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This is the touhou of whom I wish to come inside of.

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Shut the fuck up.

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Really? Me too bro

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Good luck with that.

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We should do it together then

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i wan to come inside her ghost

woooooooooooooo ghost blowjob

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she is my desktop background at the moment after all.....

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Not until I come inside her first.

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Not until you capitalize 'can' and 'i' and get rid of your Mac.

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If I come in you, and then you come in her, its like coming straight inside of her right? Can I join in too?

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Don't worry guys, there are plenty Youmus to share

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Indirect coming inside?! *blush*

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Shitty loli.

But then again, this is /jp/. You guys all love the shitty lolis.

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What are your thoughts about Rika?

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so soft~

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All of you better delete your posts right now if you prefer your necks un-chopped in fucking half.

And stay the fuck away from my daughter.

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Bad dad is bad. Enjoy abandoning your daughter much?

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This is the touhou of whom I wish to come inside of.

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Isn't Youmu fairly old?

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Someone beat you to it.

Enjoy your used goods.

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Youmu is younger than 60 years.
She said it in Sexagenally(?) Empurpled Cherry Blossoms (A Flower Blooming Fragrant Violet Every Sixty Years )

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She could have reproduced asexually.

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She wasn't a touhou before, so no.

Also, feels slippery, man.

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If Youmu is 60 years old and looks like 15 (let's say she does just for the sake of it) then it only means that half-ghosts half-humans age physically at 1/4 rate compared to humans. *fapfapfap*

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We're going through this again?
Suwako might have a sister who is Sanae's mother/grandma/whatever.
Your aunts/uncles = Ancestors.

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he's working to support his family

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No. Ancestor = parents/grandparents/great-grandparents/etc.

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Sounds nice.

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Youmu looks more like 10 than 15.

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PCB cast is shit, especially Youmu.

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But she also has the brain (mind) of a 15yo (or less).

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Besides she's a god.
Gods tend to reproduce that way more often than not.

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No they don't. List one religion where a god reproduces asexually(not counting Christianity, because god fucked her, just with magical powers). Especially when you get to polytheisms, gods reproduce sexually.

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A whole bunch of creation myths have gods reproducing asexually. Greek and Norse just off the top of my head, but there are others.

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Hinduism is full of it.
And so is Shinto, although there are no consistent creation myths there.

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Suwako was touched by his noodly appendage.

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Aww, they're so fucking adorable. I can't...HNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH

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Creation myths don't count, because they aren't reproducing. They're just appearing.

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No, they are reproducing. One guy appears, then gives birth to another.

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By having sex with a rock.

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I think the question should be changed to "What religion doesn't have gods that reproduce sexually(out of religions that ave gods that reproduce)"

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But that question demonstrates nothing. For our purposes it is enough to show that some gods reproduce asexually.

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Uhh, in Greek, don't some gods appear from nothing, then two of them get married, and then there are the titans and shit? And In Norse, didn't the ice giants suddenly appear, and then sex?

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No, you have to prove that MOST gods reproduce asexually.

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Why? Only the possibility is necessary. If we know some gods reproduce asexually, we can say Suwako potentially did. Obviously until ZUN says either way, we'll never know for sure, but at least both options are possible.


Re-read the relevant texts please.