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You wake up in Gensokyo...

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You die.

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And the first thing you see is Yuka? Talk about a short adventure.

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And then a lake falls on you. The end.

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[x] Scream

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Chen:I am the one that walks on the path of heaven, will rule them all.

Ran: Give me a break.

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"What kind of pansy ass hicktown is this?"

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I wish you faggots didn't scare off Gensokyoman

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Youkai moe~

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[x] rape the maid

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I'd fap all over her flowers.

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It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by a Rumia.

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...and you get banned for posting and running YWIG threads.

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>[x] be raped by the maid


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Blame moot.

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You wake up again.

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[X]Eat Rumia.

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Not happening since Duke will never, ever, see daylight ever again.

I gave up. It shall never be released.

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That's a really nasty resolution to use for a VN (real or fake). Why not 640 x 480 or 800 x 600?

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This shit better get deleted, since the F/SN Route threads got deleted too.

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I then fuck up Gensokyo.

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Always bet on Duke.;_;

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Who is that flat-chested imposter, anyway?

Yuka doesn't have a cane.

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She has a parasol. It's seriously not a cane.

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I think it's a parasol handle.

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Dig a hole and hide. I wait for creatures to draw near and if it seems small and unhumanoid, i'll attempt to kill it with my bare hands. If it's a touhou I can confirm as something that would kill humans, I remain in hiding.

If they attempt to track me into my cave, I wait and prepare to attempt close range combat when they draw near.


I am a cave scorpion. FEAR ME!

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Pooshlmer thread.

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Do you have a silly hat, Mr. Cave Scorpion?

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Of course! It's a pointed dunce-cap with a duckbill like a baseball cap.

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u mad?

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The subject field of this thread was left blank. Your assertion has been refuted.

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Submit to the youkai moé.

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Yuka you bitch...why did you killed Zero?!

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Find out how far I am from Eientei and rape Reisen.

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/jp/ - Faggots against fun threads.

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Yuka doesn't even remember what she fighted for.

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By the end, neither does Zero. I guess a few hundred years, plus a body change, plus a severe lack of proper upkeep will do that to someone's memory.

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What a retarded thread, this is why /jp/ needs active mods, to purge this shit off my /jp/.

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What exactly were you expecting?

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The first thing they should purge would be your ass, tripfag.

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Sure. The first to be purged is YOU!

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