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I did!

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Fuck KyoAni

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But K-ON is too shitty to even pirate.

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As a K-ON fan, even I'm sick of the mindless trolling.

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The only good thin about K-ON is Mio h-doujins, I need more.

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K-ON was interesting for the first two episodes, but I got bored with it. Some nice fanart though, too bad I stopped saving it about a month after it started airing.

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C76 is like pretty much now

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>The only good thin about K-ON is Mugi h-doujins, I need more.

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it`s over. anime is finished.

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Kira Kira would have made a better anime.

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and Ritsu.

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Best anime ever, Japan agreed.

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Japan has shit taste.

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As if Zero no Tsukaima's popularity didn't already tell you that, or any of the other, similar crapfests which sold widely before and after that.

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Thank you. Finally someone else realizes this. Why others can't see this happening, I don't know.

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Reading these replies makes it seem like I'm really in /a/.

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because kirakira is shit

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So is K-On.

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Both K-on and kirakira are good

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Zero no Tsukaima is far from being a best seller, though.

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/a/ sounds like this?

>I don't think either of you seem to understand that this isn't about moe being bad. Moe has existed for years now. Moe isn't bad. The stagnation of moe is bad. The fact that retardation is packaged as something we should find adorable is bad. The idea that we can settle for sub-par animation from animation gods and characters with minimum personalities that are hailed as amazing and so perfect is bad. No, moe is not the problem here.

>Saying that "but the anime is a moeblob anime" or "the anime is supposed to be light-hearted" is by no means an excuse to do a piss-poor job on it. Manabi, Hidamari, Potemayo; all fun light-hearted anime that put forth a great deal of effort in animation, characterization and comedy. All anime that are very fun to watch. K-ON! by comparison is an insult to my desire to be entertained. It puts forth the absolute minimal effort in all departments and gets by on name recognition alone. This is why the Twilight books could turn to stool and sales wouldn't change. This is why Transformers 2 could make 400 million dollars, and this is why K-ON! is a gold mine.

>I swear, it's because of people like you two that anime can get away with doing nothing but being "moe" that the rest of us have to put up with more truckloads of mediocrity like K-ON!

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but at k-on has an anime. mustve been doing something better

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ITT we realize anime is a marketing product.

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But does K-On! have little girls catch on fire?

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K-ON is terrible; it's the crystallization of everything wrong with modern anime.

Or was I the only person disappointed that the first episode of Macross Frontier (which isn't a good series, but nevertheless) had more actual music than 12 episodes of K-ON? Anyone who watched it should feel trolled; we got Lucky Star with guitars masquerading as a show about music.

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That's not how it used to be, my friend.

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I dropped K-ON by episode 3. I guess now it's one of the best selling anime ever? Goddamn Japanese otaku.

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You have to be quite naive to think that the objective of K-on was to be a series about music... It's like saying that Animal Farm is about the lives of animals in a farm.

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This is actually untrue.

Every year a shitload of moe anime is released in Japan and have crappy sellings.

K-on is actually an exception to the rule.

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4F > 2F

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TRUE/FALSE: the newer ga-rei chapters brought back yomi again but made her into a mio clone

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You're missing the point. I wasn't expecting Symphonic Rain, but I have every right to be pissed if I get Lucky Star with guitars.

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That's what you think, bro.

Do you really think Slayers wasn't serialized for money?

Anime is a big merchandise. You sell your stuff and people buy it, that's all.

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Why do you have every right to be pissed if you get Lucky Star with guitars? What were you expecting from an anime adaptation of a 4-panel manga?

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The series creator wrote the light novels and anime to see his story given form... and to make money. K-ON and its like is formulated by a shadowy cabal of marketing executives for no other reason than profit.

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>masquerading as a show about music.
It never pretended to be anything more than slice of life.

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Are you telling me that the industry produces goods for money and not for the satisfaction of the consumers?

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You're confusing "I want to make a profit from my work" with "let's churn out plotless, pandering garbage with rehashed generic archetypes so ronery neckbeards BUY HARUHI DVDS."

Something like Jojo, Berserk, Monster, LoGH etc fall in the first category. Lucky Star, Twilight, K-ON etc fall into the latter.

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>K-ON and its like is formulated by a shadowy cabal of marketing executives

lol, how's that tinfoil working for ya?

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Remind me what the title means again?

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What about something like Sketchbook: Full colors?

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The test of fire comes with the blurays and dvds of Haruhi's second season. If people buy the same episode eight times we can safely say that anime is finished.

