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Old hag appreciation thread.

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Ara ara~
I'll show you how old I really am.

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Caring and kind motherly figures thread.

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sexy old hag

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Cut it out, Granny, you're not supposed to be overexerting yourself.

And stop wearing revealing clothing! What would Chen think? Isn't it time for your afternoon nap, anyway?

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But she's playing a NES, so it's all right.

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What bothers me more is that the NES in question has wireless controllers, anyway.

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Ran > Yukari
Ran is fucking hot and so damn sexy!

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I wish to sleep with Yukari.

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He likes Cougars, apparently.

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Because then I won't feel as bad when she falls asleep halfway through.

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Put on a couple pounds and now you got stuck in your own gap, eh?

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Yukari says she's 17, looks like Christmas cake, and is physically old enough to have founded Islam.

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Delicious fried old hag tail.

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>Yukari says she's 17

What an old lady, that's five years too old for me.

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>Old hag appreciation thread.

So, everyone but Reimu, Marisa and Akyu then?

Sakuya doesn't count due to time manipulation.

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Like you said in that other discussion, right Arc?

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A couple of old hags in bathing suits

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If you ignore the retcon and think that the current youkai Alice really was PC-98 Alice before, she's still in her teens.

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Chiyuri is 15, Yumemi is 18, Maribel and Renko should be in young human range.

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>So, everyone but Reimu, Marisa and Akyu then?

newfags can't babaa-san

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Is sex with Yukari good?

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It'll blow your mind.

And your anus. And maybe a few organs.

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Alice is only 16.

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And they all should be 20 something by now.

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Yukari's vagina is actually a gap that leads into your own asshole.

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Given that it says in PMiSS that she's still very much a beginner youkai magician, it seems likely even without that that she's still close to her apparant age.

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Oh, hello. Don't mind me, just being the oldest hag.

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There was no retcon.

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These two must be totally unrelated then.

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Awesome. Really awesome.

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Is the shota hunter an old hag?

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it's called puberty

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Same person. There are no continuity issues, and ZUN never said the old stuff didn't happen.

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Older than most.

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Oh, you mean they are the same, there was just no actual retcon? Well, where did Shinki and her whole backstory go?

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she stayed in makai

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>Well, where did Shinki and her whole backstory go?
What backstory? The fanon where Alice is Shinki's daughter? Cause that's not canon.

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The "Dat Ass" part.

Why is Wriggle always getting the old ones anyway? It's quite infuriating.

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Read more
Shinki stayed in Makai and dumped Alice for using the Grimoire.

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She was adopted, not her daughter

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Shota magic. Wriggle has sired more youkai than you can possibly imagine.

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I wonder, is it explicitly stated that Wriggle is female?

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maybe she created a human that eventually turned into a youkai!

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>Insects gather around her. Fireflies perform with timed synchronization. Someone is commanding the swarm of bugs, and that someone is her.

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Probably those weak, common youkai you squash like bugs in every stage.

Oh wait.

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I was going to complain that's a translation, but "彼女" is there... Damn.

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Yeah, maybe.
But turned into youkai by the Grimoire

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Gotta love those shameless old hussies.

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>A human like you coming here
>means that you're prepared to
>to face us, right!?

What's all this about Alice being human in PC-98? She doesn't sound very human to me.

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God damn you ZUN i swear I will kidnap you and fill you with questions about Alice

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I thought it meant that Alice was a constructed human, made by Shinki. Her dollmaking would then simply be an effort to reproduce.

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The implication seems to be that she is not human at all. Also, I've never played MS; does Alice use her dolls in there too? Her title doesn't mention being a puppeteer.

And enough with "Alice is Shinki daughter because everything in Makai is Shinki's creation". I'd like to remind you that when this was said, Reimu/Marisa/Mima/Yuka was present in Makai.

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But Reimu/Marisa/Mima/Yuka are not "US" (demons).

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She has two things that could either be dolls or just fairies helping her.

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>That's right, I am a god.
>I created this Makai.

>Even though Yumeko was in the
>highest class of all of my
>creations ...
>I'm the one that created Makai.
>That makes me Makai's god.
>So you see, Yumeko wasn't
>a golem or anything, she was just a
>normal inhabitant of Makai.

>That's right, I'm a god.
>Everything here in Makai was
>created by me.

I believe these are the lines in question. She doesn't say she created Makai Marisa's, only that she is it's god. In Yuka's,
>Everything here in Makai was created by me.
I believe that specific line is usually the 'proof'. There is no qualifier that it only applies to demons. It obviously does not apply to the PC invaders. Thus, it is possible that Alice is as well such an outsider (if she's retconned to be human, i.e. if ZUN remakes the game and changes dialogue, then this actually becomes quite likely for an explanation). But most importantly, even if Shinki did create Alice, there is absolutely no evidence that she was any sort of a Motherly figured, or that either of them considered the other to be related to them. Shinki explicitly states that she created Yumeko, but I see no evidence of any relationship between them beyond Master and Maid. No mention of Mother and Daughter. Interestingly, she says the Makai residence have a civiliant tourist agency that she has no control over, despite them apparently being created by her.

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You could be right about Alice being an outsider. It's not hard to see all the references to Lewis Carroll's Alice, and it's downright blatant in some situations, especially the EX stage. Carroll's Alice was an outsider who fell into a strange and wondrous land, so it's quite reasonable to suggest that ZUN's Alice could have done the same.

The only way to settle this is to form a posse of /jp/'s best Comic Book Guys, and corner ZUN at a convention/bar to shake him down for answers.

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Outside of what?

The "wonderland" could as well be Gensokyo, only that she never returned home.

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