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Guide: https://itazuraneko.neocities.org/

Previous thread: >>29486567

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first for lns

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everybody below this post gets the dab

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yea they can rub it against their clit and it’s like tribbing

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op is me and wendys girl

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But you only knew it from that specific sentence because you'd read it 10x before.

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>>Don't know the word
>>Read the sentence and you now remember the word because you remember how the sentence goes
>Pass or a fail?

tell me something... if you were reading a book and then you understand what the word meant would you go "wait, do i even know this word? i don't know if i would recognize it isolated on anki" OR would you just go on happy that you understood what it meant?

i put the sentence on anki because i understood it at that moment with a look up so i want to hold on to that memory with the context where i saw it and everything

what i'm doing is taking a sentence that i needed to look at the dictionary and making it automatic with the help of anki.

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what are they

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*posts n6 vn*

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pass. watch this if you're having trouble understanding sentence cards.

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you will meet the word again and at some point you'll think "oh it's that word that i have on that card" and the knowledge will solidify and then when you see the card again "aha, that word that i saw the other day"

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Would you know it if it was a random sentence you'd never seen before?

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of course, i was just reading a book right now and all the words i learned where with sentence cards.

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yes. learning and recognizing it in a single context makes it infinitely more adaptable than learning and memorizing it completely isolated with no context.

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guess the janny couldnt handle the force of my dab

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kimetsu no yaiba is the biggest thing in anime history lmfao fuck this shit

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dunno feels like naruto was way more popular in back in its heyday

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i laughed

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the good thing about cards with sentences is also you can put the word in various forms in different cards.

let's say "drink"

you can use "i drink water" on the card for "drink"

but then "i drank wine" on the card for "wine"

so you learn the different forms of the word

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remember this black kid trying to explain naruto to me back in 8th grade during a woodwork class
i vowed never to watch naruto from that day forth

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kny is so fucking generic and lifeless. i seriously can't comperehend how it got so popular or how literally anybody could watch it and think "wow this is great". i don't even mind some shonenshit, like even bha has some redeemable qualities and i can genuinely see why kids would be into that.

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would fuck

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just remembered doing a report or something in elementary school about machu picchu and stumbling my words and saying mach u pichku which means sword in pussy in my native lmfao

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weird art

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it looks fucking sick visually

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not really

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thought so at first but after reading a few hours i actually think it looks really good now
might be some kind of stockholm syndrome

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cant force myself to try reading a vn cause there are a billion to chose from

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read this

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It's a Ritsuko Okazaki saturday for me fellas...

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they're all boring as shit, don't bother unless you wanna squeeze one out to some nukige

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>On May 5, 2004, Okazaki died suddenly at the age of 44 from septic shock as a result of sepsis.[2] She was unable to speak any last words, and left her work unfinished.
jeez man its already sad enough was the second sentence really needed

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t. zoomer

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that's in my backlog

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in my brain for ever

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im so tired

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I know bro she was an angel

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read 9 nine

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i'm resetting my entire progress so, before i begin again, i need to know what's better - mia sentence cards or qm anime cards?

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bunko cards

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wow we even got yugos in here

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damn its sad that i could die like this since i got a pilonidal cyst in my ass ive had for a year

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you like sentence cards but they are slow when they pile up?

you like vocab cards but they are too hard?

you have an average memory like me?

shit feels vague?

memory interference?

i present to you the solution

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reddit fags really think this is some sort of a video game

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no im not fucking you in the ass

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If after seeing your sentence on the front cards a few times, you changed them to cloze cards (so the word doesn't appear at all on the front), would you be able to answer them correctly?
The answer is yes, because you memorised the sentence. Card should be marked as a fail if you needed to reread the sentence.

The quick brown fox jumps over the ____ dog.

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resetting and doing 200 words a day is the new fad

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dude, i'm reading a fucking book while i do cards. this is the real test. the fact that the number of sentences that i can use gets bigger and bigger is the proof that it works... i need to look up words less and less

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before i could only get small sentences. now i can use a sentences with 30 words where there's only one word that i don't know. this is the proof that your autism doesn't matter

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audio cards

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Damn right it is. 200 reviews and 76 new cards done. 126 new cards left. ^_^

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No this looks sick visually.


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You'd be reading ancient texts by now if you learned efficiently.

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mass quoters need to be buried in sand with only their head sticking out and hit repeatedly with a bamboo stick coated in broken glass like those anime episodes with watermelons

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think of it like a videogame bro, is like grinding pokemon haha

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why not add multiple sentences and have anki randomly choose one of them? this way you're less likely to just remember the whole sentence

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>next chapter is 174 pages
>the one after that is 12

>> No.29553292

what exactly is the gimmick here

>> No.29553425

looks amazing

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lol literally doesn't matter. just try it. take any random language and try it. try it with french and see for yourself. you'll be reading something in 2 months with 50 cards a day

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i meant it loosely. i'm just deleting my current deck because i don't like how i was putting it together and i don't believe on sunk cost. just want to continue forward in a better, more efficient manner. of course you guys aren't helpful with that at all.

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you can read yotsuba in 2 months too lol
doubt u could read a book in french in 2 months maybe if you speak a romance language

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no you can do it if you know english especially if you count stuff like the little prince

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what i'm saying is: take a book and then start reading from the start with a dictionary and make sentence cards as you do it. see the magic happen

i have done this and it works

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i dont the same with spanish and cloze cards and yeah the progress for reading was very fast

>> No.29553769

did the same*

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fuck anki droning dude sentence cards u serious you dont need that to acquire vocab for european languages

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te amo anon, espero que encuentres felicidad y éxito en tu vida.

>> No.29553839

what did you really expect from asking djt whether you should use sentence cards or vocab cards?
that's like asking a jew and an arab about israel/palestine

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let's solve this once and for all


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la concha de tu madre

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Can someone vouch of verify this site's credibility? I found nothing but shills and an obscure forum whose admin is none other than Thomas the Train. I'm really looking forward to marrying a milf.

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what if you just start reading now

>> No.29554018

quiz already invented the hint field

>> No.29554023

pretty sure most people here use vocab cards. especially because of premade decks, but probably also among people who mine.

>> No.29554046

sentences on the back for japanese
sentences on the front for languages that arent impossible
dont @ me

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também te amo, gostosa

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guess that settles it then

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you're crazy if you think queef invented putting a sentence on the front of the card. there's a german deck from 2015 with this setup


>> No.29554195

Consider that they put the most attractive women they can find on the front page.

>> No.29554245

try both and choose what works best for you, there's no correct way to use anki

>> No.29554246

if you need to look at the hint for context you should fail the card, meaning you should just put it on the back to begin with.

>> No.29554325

Totally agree. It's just a super generic shounen with a fancy skin

>> No.29554330

have you actually seen what a normal japanese woman look like? let alone the type that would be willing to marry some weeb over the internet

>> No.29554333

gsenjou no maou is apparently medium i could have sworn it was listed as long on vndb before

>> No.29554428

yeah check the edit history theres some retards fighting over it lol

>> No.29554472

dude, in the wild words are full of "hints" around them. people don't use words randomly. they are used in certain contexts.

fuck this autism. if this autism were necessary no one would learn a language without the aid of anki

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These are the two posts from the site's owners I could find. Also they appear to have a PO box in California. One of the girl's profile's also implies she joined before 2017 so I either she had no luck or the gallery isn't up to date.
I want to marry a milf I don't care that they are ugly.

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I know Nukemarines a meme but is there any merit to using his optimised RTK deck (not that I can find it) or is it just better to power through full RTK

>> No.29554542

i think you dont know what the hint field is, its for shit like 縁 (死の), and 縁 (親子の)

>> No.29554564

stop doing rtk

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>> No.29554628

reductio ad absurdum: by your thought process we shouldn't even be allowed to use KANJI

how many words do you recognize by just looking at the symbols? would you recognize it with pure hiragana? would you recognize it by sound alone?

this is the proof that this is retarded

>> No.29554718

its a waste of time

>> No.29554730

My anki correct % stat is more important than properly learning, thank you very much.

>> No.29554734

>Just as a side note: If you are doing anything like translating in your head you need to stop right now. You are not learning the language and setting yourself up to be permanently crippled.
what the fuck, how do you decide whether you pass your card or not then? you literally show example cards with english definitions on the back. how do you review a card with an english definition without translating it to english?

>> No.29554749

少ない - すくない
少し - すこし
why does 少 have a different pronunciation here? its not like it's in compound with another kanji

>> No.29554787

Those women are Chinese.

>> No.29554810

do matt's lazy rtk or download the wanikani deck, delete the vocab section and grind out the radicals and kanji decks

>> No.29554998

thats probably talking about sentences

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it's not

>> No.29555149

Because, just because.
These things happen all the time, don't ask why and get on with it.

>> No.29555231

You can really tell the change in the /djt/ userbase over time.
Previous djt was fiercely anti-sentence, now it's mostly pro-sentence.
This can all be linked back to the rise of e-celebs and Matt sharing the OP guide link with his fanbase.
It's a one way change that will never go back. Anti-sentence neets are now fluent and mostly hang around in エロゲスレ/Untranslated VN General, whereas pro-sentence posters are going to be here forever.

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What about this article? Is this one legit? Help a guy out, we can never learn Japanese but we sure can marry a desperate milf.

>> No.29555356

yesterday, he read a book
watch me read this book

why does read have a different pronunciation here

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>> No.29555581

Why doesn't read's spelling change?

>> No.29555584

because of the different between present and past tense. what is the implication in this context?

>> No.29555776

why is it read and read but watch and watched
his point is obviously that not everything in a language makes sense and fits into a logical pattern it just is what it is

>> No.29555866

what are you supposed to do then? be it sentences or words?

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Stop judging me there is nothing wrong with the marriage route.

>> No.29555906

proving sentence cards > vocab cards




make your choice

>> No.29555917

i get his point, it's just a shit example. those english words have the same meaning, just in different tenses. 少ない and 少し are not the same.

>> No.29555964

it's just a flesh wound
he wound the thread around the spool

tie a bow
bow your head

what the fuck are you looking for here

>> No.29556076

you're retarded. you should practice your reading comprehension before replying or learning a new language

>> No.29556195

damn theres so much quality isekai next season this season sucks ass in comparison

>> No.29556220

pick one

>> No.29556225

nah bro fall is always the best anime season u trippin

>> No.29556302

mushoku tensei is gonna be rad

>> No.29556379

your mom

>> No.29556646

dunno then
i mark it right if i was i got the reading right and i was in the right ball park for the meaning
outside of easy 1 to 1 words like dog or umbrella you shouldnt focus much on the specific word or definition on the back as long as you werent way off or thinking of a different card
example sentences can work even better than definitions or translations for this but you cant always find a great one
phrase cards are much better than sentence cards

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I can't stand this anymore.
>Not learning Japanese
>Not building skills to get a job there
>Not marrying desperate milf
>Not networking with Japanese people.
No one here will ever set foot in japan. Why do I waste my time so?

>> No.29556876

dont care

>> No.29556932

Wow, that is a good season.
>Log Horizon
>Yuru Camp
>Non Non Biyori

Only thing missing is the new Isekai Quartet for the isekai side.

>Mushoku Tensei: Isekai Ittara Honki Dasu
>Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi
>Tatoeba Last Dungeon Mae no Mura no Shounen ga Joban no Machi de Kurasu Youna Monogatari
>Hortensia Saga

Admittedly some of these will be complete shit/turn your brain off, adventure animes are always a guilty pleasure.

It's been a shame this season of Danmachi has the animation budget of the last few episodes of Kare Kano.

>> No.29556937

>No one here will ever set foot in japan.
para de projetar macaco

>> No.29556953


>> No.29556974

Keep hearing about sentence cards, what are the pros vs vocab ones, and what's a good deck?

>> No.29556991

shut the fuck up capitalnorm

>> No.29557041

/jp/ is for love of 2d i think ur looking for /int/ for love of 3d

>> No.29557043

who let reddint in

>> No.29557058

you make your own deck. the pro is that you learn actual japanese and not just some isolated word and an english approximation

>> No.29557060

pros are forced context and proper usage
good deck is your own

>> No.29557069

Pros: Higher % correct answers in anki.
Cons: Lower % reading outside of anki.

>> No.29557075


>> No.29557094

tell that to the 3d generals retarded retard

>> No.29557111

>make your own deck
What is your set-up for that?

>> No.29557118

>Cons: Lower % reading outside of anki.

>> No.29557140

based scrabble king

>> No.29557153

/jp/ is 95% hololive threads by postcount. Those are 3D.

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File: 459 KB, 1280x720, ネコぱら_vol.2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

dunno about cards but for me it's nekopara

>> No.29557309

Thank you!

>> No.29557331

>"hurr durr, you will read "i bought a tv" on anki but then you won't recognize it in the wild because it will be "i broke my tv" in the wild "

>"lol you think if you use a sentence like "close the door" on anki you'll suddenly recognize the word door in "open the door"? YOU BRAIN CAN'T DO THAT!!!!"

>this is what anti-sentence nuts actually believe

>> No.29557359


>> No.29557493

>This is what pro-sentence posters actually experience

>> No.29557593

vtubers are gateway 2d
and i meant /jp/ djt vs /int/ djt lol

>> No.29557642

here's the actual problem with sentences on the front. you're trying to learn a word with a kanji you don't recognize. you can work out what the word is from context of the sentence, can probably recall how it's pronounced without a problem, but there's no incentive for you to memorize the kanji, even if they aren't new kanji. the word in question could be omitted and you'd still be able to recall it.

>> No.29557750

has this actually happened with you or are you just making shit up?

