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Maybe I'm missing something but... who's Battlers mom?

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Asumu, she died though

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dat face

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Not Asumu.

You can close your thread now.

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>You can close your thread now.

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That's it?

oh ok.

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No wait, that can't be it.

Think /jp/, come up with something even if it's only speculation.

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But that would precisely that, speculation. You asked for an answer that details the truth.

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Inb4 7th Expansion pulls a MINDFUCK and its Beato

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Just pretend I asked for speculation.

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She had a miscarriage

Oh fuck

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Holy shit.

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If someone posts with an anime picture I'm going to assume they've only watched the anime.

But yeah if Kyrie isn't Battlers mom I'm going to be surprised, I mean just look at him and Ange together, it seems obvious

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Beato is Ange's mother too.

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OP here, in fact, I haven't watched the anime. I just felt like posting with that one.

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You mean the first Beato, current Beato is Battler's sister.

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The most obvious case in the mystery novel is always not it.
Just wait for ep5, we are getting a new character anyway.

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The most obvious person would be Kyrie but since everyone would see that coming, it can't be her

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My brain is hurting again.
What the fuck

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First Beatrice would be older than 70. How the hell could she have given birth 18 years ago?

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You have no proof for your claim other than the specious reasoning that "IT'S SO OBVIOUS, IT MUST BE FAKE."

No one else in the story has been foreshadowed to be Battler's actual mother, so unless Ryuukishi decides to make an answer out of nothing, it'll probably be Kyrie.

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Rudolf found out about the Kuwadorian and Beato, not wasting a single minute in tapping that ass. Kinzo later uncovered the whole thing and was meant to kill him in the first episode, thus the mysterious line "I'll probably be killed tonight".

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The shipwrecked Rika is Batora's mother

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If I remember correctly, a 80 years old lady gave birth to a healthy child a few months ago. It's HIGHLY unlikely but not impossible.

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Sounds possible.

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But no matter how much we discuss, we'll get a "power of love" ending up our asses.

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don' you believe in the power of love?

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Kyrie and Asumu's due dates being the same, and then Kyrie having a miscarriage is way too strange...and too obvious. It'll be interesting to see what Ryukishi has planned.

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Genji is Battler's mom.

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This is probably it.

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♥♥Power of Love♥♥

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Which menopause dickgirl is the dad then?

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would explain why Battler and Ronove are such bros

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Battler is the incestuous offspring of Kinzo and Rosa

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Kinzo, Nanjo and Genji are secretly gay.

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Kinzo is probably Battler from the future.

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He's his own grandfather

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The timeline in the last chapter is fucked already so I wouldn't be surprised.

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Battler is Fry

Beato is Bender just trolling humans.

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Where's zoidburg in all this?

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I tremble with anticipation for Beatrice to tell Battler to bite her shiny magic ass.

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Nanjo, of course. thats why he sucks so hard at determining how long Kinzo has to live and why we can't be sure if he's judging the victim's deaths correctly.

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Hoho how do you know Kyrie miscarriage? Let alone being on the same day that battler was supposed to be born?

Did she tell that to Battler? Does it say anything anywhere close in the game? Of course, that one scene where she fought the furniture. Oh wait.... THAT NEVER HAPPEN! AHAHAHAHA

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somebody mind telling me, so is the 5th installment the last game?

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Extremely doubtful, Higurashi was 8 arcs divided into 4 question arcs and 4 answer arcs.

Umineko 5 is its first answer arc

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so then we can probably except a crapload more installments? I wonder how they're going to keep it interesting.