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Wedding-hous thread

Who do you want to marry anon?

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None. In all these years I've never wanted to marry a Touhou. If I were thrown into Gensokyo and I were stuck there for the rest of my life I would head to Mokou because she canonically helps humans lost in Gensokyo, then see where it goes from there. Probably play some games with the fairies down by the lake from time to time, end up with some girl in the human village. That's about it.

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so, Banki then?

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Want Anon!
Want as in "I would marry them" not "I want to marry them, but realistically speaking..."
Fear is but an obstacle!

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Marry and have 5 kids with.

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My beloved Sakuya-san.

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Is that the first image of wedding Saki?

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I'm like 90% sure, yes

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2getha 4eva

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Remember: if youre marrying a touhou, you must invite /jp/ to the wedding.

Said that, I want to marry Kanako

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Shinki for sure. Imagine.

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My children would be lunarian royals and I'd have my very own Eirin as a mom.

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>you must invite /jp/ to the wedding.

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Yama wife?

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I want to flip the world over with Seija.

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don't exclude me pls

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I want to marry Kagerou.

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Only my true love.

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Only my true love.

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I would marry Yuuka.

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Both desu

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You can only have one wife, or you will have neither.

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Can /jp/ afford a big wedding for their 2hu tho?

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>Can /jp/ afford a big wedding for their 2hu tho?
That's what ponzi schemes and money laundering is for.

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I mean, some of you are cool.

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Yuugi just can't believe that anyone would want to marry a dumb, big ogre such as herself...
She's now one of the happiest girls on earth!!

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Jokes on you, I'm gonna make almost every 2hu into my concubine and then have a massive fuck fest for weeks until my cock falls off, thus becoming a new 2hu.

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Shinki comes with a bonus.

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I will marry Yoshika and also hang out with Seiga as a bonus!

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I suppose. I'm already in love with this silly trickster who loves video games so marrying a touhou isn't what I want. I would if I were stuck in gensokyo with no way home I suppose but that's different.

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Which touhou is this?

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You wouldn't marry an umbrella

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The cute one.

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I will do as I please

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Then you shall have neither.

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My wife, Komachi!
Unfortunately her dress was a little too small!

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You would think that, but in fact--

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I love Junko!

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will you still marry Junko if you know the life of all your children are forfeit?

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What if Mokou fell in love with you
Would you abandon her?

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I want to make Gappy happy and be happy with Gappy
I wish there was more wholesome wedding art with her

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Good taste

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alice with no doubt

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I need a divorce

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There is some but it is few

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It's a challenge, but not an impossible challenge.

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Don't believe what others say.
You made a good choice anon.

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