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ITT your Touhou folders.

My organization skills are top-fucking-notch.

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Please post a rapidshit of your Touhou folder, I'd appreciate it greatly.

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im starting in touhou i would apreciate that folder.

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Fuck that'd take forever :/
I might as well include my Share downloads then too :\

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Wait, use MU since it would probably be too big for rs

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I must habeeb it.

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Unlike my Rozen Maiden folder, most of my Touhou folder consists of joke art and hentai.

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All my pictures are just in one large 200mb pile of disorganized crap.

No Organization
No Subjects
One Folder
Final Destination

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Do you need to sign up or some shit for MU.

Also wut.

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this, only change size to 7gb

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I should have organized it, but it's just 324MB in a folder.

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No, you don't need to. You can upload the same way as rapidshare.

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Same but mine is 2gbs, the only specific folders are for porn and Aya

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Well, that's not counting the few GB's of doujinshi. That's in another folder all organized by doujinshi name.

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I've got a pretty large Touhou folder. Things are categorized by general area, with each character having a sub-folder inside, and another sub-folder for common pairings (ShikieikixKomachi, RemiliaxSakuya). Youkai Mountain isn't categorized, because I'm lazy.

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Somehow, I already knew someone was going to say that.

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My Touhou music folder

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You have anything with Mokou and Kaguya? If you do and if you could make a rapidshit file that would be awesome.

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Mine's not even sorted into one folder, it's scattered about in various download folders all over my computer.

Also, is your "ducks" folder what I think it is?

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I sure hope so, too.

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/d/ is for /d/uckgirls

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>Spring's Harbringers

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<- Vista is awesome for image tagging.

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I once thought image tagging was an awesome idea, so I started. I eventually realised that it's an impossible dream to tag some 600,000 images....

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I feel silly for doing something like that. I changed it. Sorry for making such a base mistake. Feel better now?

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Semi sorted, but it's too much of a mess.
Not counting doujins.

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I feel like an idiot. I actually had to look it up because of you.

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Yeah tagging is only a good idea if you start doing it early, otherwise it's too much of a hastle.

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Post all your Rinnosuke images.

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I (d)fuck with names all the time. It was probably something like "If you've gotten the far I'd imagine your mind has been thoroughly blown, and if it hasn't you're a 4channer, or me" before I changed it. (Windows supports ' 's fuck yeah)

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I guess there's no XP add-on of this tagging feature?

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There might be, probably wouldn't be as good without vista's indexer though.

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I have a slight odd organisation system, but I'll give a explanation.

Basically, I put the pictures into folders for each group of characters, the ones that don't fit as easily into a group originally went in the other folder, which has now become more like a second main folder for all it's own group folders it has, but whatever.

Individual characters go into their own folder, or if they are really uncommon like Akyu, just the 'Other' folder until I can justify their own. Pictures of a pair go either in coupling, or in their respective group folder. For example, Yukari alone would go in her own folder in the Yakumo folder, Yukari and Ran would go into the Yakumo folder, Yukari and Reimu would go into the coupling folder. Pictures of large groups or simply don't fit in a group folder would usually just go in the main folder.

The 'Other Temp' folder is a recent change, at first it was just a place to throw un-organised new pictures I recently save either on one of the image boards or places like Danbooru, however with more sets of images I like to find entirely for the set alone, I started using it for those sets, like a folder of nothing but Touhou's dressed like Reimu.

Doujin folder is a link, I keep them in a separate folder on a larger secondary drive, two reasons. Firstly, my primary drive is small by today's standards and I'm too lazy to mess about replacing it, secondly it makes it easier to know how many pictures I have without including doujins.

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Dealing with a master here. How many pics you got on your Mischi folder?

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hello weeaboos, mind explaining what touhou is to someone who frequents the slightly less gay parts of 4chan? (or more gay when i overshoot wallpapers and land in yaoi)

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Something really lesbian

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hard shootan & fightan games with magic lesbian lolis and great music

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you forgot QUALITY graphics.