>> No.29557813

this is not a problem in practice

>> No.29557834

just curious, what do you care about

>> No.29557867

even then, hentai manga are way better for that

>> No.29557963


>> No.29558041


>> No.29558089

It's common sense. After the first few words you will know what the rest of the sentence will be. Your brain will be on autopilot as you skim over the rest of it to confirm. Even if you force yourself to re-read it fully, you already know what the word/kanji is so your brain will never be be forced to see the word/kanji and then try and recall the meaning.

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File: 3.55 MB, 1100x3829, DJT VN Beginners.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29558223

sentence cards are proven and tested. matt, the supreme god has used them.
you can use them as well and see for yourself that they work and your "problem" is a non-problem

>> No.29558259

all n5 garbage

>> No.29558271

sentence cards just give your anki an immersion boost

>> No.29558289
File: 3.00 MB, 3600x1920, jp VN Recommendations.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29558315

>muh cards
kill yourselves dekinais

>> No.29558339

>cant force myself to try reading a vn cause there are a billion to chose from
>posts an image with a billion vns
wow thanks

>> No.29558353


>> No.29558379

It's only 100. You'll be fluent by the end.

>> No.29558409

khatz used sentence cards
matt used sentence cards

what more proof do you fucking need?

>> No.29558416

die a painful death uppercaser

>> No.29558423

is it counter productive to learn like 100-200 words from the anki deck first before getting deep into tae kim? i started reading it, but i cant really focus on it yet since im so busy with other stuff for now.

>> No.29558433

i refuse to believe a single person has ever had the time or patience to read 100 vns.

>> No.29558463

>tae kim

>> No.29558480

beginner thread is over there >>>/int/djt

>> No.29558518

i'm a quarter of the way there

>> No.29558535


>> No.29558547

i refuse to believe your hollow skull isnt in a spear right now

>> No.29558565

Depends on the length of them really. There are a lot of them that you could knock out in a day.

>> No.29558589

put a bullet through your head

>> No.29558622

what the fuck is your problem

>> No.29558640

>gatekeeping newfag
fuck off

>> No.29558675
File: 113 KB, 640x904, st.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

these cry bait movies are starting to piss me the fuck off. when's the next ghost in the shell or akira? what happened to good anime movies?

>> No.29558678

you are leaking reddintor

>> No.29558682

he is probably angry at life because he is from a third world country

>> No.29558736

They got remade into Hollywood films.

>> No.29558756


>> No.29558824

you should swallow a hand grenade and get remade into a pile of meat

>> No.29558851

who the fuck is watching these movies about deaf girls and cripple girls? makes me cringe

>> No.29558910

people with souls

>> No.29558998

more like self inserting virgins that want a crippled girlfriend to make up for their insecurities

>> No.29559063

man djt has been really aggressive lately yall should chill out
you think nips like angry manchildren?

>> No.29559078

i hope you lose an eye

>> No.29559090

went out to toukyou today (proper japanese name for "tokyo"), figured i needed conversation input from natives (ive only been reading books like teshigahara's works recently, im a bit of a lit nerd :nerd:). natives were asking me questions like "o genki desu ka?" but i just shook my head and showed my notepad, where i had written "im only here for input" in hiragana. most people were a bit puzzled, but i got a few people who were willing to talk to me. it was a bit annoying though as in real life there is no "rewind" button, so id have to tell them to repeat their sentence so i could mine it (thats what the notepad was for). anyway, i think i got about 3 i+1 sentences, going to go out and try again tomorrow. ganbrimashou!

>> No.29559097

jokes on you im blind in one eye lmfao

>> No.29559107

read azanaeru

>> No.29559120

you sure about that?

>> No.29559166

its one dude making angry posts all day for some reason, getting a little tiring

>> No.29559172

Sentence card users are upset about their life choices.

>> No.29559173

wtf no one told me dolly reviews anime https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nGXHVnR1INI

>> No.29559222

yea because you retards are letting newfags invade while the "oldfags" that got here two weeks ago keep enabling them

>> No.29559224

quiz left so he has to be angry at random posts instead

>> No.29559229


the creator of AJATT used sentence cards
the creator of MIA used sentence cards

what else do you need to be convinced that they work?

>> No.29559244

how jamal wishes it be like

>> No.29559250

ye pretty sure quiz is rage dude

>> No.29559273

actually i would rather have quiz jamal and og here talkin shit than those faggots at least itd feel like home

>> No.29559278

maybe someone using them that learned japanese lmfao

>> No.29559353
File: 38 KB, 953x776, 3.4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

200 new cards done. It's easier to recall the words if I break the sessions into even smaller chunks. I used to do 25 min max, now it's 15 min max and more sessions.

However, I still get tired towards the end and start fucking up more...

>> No.29559592

why does LINE capitalize texting in Japan are they too poor to afford SMS?

>> No.29559673

stop while you can. you will burn out. you'll feel despair when you waste hours hours on anki and then you see that you'll have to waste even more hours the day after

>> No.29559746

wonder if old school anon remembers this one

>> No.29559758

i'm an ankidrone but 200 cards per day is crazy. in the beginning it seems doable but then you see how silly you were when shit starts to pile up

>> No.29559820

ye 10-25 and immerse all day ftw

>> No.29559845

I'm doing it to challenge myself and motivation isn't a problem, I'm more worried that the workload may get so big it won't be possible for me to finish it in a day without sacrificing immersion.

But right now it's manageable.

>> No.29559978

you arent sacrificing immersion at 3 hours of anki a day?

>> No.29560049

Damn anon, in a rush to read some untranslated coomer VN or something?

>> No.29560113

No, I do equal amount of immersion time (with anime). I use a pomodoro timer for both.

My routine formula is Anki > short break > Anime with jap subs > short break > repeat.

Short breaks are the most important part to keep mind fresh.

>> No.29560449
File: 2.86 MB, 1956x1100, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

reminder to practice your handwriting so it doesn't look as shit as mine

>> No.29560506

i will never learn to write kana better
one day i will write kanji like a pro and kana worse than a child

>> No.29561006

honestly still amazed kishimoto managed to completely rewrite everyones opinion of itachi so flawlessly

>> No.29561061

don't remember a lot of naruto just that it feels like all sorts of random stuff happens because kishimoto needs it to happen and it feels really poorly written but what do i know i'm not a writer

>> No.29561269 [DELETED] 

just got sad thinking about how the whole world will be mixed race pretty soon again

>> No.29561527

yeah its really unfortunate bro

>> No.29561536

are you me?

>> No.29561545

think of all the skull shape comparers, what will they do now

>> No.29561646

right on mixed girls are super cute

>> No.29561795
File: 846 KB, 1080x2147, Screenshot_20201122-003253~2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

more that it's a way to give your information to someone in a more casual way without them knowing your exact phone number. plus I'm pretty sure it's completely free to call line to line which is where the real savings are. and on top of that it has a cute interface with collab stickers

>> No.29561826

why is janny deleting posts in a casual hangout thread fuk u janny

>> No.29561932

pocket janny. i got shut down for discussing what's ikemen in japan with photos despite the fact that busu posting goes on constantly here and mine was arguably much more on topic for jp. some cunt here has a direct line.

>> No.29562058

razib khan is a population geneticist and he says it's impossible for there to be some huge mixed race population and there will always be a ton of variation

>> No.29562176

i think i'll change my cards to monolingual definitions. i'm tired of english definitions

>> No.29562221

wotd: かたじけない

>> No.29562813

On Nyaa is there any section for anime with Japanese subs? All the raws I've tried have been subless.

>> No.29562869
File: 73 KB, 615x800, 素体ジル.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



>> No.29563469

holy fuck dude

>> No.29563512


>> No.29563638


>> No.29563786

just trying to mine...

>> No.29563790
File: 252 KB, 1857x1078, IMG_20201122_024740.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

dno i love yuyu-sama

>> No.29563813







>> No.29563989
File: 7 KB, 345x62, y.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i'm revisiting my old deck for another language that i had deleted (but saved) and i'm getting almost everything right.

'ate vocab cards
love sentence cards. simple as

>> No.29564057

This topic is literally nonexistent. Obviously the only retards who use vocab cards are discord niggers, and only they advocate for vocab cards.

>> No.29564306

imagine failing a sentence card how does that even happen lmfao

>> No.29564575

i thought core2k/6k was good now you are telling me that vocab cards are bad? what should i use then fuck

>> No.29564610

sometimes i forget how the word is read

>> No.29564639

keep doing core
this discussion is for people that know at least 3k words

>> No.29564707

you forget a word that you saw only a couple of times 6 months ago, that's how.

>> No.29564781

Use ankidroid starter pack
It's linked in the chat

>> No.29565126

just use whatever works for you, don't get baited.

>> No.29565195

Core2k/6k is still good, you just need to edit the card layout fields.
On the Front section of the layout, replace {{Vocabulary-Kanji}} with {{Expression}} and you're good to go.

>> No.29565248

stay with meeee, mayonaka no doa wo tatakiiii

>> No.29565444

straight into my veins every day bro

>> No.29566382
File: 69 KB, 728x524, pepe-the-frog-know-your-meme-pol-4chan-meme.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>suddenly japanese output in my dreams

wtf was that lol

>> No.29566461

Those are all different usages of the word and appear as such in vocab decks with a hint like that below the word. So they basically already do what you say.
For example:
>Card: 持つ
>Hint: 車はよく持っている
is in core3K

>> No.29566522
File: 899 KB, 708x1152, DX4tM47U0AAdP8_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What's the best way to study 古典 and 漢文?
So far I've just been watching those video series for highschoolers, but it's becoming kinda obvious that they're all just incomplete supplementary material and grammar drills for the normal 高校国語 curriculum, and I won't even get 10% of it this way.

>> No.29566948
File: 40 KB, 650x365, 1447423207152.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.29567093
File: 154 KB, 1440x1018, 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

anyone got the name of this jdrama that got posted in the previous thread?.

>> No.29567222


>> No.29567357


>> No.29567980


>> No.29568280 [SPOILER] 
File: 108 KB, 767x577, 1606041970595.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

another best girl doesn't get a route episode, getting pretty tired of these reruns

>> No.29569050


>> No.29569390

She'll get a token route in the DLC.

>> No.29570336

so anime cards are just vocab cards with audio on the back? how is this revolutionary at all

>> No.29570354
File: 132 KB, 2048x1553, Screenshot_20201122-040720.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

why the FUCK arent u FAGS using HELLOTALK????

>> No.29570446

it isnt

>> No.29570452

output is a meme

>> No.29570505

vocab in the front and context (reading,image,audio,sentence,definition) in the back.

>> No.29570577
File: 356 KB, 1742x1748, e7df954f2b88d33895c0147a7709ad6a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thanks for doing society a favor and self segregating yourself because "muh socializing is a meme"

>> No.29570720

it isnt it's just that people were too retarded to make them efficiently so quiz wrote down how to do it and that's the actual """innovation""" i guess

>> No.29570873

talking in text is not socializing

>> No.29570884

i hate people

>> No.29570973
File: 137 KB, 640x670, tfw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.29571069


>> No.29571152

same reason im not using tinder or kik or discord or any other gay social media app

>> No.29571250
File: 43 KB, 656x530, 05.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29571284

maximum cripplage

>> No.29571405

Why even learn this?

>> No.29571444

>see the cp in this

>> No.29571446

i have heard that people are able to read without learning radicals which is weird i dont know how thats possible

>> No.29571467

Because you don't want to remind yourself you have literally no one to add there?

>> No.29571571

you don't add people on tinder so how could that be the reason idiot

>> No.29571630

You do on
>kik or discord or any other gay social media app

>> No.29571682

This is not even an actual radical

>> No.29571688

yeah but it was a post about all of them so your reason couldn't possibly apply if it's the "same reason". use your brain.

>> No.29571717
File: 324 KB, 800x600, 27-129.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.29571751

It's a matter of phrasing to include the fact that you will never get swiped right

>> No.29571798

Let's say, "You're too much of an autistic outcast to make use of any of them"

>> No.29571837

>doing wanikani while being in djt
how it is possible to be so out of the loop? retarded beginners.

>> No.29571876

if you want to socialize then go to int/djt or r/learnjapanese
retarded normie, i want to fucking snap your neck.

>> No.29571895


>> No.29571958

brute force and bashing your head against the wall. it's possible but retarded and extremely inefficient

>> No.29571972

Do you actually have your own discord server? Why isn't it linked anywhere?

>> No.29571993

I kinda came here just to ask one question, I don't normally post here.

>> No.29572028

fuck outta here then.

>> No.29572047

what do you want to know let's get this resolved quick so you can head off

>> No.29572053

Soon enough

>> No.29572061

Are there alternatives?

>> No.29572081

it's the anki deck

>> No.29572088


>> No.29572104
File: 1.18 MB, 1280x2378, 1602134057026.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29572142

lol just do it the same way you learn normal japanese bro. oh wait you probably learn by talking to retards on hellotalk lmfao

>> No.29572145

wanikani is better than any shit this thread can suggest

>> No.29572168


by all means come hang out in my dead chatroom on the internet

>> No.29572179

wanikani is the worst thing you can do just after rtk.

>> No.29572216

i hate capeshit but those panels are soul

>> No.29572218


>> No.29572245

im real serious, bitch.

>> No.29572253

It's not normal Japanese, the are no manga in 漢文 or anime where everyone speaks 文語 as far as I know.
And indeed, the Japs can't really help me with this. Most of them don't give a shit about 文語, and even those who do being people living in Japan who studied it in a Japanese school can't really tell me how I'm supposed to do it being a foreigner outside of Japan who never went to a Japanese school.

