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Would Touhou be bad if the entire cast was young boys?

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It depends. Would they actually look like boys or would they be just like little girls with penises?

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it gonna be Axis power hetalia
so do not want

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When I first saw ZUN's work, that's what I originally believed.

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I used to think Youmu and Wriggle were boys. Worked out fine for me.

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do u mean like this one ?

then the entire franchise will be a different fanbase

like the one who likes shota

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No that would not be bad.

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I fucked you're toho

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Would a shmup be bad if the entire cast was aircrafts and / or fish-shaped battleships?

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Yes it would

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I wish the hands in this picture weren't so bad...

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Pretty nice!
I think a male Sakuya is cool like Walter from Hellsing but with knives like Anderson.

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funny there was a thread like this a few days ago, but it got deleted...

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Modtan is worried about his homosex.

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nothing homosexual going on here, move along...

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>this thread

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I'm not gay but there's something about shota chen...

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This thread has confused me more than I ever thought possible.

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I don't see your point.

Touhou are sexy.

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Yes, it would be.

I wouldn't mind SOME males, but it doesn't need to be a yaoi fangirl bait.

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Many of the MANhos are missing their silly hats. Therefore this cannot be touhou!

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A hole is a hole op

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How do I fap if they are boys?
How would you guys feel if marimite have boys drinking tea?
Also boys cant be in frilly dress and silly hats.

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>Also boys cant be in frilly dress and silly hats.
noob spotted... we have a noob in aisle five

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If touhou were with boys, even young boys, it would be fundamentally different.

1) Damnku would be fought to the death with no actual rules, in fact it's only called damnku because it has rules. It's called FUCKING WAR otherwise.

2) No frilly outfits or silly hats. This does not inply there won't be silly outfits. Ever see a 10 year old dress himself properly? Neither have I. Think back to that Adam sandler movie.

3) Battles would end with rape, not tea. Leaking and bleeding will be the consequences of not using focused movement. Since this is touhou, I can only guess that it would have the same male:female ratio, so all rape would be FABULOUS.

4) Most of the main characters wouldn't sit on their asses all day eating bon bons and waiting for an incident to happen. They would MAKE an incident happen and take on anyone who dares to have a problem with that.

In other words, all of touhou would be like a men's prison with no guards. Gensokyo would fall into a post apocalyptic mad max styled world and eventually everyone would end up dying from war, famine, or disease.

It's no wonder the femnazi youkai kill off any man with a decent pair of testicles. Rinsoukke doesn't fucking count, he hasn't done a single manly thing since I've started reading his comics. I bet that fucker pees sitting down!

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Fresh out of /b/ I see.

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*rubs neckbeard*

Ah yes,

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>no silly hats
oh come on, it's not only the kids on south park wearing winter hats out of season
this actually happens

not to mention sports team/regional themed silly hats

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>boys cant be in frilly dress
Yer new to this whole "internet" business, ain't ya?

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greetings fa/tg/uy

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>all of touhou would be like a men's prison
Right about this point I remembered something...

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touhou itself is not "internet"
you're argument is invalid

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It's somehow fitting male Ran looks like a pedophile.

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That's what Ran is.

It's no longer cute and /jp/-ish when she's a he, isn't it? Heh heh...now you know why I've always had slight qualms about Ran.

Still a good character if you look past that.

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A dirty Mexican pedo for sure.

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Ehe heh heh

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ore wa internet

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While the porn wouldn't be as great, the games would still be nice and the characters wouldn't be much different than what they are... however, losing all the frilly dresses would be sad.

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Lovely. So where can I see them making manly love to each other?

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It would be the best game series ever. I'd buy every CD and worship ZUN endlessly.

Though what would the bonnets translate to in a manly wardrobe?

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Top hats.

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game of the year

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I'd rather it had both males and females. Of course, I'd take an all female cast over an all male cast any day.

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Moustache rides, $10.

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replace little boys with men
and the artist has to be Batsu