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sure, I'll bite. Touhou's attraction comes from it's rabid fan community and their excessive yet often high quality contributions.

The games are alright, reasonable Japanese Shoot'em ups with little girls instead of space ships. Addictive music which is then improved (sometimes) further by literally hundreds of remixes made by the fan community. Large female cast, maybe two men are mentioned ever and don't come up often. Fan doujins, thousands of them both porn and otherwise, often much better then the official manga.

It's odd, but it's just how it went. It became more popular over here because some guys spammed it on /a/ forever, forcing it much like Rozen Maiden was forced. It's just become on of those things now.

With any luck it'll chill out a bit, but I'm doubting it.

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You do realize that touhou was on 4chan before Rozen Maiden, right?

Yeah, it'll die out.

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Is somebody uploading?

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I didn't imply it wasn't. I said it was forced, before then it wasn't as big and people weren't so aggressive about it. Then people started doing Touhou Hijacks, pretty sure those came well after desu spam. Touhou became really popular here on 4chan after those.

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Japanese equivalent of Star Trek. Except with fairies and magic instead of aliens and space travel. OH WAIT IT HAS THAT TOO. Has it's own conventions and concerts. An entire metagenre of music, images, comics and games. Notable for the games being really fucking hard, and for the massive amount of characters.
Watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Nb5Ohbt1Sg
And this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RClnhxhR0g8
There's a slight taste of what the games are like.

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Five males mentioned (Rinnosuke, Youki, Fujiwara no Fuhito, Marisa's father, and Genji). Only the turtle has ever appeared in a game.

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I'm known as Desuism, and I have way more Touhou shit now than I ever did Rozen Maiden shit.

I'd adopt a new name but that'd be a pain in the ass, and what would I bee, Marissaism?

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I was only thinking of Rinnosuke and Youki before that, wasn't really going to count Genji. Ah well.

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My touhou folder contains over 13,000 unsorted files. God help me.

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Chill out a bit? Now that it has it's own board? No. As long as japan keeps making more Touhou doujins and music, it's here for a long time.

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Meanwhile, somewhere in Japan...

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Did some googling and only got a ton of image taggers for Linux distros, nothing good for tagging on XP yet it seems like.

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I don't mean stop so much as stop fagging everything up with the same thread every couple of hours. Hell, I don't even mind that half the threads are practically Touhou image dumps, the problem is shit like people posting several threads asking why Gensokyo Man hasn't turned up or horribly done RP thread about Alice.

I know /jp/ is going to continue like this, but it still disappoints me.

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Organized according to "extract to" for rars

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Did you try this?

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The fuck is a "technical preview"?

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Nope, I'm trying now, thanks!

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My Touhou folders.

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Half my stuff is still untagged and it keeps piling up.

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You crazy russian otaku!

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Fahrenheit was such a cool game in the first half.

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Anyone have a link to the rapidshit?

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131 mb, because I don't save shit.

Is dat sum MWS I see there?

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touhou won't die as long as faggots still visit 4chan, and that pretty much means never.
4chan is finished.

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It's about stuff. And Marisa.

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Won't import IPTC tags.

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I have one folder that has... nearly every picture I've seen on 4Chan since the beginning of 2007. 22,000 images of Touhou, Death Note stuff, Higurashi, /D/ material, furries, and bad deviantart.

About 10 subdirectories in My Documents that has touhou related stuff in it.

And a huge amount of stuff in /temp/ that has touhou hentai doujins, slightly less perverted doujins, and touhou toddler con doujins.

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I had over six hundred thousand images saved from 4chan at one point, the vast majority of them unsorted. I eventually deleted everything. Now I only have 20,000, again mostly unsorted....

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When you see it

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You have a Cracky-chan folder. You sad bastard.

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Oh, it's a folder full of Patc-- ......

