

I don't like your plan

>> No.309258

And then Anon was a Canadian Lumberjack

>> No.309262

List of objectives:

Cirno/Mokou/Keine Harem [x]
Meet Patchouli [x]
Invade the SDM [x]
Beat the moon people [ ] ← We'll need to know magic for this one
Score [ ]

>> No.309264

The ability to fly beats the lake. If we can fly, we can get out of the lake, even if we are thrown in it.

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[I couldn't help myself. Hope I didn't make typos.]

>> No.309271

You forgot [ ] Defeat the Lake

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>> No.309274

How is lake pronounced in a Japanese accent again?

>> No.309275

Cirno might leave us if we don't amuse her tomorrow, so the "harem" thing is still in the air.

>> No.309276


China likes Cirno
GM said China and Keine will meet at some point
Can we add China? 5 is a nice prime number

>> No.309278

>Plan is to build up a relationship with China
>The plan is to get as many girls to like us as possible

Good job

>> No.309279



>> No.309281

>>List of objectives:

>>Kill ourselves like the retarded lemmings we are [XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX]

>> No.309283

And if the effect ends while we're over the lake, then we're dead.

>> No.309285

Oh, uh, Kirameki, did I forgot to make you a blushing meiling.png?

>> No.309290

Well, if it is.....


>> No.309296
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>> No.309303

That is a goal, not a plan.

Anon is schizophrenic.

>> No.309306

roses are red
violets are blue
i'll fuck you with a raiku

>> No.309307


That's why I'm chary of us flying at all, not just over the lake- aside from really low-altitude stuff, maybe.

You know, Patchy's a master of elemental magic. Lakes are weak against ice, right? I'm just going to assume that's true.

>> No.309310


The lake has its weakness floating on it.

>> No.309311
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Hey, Anon! You guys want more continues?
I happen to know where one is hidden?
Guess where it is! Go on, guess!

>> No.309319

In a river.

>> No.309323

Flans Vagina! Lets go get it Guys!

>> No.309325


A pond?

>> No.309333

Can we still take the Flandre route?

>> No.309339


The heathens in this thread have yet to realize that Flandre > Chuugoku

>> No.309340

We will be learning ice magic anyways thanks to all the (9) radiation we've absorbed.

>> No.309344


Uh..ya. We could just go back to the basement right now and continue on the Flandre route.

>> No.309351
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If only we knew someone who could do ice-related things, that'd be really cool.

>> No.309360

[ ] Sleep in the basement

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Why are you such a faggot, Anon-kun?

>> No.309370

I want to go back to the basement so I can be the little girl.

>> No.309373

He's gone again

>> No.309382
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What's a penis?

>> No.309386


>> No.309389

no, we can't do anything now because GW has left again

>> No.309392

See, if we had done things right we might have been jamming it into Keine and Mokou right now atop the still-twitching bodies of the residents of Eintei right now. Or at least dreaming about it while we slept in the basement until Flan returned.

>> No.309393

Too many voices in my head, Mokou.

>> No.309405

if we tried to fuck (9), our dick would freeze and then break off

>> No.309407
File: 61 KB, 660x940, 1206481999980.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.309411


We are learning magic for a reason.

>> No.309412

hold your damn horses, we're trying to evade the loli murder machine.

>> No.309415

/tg/ claims that a ring of resist energy (cold) would protect you.

>> No.309423


>> No.309424

Am I the only one who keeps seeing that as "Gundam Wing"?

>> No.309434

GM is busy roleplaying as Alice in another thread again...

>> No.309435

Im tired of being in the same place doing nothing. Sleep already and advance the story, or go ease drop on remila and flan

>> No.309441

you know, every time, EVERY TIME GW makes a new thread these days, I think to myself, Surely we will get to actually advance the story a moderate amount today. Surely GW won't go ADD on us and start tutoring delicious loli on how to play D&D for 7 namekian minutes. But everytime, I am fooled again. Why do I get my hopes up?

