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Vampires are facing extinction. We have to breed them.

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That sounds dangerous.
I will take it upon myself to serve as sacrifice to breed the vampires. We need not risk more lives than necessary.

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The vampire population needs to grown as quickly as possible, we can't waste a single second. So while you breed one of them, I'll breed the other.

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You'll only be able to produce one, yourself.

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too smelly

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Do you ever think about what it would feel like to stroke the vampires wings? Do they get sore? Do they need massages?

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there is only one answer: we must use the power of necromancy to entrap a soul on its undead body, and inflict the curse of vampirism on then. what could possibly go wrong?

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i wanna pound one while anon pounds the other one while they stay in that position

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If their expressions stay like that too, I'm definitely in!

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there's something extremely erotic about womb-touch

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I always imagine them to be as tough as leather or as thin as a thick sheet of paper.
They see wear and tear, but I doubt it's much.

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They like it when you touch the area where it meets the skin and be careful when you do because they can involuntarily flap in your face if you get them feeling good

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Gensokyo's vampires propagate their vampirism through inhalation of their infectious foot spores. The longer a vampire has gone without washing their feet, the more powerful their ability to infect new followers.

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Fuck off.

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oh no my lungs

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Fuck off.

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Vampires are dumb

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Dear Lord, how can one Anon's lungs withstand both the Scarlet sisters' rancid unwashed feet at once? What level of foot slavery does an Anon have to ascend to in order to enjoy it?

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Sakuya is a bad teacher and Patchouli is too lazy to do it

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everyone will breathe it in eventually.

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Sexy vania

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Ojou-sama looks like a child.

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Fuck off.

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it's dead anon. dead and barren.

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Remimi is VERY sexy.

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Where's the diaper?

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She's past that age.

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Her stained sheets suggest otherwise!

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JY 2hus are the sexiest.
We need more content like this.

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I always get stuck reading right to left then left to right and it fucking sucks.