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That's just one I got off rapidshare. I lost my folder from when I was saving stuff back in 2004/2005.

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You named your drives after Touhou characters.

I should do that.

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My computer is called Haruhi, and my drives are called Suzimiya and Fujioka.

>> No.295247


You're doing it wrong.

>> No.295260

I meant Suzumiya. Not that it really matters - she's C: because she's the unpredictable one that controls everything but you really wouldn't want to actually have to have much contact with directly (Windows).

Fujioka on the other hand is D: because she is everything that is good in this world (Games, Animu, Manga, Porn, etc.).

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And FUCK I forgot to take off the name I added to call someone a faggot with.

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oh, you're such a ⑨

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Stuff named after Touhous?

My Wii is called Alice. My DS is Shangai and my GBA is Hourai

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My main notebook is named Mokou, the other is Kaguya. External hard drives are Reisen (80GB first one I got a long time ago), Eirin (320GB), and Tewi (120GB compact size).

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My main notebook is named Mokou, the other is Kaguya. External hard drives are Reisen (120GB), Eirin (320GB), and Tewi (80GB).

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Originally my Touhou music folder but overtime just became a japanese music dump. That said 95% of the material in there is Touhou.

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This is only my Touhou images folder, my music folder is in my other hard drive.

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If I saved every Touhou image ever, I'd have a pretty huge folder. I only save what I consider to be top-notch images though, so my Touhou folder only has 700 files.

>> No.295416

I used to save every image that caught my attention, ever. I eventually realised that I never actually LOOKED at those images again, so I stopped. I've started picking the habit up again, which is bad....

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So...who else downloaded that 177GB Touhou lossless music collection?

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My Touhou folder is weak

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About 20,000 unorganized pictures in this folder alone. Like hell I'm gonna sort that out though I ran visipics to get rid of any duplicates 2 days ago.

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Just hit the 500mb mark. I have to make some new folders as I have related characters in old folders, and make split Youmu from Yuyuko. Maybe.

Back to finishing the next surprise.

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Russian otakus aren't crazy. And, yes, that's MWS.

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This picture is kind of old.
(I can't open pictures with moonspeak in the adress)

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ive got ~40gb of touhou music and ~20gb of images on my fileserver. id post pics but ill probably be stuck here at work for another 14 hours or so (fuck this job).

and no, none of it is porn. i like the characters too much to fap to them.

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I see your music and raise you:
~ $ du -sh media/music/Touhou
39G media/music/Touhou

>> No.296259

My R4DS microSD card is called Tewi Inaba. My computer is still called Natsuki, but that's just cause I don't wanna rename it due to it being the last shred of HiME-fanboyism left.

>> No.296333

Again I ask. Who else has the ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY-SEVEN GIGABYTE Touhou lossless music collection besides me?

>> No.296341

I was going to buy an extra HD just for that.

>> No.296342

Enjoy your waste of disk space.

>> No.296343

Tons of people will have that much if it's lossless.

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I started organising like the Seimoe archive.
Also, TH folder had no real activity for about a month, there are just oo many images to organise... Must write software for it or something.

>> No.296358

No, but I do have the 23GB mp3/ogg touhou music collection. Enjoy your wasted diskspace.

>> No.298451

Prove it? It'dve taken just as long to take a screenshot as it would to have write that message.
Congratulations on your wasted diskspace
Currently seems to be leading

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All the pictures in this folder are from before I decided to make subfolders. I tried to sort them before, but an hour of sorting made absolutely no progress, so I gave up on that. Also, a couple thousand are duplicates, I haven't run the duplicate checker in like a year.

Porn doujins are in another folder, don't save normal doujins because I can read them online.

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This doesn't include my folder full of Touhou doujins.

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Huh. Didn't know I had this much.

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I see fat sex

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>Invincible Danmaku Girl

>> No.298593

>Francis Harkins


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wait what the hell did I just miss?

>> No.298614

A dumbass.

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I want it

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