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K-on doesn't have any VN or Light novel, because it's only an anime and a manga. However both of those formats have their own board, and thus they should be more appropriate there.
Reported for not /jp/ material.

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They'll buy them and you know it.

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It's KyoAni guys. They can even sell turds. You thought Gainax was bad? Wait to see what's coming.

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What does that have to do with anything? Did you think Hidamari Sketch was going to be about art? It's simply a reference to the setting that frames the daily lives of the characters.

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I don't think Gainax is bad.

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We discuss about otaku being paranoid right now, not the contents of the anime or the manga.

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What surprised me is that those BluRays actually look nice in HD. KyoAni's shows usually look like crap, despite having good animation. Well, that's not exactly the case with K-ON though, because the animation is pretty bad.

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No, this is

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You made the claim that it never pretended to be anything more than a slice of life show, in spite of the fact that a GENRE OF MUSIC IS THE SERIES NAME.

It's like a Gundam series with no giant mecha or Gunslinger Girls with no firearms.

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Moeblob slice of life show about girls who want to play music. Happy?

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no, sir
i dont like it

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you need to go back to /a/ and stay there

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K-on is about what happens most of the time when friends gather for some project: chitchat.

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And why would anyone except a normalfag want to watch something like that? The whole reason we watch anime is because we don't have friends and don't desire them either, because socialization is boring and detracts from doing things you enjoy.

It would seem paradoxical to say that you aren't interested in pointless socialization, yet waste 6 hours watching something like K-ON.

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Well I dont have friends so I wouldnt know

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So? It's just a title, it doesn't mean much and it's not making any claims with it. It's your own fault for judging a show by its title.

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In the end both are marketing products destined for the same consumers.

The only difference is on the sellings. When something is too popular people will accuse it of viral marketing as opposed to stuff that doesn't get much attention in the media and will be classified as edgy and indie.

Straw man argument, my fiends. That's all.

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>But, seriously ... K-On was a fabulous show. Before I even knew what "moe" was or meant, I was really attracted to the big eyes, small mouth bright colored cutesy animation - I think it's lovely! K-On had heart. It was a simple slice of life show about female friendship and having fun in high school - I LOVE those shows. Why does everyone always want to bitch and moan and complain about everything? Just enjoy it! If you don't like this style, then don't watch it. There are just as many serious and dramatic and non-moe shows to choose from. Old-school anime animation looked like crap. Be thankful that newer animation is prettier

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Exactly. Entertainment is entertainment, and the only people who pretend otherwise are those who feel the need to justify their own taste.

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Oh wow.

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>Implying Shakespeare, Milton and Homer are on the same level as Twilight, Eragon and Harry Potter


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Because chitchat is more interesting when you aren't the one doing the talking. You know how it's more interesting to eavesdrop on somebody than actually talk to them? Same idea.

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>Implying anime can be compared with real literature.

Laughing Elf Man.jpg

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Twilight is literature, though.

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Anime is art you dumb gaijin.
*slams dew*
*is 300lbs and 16*

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Still better written than most anime out there, though.

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I honestly couldn't correct you, I never read it.

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>Using the term real literature.
group of laughing men.jpg

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/jp/ - Cultural Studies/General

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I haven't watched this yet because I refuse to watch new shows in 4:3 format.

Blu-Ray rips are out already?

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That's not saying much.
Not really.

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you like upscales dont you

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Lolwut? All of you faggots who think that "real literature" is deep are normalfags who need to get out.

Any sort of perceived value you attach to something like Shakespeare is the product of pseudo-intellectual "academics" circlejerking over how DEEP it is.

There is absolutely no difference between something like K-ON and Shakespeare to anyone who isn't a worthless liberal arts major; they're both designed to make money for the creator by distracting people. That's it.

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But if you put if that way anime is nothing but Twilight, Eragon and Harry Potter.

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4:3 -> 16:9 isn't an upscale, that's raping the aspect ratio. Get your terms right.

This show was drawn in widescreen, like any other fucking show made after 2005, but it was broadcast in a 4:3 channel.

Which is why I was asking if the BluRay rips were already out, because those are obviously 16:9.

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Drama is inherently more worthwhile than comedy, prove me wrong.

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kyoani uses too much bloom

>> No.3061636

but bloom is NEXT GEN

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A normalfag is the person that spits on culture and intelligence.
There's no common point between classic litterature and present one, because artists were financed by kings and nobles.
They didn't need to be popular and sell books, they had to write the best quality works and produce the most magnificent art.
They weren't the sellouts of the present, their work had some meaning further than making money.