>> No.309442

This is the story all about how
My life got flip turned upside down
I'd like to take a minute just sit right there
And I'll tell how I became Gensokyo's hottest man out of the air.

West 4chan, born and raised,
Went to the forest of magic, where I spent my first daze
Chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool
And all shooting some fairies outside of the rule
When a couple of youkai said we're up to no good,
Started making trouble in my neighborhood
I ran away from a fight and my Cirno got scared
And said "You're meetin' my neighbors in their vampire lair"

>> No.309443

Is that any better than "Guild Wars"?

>> No.309447


>> No.309448

so we are back to rape everything that moves, but fail horribly?

>> No.309450

No I'm not. There was another Alice.

Sorry guys, had to eat. Next post incoming.

>> No.309451

I see.

List of objectives:

Cirno/Mokou/Keine Harem [x]
Meet Patchouli [x]
Invade the SDM [x]
Beat the moon people [ ] ← We'll need to know magic for this one
>Stop by Rinnosuke's for cold protection ring
Score [ ]


>> No.309455



>> No.309456



>> No.309459

ruhe da

>> No.309465

Meanwhile Reimu is plotting how to destroy the Lake.

>> No.309466

Yaaay you're back sorry about the yelling and stuff

>> No.309481


Meanwhile Reimu is plotting how to destroy us once we learn magic and possibly become a youkai.

>> No.309484


>Meanwhile Reimu is plotting how to destroy us once we learn magic and possibly become a youkai.


>> No.309487

Kirameki made that, right?

>> No.309488

Geh zuürck nach Deutschland, Anon!

>> No.309495

What if Remilia or Flandre turns us into a vampire?

>> No.309497

Oh lawd!

>> No.309501


Why would she do that? Reimu is a murderous bitch so she's gonna kill you, Keine and Cirno to launch us into absolute despair.

>> No.309517

Then we go and find Sacchin once we break out of Gensokyo.

>> No.309518
File: 62 KB, 695x961, 1206482631774.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Magic 101: "Why the fuck are you cooking eggs in my library?"

>> No.309519


Then we are pretty much immortal, and can go and rape whoever we want. However, we will probably get a BAD END when we end up fighting Reimu, and kill her because we're stubborn bastards who don't follow spell card rules and will outlast her.

>> No.309521


Remi can't, according to her profile. Would Flandre even know how?

And if she tried, what are the odds of nothing going horribly wrong?

>> No.309524

>>sorry about the yelling and stuff

New to 4chan, huh?

>> No.309525


>> No.309526

Typical, as soon as I install Tsukihime, ANOTHER GM thread.

>> No.309527

we would be strong and powerful

>> No.309530

A... anon... You know, if you keep making eggs, your magic circuits will...

>> No.309531
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Did someone say absolute despair?

>> No.309539

No, just so tired I'm starting to go tsundere for a lot of shit.

>> No.309541

Anon really does plan for everything.

>> No.309542


I didn't know porkslope turkeyhandle was a game now

>> No.309543


>> No.309545

Is today first thread dead?

>> No.309547


>> No.309549


>> No.309552


What did you think it was?

>> No.309557

hey GM/GW/Alice, I think I speak the general consensus of Anon when I say that Anon really appreciates this story that you do for Anon, Anon really does, but GM may have noticed that some Anon really will sit here for hours F5ing the same page waiting for a new post, and then GM comes back and says GM had to eat or something. Taking into consideration that GM has a life and is doing this in GM's free time as much as GM enjoys it, is it too much to ask that GM occasionally tells Anon when GM is going to take a break? Like just say, "Hey Anon, Totally Not Gensokyo Man needs food, so Totally Not Gensokyo Man is going to go eat, so don't wait up on Totally Not Gensokyo Man. Totally Not Gensokyo Man will be back later." And Anon knows GM lives on Namek, so I guess there's not much point in GM telling Anon how many minutes GM will be gone, because GM's time is way different than Anon's (really, just say you'll be back later, we don't need a time frame, or else many of us will hold you to it and get frustrated, and you know you can't always stick to your word)

>> No.309566

If GW had a small website which she changed her status to "here" from away, then it would probably save us a lot of F5 keys. There could even be a XSS feed for it.

