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>I want to learn Japanese, is it hard?
>How much of this board that is not Japanese has learnt the language?
>What's the best way to learn it?
I unironically believe that I have a decent base for typically used phrases simply because of all the anime I've watched and I pick up quick.

Reasons for me to learn:
to easier watch anime (bad reason imo since they all have subs)
unsubbed vtubers and hentai (also a bad reason since I'm a coomer and I'd waste my time watching tons of Rushia-chan)
>I think it'd be cool to know
>I have the time
>I wanna experience Japan
>I want a waifu like the pic related. (also if anyone know the sauce of that pic, plz help)

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Sounds cool, ask your parents to get you a tutor.

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