>> No.29572254

prove it

>> No.29572256

isolated kanji study is good but the reason wanikani is decent is because they teach you several vocab with each kanji you learn. i don't think anyone should do it until level 60 but level 20-30 would give you a good jumping off point to start mining shit on your own and making your own mnemonics.

>> No.29572276

This guide is cancer and was made by a discord celeb. See:

You'd better link Matt's quickstart guide next time.
Btw i did kanjidamage. At that time it was a great alternative to lazy kanji, but today i'd do RRTK.

>> No.29572279

what and how?

>> No.29572301

>the are no manga in 漢文
there are. do you think manga is a 20th century invention?

>> No.29572322


>> No.29572326 [DELETED] 
File: 25 KB, 1344x686, 無題.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29572329

you know what? just do whatever the fuck you want.
holy fuck retarded beginners, just kys already.
im out.

>> No.29572370

smart move

>> No.29572382

chill out baby its ok


>> No.29572384

this can't be happening...

>> No.29572386

why do you guys keep posting these chats of you getting owned lol

>> No.29572397

Man I'm retarded
They learn 文語 and 漢文 to read old literature.
There are places where I can learn basic grammar, 古文 dictionaries, and websites where old literature is translated into modern Japanese with an abundance of notes and explanations.

>> No.29572435

he literally slices his arms open with a razor blade i dont think hes the most sane individual

>> No.29572444

>Man I'm retarded

>> No.29572456

One problem though, would be nice to have a good book in Japanese about the history of the Japanese language, to learn about phonetic changes and whatnot.

>> No.29572490

that reply was a different guy hes the cumbrain nukige guy im pretty sure

>> No.29572508

oh my bad wasnt paying much attention

>> No.29572536

cutter guy is def my least fave poster next to the really vocal discord fag and then the less vocal discord fags

>> No.29572582

Old women are always jealous.

>> No.29572646


>> No.29572647

>students are not taught sexual education that early so we must raise the age of consent!
why dont they just teach them about sex

>> No.29572691

exactly. i call them core2k cards with a hint field

>> No.29572720

more like core 2gay

>> No.29572757

u -> (=´∀`)人(´∀`=) <-me

>> No.29572771
File: 582 KB, 1280x720, ネコぱら_vol.2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

finished this fantastic piece of software not sure if im gonna do vol 3 right away or play a different short vinnie first

>> No.29572776


>> No.29572831


>> No.29572850

thats cool jin dogg got to do a collabo w. his heroes

>> No.29572870

the more i read the less i feel like i understand shit
1 anime episode also takes me like 50 minutes to go through

>> No.29572876


yea thats fuckin win as hell never thought id see the day

>> No.29572906

if you read vol.3 now you'll be just in time for the release of 4

>> No.29572946

it gets better

>> No.29573005

>1 anime episode also takes me like 50 minutes
you shouldn't look up every single word you don't know. limit yourself to one lookup every 3-5 minutes.

>> No.29573024

as for me, it's wink

>> No.29573094

but what if i want to understand as much as possible

>> No.29573115

then u will never make it

>> No.29573246

you can just keep doing what you're doing but maybe you should get another show where you wont care as much and just leave it running mostly

>> No.29573433

Deal with it, you gotta tolerate the ambiguity. Watch shit you've seen before to help.

>> No.29573656

best post itt

>> No.29573744
File: 120 KB, 320x426, 1596326493272.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29573876

How do you know

>> No.29573944

How the fuck do I type "ぅ" when trying to type Kanji?

>> No.29573990

look at them

>> No.29573993


>> No.29574000
File: 804 KB, 1280x720, 美少女万華鏡_-_忘れな草と永遠の少女.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

true but i think i enjoy them more if i take breaks inbetween like i did between 1 and 2
i'll just go with biman 2

>> No.29574008

word: das Gleis
sentence: Durch ein Stück Eisen, das auf den Gleisen lag, ist der Zug entgleist.

word: der Straßenbahn
sentence: Die U-Bahn, Züge und die Straßenbahn fahren auf Gleisen.

look at the amount of words you can review with two cards

you have to be crazy to be against cards with sentences. notice that Gleis repeats. this destroys that dumb argument of words only appearing in one sentence that vocab nerds make all the time.

you also gain a word for free just by context "entgleisen"

>> No.29574015


>> No.29574057

oops *die Straßenbahn

>> No.29574072

>der Straßenbahn
die Straßenbahn

>Die U-Bahn, Züge und die Straßenbahn fahren auf Gleisen.
U-Bahnen, Züge und Straßenbahnen fahren auf Gleisen.

>> No.29574078

Thanks anon

>> No.29574100

yeah looks like sentence cards don't do shit

>> No.29574106


>> No.29574124
File: 229 KB, 1920x1080, mpv-shot0020.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

all this ironic sentence card posting is really starting to disgust me

>> No.29574163
File: 45 KB, 480x270, Violet-Evergarde-The-Movie-1-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

violet evergarden is pretty easy to understand
i'm 8 minutes into the first episode and i don't think i missed a single word yet

>> No.29574166

it’s not ironic it’s one mentally ill retard who sucks at every language he thinks he knows

>> No.29574177

just avoid tatoeba lmao

>> No.29574190


>> No.29574193

>U-Bahnen, Züge und Straßenbahnen fahren auf Gleisen.
the other one is fine
he probably got it from a native text anyways

>> No.29574247

its not though it sounds and reads weird as shit and looks like its written by some guy who cannot into plural of bahn

>> No.29574254

just mined 挑む

>> No.29574266

daily kraut thread

>> No.29574282

one of those german posters is quiz

>> No.29574286
File: 326 KB, 1920x1080, mpv-shot0007.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.29574321

Du kannst kein Japanisch lernen

>> No.29574327

qm doesn't post with his trip off, he needs the attention

>> No.29574332

just wrote 逃げる

>> No.29574360

we daily german thread now?

>> No.29574409

>Die U-Bahn, Züge und die Straßenbahnen fahren auf Gleisen.
native here, this is the correct way btw

>> No.29574445


>> No.29574577

so we apparently have at least 3 germans here other than queef, no wonder the thread sucks. germans are the worst.

>> No.29574613


>> No.29574645

i mean who cares? it's german, you can fix any mistakes afterwards just by reading a grammar explanation
i'm allowed to be sloppy, ok?

>> No.29574708

of course you're going to make mistakes but we're just trying to help

>> No.29574715

if u want any subs from netflix nows ur chance

>> No.29574874

i want you to kys

>> No.29574890


>> No.29574970

"kore"ga sekai wo (something [toshi?]) bosu
Am I making it, bros?

>> No.29575003

is there anything that hasnt been grabbed besides airing stuff?

>> No.29575040

Dame these HelloTalk Nippon bitches are simpin over me one at a time ladies

>> No.29575062

it's hard to tell tbqh but i think like 99% of stuff has been ripped already ye

>> No.29575126

is oregairu s3 on there?

>> No.29575174

no it isnt unfortunately. the chink fansub group that did the first 3 episodes also stopped doing them for some reason too which blows.

>> No.29575199

thanks, it's my fault that i got a sentence from tatoeba. i should have used https://www.dwds.de/

>> No.29575295

Lamy's stream just start https://youtu.be/lGLF61B787A

>> No.29575386


>> No.29575483

already watching 桐生ココ

>> No.29575484

wrong thread you stupid fuck

>> No.29575581

for me it's korone

>> No.29575600


>> No.29575625
File: 276 KB, 1326x1080, dbz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29575636

for me its your head on a pike

>> No.29575644

u watching a jap dub of the movie shes watching?

>> No.29575665
File: 315 KB, 1000x564, 1586785086743.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

same energy

>> No.29575671

Shes very charming

>> No.29575678


>> No.29575742

>Kngdom 3rd Season episode 5 will air at 04/04/2021.
holy shit lmfao that's like a year break between the 4th and 5th ep

>> No.29575770

150 days is not a year

>> No.29575809

depends on the planet

>> No.29575819
File: 52 KB, 1601x385, 1580382480659.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

stfu dumb retard

>> No.29575830

nice, thats some gmi stuff right there

>> No.29575850

is kingdom actually good?

>> No.29575906

the animation is so bad that its almost unwatchable. i think most people would drop it just cause of that while the rest of the show is great. the cgi battle scenes are just atrociously bad, probably the worst cgi animation ive ever seen. it's also extremely jarring when they switch from the regular animation to the cgi, the characters faces dont even look remotely similar lol. the third season improved the animation a lot though.

>> No.29575929

i didnt realize it got perma shelved during the covid anime shutdown lmao glad i didnt get invested watching s3 yet

>> No.29575961

finna watch the japanese version of castlevania raw cause the jp subs dont match up

>> No.29575998

cgi is the worst thing that could've happened to anime.

>> No.29576049

press z in mpv lol

>> No.29576091

if a show includes cgi it's no longer anime it's a cartoon

>> No.29576102

i dont mean they're out of sync i mean the stuff they are saying isnt the same as the stuff in the subs.

>> No.29576113

>Castlevania is an American adult animated streaming television series

>> No.29576157

oh i see yeah netflix does this shit a lot
same for japanese dubs of us movies for some reason they use different scripts for dub and sub

>> No.29576225
File: 232 KB, 1463x418, 01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29576255

atla is a western show and dabs on 99.9% of anime so who gives a shit about gay ass monikers

>> No.29576261

mal posters are nuts

>> No.29576264


>> No.29576292

hate anime

>> No.29576307

western shows arent art

>> No.29576310

this cured my depression for the day

>> No.29576323

dont care

>> No.29576391

wotd: 花茶

>> No.29576418

flower tea???

>> No.29576432

kacha? kacha?

>> No.29576434

yubi yubi yubi

>> No.29576500


>> No.29576544

because youre a faggot

>> No.29576557

where'd the o come from

>> No.29576562

turn on ur monitor

>> No.29576575

why are there so many autistic female mcs in anime?

>> No.29576604

because thats what females are

>> No.29576607

fuck westernshit, but specially fuck muricanshit.

>> No.29576628

finna read

>> No.29576635

where do you live

>> No.29576665


>> No.29576688

because they're males with the body of a woman, shitty writing.

>> No.29576696

I love Samurai Champloo ending way too much, I've been listening to it 16 hours a day for a week now.

>> No.29576733

it's an attractive fantasy to some people

>> No.29576755

go back, smelly subhumans

>> No.29576777

yubi yubi

>> No.29576799

back to your containment thread /v/ teen.

>> No.29576808

based & based GET

>> No.29576927


>> No.29576932

based would be me breaking your fingers one by one with a pliers and then chopping your hands off so you never come here again

>> No.29576952
File: 25 KB, 102x187, bubble.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

whats that?

>> No.29576970

please stop you're scaring me with your badassery

>> No.29577018

shut the fuck up and go back to int you subhuman. i hope you and your family get murdered in cold blood. its what you deserve for being a holoshiter teenager shitting on my thread.

>> No.29577042

hate when the bgm in anime carries the whole show to such an degree that i can't give it a bad score like i originally intended to

>> No.29577050

I said stop you are now being way too cool I can't handle it, please have my babies

>> No.29577074

bleed to death disgusting roach

>> No.29577095

bought some candy for my japanese friend who is gonna send me some nihonsyu

>> No.29577105

fuck alcoholics and addicts of any kind

>> No.29577109

isnt that a し or why would the author mix katanakana and hirigana in one word

>> No.29577121

shut the fuck up 19 year old danish teenager

>> No.29577130

>isnt that a し
makes sense
>why would the author mix katanakana and hirigana in one word
because they hate us they hate each and every last one of us

>> No.29577134

drinking ice coffee with vodka rn
a 微酔い makes you better at japanese

>> No.29577152


>> No.29577169

bro chill what the fuck is your issue

>> No.29577201
File: 14 KB, 450x271, 2018030105-7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

post your スペック
especially your weight (dont care about how many thousands of cards you have)

>> No.29577236

i agree that holoshitters are cancer and that >>29576952 kind of posts are getting annoying but the faggot was shitting on me yesterday for posting anime so fuck him too.

>> No.29577243



>> No.29577249

dont call me annoying ;_;

>> No.29577319

Japan is the best country in the world, and learning japanese will grant me access to it and its culture.

All the hard work will pay off! I will keep pushing!

>> No.29577336

stfu insectoid

>> No.29577376

jump off a bridge dude

>> No.29577390


>> No.29577405

Listen, I'm not gonna say nothing about Anki as a resource in of itself. It's a useful tool, and there's no shame in using useful tools.

That being said, I've seen some people abuse Anki and I just want to get out some thoughts about it. I've used Anki a bit in the past, but I don't use it too often. On the other hand, I've seen friends get so caught up in using Anki that at some point most of their Japanese Learning boils down to Anki because they convince themselves they don't have time.

This is a terrible way to learn. Don't let Anki consume your learning no matter how addictive or easy it is. Anki is a flashcard tool, it's not going to further advance your Japanese learning beyond getting you to memorize things. You need to make sure you're doing your reading, writing, speaking, and listening practice beyond Anki. It doesn't matter how many kanji or vocabulary words you learn, if you don't learn how to employ them, then you'll never learn Japanese.

Use Anki as a resource in tandem with other things, because Anki will never teach you Japanese, only help you learn it. Good luck with your learning.

>> No.29577422

there's no issue with posts like >>29576952
any beginner will have stupid brain farts like that and get stuck sometimes

>> No.29577438

im honestly just better than almost everyone here in all ways

>> No.29577445

the beginner thread is on /int/ you fucking retard

>> No.29577452

nice thread lol

>> No.29577454

>Japan is the best country in the world
why are uppercasers so retarded

>> No.29577458

never loled so hard before itt thanks fren

>> No.29577498


>> No.29577511

it's a し tho

>> No.29577520

if you knew how it really was you would realise youre coping with that post

>> No.29577537

get squashed insect

>> No.29577579

*autistic screeching*

>> No.29577581

i doubt yours thicker than mine tho (15糎周り)

>> No.29577606

where is og and jamal when we need them to drive off the subhuman invaders

>> No.29577616

Name a better country.

