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Yuuka is FAT!

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Yuuka is...

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Actually she's pregnant, not fat

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That's even better, the lack of good quality pregnant Yuuka art is such a shame.

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Who is the father?

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Agreed. Scary femdom foot fetish Yuuka is just too much of a hit though.

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I can confirm, she's nothing but a fatty

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But I want both.

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imagine the sound

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Can we have one chubbyhu thread without obesefags from /d/? let's see

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Sometimes I imagine Yuuka allowing you to hug her, but only doing so in order to squeeze the life out of you with only one arm.

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her new squishy body is a lot less intimidating

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Looks like we can't anymore

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That's like saying you want a futa thread with only small cocks. It's all /d/.

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The distinction is arbitrary anyway

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>The distinction is arbitrary anyway
there's a difference in slight chubs and meat monsters like >>29983510
The only way I see it being arbitrary is with boarderline stuff like >>29927006

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That's not borderline at all you digusting abomination
That is obese

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stop fighting and post fat Yuukas, retards

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too fat

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For there to be balance, there needs to be 2 threads, one for chubhus and one for fathus

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Can we have a third one for preghus?

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it has come to my attention there are far too few fat Yuukas