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Shakespeare isn't literature, though, his works are plays.

>> No.3061648

If we believe in Aristotle, drama is for moralfags.

>> No.3061650

Plays are a form of literature.

>> No.3061654

You need to appear cultured in society, so normalfags buy tons of books for show and never actually read any of them. Or, if they do read them, it's so they can appear knowledgeable and not because they actually were enjoying them.

>> No.3061659

But I already knew that.

If you're trying to convince trolls...then you're wasting your time.

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>There is absolutely no difference between something like K-ON and Shakespeare to anyone who isn't a worthless liberal arts major
Sometimes I wish 4chan was a regular forum so I could put crap like this in my sig.

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They had to be popular in ancient Greece. The plays were judged by popular vote.

>> No.3061676

The fact that you'd do that at all means you're a giant faggot.

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Get out, pseudo-intellectual. We don't need your worthless evangelizing about how your tastes are so much better than ours in absence of any proof.


It's futile, but I try anyway. This board is NEET only, so the normalfags need to be put in their place.

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Shakespeare catered to the masses. You could say that was his culture's version of moe.

>> No.3061691

So... what's the connection between classic literature and anime anyway?

>> No.3061721

Shakespeare is actually awesome though. You should read some of his plays some time.

>They didn't need to be popular and sell books, they had to write the best quality works and produce the most magnificent art.
No they had to create works that pleased the nobles who financed them. That's really not any better than creating works that please the masses. Nobles could have shit taste too, you know.

>> No.3061730

So instead of appealing to the masses to cash in, artists back then had to appeal to the kings and nobles they got their money from.
What's the difference?

>> No.3061732

Both are terrible and mindlessly beloved by mouthbreathing wastes of life with pretensions of grandeur the world over.


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>You should read some of his plays some time.
>read [...] plays

What is wrong with you?

>> No.3061774

I like both and my tastes solely determine the content of this board.

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What's wrong with YOU?

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Only the players should read the scripts. I bet you print out VNs and read them, too.

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>comparing VNs to plays

>> No.3061808

>Only the players should read the scripts.
This thread is trolling me exponentially.

>> No.3061809

Stop getting butthurt because not everyone is an attention whoring pseudo-intellectual like you. True NEETs don't need or desire to read anything aside from eroge.

>> No.3061812

>I bet you print out VNs and read them, too.
Do you know how much ink and paper that would take?

>> No.3061827

People who act in plays are called players.

>> No.3061831

I hope you're doing that on purpose.

>> No.3061840

That's not it, the fact that you're implying only the actors should read the scripts of classical plays is mindblowing.

>> No.3061849

Well, you enjoy reading scripts. I'm sure it must be fun for you.

>> No.3061858

Sure is troll in here.

>> No.3061900

Clearly he's reading it because he wants to appear cultured, any not to actually enjoy the plays.

>> No.3061939

Of course. People read those plays for the mystique of refinement surrounding them, not because of any qualities in the plays themselves, unless we're talking about Titus Andronicus.

All of the other plays are stupidly boring, with not enough moe, violence, moe violence or fanservice.

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k-on: it's pretty much the same thing as shakespeare

>> No.3062005

Plays aren't boring. Reading scripts are.

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plays can be plenty boring

>> No.3062047

A play is only as interesting as its script.

>> No.3062054

Sure, if you have ADHD.

>> No.3062061

And scripts are made to be acted out.

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>> No.3062070

I enjoy reading books, but not scripts. One is meant to be read, one isn't.

>> No.3062074

There's nothing that says a script isn't meant to be read.

>> No.3062077

If they aren't, then what's the point? If they are no players it's not really a play.

>> No.3062081

A script for a play is a script for a play. It defines the content of it.

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Right, I'm going to open some of my computer programs and read the code instead of running them. It's apparently perfectly reasonable.

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Cool false analogy, bro.

>> No.3062111

Both are called "scripts" for a reason, bro.

>> No.3062129

Cool evasion, bro.

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Except that I can't a evade a non-point.

>> No.3062144

Calling my point a non-point is in and of itself an evasion.

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K-On was funnier and better animated than both Hidamari Sketch and Potemayo. I still like Hidamari more, as the slice-of-life atmosphere is executed a little better and Shinbo is just plain brilliant, but still.

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You're a faggot for not licensing them under a free (as in speech) license in the firs place.

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>134 posts and 17 image

What is this, i don't even

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