>> No.29577631

you don't know japanese

>> No.29577649

if you know japanese you know what im talking about

>> No.29577652

you dont need to quote me when youre talking to yourself

>> No.29577657

yeah you sure are thick (esls and americans minagorosi

>> No.29577686

i beheaded og and im about to disembowel jabum.

>> No.29577700
File: 3 KB, 394x34, 4A.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fourth day.

>> No.29577704

not as thick as the dragon dildo ill shove in your ass

>> No.29577717

mail me the bowels i want a new onaho

>> No.29577784

dunno why you're still still swinging at jamal when he has hit rock bottom and is lying down in a pool of his own blood

>> No.29577798

finna read

>> No.29577837

Nice, when are you going to start learning Japanese though?

>> No.29577845

at this point i swing at him just for shit n giggles.

>> No.29577851


>> No.29577879

post your new card settings & review settings and your retention rate.

>> No.29577942

seen this in a doujin back when i first started

>> No.29577957
File: 154 KB, 796x1097, 1603046571561.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Guys, I'm doing it, I've already learned the first three rows in the kana game on the guide

>> No.29578009


>> No.29578037


ur fooling nobody quiz, put the trip back on

>> No.29578046

>those piercings

>> No.29578099

lmfao rekt

>> No.29578160
File: 11 KB, 384x116, screen.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

day no. 1421

>> No.29578243

shit retention for mature cards

>> No.29578256

r ppl talkin shit about me im not reading any of this shit lol come 1v1 me if u wanna talk shit

>> No.29578265

i know i hope this gets better once i reach 10 years

>> No.29578340

stfu you fucking chink

>> No.29578354
File: 105 KB, 1280x720, e27241d756f738002cfa3c783cd74789.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

jamal you are saving primogems for ayaka right?

>> No.29578392

its just me in the server strafe jumping around rn feel free to join any time

idk if ill still even b playing by the time 1.3 or 1.4 drops so no

>> No.29578407
File: 99 KB, 836x635, 0001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

forgot my anki reps yesterday and dunno why now my really long streak is broken

>> No.29578448

>its just me in the server strafe jumping around rn feel free to join any time
i'll go once you go on a reading stream with qm and talk in japanese with him.

>> No.29578460

what practical purpose would speaking japanese with a non japanese speaker have

>> No.29578478

the same that me going to your server.

>> No.29578491

very true as im speaking english with a non english speaker right now

>> No.29578505

>very true as im speaking english with a non english speaker right now

>> No.29578523

this is actually a really great dizz towards j

>> No.29578526

u know i had to do it to em

>> No.29578548

have u talked to howard recently

>> No.29578595


>> No.29578631


>> No.29578637

shhh, he doesnt know.

>> No.29578647

into the spider verse is better than any anime movie

>> No.29578652

I already am.

>> No.29578729

true, it was a very good movie

anime movies can excel in other genres though
like the emotional ones always make me go through several tissue packs

>> No.29578764

>like the emotional ones always make me go through several tissue packs
yea but there's too many of them and they're creatively bankrupt and shit now

>> No.29578803

jabum, are you a hikki or/and a neet?

>> No.29578863

that feel when the srt file just syncs up with the video file perfectly

>> No.29578889
File: 14 KB, 770x231, キャプチャ.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

found jamal on int

>> No.29578894

dont know that feel dunno what chinks do that the subs are never fuckin synced

>> No.29578959


>> No.29579000

love it when the sub says "for coalgirls" or something so i know which eps to get

>> No.29579289

>like the emotional ones always make me go through several tissue packs
like what? if u say something by shinkai or miyazaki you have an iq of 80

>> No.29579446

koe no katachi

>> No.29579482

somehow managed to pick the one thing thats worse unbelievable

>> No.29579483

anime makes me go through several tissue packs as well if you catch my drift

>> No.29579499

also recently violet evergarden, the movie was nice

>> No.29579551

anime discussion's almost as bad as anki discussion

>> No.29579577

lmfao holy shit

>> No.29579610

oh you know japanese?

name one dinosaur in japanese then

>> No.29579627

popular bad!

>> No.29579646


>> No.29579655


>> No.29579673

yeah bro i know all the scary dragons

>> No.29579676


>> No.29579682

its bad cause its bad not cause its popular

>> No.29579713

imma cry again when i finally get to watch the mugen ressha-hen movie

>> No.29579985


>> No.29579992

is he right?


>> No.29580054

haven't heard that song in a good minute

>> No.29580059

yeah thats cool and all but check out this based lil kitty vibin

>> No.29580109

only read the first paragraph but yeah, the last season was like that.
the first season was okay.

>> No.29580123


>> No.29580124


>> No.29580143

already forgot half of what happens in the new season of re zero

>> No.29580177

i cant get over the fact that someone has been uploading subs for this shit for 8 fucking years lmfao

>> No.29580217

one of the best videos of 2020

>> No.29580231

>one of the most long running widely know series in japan
>why does someone keep uploading subs for this?

>> No.29580233


>> No.29580259

Do you ever wake up in a cold sweat asking yourself why you're spending hours studying Japanese instead of like, art, music, programming, whatever?

>> No.29580276

because that's what bros do for other bros?

>> No.29580291

>rezero doesnt have themes

>> No.29580303


>> No.29580313

i will learn how to draw after mastering japanese and coding (yes i intend to create doujin (the lewd kind) rpg games in rpg maker vx ace)

>> No.29580336

i couldnt see any themes in rezero but im a surface watcher thats incapable of perceiving anything beyond that

>> No.29580347

thats the most cucked possible mindset desu
if you were spending hours studying music you'd still probably be wonder why you were wasting them and not spending them studying art or programming etc

>> No.29580356

>Do you ever wake up in a cold sweat
never had a nightmare either, can't say i know this feeling

>> No.29580374

i wake up despondent that i dont know japanese pretty often

>> No.29580375

based npc

>> No.29580449

I respect it, but do you really gotta use RPGmaker though?

>> No.29580593

It probably just indicates I should be allocating less time towards studying and more towards using it (i.e. reading manga or something.) Cause it feels like if I were doing something else I would be able to make more personal use of it while I'm learning.

>> No.29580624

nah just keep studying bro thats how u get good haha

>> No.29580766
File: 21 KB, 666x525, my wife loves.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anyone here uses duolingo? Vtubers seem to like it for their English studies.

>> No.29580833
File: 118 KB, 1280x720, mpv-shot0139.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29580869

lmao imagine studying japanese just feel it out bro like I do

>> No.29580959

you can't just slap sa at the end of every sentence

>> No.29581006
File: 77 KB, 768x1024, 1304718223524.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.29581041

watch meさ

>> No.29581051

screencapping this for djt prosperityさ

>> No.29581136


a bit late but this is for the next time when djt is screaming at each other

>> No.29581154


>> No.29581230 [DELETED] 


>> No.29581288

on the off chance I post this sentence in japanese here im usually meaning it in assertive or playfully philosophical way. it's only natural use さ a lot

>> No.29581296


>> No.29581340


>> No.29581377


>> No.29581482

yea i wanted to upload a subtitled version but i don't know how to use xmedia recode for that

>> No.29581540

shut the fuck up

>> No.29581583

thick legs

>> No.29581634 [DELETED] 


>> No.29581710

醜男 is the kanji for that
also commonly read as しこお

>> No.29581743

what? i never heart the male version of sikome in 4 years of me watching anime and reading vinnies

>> No.29581747


>> No.29581762

nothing like a cup of coke with milk

>> No.29581835


>> No.29581900
File: 5 KB, 417x66, 1592004347486.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.29581909

wish i could create a mmo rpg with qm, ciaran and big j together in a comfy zoom call

>> No.29581969


>> No.29582071


>> No.29582092

gotta agree with >>29581969

>> No.29582097

saving this one

>> No.29582305
File: 653 KB, 1280x720, 恋する乙女と守護の楯.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

rare unironic underage drinking in a japanese medium
usually someone will go off about how it's a 犯罪

>> No.29582322
File: 309 KB, 1280x720, ro.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i wanna go back

>> No.29582325

their faces look so fucked up

>> No.29582338

n5 vn

>> No.29582359

bitch looks like a ripoff of haruhi with blue hair

>> No.29582429

n6 here, where does it say anybody's drinking anything?

>> No.29582511

nowhere but that's what happens in the scene
in that cap she's just listing the drinks they got in stock

>> No.29582525

sake and wine arent really drinking though

>> No.29582549

but beer is?

>> No.29582557

whiskey isnt really drinking though

>> No.29582581

wish i could drink with a miseinen

>> No.29582589

揃う is a big boy n2 word

>> No.29582597

heh heh *sips*

>> No.29582616

yeah because you dont drink beer like you drink wine

>> No.29582631

manga isnt really reading though

>> No.29582640

yeah that's almost never seen these days. hates how moral authorities are in japan lately. if i see one more "she got drunk on regular juice" bit im going to snap. miss the 90s

>> No.29582655

go to europe

>> No.29582676

I love studying in romaji.

>> No.29582688

imagine not having 性的衝動 err day

>> No.29582691

apparently that game is getting a switch release in a few days
doubt that stays in lol

>> No.29582732

dont care
underage drinking is cringe

>> No.29582812

dont care
drinking is cringe

>> No.29582844

drinking wine right now *sips*

>> No.29582850

you're cringe and no one likes you kill yourself.

>> No.29582857

this unless you are 40+ years old

>> No.29582865

t. alcoholic

>> No.29582870


>> No.29582872


>> No.29582886


>> No.29582912

How does One Piece get away with it?

>> No.29582983

just I think zoomers couldn't be more trash, then go on a tangent about hating alcohol lmao

>> No.29583027

thought zoomers drank alcohol to be cool

>> No.29583035


>> No.29583054
File: 11 KB, 447x378, 158.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29583089

no for the most part they regurgitate whatever their teachers told them which is why they're pro-weed pro hard drugs, anti-cigarettes and anti-alcohol. incapable of seeing the paradoxical nature of their retarded worldview for the indoctrination that it is

>> No.29583125

im pro do whatever the fuck u wanna do

>> No.29583146
File: 290 KB, 1920x1080, 1599206417737.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29583177

what's paradoxical is how your iq is so fucking low yet you're still breathing

>> No.29583185

i drink everyday when its a break cuz i feel horrible if i dont occupy my mind with school or work

>> No.29583283

how do you guys approach longer sentences you know the words of and the basic grammar, but still can't make out a meaning even if you look at all the parts on e.g. ichi.moe?
do you just ignore it and continue or do you use deepl or whatever to get a translation to try to understand the sentence? i'm always unsure what to do in those cases

>> No.29583312

that's it, i'm going to delete all my leeches

>> No.29583316

i don't think it's good to get into the habit of drinking alone, but I definitely don't see anything wrong with having a glass of wine or something with dinner or at night on the weekends
nice projection. clench harder for me, sub iq monkey

>> No.29583326

if its in anime i toggle the eng subs cause i hate missing shit story wise. i also used to save those sentences sometimes in a txt file and come back to them a few months later cause it felt good being able to easily read them

>> No.29583354

dunno man i dont think people should abstain from doing what they enjoy if theyre gonna die in the end.

>> No.29583359

here's a secret, you just continue forward and it becomes clear from the context

>> No.29583396

skip, sometimes i understand it after reading a few more sentences

>> No.29583402

i had manga in mind but i guess it's not that much of a difference in the end

no, it's not always clear from context.

>> No.29583528

Japan is the perfect country. It would suck if it got flooded with gaijins.

>> No.29583560


>> No.29583589

based idiot

>> No.29583604

not a zoomer and not that anon that said drinking is cringe.
i just dont find it appealing, pretty much like any other drug.
don't care how any of them make me feel, i always perceive not being in a neutral state as way more annoying than the supposed positive effects of a drug.

>> No.29583687

not forcing anyone to drink i just think it's cringe when people get all moral about it. also I'm not sure about other people but i don't have any reaction to alcohol unless ive had two or more drinks and even then it takes quite a bit for me to be properly drunk. i unironically enjoy the taste of some alcohol and how it goes with food

>> No.29583720

im gonna need ciarans take on this drinking thing

>> No.29583743

i hope u unironically enjoy losing all ur teeth

>> No.29583749

zoom zoom

>> No.29583874
File: 151 KB, 273x397, Screenshot_2020-11-22 Ch 1 - Flying Witch - Bilingual Manga.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This probably going to be really dumb, first time reading a Japanese manga...
Why she says てます?
Shouldn't it be 残って[い]ますよ?

>> No.29583899

i have the highest iq here and declare drinking to be retarded

>> No.29583904

it's march but im still here?

>> No.29583947

oh for context she's talking about snow leftovers

>> No.29583959

check out >>>/int/djt for beginner threads ull be better suited to post these kinds of things there

>> No.29583973

You will see that a lot. Japanese people contract words in ways like っている->ってる or ておく->とく and manga authors represent it in their text.

>> No.29583990

it's a typo haha

>> No.29584012

i have the biggest dick here and I say any pussy bitch who doesn't drink is going to ride 9 inches of this 肉棒

>> No.29584045

why do alcoholics want to drag everybody down into their dump?

>> No.29584113

Thanks! So grammatically correct is TE-verb いる, and TE-verb る is colloquialism?

