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Okay so basically I am Flan and I have a plan.

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does Flan really refer to herself as Flan?

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"Mwuahaha! It is I, the FLAN!"

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What else would Flan call herself?

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I want to be part of Flan's plan!

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Flan with a plan.

Oh man.

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You are the Flandre?
That's who you are?
You are the Flandre?
You have the master plan?

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I hope you all don't really pronounce Flan so that it rhymes

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How do YOU pronounce it

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rhymes with pawn

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Does Flan own a Flan shop?

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A Flan with a plan can be stopped by no man, as there's no one who can.

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But that's not how it's pronounced
It's "Furandoru", not "Furondoru"

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Ahh, I wanna go on a date with all four Flans!

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Dude, your life would be forfeit if you cheated on 1 Flan. Who knows what would happen if you cheated on 4 of them.

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I want Flan the gyu~ dokan~! me in my four most sensitive spots!

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Now you are Flan too.

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First thing I wanna try is do Four-Of-A-Kind and masturbate in 4P

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Clothes go "kyuu~"

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THE Flan!?

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I have a "plan" for Flan

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What's your plan for Flan, my man?

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A flan with a plan?
I want a loli version tho.

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How can you cheat on Flan with Flan? She's practically the same person!

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Why does Flan have Christmas decorations on her shoulders?

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because she is the festive Scarlet

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Because she is bright in comparison to her older sister.

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Because she wants to give you a present.

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Can you use that regardless of sex?

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Yes. You can use it during sex.

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Watashi sounds feminine and polite. Overall it is the most common personal pronoun. Many men use it at work and school but not with friends. Women use watashi more in all situations but in casual conversation might choose something more girly like uchi.

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Are you calling Remilia dumb?

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Remilia is very dumb, she thinks babies come from peaches

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That's cute. Now I'm going to teach the real way babies are made.

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Stop, you'll scare her.

You should teach her how to feel good by herself first.

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THE Flan?
Anyway, I bring with me a relic of the past.
One you might all remember.

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What is your plan, Flan?

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I need to look for more Flans...

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Just make more Flans with the Flan.

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Get back in the basement

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But isn't her name just a corruption of Flanders Field?

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I don't get it
Is this image supposed to be funny or what

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people who get laid find it funny

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They have a strange sense of humor.

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They don't have humor at all.

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I only played up until Tenshi's game so far
What's the Flan lore?
Why isn't she as prominent as other characters?
I'm sad she's not in fightan

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It's just retarded memeshit imported by holoshitters from /v/, don't bother with it.

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Very powerful little sister of Remilia who can destroy anything, even destroying a meteorite without touching it and in a single motion. It's a problem for her as she has to be very careful not to accidentally destroy everything, she can't drink blood from a human without vaporizing them on the spot. She loves Danmanku, more than even Marisa, because it's a game she can play with others where she can't accidentally break them.

Since she's spent most of her life locked up in the basement (which she could easily get out of if she really wanted to), she has a hard time relating to others and comes off as strange, which is to be expected since she's literally a basement dweller.
She doesn't get angry often but she's described as "going nuts" when she does, she was said to be unstable but she's been very calm in Gensokyo. She does snark off at Remilia but respects her at least, she wouldn't stay in the basement if she didn't.

TL;DR Ultra powerful, semi-socially oblivious imouto that everyone outside the SDM finds creepy and/or scary.

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flanny flan!

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That man angered me.
/jp/ can produce art much better than the early chapters.

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flan-chan kawaii!!!

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Post sexy Flans

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My little sister can't possibly be sexier than me!

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She is literally /jp/ incarnate. We need neet Flan doujin.

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>rhymes with pawn

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Have we gone too far?

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Not far enough.
Flan Puddi..ng.

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Flan-chan the basement-dweller artist.

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The SDM's dark secret: Flandre Scarlet's doujins are its sole source of income

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What kind of doujin would Flan draw?

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It's about this girl, called Ann, and she lives in a house with her big sister called Emilia. Emilia is a big sourpuss to her little sister and is super mean to her all the time for no reason.

It's a slice-of-life about Anne's life as she escapes from her stupid big sister's house and makes all sorts of friends and has all kinds of adventures in the outside world while evading and making a fool out of Emilia.

It's a bestseller you know.

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If you took away the destruction aspect, she would have many friends.
Too bad Remilia is too much of a scaredy cat to not lock her sister away for 500 years.

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If you think about it, it's Remi's fault why Flan is awkward like that. If she only let Flan-chan roam around as she pleases, maybe getting into trouble here and there, then she'd learn some important life lessons, like why not to act like a spaz.

I imagine what she really needs to mature is to lose a dearly beloved friend she made outside from her own carelessness. It's traumatic, yes, but that is precisely the lesson she needs to learn, and the sticking memory to never forget it.

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Pretty sure it's Flan decision to do that. And ITS REMI who tried to make Flan get out from basement. Remember, Flan has enough power to fight the whole SDM. But didnt do it. So, she must be voluntarily lock herself in. Something traumatic happened to her, like accidentally blowing up her own parents or friends that make her become basement dweller for hundreds years.

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Nah, I think it's just Remi telling Flan to coop herself up in the basement, in exchange for a comfy hikki lifestyle. Flan would believe anything she says since she respects her sister, and let's admit it, who'd say no to a fully-supported hikkiNEET life?

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The kinkiest kind, like your typical female doujin artist.
But also the kindest kind, i.e., lots of vanilla.

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>like your typical female doujin artist.
Flan-chan draws loli guro?