>> No.309567


Fuck... giant block of text is giant...


>> No.309571


>> No.309572

Alright, I'll try.
Fuck, guys, don't break your F5 key. You can't sue me for it.

Are you sure you want to visit China before day 4?

[ ] Yes

[ ] No

>> No.309573

I completely agree

>> No.309574



>> No.309578

[x] No

>> No.309579

[ ] No

last chance

>> No.309584

[x] No

>> No.309585

Oh fuck.
[x] NO
I smell BAD END.

>> No.309588

[X] No

>> No.309590

Shit so something bad will happen if we do?

[x] No

>> No.309591

>speak for anon

Not with that much ass kissing you don't.

This shit is awesome, but we're not the fucking mirrormoon forums. No need to kiss up for the hell of it.

>> No.309592

[ ] No

>> No.309593

[ ] No

>> No.309594

[x] No

>> No.309596

I was saying yes, I agreed with him, not voting for his poll.
[X] No

>> No.309597

[X] NO

>> No.309598

[x] No

>> No.309599

[NO] X

>> No.309600

More of a "Just tell us when you take a break before you take it so we aren't sitting here F5'ing all day."

>> No.309602

Thanks for the choice, eh? I think a lot of people forgot that the promised date was for the next evening.

>> No.309605

[x] No

>> No.309606

[X] No

>> No.309607

[x] No

>> No.309608

[ ] No

>> No.309609

[x] Yes

>> No.309610

me again, sorry for the huge block of text, I get carried away.

tl;dr don't even need to tell us how long your gone, we hold you to it, just say when you leave

still tl;dr say when you leave

>> No.309611

I think everyone will pick no.

>> No.309613

[x] No

GM always does shit like before a bad end.

>> No.309616

[X] No

And thank you for sparing us.

>> No.309617

[X] Yes

>> No.309618


>> No.309620

because most of anon are under the age of 16 and only come here to fap, reading never takes place

>> No.309625

Pime taradox

>> No.309628
File: 422 KB, 800x800, 78535cb23180d06148223e3b70f076b1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You decide it would not be prudent to do so. After all, she probably needs some space too.
You get the feeling patience is a virtue.

[ ] Browse the library

[ ] Sleep in the library

[ ] Sleep in the guest bedrooms

[ ] Sleep in the basement

[ ] See where Sakuya is

[ ] Listen in one Flandre and Remilia

>> No.309634

[ ] Sleep in the basement

>> No.309639

[x] Listen in one Flandre and Remilia

>> No.309641

[ ] Sleep in the basement

>> No.309642

sleep in library

>> No.309643

[X] Sleep in the guest bedrooms

>> No.309644

[X] See where Sakuya is

>> No.309645

[X] Sleep in the basement

>> No.309646

[ ] Sleep in the basement

>> No.309647

[x] Sleep in the library

This won't piss anyone off at all.

>> No.309648

[X] Sleep in the library

>> No.309649

[x] sleep
i don't know where, whichever is the most popular, my vote goes there

>> No.309650

Why didn't we ask Patchy about whole other things when we still had a chance? I personally would like to learn more, but the majority of votes to leave the library won.

>> No.309651

[x] Sleep in the basement

>> No.309652

[ ] See where Sakuya is

>> No.309654

What the fuck guys
Guest bedrooms are there for a reason

>> No.309655

[ ] Sleep in the guest bedrooms

>> No.309656

[ ] Sleep in the guest bedrooms

>> No.309657

[x] Sleep in the guest bedrooms

Just get this day over with. We have a lot of stuff to do tomorrow anyway.

