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>On 〇 month 〇 day, the mathematics magician calculated the width of the Sanzu River, surprising related parties.

>This river isn't fixed in width; rather, it is famous for extreme length changes according to various factors.

>Because of this, calculating the width of the river has been understood to be impossible.

I bet we could solve it.

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Even so it's quite possible to observe how length changes according to the factors (how much sin the passenger has, Komachi's distance manipulation) and come up with some polynomial that approximates the distance at any given time.

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It's said the width of the Sanzu no Kawa changes according to the person that's crossing it.

Its length is determined by the toll paid to ferrying death god, and can be made shorter with large payments.

The width and depth of the river changes depending on her mood. Also, if someone has done too much evil during their lifetime, they may even not be able to cross the river.

Width = Bad moodness - money given

Ta da.

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>A shinigami judges one to be good or bad not by the amount of crimes, but by money. That is to say, not the money that the deceased may have had while they were alive, but rather the total amount of those who yearned and missed that person from the bottom of their hearts. By the way, judging the amount of crimes of the dead is not Komachi's job and would be handled after crossing the river, but that's a story for another time.

Actually, from Komachi's profile, it looks like she doesn't really do anything based on their sin, as she has no way to see how much sin they did. All she can tell is how much people missed the deceased by the money they're carrying.

Somewhat related:
>Komachi always demands those she guides to pay all the money they have, and anyone who hesitates to pay the full sum is dropped into the river midway through the journey.
I wonder if she's ever tossed some good people overboard over this.

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x-7 = 19+x

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>I wonder if she's ever tossed some good people overboard over this.

From her point of view, likely not. From ours, likely yes.
Komachi is not only quite ancient, unchanging and single minded, but neither does she have a lot of contact with people prior to death. So her idea of "good" is probably vastly different from the frequently changing ideals of the living, or maybe the afterlife administrators are beyond ideas of good and evil entirely.

Pic sort of related. The universe is harsh and capricious sometimes.

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I've always wondered if the distance manipulation is something that all death-boatsmen can do, or if it's just a case of Komachi being an oddball.

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Sup mincemeat?
Am I the only one seeing their similarity

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Same thing with Eiki's ability.

"Able to judge things to be black and white" seems sort of shitty, and seems like something all Yama would have in some sort of manner.

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>So her idea of "good" is probably vastly different from the frequently changing ideals of the living

So basically, if you don't have any money, you're no use to her and you're cast adrift? Isn't that pretty much the current japanese female attitude to men anyway?

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But it's SOUL money!

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>It is said that the ferriage can be paid out of one's own assets - but not the personal assets collected over one's life, but rather the money spent by close relations in behalf of the deceased.

>If by some chance this figure is negative, then the ferry will never reach the other side, and the deceased will likely be thrown out into the river.

How do you manage to fuck up so badly that your death causes you to be IN DEBT to the people attending your funeral?

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Maybe it's just a really broad sort of money that also counts for emotional relationships with others.

Because if it was just material money, then how would literally poor people get across?

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Go Watch Seven Samurai.

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>but rather the money spent by close relations in behalf of the deceased.
So a poor person that was good friends with a single rich person would be a lot better off than a rich person that was very close to a large amount of poor people?

Seems a bit bullshit to me.

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I'm pretty sure the whole point behind Komachi is the idea that your emotional bonds are all that you can bring with you to the grave. Also, probably ZUN preaching about how a rich person that will use up every penny of his wealth to help those around him will be better off in the end than an equally rich person that doesn't spend a single cent for anyone but himself.

After all, we all know how much ZUN details the exact process of these things.

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