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>it's Remi's fault why Flan is awkward like that.
I agree. Her intention was good, but the execution was horrible. Then again, the stuff around her theme is enough speculation as is. Even if you gave her a friend, she would eventually break them. It's more of a Flan was never taught thing.

>If she only let Flan-chan roam around as she pleases, maybe getting into trouble here and there
>getting into trouble here and there
And just like that, half the country has disappeared.

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>since she respects her sister
her sister is like the only person she doesn't respect though

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She's just being sassy since they're being interviewed and she wants to vent her frustrations a bit, in a way she knew her beloved sister would react to.

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And yaoi and then /ss/.

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>Flan-chan draws loli guro?
Just guro.
I still don't understand what drives them to draw such things.

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Overrated sis

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I didn't know you were talking about third person here.
I don't think she's insane enough to do that.

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i pronounce it flann

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more like she's being nice because it's an interview.

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If I held her hand too tightly, would she tell me to stop hurting Flan?

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that sounds really cute

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>I don't think she's insane enough to do that.
Talking in third person in Japanese is considered childish, not insane.

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But Flan isn't Japanese. She's probably Romanian/Hungarian

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On what basis?

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Well if there's any inkling of truth to Remilia's claim of being a descendant of Vlad Tepes (which she's not but for the sake of argument we'll say she's at least of the same ethnicity) then she would be Romanian in some way.

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But unlike anon, she speaks Japanese fluently, so she knows that speaking in third person is acceptable and cute.

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>she speaks Japanese fluently, so she knows that speaking in third person is acceptable and cute.
Until you realize that once you begin to understand what she's saying, it makes her sound like a psychopath.

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I want to hear the Scarlet sisters speak broken Japanese and try to be intimidating while declaring my hovercraft to be full of eels

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That's the retard way to do it!

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Are you calling her stupid?
She's been alive much longer than you. There's no way she's stupid.

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I want to play catch with Flan!
And get hit hard every time because she pitches insanely fast in accordance with there being very little light outside!

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I also have a "plan" for Flan.

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>I am Flan and I have a plan
The plan is to booze as much as you can?

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Mind sharing?

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Bully the Flan

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please don't

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Flan B?

>> No.31098314

Do not bully the Flan

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I don't know if Flan A got put into play yet. Flan B can come later.

>> No.31100855

her sister already does that enough

>> No.31103058

Locking your sister in a basement is not bullying, it is simply her mistreating her imouto.

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Flan wants to die is pretty close.

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Big Flan

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I prefer Flat Flan

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And that's why we should beat Remi.

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yeah get f'ing dabbed on, nerd

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Flan in swimwear is cute.

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How can you not understand such a simple statement?

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Some people are special flan.

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Am I special?

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No, but your friend is.

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Special as in unique, as everyone is.

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I really like this artist's Flan. Something about her faces are really expressive.
/beɪst fənɛtɪks poʊstɚ/

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Flan's plan is to hit you with a frying pan.

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Let her in

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Just don't.

>> No.31166761

Who left her out in the rain?

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Hey it's Flan!

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Do not injure injure the Remi

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I'm on board with this plan.

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Pocky game with Flan!

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Here's your Christmas present!

>> No.31191861

Wait a second... Rumia-chan? That Flan is not our Flan

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Little little sisters

>> No.31196638

I want to touch Koishi in her no-no places while Flan watches!

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no-no places?

>> No.31199450

You know...

>> No.31199477

Her wings

>> No.31200418

Flan being ignorant about the subject only makes it better!

>> No.31200778

Goh, imagine rubbing Koishi's cunny and Flan being confused and intrigued by her reaction...

>> No.31204144

>/beɪst fənɛtɪks poʊstɚ/
I can't read that.

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How large of a chest do you guys prefer Flan to have?

I prefer Flan to be petite, but also large enough to be easily said that she has larger breasts than her washboard of a sister!

>> No.31204819

Flat as a board but pads her chest just enough to make Remi worry, but not enough for her to suspect anything

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I like Flan in all sizes.

>> No.31210788

That's admirable, but I'm afraid I can never accept a booby Flan

>> No.31211171

All females should be flat.

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Smooth and flat Flan is perfect

>> No.31222353 [SPOILER] 
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Flan's a big girl!

>> No.31227694

Sakuya taught her well.

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>> No.31264964

I wanna be hugged by Flan.
and writhe as she squeezes harder and harder

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Flan's a messy girl!

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File: 1.53 MB, 2197x2100, ufufu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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File: 2.10 MB, 2339x3334, 86555429_p1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Uh oh.

>> No.31300576

Getting pounced on by Flan!

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File: 3.99 MB, 1682x2200, flandre2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

An old Flan I made. Perfect for this thread!

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Sneaky Flan

>> No.31315793

>You died
It's possible to die of happiness?

>> No.31319763


>> No.31323807

That's pretty nice dude. Do you still draw?

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>> No.31342241

Flan in white tights....

>> No.31350029

She works so well in a Christmas theme.

>> No.31354894

Flan-chan's wonderful thighs!
Remilia cannot compete!

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>> No.31377742

Sakuya is a better older sister than Remi

>> No.31383015

Unlike Remi, she actually spends time with Flan.

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>> No.31399935

>japanese shadman

>> No.31401166

hahaha, who are you quoting?

>> No.31407325

Post more YASSY Flan

>> No.31408054

That's not Space Jin!

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Yes, I do. I haven't done anything Touhou-related in a while though

>> No.31447552

ah, ok.
just don't get rid of that talent.

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Can Flan destroy the eyes of things she can't see?

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If it has an "eye" present, it can be destroyed by Flandre. Even an invisible man is visible to Flan's power.

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Use scissors dummy!