>> No.29584136


>> No.29584139

why do you strawman everyone who is in a pussy afraid of a little drink of alcohol now and again is automatically an alcoholic? stop projecting your own lack of self-discipline

>> No.29584174

finally the seal is broken

>> No.29584184

That's still popular in Japan?

>> No.29584313

dont wanna talk to non drinkers

>> No.29584367

which daily japanese thread is for people that aren't learning japanese and just want attention? that's the one you should be in

>> No.29584404

fuck jabum

>> No.29584440

it's a great manga, especially for beginners. was one of my first manga i read and i loved it.

i suggest checking outt he book club threads over at the wanikani forums. they have discussions/questions and vocab lists.
you wont get much help out of djt.

>> No.29584449

why would he learn japanese when he already knows japanese

>> No.29584475

what part of "i wanna go back" don't you understand?

>> No.29584519

is it good? because i watched a few episodes of the anime and dropped it after a couple episodes.

>> No.29584552

is that flying bitch? it's complete fuckin DOGSHIT if so

>> No.29584635

flying bitch is the most boring sol ive ever read. even worse than yuyushiki

>> No.29584689

the anime sucks. the production value is bad, but it's 1:1 like the manga... the first 1 or even 2 volumes are not that amazing, but it's getting definitely better. the later volumes are fun. if you like very easy going relaxed slice of life then i can definitely recommend the manga. shows that a lot of people seem to hate it, because not a lot is going on that would meet the attention those adhd kids need.

>> No.29584705

lol wtf

>> No.29584750

whats wtf about it

>> No.29584775

oh yea because ive sought so much attention with my now staggering 23 posts in a 700 post thread lmao

>> No.29584776

you know like your いつだっていつでもいつまでもbroたち men

>> No.29584785

>you wont get much help out of djt.
Yeah I figured out as much now, 草
This was my first post on here, I never really lurked these threads, just sticky.
Seems like you guys talk about everything other than nihongo lol
Thank anyway Anon!

btw. I liked FW anime when it aired, fuck you guys

>> No.29584804


>> No.29584871

>my now staggering 23 posts in a 700 post thread lmao
that's so much better.

>> No.29584959


>> No.29585030

time to settle this once and for all

>> No.29585031

this thread is for people learning japanese, leave

>> No.29585032

ufotable animation is top notch
the manga actually ended which is a huge plus for shounen
my favorite character is zenitu
music is decent

i wouldn't call it dogshit, there are much much worse shows in every season
kinda devalues the term dogshit

>> No.29585065

convince me ur learning japanese first

>> No.29585106

do you have any self awareness?

>> No.29585108

it needs to be called dogshit to offset the critical praise of such a mediocre albeit visually decent sometimes show

>> No.29585111

I thought 妻 was 姿 today

>> No.29585131

Vocab cards or Sentence cards, which one is better?

>> No.29585146

what does that have to do with learning japanese u just posted 2 chinese hieroglyphics

>> No.29585152

>when jabum takes off his trip.

>> No.29585168

you're not learning japanese, leave

>> No.29585174

i forgot to put it back on cuz i was posting in another thread and fsr it cleared the name field here

>> No.29585178

my dick in your mouth

>> No.29585200

ufotable sucks

>> No.29585208

yosh, another day of smelling my own farts in the daily circlejerk thread done

>> No.29585213

u still havent convinced me ur learning japanese so u also need to leave until u show me otherwise

>> No.29585215

>using the n word
hypocritical much?

>> No.29585251

vocab with sentence audio of the back

>> No.29585275

not really i attempted to use it humorously and its a very big gamble to do so with a lot on the line

if it doesnt go over well u look like that kramer at the laugh factory and if it goes over well u get a couple chuckles but its still not in good taste

truly a high risk low reward tactic

>> No.29585300

yo, who the fuck gave you the right to say nigger you fucking chink?

>> No.29585337

um its called the internet

>> No.29585379

im gonna report you to the feds right now, you'll be send to an anti-racism camp.

>> No.29585382

just remembered the video trip guy posted and laughed

>> No.29585403

ur pasty biceps

>> No.29585412

you suck

>> No.29585451

your moms tits

>> No.29585460


>> No.29585478

rights aren't something a third party can give or take from you, you have to take them by force.

t. max stirner

>> No.29585496

going back to my vinnie

>> No.29585513

i can only tolerate less than 50 jabum posts in a single thread, the more he posts the more my urge to behead him rises.

>> No.29585532

just filter the bum wtf

>> No.29585551

there are no such thing as rights

t. neetchan.

>> No.29585570

@ jabum re: his vocaroos

>> No.29585601

is this og or the new g

>> No.29585615

>726 posts
>77 posters
DJT is fucking trash

>> No.29585637

katakana is impossible

>> No.29585650

agreed way too many posters

>> No.29585662

filtering is for faggots

>> No.29585665

good now you can go back to whatever hole you crawled out of

>> No.29585667

are you fucking retarded?

>> No.29585697

you're not learning japanese, leave

>> No.29585709

your posts >>29585513 are already as faggoty as it gets so what difference does it make lmfao

>> No.29585741

so impotently seething and crying over his posts is better? lol @ ur logic

>> No.29585766

there's a new g?

>> No.29585769

you are pathetic

>> No.29585777

i prefer to shit on jabum constantly.

>> No.29585783

glad you asked answer is no your turn now

>> No.29585805

there's never an appropriate time to use the n word. apologize

>> No.29585826

do u also prefer not knowing any japanese haha cuz all u do is make trash posts all day

>> No.29585840

im directly answering his fucking strawpoll. the fuck is wrong with you.

>> No.29585846

daily reminder that 99% of people in this thread aren't fluent in japanese. literally the blind leading the blind. if the advice you're following isn't from someone like yoga or matt, you're never gonna make it

>> No.29585849
File: 9 KB, 435x140, a.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

nah, that's just the brain trying to shortcut the symbols to a known word, and wrinkly isn't in a japanese person's mind.
it's like those english scrambled word texts that are still readable.

>> No.29585882

that's golden coming from the faggot that has been shitting up this thread daily for four fucking years.

>> No.29585884

dont care

>> No.29585903


>> No.29585926

heres another golden thing coming your way *unzips pants*

>> No.29585960

eating is the only language yoga knows

>> No.29585969


>> No.29585977

MASS immersion

>> No.29586007

is that an intentional 金玉 joke?

>> No.29586031

he means he's gonna piss down ur fucking throat

>> No.29586046

shut the fuck up nigger

>> No.29586095

right back at u same as before

>> No.29586116

the たいよう makes my 目 いたいよう なんつって

>> No.29586131


>> No.29586163

there's so few common japanese surnames but you can just spam through them and target 90% of the population lmao

>> No.29586210

i cant hang out with asians ever again because i would feel like matt in that one picture

>> No.29586224

should i dye my hair light brown before going to japan

>> No.29586225
File: 83 KB, 202x213, 1581388919657.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

if you allow me to dab for a moment

>> No.29586264

thanks just testing my automated djt baitpost generator

>> No.29586270

no go for a dark blond they'll like you better if you are a stereotypical 金髪

>> No.29586302

imma delete all the mature cards that i get wrong even once

>> No.29586314


>> No.29586333

id look like a gyaruo with blonde hair cuz my skin is tanned lol

>> No.29586349

itiban tuyoi gayjin ni naritai kana

>> No.29586381

where do you even get that crap

>> No.29586407

sungazing is good for you

>> No.29586445

wanna beat those mouthbreathers with a shovel until they die

>> No.29586448

tfw youre gazing at your monitor turned off

>> No.29586467

sounds pretty イケメン desu. also it's 'blond' if you are a dude.

>> No.29586575

you're not learning japanese, leave

>> No.29586577

t. a blonde

>> No.29586597

you're not learning japanese, leave

>> No.29586620

i am learning japanesse and gonna leave

>> No.29586678

not learning japanese not leaving

>> No.29586679

they have a collective iq of 112

>> No.29586723


>> No.29586831

futari no honey boy

>> No.29586893
File: 542 KB, 482x747, 2020-11-22 22_02_30-YACReader - 18.pdf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29586923

bros how do you use a squat toilet
planning on going to japan after travel opens again but im scared i will accidentally get shit everywhere

>> No.29586986

i have never gone to japan and i will never go.

>> No.29586990

i like hold some folded up toilet paper in my hand and catch it as it comes out, then drop it in the toilet

>> No.29587023


>> No.29587090

this is your ass on american food

>> No.29587101


>> No.29587109

who cares just get shit everywhere and they should apologize to you for having shitty toilets

>> No.29587132

imagine losing your balance while squatting stuff of nightmares

>> No.29587175
File: 12 KB, 400x300, ナンバ歩き.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29587194

you're literally not though. why are you here. leave.

>> No.29587218

my shits are actually usually pretty fibrous
but cant rule out a runny day bro
yeah this is another thing i fear

>> No.29587243

and you are ?

>> No.29587261

if you can do the asian squat you should be fine.
if not you're a subhuman.

>> No.29587293

you just have to get completely naked before you take a shit
then if you fall in your own shit you can just wipe yourself clean before getting dressed again

>> No.29587392

this is why i post in the nude

>> No.29587441

wiping only smushes stuff around, it won't really make you clean

>> No.29587470

well thats why u dab it up first

>> No.29587517

man this thread fucking sucks skimmed thru it and couldnt find a single interesting conversation or post

>> No.29587536

the mental image of you constantly snacking while sitting around nude for hours just goes to show how utterly depraved you are. truly a bum

>> No.29587622

what is the asian squat?
i can only slav squat

>> No.29587623

you learned japanese as a kid, you're not a learner. leave this thread

>> No.29587714

my bготнег

>> No.29587834

its a bad habit i don't recommend it. been clean and sober for about a year now.

>> No.29587851

every japanese learning community needs ppl who know japanese to watch over them

>> No.29587895

yeah, quiz.

>> No.29587938

go back to discord to be watched over then lol

>> No.29587967

fuck off with this retard, go circlejerk for him in the discord

>> No.29587992
File: 119 KB, 900x900, unnamed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29588077


>> No.29588145

man jamal garlic sauce is great

>> No.29588169

nice tribute to mcdonalds lady well done

>> No.29588230

djt could aspire to this level of attachment to not knowing japanese

>> No.29588259

i took the vtuber pill today and it's amazing


>> No.29588276


>> No.29588325

don't sleep on the male vtubers

>> No.29588349

playing borderlands 3 in nihongo, pretty good voice acting

>> No.29588372

castlevanias pretty fun

>> No.29588416

nobody is going to eat your sauce, jamal

>> No.29588435

why r u thinkin about eating my sauce

>> No.29588451

cutscene and story based bullshit was the death of gaming

>> No.29588506
File: 216 KB, 500x667, 20160624191123035_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this is the proper asian squat, feet and knees together.

>> No.29588516


like just look at this, what amazing entertainment it brings a smile to my face

>> No.29588586

annoying as fuck and not interesting at all

>> No.29588622

i can do it cause of my slav genetics since we shallower hip sockets which let us get into deep squats easier but it's cheating if you're wearing heals lol, you cant get into that position with ur fleet fat so you'd be on ur toes

>> No.29588665

dah fuck am I doing vocaroos for free in this place? need to just sell out and be an irradiated retard raking in simp bucks. don't even need to fix myself just get random anime blob 362 skin

>> No.29588671


>> No.29588689

he might be the most disgusting human ever

>> No.29588737

why r u subjecting urself to teekyo sam

>> No.29588757

dno know what you're talking about it's definitely harder and heels cuz the weights all different. i can drop right down on my floor no trouble without shoes

>> No.29588764

hahaha what the fuck

>> No.29588766

dno he fascinates me

>> No.29588825

sam ate tokyos o

>> No.29588866

jamal you never gave me your opinion on my wendy's takeout

>> No.29588915

what a hero

>> No.29588917
File: 1.02 MB, 640x640, 1600879758517.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

olympic weight lifters who are insanely flexible and have tiny fucking femurs still wear weightlifting shoes with a raised heel. it's cause of the ankle mobility, the closer your knees are together when you squat the more mobility you require to be able to keep your feet flat at the bottom of a squat. you'd have to be exceptionally flexible to be able to maintain the posture of >>29588506 while you feet are flat on the ground.

>> No.29588967

when you see a new card, do you press again or good?

>> No.29588973

>no kansai-ben gf
just end it

>> No.29588981

its modern pop trash but i do sorta like the vibe so if u wanna imagine us that way thats fine

>> No.29589007

depends on if i fail it or get it right

>> No.29589025

imagine tkyo wanting to poop real bad but the only toilet around is a squat one

>> No.29589081

did he ever publish his yoga hate video?

>> No.29589118

lots of asians can do this i reckon. my exgf could just sit on her ass like this from a standing position. very jelly cuz i need weightlifting shoes to get reasonable depth with my scottish hips

>> No.29589147

pfft imagine being a pea brained overgrown child and also a cynical おじさん who can enjoy modern pop music. starting to think you are truly 役立たず. anyway they aren't even mainstream

>> No.29589181

poor girl had to do all that just to blow him lol

>> No.29589183

dunno bro im a pure slav and that asian squat position is easy for me
im not even flexible

>> No.29589209

1.7 mil views in a few weeks hardly seems non mainstream in fact considering how much u detest normies how can u enjoy things like that

>> No.29589235


>> No.29589259

in addition


>> No.29589268

im not saying u cant get into that position, i can do it easily too. all im saying is that you cant do it with your feet flat, you have to be on your toes (in the vast majority of cases)

>> No.29589294

no but i just tried it with my feet flat and it was still easy

>> No.29589310

>cant do it with your feet flat, you have to be on your toes
i was talking about with feet flat it's not a squat if your feet are coming up lol

>> No.29589344

stop taking shots at his height scumbag

>> No.29589359

doesn't really make much sense considering the typical position is on your knees which is probably about the same head height as an a2g squat

>> No.29589410

and before someone says it i know the typical position from receiving it

>> No.29589426

ur feet together and ur back straight/posture upright? maybe it works if you're an ultra manlet i guess

>> No.29589429

eh i didn't think it was that big of a hit counter in today's yt music scene but i dno.
>hate normies
once again, just off the mark. refuse to let normies take lighthearted fun away from me. anyway jp normies are alright considering

>> No.29589442

queerans brags hurt the worst

>> No.29589443

playing 通心ぼ

>> No.29589503

oh ur 1 of those kinda weebs where u think japanese ppl are better than the ppl around u

also sry i didnt know ur stance on normies

>> No.29589549

yeah it makes me seethe to a degree i didnt think possible

>> No.29589560

maybe you just have a fucked spine or something bro dont know what to tell you

>> No.29589567

>maybe it works if you're an ultra manlet i guess
big cope for your shitty ankle flexibility

>> No.29589599

i do oly lifting lol i think i'd have had a bar fall on my fuckin neck by now if i couldnt get into the atg position.

