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Post comfy 2hus

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I wanna get comfy with Reimu if you know what I mean.

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Drinking with Reimu!
Getting absolutely smashed with Reimu!
Falling unconscious from too much alcohol with Reimu!
Waking up before Reimu!
Cleaning the room from garbage, sitting down for a moment before assaulting Reimu in her sleep!

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Leave the Reimu alone, she has a hard enough life as it is

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Getting taken advantage of by Reimu!

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help help reply tvt

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Bro, I'm not clicking that shit until you explain to me what it is.
I forgot what goatse was for 5 seconds and clicked it out of reflex. I'm not doing it again with another link.

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help help reply tvt

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help help http://stvt.io

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help help https://tvt.io

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Any comfyhus in these links?

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Nothing comfy in there so let's get back to business

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does family making count as comfy

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Naturally it depends on the family.

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Of course, family is very comfy

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Remember to take it easy.

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Thats a large Reimu.

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