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>05:55 A-Rod
>07:13 LeMahieu, Tulowitzki
>08:00 Jeter
>11:44 Kimbrel
>12:04 (with his fans)

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based on what?

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it appears to be based on iconic American Baseball plays

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Does anyone snap their arm like they do in real baseball?

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I can't believe Hecatia can pitch 105.

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Wait, this is the guy who did the Gensokyo fighting Championship!

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Who is youmu supposed to be?

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Is anyone else really not that happy with our WS win? It feels fake, we need to win it during a real season.

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>WS win?

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Fuck the Dodgers!!

Clayton Kershaw is a choke artist. Cody Bellinger was a one year wonder. Justin Turner is a super spreader. Mookie Betts is overrated. Asterisk world series.

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I'm still happy with it. They came back from a 2-0 deficit to win the NLCS in 7 games. They fought hard in WS as well. I am sure that they'll be in contention next season, and I think they will win back to back titles.

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I don't know how popular baseball is in Japan, but I guess it's big enough to gain coverage.
I've seen more stuff about it over something like basketball for example.

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As I understand, baseball is THE major ball game in Japan.

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It upsets me that the American and Japanese teams don't have games with each other

I'd watch that
I mean it's literally called the WORLD SERIES
except we don't have anyone but the US

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I thought that to be the case but I wasn't sure.

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I think some Asian Basketball team got stomped by the American counterpart.
That stuff is probably best left to things like the Olympics.
Besides, World Series is supposed to be and sound grand in comparison to anything else.

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