>> No.29589626

starting to feel all the しゃがむ talk is just to get people to post themselves in weird poses. you guys really have trouble just going down with your legs and feet together?? its the simplest thing and requires like no flexibility

>> No.29589670

i don't think that they're better than the people around me, just different in a way that suits me.

>> No.29589699

oh no no no sweetheart no nOoooooooooo

>> No.29589724

>have to listen to music while running cause none of my podcasts have a new episode out today
clenchin atm

>> No.29589738

it requires a lot of flexibility you just don't really understand the biomechanics of it. there are a number of limiters like you physically can't do it unless your knee goes past your toe as you squat which is a function of ankle flexibility. which is why oly lifting shoes are a thing. hip depth is also a factor and that is genetic and unfixable

>> No.29589767

i think weve come to a crossroads wendys chan this is our song now


>> No.29589789

what podcasts you listen to?

>> No.29589817

why though

>> No.29589836

i think after 15 or so years of being in this shit and a year and a half total living in japan, i have a right to that opinion as cringy as it might sound to a cynical cunt like yourself. why am I even bothering explaining this to a chinaman lmao

>> No.29589851

because an ugly, retarded, braindead scottish manlet with a receded jawline and beady pigs eyes getting laid and me not makes my failure that much more pathetic

>> No.29589876


>> No.29589894

hltv confirmed, by the numbers, believe you me, jocko (ye ye i like military history sue me), mike drop. few others im probably forgetting

>> No.29589899
File: 894 KB, 1408x2101, 1468347515605.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How to break up with my GF so she could leave read Japanese in peace

>> No.29589908

>a year and a half total living in japan,

no stop it hurts plz no more im sorry ur right ur right just plz i cant handle it

>> No.29589920

oh thought you mean jp pods

>> No.29589941

>hip depth
does this mean it's easier or harder for women to do it because I've literally never met a woman who can't bend this way. if you try saying that it would be harder for a woman your hypothesis is retarded.

>> No.29589970

man weebs truly are mentally ill

>> No.29589976

no im not good enough yet to be able to absentmindedly listen to podcasts in japanese while im huffing and puffing like a bitch

>> No.29590013

i know what you mean and feel the same exact way (of course i dont have unrealistic expectations that i can get on with everybody but i have some very positive experiences just from skyping)
jamal is just old and forgot how to chill

>> No.29590049

do you even go to the gym lol i see women who can't squat for shit every time. and bone structure is regionally different so it would make sense everyone you know can do it if they're all slavs

>> No.29590052

stop orbiting

>> No.29590086

u guys sayin i forgot how to chill when u dont even see the rest of this iceberg

look this is all im gonna say regarding this

dont become 1 of those ppl who falls thru the cracks and finds themself belonging nowhere bc they discarded where they came from and then realized japan and japanese society at large isnt their home and never will be

>> No.29590094

shut the fuck up you fucking weirdo. you have no friends cuz youre a boring pathetic little shit.

>> No.29590111

how do you know all that is true

>> No.29590119

lol i honestly don't find og girl hot
wouldn't want to date a weeb girl either

>> No.29590129

finna play some rockman

>> No.29590153

you've confirmed everything but the beady eye thing with ur posting

>> No.29590158

buncrotch got issues

>> No.29590163

you wont ever date anyone gross incel.

>> No.29590177

not talking about structured weighted squats at a gym retard, just the movement of squatting directly downward with your legs and feet together. white american not a slav all my white girls in skirts n dresses squat straight down if they drop their phone or something always have. maybe you are just fat lmao.

>> No.29590191

i hung out with my friends yesterday and had a really good time
gonna have a house party with one i haven't seen in a few months because he moved + some others on friday

>> No.29590215
File: 1.31 MB, 1282x752, ASS IMMERSION APPROACH.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

how's your immersion going bros?

>> No.29590221

then you woke up

>> No.29590222


>> No.29590243

wait is og back

>> No.29590254

man insectoids really have no clue of anatomy or proportions lol

>> No.29590267


>> No.29590270

>all my white girls in skirts n dresses squat straight down if they drop their phone or something always have
they don't keep their feet on the ground or they're wearing heeled shoes when they do it. the typical westerner can't do a proper a2g squat unaided. whether it's in the gym with weights or not is irrelevant when it's the same movement, if anything it's easier to do it with weights because you can take balance from that but most people still suck ass

>> No.29590274

yea she cant stop thinkin about me its why she cant quit the thread

but its fine cuz i havent stopped thinking of her either

>> No.29590287

she never left only reduced posting

>> No.29590314

i'm talking new

>> No.29590318

idk why this is a big deal if u do the squat where u bend at ur heel or ankle or w.e then that shit hurts after a sec but if u keep ur feet flat its like sitting on ur feet but u dont put ur ass on the ground

>> No.29590355

i think i know how to use my autism to my advantage to do things most cant

>> No.29590365

meant for

>> No.29590395

name one such thing besides japanese

>> No.29590396

stopped posting for like 3 days i have been severely reducing the amount of time I'm here though. don't want to jinx quiz coming back
yeah im not falling for the bait I'm not going to post a picture of like the simplest thing. im about as out of shape as you can be and it is literally a nothingburger. just going to call you wrong and autistic and leave it at that

>> No.29590417

yeah because westerners are used to chairs lol
we also dont lie face down on the ground like submissive little bitches

>> No.29590431 [DELETED] 

all you do is shit post for attention, you're not learning, you're not guiding, you're attention whoring. leave

>> No.29590468

oh no wonder it's og trying to argue about squatting. yeah you definitely don't even know how to squat properly

>> No.29590471


>> No.29590502

lurk moar or go back to reddint

>> No.29590503

wanna take u to the beach and do calisthenics in the mornings together

post a vid of u pleading for me to leave whilst doing a dogeza so deep u actually wrap back around underneath and slam ur face into ur own asshole and ill consider it

>> No.29590507

im pretty good at playing the guitar
i have a quite unique way of writing experimental stuff

>> No.29590518

picky motherfucker.

>> No.29590534

no you dont

>> No.29590537

im better than you most likely

>> No.29590549 [DELETED] 

all you do is shit post for attention, you're not learning, you're not guiding, you're attention whoring. leave

>> No.29590556

lol post vocaroo if u playing any random lick where u bend up 2 steps w. the deepest nastiest vibrato u got and ill tell u if ur good at playing guitar

>> No.29590575

you have not read any of my real shit

>> No.29590590

not my fault ur too dumb to be guided and just spam the thread instead take it as a hint and go elsewhere

>> No.29590591

kill yourselves

>> No.29590609

bro youre just deluded pipe down

>> No.29590654

wish i could be good enough at base guitar to be like the lowkey qt in the back of the band with choppy hair in my face kind of vibe no what i mean?

>> No.29590664

gonna be sick when the bend is out of tune and the vibratos uneven and sounds like a cat puking up hairballs

bonus points if he snaps a string

>> No.29590667

you dont matter
your posts dont matter

>> No.29590690

base guitar? based on what?

>> No.29590695 [DELETED] 

all you do is shit post for attention, you're not learning, you're not guiding, you're attention whoring. leave

>> No.29590705

right back at you

>> No.29590716

lmao you're never gonna make it

>> No.29590723

i owe you nothing
i can play well enough to entertain myself for hours just improvising on my own
impressed my hs music teacher (optional for people who basically already could play) and girls
of course theory nerds could fuck me up but sometimes that is soulless

>> No.29590743

stop hating on the bunkoboy he's a sound lad y'all just jealous or what?

>> No.29590746

stfu pseud, this sounds like the shitty myth that licking your own elbow is impossible

>> No.29590753

dont care stfu youre garbage dont post ever again

>> No.29590757

this huge cope post makes me think otherwise

>> No.29590776

fuck me, this thread gets a lot of useless posts.

it's almost at 1000 already? i wanted to ask a question but i'm worried the thread will die soon.

>> No.29590781

jabum is not leaving, the fucker has been shitposting daily for four years already. you better shit on him hoping he gets pissed off and leaves or filter him off (although that's for faggots.)

>> No.29590786

4 line post = definite cope

what are u still bad at bends and vibrato ? just work on it bro its basically the most important display of control and finesse in playing the instrument

>> No.29590806

ask here

>> No.29590816

>grammar and vocab strong
>apparently don't know particles for shit
please someone teach me what the difference between ga and wa is

>> No.29590828 [DELETED] 

all you do is shit post for attention, you're not learning, you're not guiding, you're attention whoring. leave

>> No.29590829

why would that happen, dumbass?

>> No.29590830

ask the question now and if its good ill answer and if it aint i will tkae a diarrhea dump in ur ear by posting a vocaroo

>> No.29590833

i mean i can post guitar shit if jamal does it first
as far as i see it i already have more "skin in the game" anyway for even streaming without making a joke out of it hiding my level

>> No.29590846

right back at you

>> No.29590849

this post smells like borscht and strudel

>> No.29590865
File: 268 KB, 1920x1080, mpv-shot0058.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

wait someone correct me i thought she was going to leave for a year and come back and destroy quiz, what happened?

>> No.29590870

we need people like jamal og and quiz to be around for new years time
they serve a valuable function helping gatekeep newfags

>> No.29590872 [DELETED] 

all you do is shit post for attention, you're not learning, you're not guiding, you're attention whoring. leave

>> No.29590880

the cope is palpable

>> No.29590888

wait so i have to play guitar first after some dork comes in talkin about how good he is at guitar outta nowhere ? lmfao u better close the thread and get back to ur spider drills squiddo lol

>> No.29590891

they aren't the same in any way

>> No.29590894

i recommend watchin this video series to get started on understanding the biomechanics

>> No.29590898

if you killed yourself the only thing people would notice would be the thread getting better

>> No.29590912 [DELETED] 

all you do is shit post for attention, you're not learning, you're not guiding, you're attention whoring. leave

>> No.29590933

how so

>> No.29590941
File: 147 KB, 230x271, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i cant believe this dude thinks hes just gonna spam at me and 1 have it work and 2 get away with it

do u know who i am

>> No.29590964

yeah thinking this is a w for jamal

>> No.29590974

dunno can't see any of his posts

>> No.29590978

this guy just got in the daily jamal thread and is talking to our king like that

>> No.29590985

i never said i was that good but ive met very few my age who have been better and ive seen a lot of music kids
besides im playing for fun most of the time not even plugged in
imagine enjoying something

>> No.29590993

someone asked him. why should he play 4 u lol

>> No.29591018

holy moly jamal wtf freaky shit

>> No.29591053

crazy how a guy who just got out of high school is in here right now

>> No.29591056

newfags clench hard when they see us having normal interactions with tripfags and the eceleb lore we build up with every new arc makes the vast majority of our posts incomprehensible to them
this in turn results in fewer newfags that stick around longer than january

>> No.29591068 [DELETED] 

yes I know you, all you do is shit post for attention, you're not learning, you're not guiding, you're attention whoring. leave

>> No.29591088

sry dude u picked the wrong time and place to toot ur own horn outta nowhere

but at the end of it im glad u play dude keep rockin and keep havin fun

>> No.29591094

yeah, if i mine a card yesterday and see it new today, chances are high i'll get it correct.
also if you don't mine and use premade decks you can still get some cards correct the first time, especially kanji compound words of kanji you already know.

>> No.29591099

newfags like yourself love circlejerking namefags to feel like youre part of the "culture" lmao

>> No.29591100

we should all start using a trip to make the thread even more hostile to them

>> No.29591101

yeah buncrotch went too big and crumbled under his own weight, it happens to all of them

>> No.29591120


>> No.29591126

only if i get to decide what names u all post under

>> No.29591133

yea ive heard bunko riffing. he shits on jamals little ukelele antics

>> No.29591209

am i owakon now

>> No.29591228

they want to get big too quick, they dont have a solid foundation built over time like jamal

>> No.29591243

. You need grammar, vocab, and experience.

For grammar you might want to grab Tae Kim's grammar guide. It's free, cuts to the chase, and doesn't treat you like a toddler. You don't want to actually memorize it though; just read it. Carefully. It's going to give you a good enough starting point to start up on native material. Once you start reading / watching in Japanese and encounter a grammar structure that doesn't make sense to you, look it up on imabi or DoJG. Having experienced the process of learning a few languages, all I can say is: it's exposure that counts. Long-winded explanations of grammar structures and countless exercises for drilling them into you head just don't work really well. Get the basic idea of grammar, and go consume native material. When you're utterly unable to figure out the meaning of what you read / heard, refer back to a grammar resource. JP grammar is kinda scary at first, but it's still much easier than its English counterpart.