>> No.309658

[X] Listen in on Flandre and Remilia

Let's live dangerously.

>> No.309660

General politeness. Have you heard of it?

>> No.309663

autosage just kicked in yo

new thread

>> No.309664

[x] Browse the library
Maybe Patchy will like us more if she thinks we're into books (or kill us).

>> No.309665

[x]Sleep in the library.

>> No.309666

[x] Sleep in the guest bedrooms

>> No.309667

[ x] No

>> No.309670

[X] Sleep in the basement
i want to be waken up by flans onii-chaaan

>> No.309674

[x] Sleep in the basement after taking that damn dress off

>> No.309676

Our name is Mr. Dumbass.

>> No.309678

If we went to meet Meiling, we could have slept with her to protect us

>> No.309680

[X] sleep in the library
there's a chance flan lost interest in us by now, especially since we're not in her constant company, so if we go to the basement we risk reigniting her interest.

if we sleep in the guest bedroom I worry about sakuya.

Huge Library is Huge. What are the chances they'll care if we sleep here

>> No.309681


We're sleeping on the cold floor today, Anon.

>> No.309682

Somehow, this message doesn't seem to be what you wanted to convey.

>> No.309684

[x] Sleep in the guest bedrooms

[ ] Listen in one Flandre and Remilia
Eavesdropping: the silent killer.

[ ] See where Sakuya is
Sakuya: the silent killer.

[ ] Sleep in the basement
Hahahahahahaaaaa no.

Man, he's throwing all these lethal bad end choices at us at once.

>> No.309685

Next time you Start one of these GM, maby it would be wise to post the highlights of where we stand for those that are just joining in or those with bad memories.

>> No.309689

[x] Listen in one Flandre and Remilia

>> No.309690


Fuck that. The choice had BAD END written all over it.

>> No.309692

Did you forget about Koakuma?

>> No.309693

>"Humans are curious creatures."
I like that. Patchy finds us intriguing

>> No.309695

[x] Sleep in the Library

>> No.309697

Oh, for fucks sake

>> No.309701

might as well slept in the lake

>> No.309702


Oh wow, submissive Anon is submissive
I thought we'd be more ballsy, actually.

>> No.309716

You guys are retards, why must we sleep in the fucking basement?

>> No.309718

Hey, that guy who archives the threads here.

I'll be gone for 3 hours, so if someone could save the next few completed threads and email them to me, or email me an updated archive to upload onto the FTP, that'd be great.

>> No.309723

Guest room is, you know, for GUESTS. A perfect room for us to sleep since we're staying in SDM for the night anyway

>> No.309725


I'm kinda glad anon had a brain for once. There's a chance Flandre has forgotten about us, and a chance she hasn't, so why the HELL would you risk it? She's not gonna kill you if you're being submissive regardless of whether or not she forgot about you, but if she remembers you and you're not in the basement, you're royally fucked.

>> No.309726

Thats what the archive is for.

>> No.309729

anon is to middle class, fat, ugly and hairy. Anon never gets invitation to other peoples houses. Anon doesnt even know what a guest is.

>> No.309739

someone could just try and post this address in every thread:
although a few of those last decisions got a little fucked up in there last I checked

>> No.309745

That is the archive that I was talking about.

>> No.309746


Go back to 4th grade english.

>> No.309749

but it required that you people go read it. you people are not going to go read it. thats why he needs to post the highlights.

>> No.309757

i sense a newfag.

>> No.309762


It'll take time away from his writing. Someone else post the damn highlights.

>> No.309767

did autosage kick in?

>> No.309776


ABout fifty posts ago.

>> No.309780

But we want her to forget about us, so we can leave gracefully.

Sleeping in the basement probably won't help us out in that respect.

>> No.309785

new thread then?

>> No.309787

Disregard that, i suck cocks.

>> No.309791

yeah, why while they are post that, anon is voting to swim across the lake, good idea

>> No.309798


>> No.309925


>> No.310594

See >>309753

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