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So I bought the C76 Catalog today.

It was fuck huge, like my middle school math textbook. don't know why I wasn't expecting it, but I can see why they release a CD version now. It's five times as thick as the Reitaisai catalog, which is actually saying a lot for how big Reitaisai has become.

Anyway, new C76 thread. Is anyone going?

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I wish. Day three is where it's at.

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I am going

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Should /jp/ form a party?

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I know some useful magic.

Let me equip my SICP.

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inb4 /jp/ meetup pic.

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Goddammit, I'm still wondering how to get some of the shit from C75.

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When is UFO gonna come out?

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I don't give a fuck for you.

Where's the scanned doujins?

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I'm going. I don't think I'll spend much time on it except for day 2, though.

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Are you suggesting that I leave my house? Are you insane?

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Air is good for you, Anonymous.

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The stinking, steaming air of a million otas packed together especially.

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To me, the idea that the Reitaisai catalog is 1/5th the size of the WHOLE Comiket catalog is a lot more surprising.

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Sorry I don't have a better camera, but circled is Shanghai Alice's booth. It looks like a picture of Reimu with the treasure ship floating in her hair, and there's a bunch of sketchy looking characters in the boat. I thought it might be the first representation of a full cast of Seirensen, but I can't recognize any of them.

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Bigger, blurry view.
I don't have a macro mode on my phone camera, and no magnifying glass.

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I'd suggest buying any Rika doujinshi you can find and then scanning them all.

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I just noticed a lone booth dedicated to a "Team Fortress 2 4koma" and 3 booths for ninja turtle doujins of all things.

There are also at least 144 back-to-back furry booths I kid you not.

Usually they try to clump booths of like-mind together, it's funny to see how in East Touhou naturally melts into Umineko and then a smattering of Higurashi, Vocaloid, and Typemoon, like they designed a route just for /jp/, but then again there are parts of this which are all over the place.

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That's called mainstream bro

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TF2 is not mainstream in Japan.

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>East Touhou naturally melts into Umineko and then a smattering of Higurashi, Vocaloid, and Typemoon

This I mean

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Sounds like the /jp/ wing. Its like them Niponese are lurking here.

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>lone booth dedicated to a "Team Fortress 2 4koma"
Do you have the circle's name?

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I don't think they have a website.

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In 東Z19

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Thanks anon.
By the way, what's the name of that circle up and to the left of zun's booth? It's the one next to personal colour. I can't see the name clearly enough.

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Oh, nevermind that, I found that it's actually TeamInazuma

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Kentucky Fried Chicken confirmed for touhou

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All that exhibit space for Touhou booths?

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Are we getting Maikaze Touhou 2 or is that coming out during the winter comiket?

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I am also going to Comiket. Where can I buy a CD?

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There are about 50 pages like that Just for Touhou in East hall.
Each page has 36 booths, so about 1,800 Touhou booths. It's the biggest single "category" by far.

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CD's not out yet, I think, but you should be able to buy it at any doujin store. They had a big stack of catalogs at Melonbooks even after I came in late in the day.

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You can do better than that.
It would help if flattened the page.
Make multiple photos.
Go outside or make more light than just that one lamp that's reflected on the photo.
Auto-focus where? (get the right distance if you don't have auto focus (how is that even possible?))
Don't you have a scanner?

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According to their website they haven't yet announced what they're going to be selling at C76, I'd be really surprised if they had a sequel though, there would be trailers and hype.

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Even if I did I wouldn't scan all 1,377 pages.

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Also any and all Umineko H doujins as well.

I shall be eternally grateful. Or at least til I fap to them all repeatedly

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/jp/ anons to meet at the giant fucking saw outside tbs

afterwards, we go make fun of zun for wearing silly hats, buy umineko 5, the reimu nendroid, and then hit on aria cosplayers

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>All that exhibit space for Touhou booths?


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Im not even going to try to get th12 or umineko since they will be sold out as shit. Dont even want to think about the reimu nendroid. Luckily the gift plushes are commercial goods so I can buy those at a store.

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>th12 or umineko since they will be sold out as shit
Not to mention on share in under a day. Even if I was going I wouldn't want to get those because of the crowd. Just get it from a reseller/consignment if you want a real copy.

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I don't much care for Umineko or for the Nendoroid, especially as I think it has scary, if somewhat appropriately over-aggressive eyes.

But I've got to give Seirensen a shot. If I come out with nothing else but that CD I'll have successfully realized my TouhouFaggot nature, especially if I get to see ZUN at the booth. If ZUN is there, I don't even need the CD.

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You wont get the latest, but theres always a bunch of the previous games for 2000 yen. ZUN is always there and a lot of people hang around the booth just to see what he has to say.

The last time I saw him he had like two comiket bodyguards

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How hard can it possibly be to get 12? Does he only have one box of them or what?

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If you have been to an amusement part, imagine the lines for the good rides. Its like that, except there is no coaster at the end. Just stuff to buy.

Some lines extend outside the building and are at least hundreds of people long.

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So the trick is to somehow arrive before everyone else but after they stop shooing away the early birds and people who attempt to camp out.

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Must......go there.......touhou refillment..........Umineko................NO MONEY ?! FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

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The trick is to be the member of a participating circle.

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Circle ドウガネブイブイ
Day 3
East Hall, space C - 8a

Buy/scan this doujinshi and be the new god of /jp/!

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When is it going to happen this time?

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It is best to not think about all the good stuff that were never bought and scanned.

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UFO Extra Stage. I must beat it!

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oh my god

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Why was ZUN just randomly placed? Do Comiket organizators don't give a fuck about who you are?

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You know, you could have just gotten the catalog ISO off Share.

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Pretty much.

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What good would it do to give him priority? Everybody that wants to buy something can still find him, and it's not as if people need to be reminded that he's there or anything.

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You got a point.

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He's going to get a lot more visitor than the average group. He should be specially placed in some area that can accomodate high traffic.

Well, assuming such a place exists.

I'm not seeing anything on sharedb.