Vocabulary. There are two common approaches: learning kanji in isolation via an RTK Anki deck combined with (or followed by, if you can't handle the time investment) a good core deck. Core decks use frequency lists to pinpoint most common vocabulary and have you up and running as soon as possible. There are quite a few those (of extremely varying quality), and you choose one that suits your needs the most. This approach makes sure that you first learn to recognize 2000+ kanji by their keywords in ~2-3 months, so that you'll have easier time learning vocab by applying mnemonics. For instance: 大人 means an adult. You can memorize it as is... or, with prior knowledge of kanji and their "general meaning", you can create a story: 大 means large and 人 means person. Add them together and you've got "large person" = "adult". This example is super simple, but there are lots of difficult kanji and words that become so much easier to memorize by using mnemonics. The downside of this approach is: you need to complete an additional deck for isolated kanji study that will take you... well, about 2-3 months at 60-90 minutes a day. The other approach is to ignore isolated kanji study, and focus on vocab from the get-go. Yes, 曜 might look like a complicated kanji, but you'll be seeing it so much, you'll eventually remember it. The same applies to all kanji. You do a vocab deck, and just memorize kanji as they show up. Whether this method is more or less efficient depends heavily on you. The debate on isolate kanji study vs kanji through vocab has spanned long years now, and no consensus has ever been reached. I had huge issues memorizing kanji through vocab, so I did an RTK deck alongside a core one. Your mileage may vary. As always.

Experience is the fun, and initially super frustrating part. You take your flimsy understanding of grammar and patchy database of a thousand or three words, and start consuming native material. Starting with simpler things that still engage you. The single best resource to use at this point are visual novels. Not everyone's cuppa, clearly, but they're a perfect fit for the purpose. They combine text, audio, and visual cues. So ideally, you want to read one or two visual novels, and look up every grammar bit you don't get, make an anki card of every new word you come across (with audio, which is super simple with vns), and get your brain used to processing Japanese. Afterwards just read / watch whatever you want. And preferably continue making new cards out of all new things you come across.

Japanese TV is a bit tricky, to be honest. While you'll be able to get the general gist of what's happening pretty easily, the majority of references, jokes, kanji puns, and so forth will be obscured from your understanding. Initially, of course. With time, bumps and lows will even themselves out.

So, a super short summary:

My recommended route for getting you up and running as soon as possible is (1a-c should be done at the same time over the course of ~3 months):

1a. read Tae Kim's grammar guide to get basic understanding of Japanese grammar
1b. (optional) do a "Remembering the Kanji" (RTK) Anki deck
1c. do a relatively short core deck (if you plan on doing the next step, then the 'core 2.3k vn order' deck will be a perfect match, otherwise just use Core2k)
2 (optional) read one or two simpler visual novels and make new anki cards of whatever unfamiliar words / grammar structures you come across
3 consume any native material that you're interested in, and make new anki cards of whatever unfamiliar words / grammar structures you come across for the rest of your life
Assuming you do all of the above, you should be able to watch unsubbed TV within about a year. And understand most of it within 2 years. This method is highly dependent on your memory and time input. It's also rather time consuming, as just Anki cards may well peak at about 2-2.5 hours a day.

But by investing about 3-4 hours a day, you too can watch unsubbed anime

>> No.29591251

you got jouzud bro

>> No.29591286 [DELETED] 

all you do is shit post for attention, you're not learning, you're not guiding, you're attention whoring. leave

>> No.29591306

>make anki cards for the rest of your life

>> No.29591327

based learner keep on grinding

>> No.29591405

i support this guy in his epic quest to destroy jabum

>> No.29591420

i've gotten into the habit of adding sentences with multiple unknown words, because even though it has multiple unknowns it still easy to understand, how bad is this? am i crippling myself?

>> No.29591436

if anyone causes jamal to leave for good it'll probably be me when he realizes he was just my 魅惑のtarget practice. im actually the ripped black dude in this vid, sorry boys

>> No.29591437

>people prefer literal copy paste spam to jamutt
the absolute state

>> No.29591446

if you aren't here for busus and shitposting you're in the wrong place

>> No.29591453
File: 296 KB, 1920x1080, mpv-shot0029.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

soft as fuck

>> No.29591488

That's what Jamal has made you think.
Break the conditioning.
Set yourself free.

>> No.29591491

quiz was the best hope this thread had of taking out jamal but even he failed, you might as well quit now and accept our overlord

>> No.29591519

it just obviously will not work
only way to kill jamal is if we could all agree not to mention or reply to him but even if we could do that he would just take the trip off and try to blend in, getting yous and slowly coming back into the foreground
he knows exactly what the モブ here reply to and find funny
best is just to let him do his thing and focus on japanese instead lmao

>> No.29591531
File: 2.26 MB, 400x226, BnuRw_.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29591558

i read ciaran mentioned in the other thread. what the fuck, the only ciaran i know is a TF2 FAggot. is this the same one? show yourself

>> No.29591559

yeah that girls stomach/tits (all in one) provably feels very soft

>> No.29591606

hes one of the chillest guys in the thread retarded newfag autists spamming the thread are much worse

>> No.29591628

>doesn't know ciaran
you have to go back

>> No.29591630

Will start uppercasing too now, abstaining from it was conditioned upon me in this very thread.

>> No.29591638

i mainly agree but sometimes he says some shit that actually pisses me off so bad i literally pray i dont end up like him someday

>> No.29591650

wanna walk in ur bedroom rn and borderline shit my pants tryna fart on u

>> No.29591652

quiz is too much of an autist for this kind of shitflinging, this is the best he could do https://vocaroo.com/lZAyRg0YUZJ

>> No.29591676 [DELETED] 

All you do is shit post for attention, you're not learning, you're not guiding, you're attention whoring. Leave.

>> No.29591682

explain further.

>> No.29591684

dudes one of the most fun posters itt
id eiffel tower og with him any day

>> No.29591691

does he say "i want a man?"

can u stop making posts i gotta delete

>> No.29591699

lurk moar

>> No.29591717 [DELETED] 

all you do is shit post for attention, you're not learning, you're not guiding, you're attention whoring. leave

>> No.29591726

im with the fellow anon who wants jabum out.

>> No.29591754 [DELETED] 

>does he say "i want a man?"

>> No.29591774

it's a common name in ireland

>> No.29591781

>best is just to let him do his thing and focus on japanese instead lmao

but no1 can do this which is why we have a problem in the 1st place !! lol

>> No.29591806

i can i just check here every now and again sometimes get mad

>> No.29591809

dont worry bro you arent a broblem you are the solution
keep your head up king

>> No.29591812

>does he say "i want a man?"

>> No.29591815 [DELETED] 

All you do is shit post for attention, you're not learning, you're not guiding, you're attention whoring. Leave.

>> No.29591827 [DELETED] 

all you do is shit post for attention, you're not learning, you're not guiding, you're attention whoring. leave

>> No.29591834

All you leave.

>> No.29591846

you're giving him said attention

>> No.29591868

You know there's no money for winning the dick sucking championship, right?

>> No.29591901 [DELETED] 

All you do is shit post for attention, you're not learning, you're not guiding, you're attention whoring. Leave.

>> No.29591917


>> No.29591978

guys stop bullying him i think hes crying already

>> No.29592018

when will be matt releasing his new video with your shitty script?

>> No.29592042


>> No.29592049

i know all the djt lore (and im not gonna spoon feed)

>> No.29592095

last i heard he's still trying to figure out how to get it working

>> No.29592185 [DELETED] 

All you do is shit post for attention, you're not learning, you're not guiding, you're attention whoring. Leave.

All you do is shit post for attention, you're not learning, you're not guiding, you're attention whoring. Leave.

>> No.29592410

crazy how i can perfectly understand jamal but not this bitch, sounds like she has a dick in her mouth

>> No.29592423

got it, thanks

>> No.29592427

if u understood me then ud understand that its mine lol

>> No.29592440

dont ever say anything about anyones accent ever again

>> No.29592441

i hadnt listened to it until now lol

>> No.29592465

she said tundere about as gracefully as 1 can while speaking english not gonna slam her for that

>> No.29592500

gonna use this one lol

>> No.29592524 [DELETED] 

All you do is shit post for attention, you're not learning, you're not guiding, you're attention whoring. Leave.

>> No.29592529

cant believe hairy legs guy is a clench poster 見損なったぞ hairy legs guy

>> No.29592541

one of my least favorite redditor dumbass words

>> No.29592557

hairy legg dude is very unchill but his only redeeming factor was that he usually keeps his aids to himself its rare that he goes out of his lane

>> No.29592573 [DELETED] 

All you do is shit post for attention, you're not learning, you're not guiding, you're attention whoring. Leave.

>> No.29592580

what is your favorite reddit word

>> No.29592600


>> No.29592617

lol solid own there always love to see my boys comin sharp


>> No.29592620

j*mal fears leave guy

>> No.29592636


let's listen and actually learn something instead of shitposting.

>> No.29592656

i do fear that hell never stop posting and ill have to keep cleaning up his shit

>> No.29592660

no thank you
jamal tell us about the things you did to og

>> No.29592661

it's funny that og is out of shape but still feels qualified to call people incels

>> No.29592679

thanks but i don't need to spoonfed content, douche

>> No.29592682 [DELETED] 

All you do is shit post for attention, you're not learning, you're not guiding, you're attention whoring. Leave.

>> No.29592710

she has had sex so she can call u an incel just saying

>> No.29592727

ya it's hilarious that she does that while being a complete loser and failure in every aspect of life

>> No.29592771

can u really handsome and successful boys stop being mean to wendys girl sure she got cottage cheese thighs and ass but id slap em all the same

>> No.29592784

thats cool and all but have you ever had sex ??

>> No.29592793 [DELETED] 

All you do is shit post for attention, you're not learning, you're not guiding, you're attention whoring. Leave.

>> No.29592821 [DELETED] 

all you do is shit post for attention, you're not learning, you're not guiding, you're attention whoring. leave

>> No.29592833


>> No.29592837


>> No.29592840

i haven't shat on output cunt since i started feeling pity for her

>> No.29592848

if leave guy can keep this up ill 認める him

>> No.29592856 [DELETED] 

all you do is shit post for attention, you're not learning, you're not guiding, you're attention whoring. leave

>> No.29592890

i just got home and tried to squat like that with flat feet and i almost broke my hip no way og can do it i am an active young man and i couldnt

>> No.29592891

pretty sure hes ban evading lol

>> No.29592909

i think it's more than one guy/gal

>> No.29592972

nothing to be proud of (as a female)

>> No.29592984

worst djt of the month

>> No.29592985


>> No.29592992
File: 44 KB, 768x400, Rape-condom-768x400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

og should use 色仕掛け and stick pic related up her pussy before doing it
that would end jam

>> No.29592994


>> No.29593013 [DELETED] 

This is the daily Japanese thread. All you do is shit post for attention, you're not learning Japanese, you're not guiding others in Japanese, you're attention whoring. Leave.

>> No.29593044

if she aint got 1 in her butt then all shes doin is using her puss for storage lol

>> No.29593062

"og" should kys

>> No.29593069

ew didn't know you were an anal fag

>> No.29593072

he says as he replies to a newfag

>> No.29593086

ive been here for several months

>> No.29593100

im not but jus saiyan lol

>> No.29593106

just acquired オカズにする

>> No.29593116


>> No.29593158


>> No.29593189

this looks like a good way of turning getting raped into getting murdered

>> No.29593214

yah imagine turning ur vagina into a chinese finger trap for dicks and thinking thats a good idea to protect urself lol

>> No.29593235

pretty sure it doesnt work same way you cant stick a buttplug in a vagina, and they wouldnt want to go outside with something that thick inside their cunt lol

>> No.29593259

everyone shut the fuck up

>> No.29593272

i joined when jp used to be dead before hololive exploded
in any case im less new than the low iq retards spamming the thread right now but i guess you enjoy those kind of posts

>> No.29593315

then he would just use the other hole until he found out she did the まさかのダブル仕掛け

>> No.29593369

funny part is shed come double equipped and end up givin me that becky anyway

>> No.29593397 [DELETED] 

This is the daily Japanese thread. All you do is shit post for attention, you're not learning Japanese, you're not guiding others in Japanese, you're attention whoring. Leave.

This is the daily Japanese thread. All you do is shit post for attention, you're not learning Japanese, you're not guiding others in Japanese, you're attention whoring. Leave.

>> No.29593430
File: 19 KB, 255x300, the absolute state.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.29593446 [DELETED] 

This is the daily Japanese thread. All you do is shit post for attention, you're not learning Japanese, you're not guiding others in Japanese, you're attention whoring. Leave.

>> No.29593488

now say that in japaness

>> No.29593531

half 69M but still kys

>> No.29593542

dont know how you got that i liked these new posts from calling you new boy guess that was you displaying your high iq, if you had been here longer 2 months you would know people have been posting those pictures showing jp being active for a while already

>> No.29593567

あつらえ is one of those words i can read because of anki and always understand in context but haven't seen it enough to completely understand it isolated

>> No.29593573

qm leave

>> No.29593687

look, qm on suicide watch

>> No.29593866


>> No.29593954
File: 761 KB, 695x1079, shasha.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

forgot the image

>> No.29593969

cancer isn't the cure for aids

>> No.29594060

why should i care about the state of /jp/? djt's kind of its own thing, the only noticeable difference that i've noticed was the archiving limit being reduced to 1500 a few weeks ago.

>> No.29594248

ended up running 13 km wtf, felt so good today for some reason. could have done 20 i feel like but my knee started aching a bit and i got bored

>> No.29594349

fuck you

>> No.29594510

thanks to >>29594365 this guide btw we were able to kick analcream out.

