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duolingo fucking sucks, what are my alternatives for learning japanese?

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is it good? i started it and it seems really good quality. does it actually go far enough into language though?

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Read nigga

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there's a literal thread that says DAILY JAPANESE TRAINING you fuck

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Full of crabs

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i can't READ retard

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lingodeer will get you up to N4 and then you need to do your kanji and grammar reps on your own from there

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Just go to Japan

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Eat the heart of a Japanese person to gain their powers.

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look up cure dolly's organic japanese structure playlist on youtube and follow her approach: get some very fundamental understanding and then fucking read and use the language a lot.

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This guy's approach is ok, it's what I took. Something important though, only watch like the first ten videos or so, then drop the retard. Learn on your own, reference grammar dictionaries, ect. past that

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what's wrong with the rest of her videos?

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Wanikani is worth it for learning kanji. For vocab you'll want anki, and doujins to reinforce what you learnt.

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I like real dolly but the voice genuinely annoys me. Luckily there are some pastebins with transcripts out there but I dont know why he decided to make it like that

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Bunpro for grammar reps, imabi for lessons, whatever the fuck for kanji and vocab.

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It's better than Memerise, but you should probably supplement it with other things.

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i mean, i like the dictionary of japanese grammar as a resource when reading but still prefer the way cure dolly breaks things down.

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Unironically kill yourself for not even bothering to open DJT.

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they answer literally everything in the OP.
OP is a lazy illiterate fuck.

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animecards.site is the best way to learn japanese

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>Tae Kim's grammar guide
>Download kanjitomo and Visual novel reader
>Download Raw visual novels and manga
There's no need to read the whole tae kim's book (it's preferable to do,obviously),i've read 150 pages of the 300 and i'm not doing too bad

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Memorize Hiragana and Katakana, work in small sets of characters if you have trouble remembering. Write the alphabet often. Try to read as much kana as you can. Study often. Find a resource for learning first grade kanji. Make flash cards for the characters and the readings. Try to associate the definition with the character and eliminate English from the flash cards altogether. Try Anki, or if you're feeling adventurous make your own paper flash cards. Study often. Find a resource for basic grammar like Genki or some shit. (Grammar and Kanji are where I'm currently hung up.) Study often. Listen to spoken Japanese often. Try to read as much as you can on places like futaba channel or whatever. Immerse yourself, get excited.

Study often.
Go study right now.

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You can't learn Japanese.

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thread died for this

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this but unironically

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>>>/int/djt is the beginner thread

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/jp/'s djt is a chatroom for faggots

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Oh no, not a 2hu armpit sniffing coomer thread, dying so someone could ask about learning a language!

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Imagine walking down the hallway and asking someone who just stepped out of the bathroom where the bathroom is.
That is the equivalent of this thread. OP, instead of using common sense, decided he wanted to be spoonfed instead of taking 5 minutes to skim the board in search of DJT.
The alternative would of course be /int/.

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