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Alice is a good girl though. ;_;

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She needs to release her loneliness somehow.

That Tewi though, she's just a filthy slut.

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Well, *ahem*...you do know of the term "Fucking Like Rabbits", now don't you?

Tewi can't help it.

I really like Shanghai's getup, though.

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Amazingly this is by the same artist, seems to have improved a lot over a little more than 6 months.

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Why doesn't Eirin just spay her?

Seriously, she'd be less of a bitch and it's not like there's any males for her to breed with anyway.

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Nitori is too poor to buy anything that achieves a purpose.

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This is still the best picture relating to the subject matter I have ever seen.

In fact I'd say it is comparable to Keine's penis horn picture.

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> Tewi slut.
where do you people even get this information

surely not from Zuns scriptures?

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While there's no men, there's plenty of girlcock to go around.

At least, that's the official explanation in Futa-Sokyo, the home of dickgirl fairies and Ex-Keine EX-CAVE-ATIONS.

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Well, one would assume that having her in such a state is fun for the whole Eientei family, so to speak.

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Goddammit, horns don't work that way.

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She can build them
She has the technology
She can create giant dildos that'd put Kanako's Guncannons to shame.

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Pretend they're filled with nerve endings.


Looks like she's far too lazy, then. I wonder how much business Rinnosuke gets on devices to aid that kind of thing, could probably just throw everything else he finds out, I suppose.

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HOT! Needs more Shanghai!

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/jp/, I often grow weary of your insatiable lust and your need to vocalize such feelings.

It often fills me with great dread to see some of my favorite characters defiled in such a manner.

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Aya's probably the richest in Gensokyo by now, if she does this on the side.

I can just imagine, every news-stand filled with "WHAT TOUHOUS DO WHEN THEY THINK THEY'RE ALONE, NOT INTENDED FOR STAGE 1 BOSSES".

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You'd better blame the Japanese for churning out the porn, then.

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But Anon, we simply must document the sexual activities of the inhabitants of Gensokyo in order to create an extensive report.

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Ah, but WHICH gensokyo?


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they c me rollin, they hatin
http://www.Anom - m + nTalk.com/
> b ftrgisb sicbkr rdjdf5 n4

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Tripfags, not so good.

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MOESokyo ^_^

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Mansokyo is where it is at, this is now a MANSOKYO thread.

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I feel it is unnecessary. As a matter of fact, I do believe the women of Gensokyo should fight for equality by targeting the eroge developers in Gensokyo.


Forgive me for the somewhat harsh joke, but I still do hold the stance that Gensokyo's women should be held by much higher standards than the wenches of the third dimension, and they are deserving of far more than ridiculous sexual scenarios.

As a matter of fact, I often just pretend that the girls in these pictures are just cosplayers, as to alleviate the pain that weighs heavily in my heart.

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Alice gets to be creepy again.

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Alice being lonely and masturbating a lot because of this makes sense.

The girls need to do stuff like that every so often, regardless. In fact, I prefer the girls relieving sexual tension in such a way because they wouldn't be cohorting with every harlot in Gensokyo at any given point in time.

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In my ideal 2-D world, girls find so much pleasure in simply doing everyday things that they rarely set their mind to such sexual pleasures. In addition, I do not believe any of them have boyfriends to be procreating with. They can find enjoyment in the discussion of spellcards over a cup of tea rather than lesbian sex.

I am single.

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I've heard it only takes the Marimite girls a single cup to orgasm.

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Mansokyo has alot of gentlemen.

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The love Doctor is in!

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You heard incorrectly.

In addition, I do apologize for the possible ranting nature behind my words. I have no intention of preventing any of my fellow men from viewing such images, and I am merely presenting a rather unpopular viewpoint for the sake of letting such a viewpoint being known in the first place. I hope such a stance does not hamper our relations.

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Though the downside of MANSOKYO seems to be that it would likely attract a possibly crazier set of fans then Touhou already has with yaoi fans.

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>1 cup

and two girls..

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source pls?

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Now I do believe it is getting ridiculous, with a total of three Touhou topics of questionable content appearing on the first page of /jp/.

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[武士的魂 with 男前な絵師達] 東方男前合同誌 第二弾 真

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zomg cannot unsee cover pic

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Nor should you.

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this has got to be the gayest thing I've seen today