>> No.29594520


>> No.29594553

he should come back

>> No.29594556

yes it is absolutely irrelevant because i said jp exploded after hololive english which is objectively true and the threads been under a constant barrage of garbage posters since then to a much greater extent than before, how much a problem hololive was before that makes 0 difference to what i said, fuck off with your boogeyman
its funny how you accuse me of being dishonest when that is exactly what you are doing, your reading comprehension is that of a turd so ignorantly call me an eop but the simple truth is what you need is a dictionary and grammar book in hand instead of a sledgehammer

>> No.29594764

This is the daily Japanese thread. All you do is shit post for attention, you're not learning Japanese, you're not guiding others in Japanese, you're attention whoring. Leave.

>> No.29594779

its actually the daily jamal thread

>> No.29594837

i dont watch it.

>> No.29595009

what do you care about more: mining or having fun watching anime lol

>> No.29595113


>> No.29595119

im the one shitting up the thread not the hundreds of other off topic posts where the birds just squawk lol

>> No.29595140

>learning Japanese
Do you seriously do that shit?
I thought everybody was just ironically pretending to learn Animayspeak by posting pics of random Nipshit (including words Copy-pasted off Google Translate).
I mean, if you do, well, sorry, but you've probably got autism and can't distinguish ironic memes from reality.

>> No.29595165
File: 79 KB, 613x384, emil.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this can't be fucking true

>> No.29595175

you cant shit up anything when you can easily be filtered

>> No.29595197

"mastered" had a different meaning back then

>> No.29595217


>> No.29595227

do u see no issue with that

>> No.29595233

comparing the activity from pre september to now id say yeah jp was kind of dead back then but its ridiculous youre picking on that thing while ignoring everything else i said
accusations mean nothing coming from you, i probably hate hololive more than you
im out of patience and sick of these retards coming at me with their brainless posts and shit talk, i have no obligation to stay quiet while they run their mouth so shut the fuck up

>> No.29595244

feels good when you watch an anime then find out there's no subs for it so retarded faggots on djt can't watch it

>> No.29595364

dont hold me responsible 4 other ppls behavior if 1 person can ruin the thread 1 person can save it ; )

>> No.29595370

bullshit, there wasnt as much shitposting on /a/ even though he was there.

>> No.29595407

i appreciate leave anon zeal although i dont support the way he's going about it, he's shitting up the thread more than jabum.

>> No.29595410

>dont hold me responsible 4 other ppls behavior
i will because humans are herd animals

>> No.29595415

This is the daily Japanese thread. All you do is shit post for attention, you're not learning Japanese, you're not guiding others in Japanese, you're attention whoring. Leave.

>> No.29595418

/a/ was actually tame compared to the garbage dump the threads are now lol

>> No.29595426

*tips fedora*

>> No.29595458

This is the daily Japanese thread. All you do is shit post for attention, you're not learning Japanese, you're not guiding others in Japanese, you're attention whoring. Leave.

>> No.29595464

no regrets not watching stuff cause there werent subs for it before i was ready. white noising raw anime is so fucking painful, im glad i waited till i can understand it to watch raw

>> No.29595735

yeah because the thread got a constant influx of newfags asking their retarded beginner questions whereas this didnt happen on /jp/ because the board was slow and filled to the brim with generals and inane threads. most djpt users are veterans so we have nothing to talk regarding the language. obviously itd become more off topic over time

>> No.29595867


>> No.29595946

just mined 憐憫

>> No.29596149

who are you?

>> No.29596162

the cope is palpable

>> No.29596381 [DELETED] 
File: 78 KB, 850x1214, 1606093807460.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

minna gay

>> No.29596423

meds. now.

>> No.29596470

here comes the schizo that posts rule breaking content to atttact janny thinkin he will delete anything in this dumpsters but his posts lol

>> No.29596483

do i have to masturbate again?

>> No.29596528

why do you always post these long dicked bitches

>> No.29596771

feels good when i dont see any of the posts that got the boys clenchin cause they got filtered

>> No.29596942


>> No.29597010
File: 42 KB, 504x324, vocab.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

6k cards and you can read a book

>> No.29597084

dont believe it

>> No.29597093

didn't you say you were only at it for like 3 months in your early posts

>> No.29597112

lmfao u just did an ohtalkwho bro there wont be a 1:1 correspondence between the words in the book and the ones u droned

>> No.29597193

i know, that's why i mine directly from the book.

>> No.29597217

u lasted a whole 3 days lmao

>> No.29597268


>> No.29597324


>> No.29597336


>> No.29597338


>> No.29597382

i joined beginning of august, started learning japanese mid august

>> No.29597384


>> No.29597418

sorry to disappoint you but it wasnt bunko.

>> No.29597426

just read 謀反 as ぼうはん

>> No.29597451

This is the daily Japanese thread. All you do is shit post for attention, you're not learning Japanese, you're not guiding others in Japanese, you're attention whoring. Leave.

>> No.29597521

hurricane chris ftw

>> No.29597587

once again my voice talents are wasted.

>> No.29597767

i can't immerse full time in japanese because as an ESL my daily immersion is English.

>> No.29597771

you were here for quiz's stream?

>> No.29598049

this is the daily jamal thread, all you do is shit post for attention, you're not jacking it to busus, you're not posting bangers, you're autistically screeching, leave

>> No.29598142

yeah it was just a day or two after i joined i think but i only watched a bit, i knew about clannad and had never really seen a visual novel playthrough before so i tuned it but it was entirely incomprehensible lol none of that eng subbed anime helped, but i did learn katte after the whole thread spammed it the entire week between his stream and jamals

>> No.29598157

post something japanese related

>> No.29598180

whats the hardest anime you've watched? for me it's either baki or bnha

>> No.29598304


>> No.29598321


>> No.29598334

dont watch anime
only read vinnies

>> No.29598456

he lasted 4 days

>> No.29598535

>the vast majority of vns try to tell serious plots while falling into these traps of using these two dimensional uninteresting cardboard characters that are not capable of holding up the story all acting in ways that are childish and rash, their best trait being their honesty or something like that, it's obvious who is evil and good and this all just comes together to and reads like an amateurish work written by a teenager without a real grasp of how the world works
damn queef finally said something good

>> No.29598545

great post bro didnt read it though

>> No.29598570

i hope quiz never steps posting

>> No.29598708

queef should just learn cyrillic and then read russian books since thats where most of the good shit is at anyways lol

>> No.29598765

the last route is the best, that of Haru, you get into her route after rejecting all the other girls. it could be considered the only true route and the canon ending. the other routes and heroines are mere filler and subpar when compared to haru.

>> No.29598772

don't think quiz is planning on reading hogg or something bro

>> No.29598810

dno quiz no offense but you described all japanese media here so it seems like you should have learned another language lol
>the vast majority of vns try to tell serious plots while falling into these traps of using these two dimensional uninteresting cardboard characters that are not capable of holding up the story all acting in ways that are childish and rash, their best trait being their honesty or something like that, it's obvious who is evil and good and this all just comes together to and reads like an amateurish work written by a teenager without a real grasp of how the world works, th

>> No.29598839

yea this is why vns are shit loll you have to read a bunch of trash to get to the actual story

>> No.29598889

it was written in english originally

>> No.29598895

i only read a book in english when i could already read english. most of my input were movies [with subtitles], tv shows [with subtitles], internet posts, youtube and wikipedia

why do we suffer so much with japanese?

>> No.29598914

the actual story is also trash

>> No.29598928


>> No.29598930

glad i can enjoy otaku media without writing treatises about how unrealistic the psychology of the characters is lmao

>> No.29598954

because japanese media is objectively shit

>> No.29598965

what would you know you uncultured philistines

>> No.29599288

i have average iq
i think it's more that i've also read lots of western books and philosophy so my desire for that kind of pseud intellectualism is already satisfied and i can enjoy japanese media for what it is
meanwhile quizler has barely ever touched a book in his life so he's desperately looking that kind of shit in vns, the only thing he's ever spent a lot of time reading

>> No.29599294

the routes that i called filler are good enough for any vn, it's only that the main plot is so good that it really makes the other routes look bad.

>> No.29599298

it's one of the last bastions of art that haven't been touched by the slimy hand of a jew

>> No.29599369

oh this guy posted a huge fuckin wall of shit earlier lmao wb dude lookin forward to ur next rq post


>> No.29599374

at what point of my anki journey should i start to read?

>> No.29599411

the anon with a pocket jannyy is going to have you b**ned in about 2 minutes flat. sorry you have to be more sneaky to get around the sjws of jp

>> No.29599437

wow the thread instantly got better after quiz showed up
thinking this is a big w for him

>> No.29599479

you might be onto something

>> No.29599502

do care

>> No.29599518

what vn we talkin about again

>> No.29599565

haven't read a single post since that qm wall of text and not gonna read any

>> No.29599590

G-senjou no Maou

>> No.29599598

yea it's a nother big big double you for the master of the quiz

>> No.29599706

yep quiz takes the w just like that again

>> No.29599730

yup another easy win for quiz

>> No.29599826

don't think ive ever seen someone take so many big wins back to back to back. to back.

>> No.29599844

yeah team jamal we better pack it up this time

>> No.29599862

wish i was low iq enough to be able to have fun doing retarded shit like this

>> No.29599904

you dont have to wish

>> No.29599957

i do though

>> No.29600038

you're based. you should keep fighting but it's probably a lost cause

>> No.29600070

in the mood for a vn with crippled heroines wish there was something like katawa shoujo but japanese

>> No.29600082

if your iq went any lower you would forget to breath

>> No.29600096

kinda feel bad for u bro haha

>> No.29600101

This is the daily Japanese thread. All you do is shit post for attention, you're not learning Japanese, you're not guiding others in Japanese, you're attention whoring. Leave.

>> No.29600112

they're basically all like that

>> No.29600136

turn on ur monitor
cause its not fun for me to pretend (hopefully) to suck off a retarded tripfag?

>> No.29600148

you are now breathing manually

>> No.29600205

return to reddit

>> No.29600223

no cuz u are genuinely retarded

>> No.29600235

dont forget to breathe

>> No.29600242

im not though

>> No.29600414

why's it gotta be so difficult

>> No.29600425

is that so hard to believe

>> No.29600568


>> No.29600617

t. sucks off the other fag unironically and takes his jokes

>> No.29600628

and you never tried to refute him why?

>> No.29600770

you haven't read a book in your life

>> No.29600830

you are shaking because quiz keeps winning

>> No.29600871

it's not fair to hold quiz to a standard that you and 99.9% of people fail to meet

>> No.29601002

holy shit quiz is on a streak

>> No.29601077

crazy how japanese sounds so good but gook and chink sound like sloppy ass

>> No.29601089

you give low iq vibes with this behavior. i can't really pinpoint exactly but it's a sort of a juvenile/normie kind of humor that really gets old fast

>> No.29601099

went through a phase of discerning my moral system a few years ago, it was a good experience but i don't think you're going to find it from nip literature as a westerner.

>> No.29601106


>> No.29601270

i quickly realized morality is arbitrary nonsense. i'm way too smart to think about it any more.

>> No.29601312

lmao imagine trying to rationalize a moral system. the only thing that matters is feeling it out in the correct way, which naturally happens if you aren't complete trash inside. humans have never been more stupid than now, literacy was a mistake.

>> No.29601352

wonder what the things that determine how you feel it out are haha

>> No.29601355

why would he remember the specifics of the drivel you posted
it's something you just read and think to yourself haha how cute what a fucking retard and then move on with your day

>> No.29601532

ye you posting really did it in

>> No.29601549

one of the few OPs i didnt skip

>> No.29601554

dont tell me you read it

>> No.29601644

quiz will be in here talking about how boring japanese literature is in a couple of weeks

>> No.29601697

youve posted this like 10 times but its nothing special idgi

>> No.29601698

Volume 2 is literally onyomi. I had some experience before starting vol 1 but would always get fucked with long onyomi words or just generally not knowing a character that I knew the meaning of when pronounced. Now I'm able to read those and it's great.

>> No.29601788

the most contextually appropriate position summarized through an instinctive and personal processing of the variables in accordance with your status as a human being and filtered through your status, obligations, and fealty.

>> No.29601789

this anime respects the audience. it has to do with dirty jokes yet the series has the least fan service I've seen. even in scenes that the creators could fan service the shit out of, it still respects you. 9/10 times, the fan service is purely for comedic purposes..!

>> No.29601796

Thanks for the (You). BRB finally reading sumaga. JAST can't cuck me any longer.

>> No.29601807

not true that's my second time posting it

>> No.29601907

Nah I'm good. I'll enjoy it and leave you to be sad. Good luck with your studies.

>> No.29601956


>> No.29602112


>> No.29602144

recommend good fapable manga w furigana

>> No.29602193

actually claiming the opposite of feigning intellectualism and just feeling it out, but okay

big word go bye-bye for esl

>> No.29602322

I'm 200 new cards a day guy. I give up.

It got unmanageable on day 4 (300 reviews + 200 new cards), as I would have to remove immersion time to be able to keep up with Anki.

Fun experiment nonetheless, those that were thirsty for my surrender can come shit on me now xD.

I'll lower it to 30 new cards a day now and just do reviews for a while.

>> No.29602333

kill yourself

>> No.29602352

thats a lot of blowing you're doing out of ur ass there buddy
thanks for the update maybe u will be less of an arrogant retard in the future but i doubt it

>> No.29602369

do not cite the pseud magic to me, bitch, was there when it was written (for the first time on djt)

>> No.29602389


>> No.29602397

prove you are who you claim to be

>> No.29602420

wow you didn't even last a week absolutely pathetic haha

>> No.29602545