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Wow, Tewi is really tiny.

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so lewd and tiny

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Nu-uh! Eye'm the smallest!

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A tiny, manipulative commander

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I hereby declare fugi_jis to be the best artist ever

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links to more of his stuff? I really like the art.

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Everyone over 160cm looks like a dude.

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Why are they drawn so ugly?

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I don't know his website, sorry.

I'd post his art but everybody would be all like DANBOORU, SHITTY TRIPFAG DUMPING IMAGES, RAGE, XD, and so on.

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that's why i came here
to mess with your mind
i paralyze

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Why don't you use pixiv? even /tg/ uses pixiv these days.

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How can it be so hard to look up his website URL when you know his danbooru tag?

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why is almost everyone in that picture tiny?

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Pixiv takes too long to go through, and usually all the good pictures are uploaded on Danbooru anyways.

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It's not ugly, it's just the shojou style he/she employs whereby everyone has to have huge flat mouths with pouting lips.

Karma. Be a nice tripfag like Hong Meiling.

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what, no SDM?

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my karma ran over your dogma


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Danbooru misses good images sometimes and they only upload what THEY like,
I had to go to pixiv to get a decent Parsee folder.

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The first few times Fugi_jis got posted here newfags could not identify the Touhous sans silly hats and frills, so pay no heed to my labeling if you already know.


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It's dangerous to walk alone, here take SDM.

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sdm sucks

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Dude, almost all of them look 30-55 years old and look like transvestites.

Marisa, Chen, and Tewi look okay though. Maybe a couple others.

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i'm being a shitty image dumping Dan/Gelbooru faggot attention whore tripfag

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Why are you promoting Fugi with your explanation?
Just dump your shit and let anons be the judge of what they like.

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>sdm sucks

sup eienteifag

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>Why are you promoting Fugi

No, just pointing obvious shit out to newfags. Not going to stop them from making retarded remarks like "WOW THEYR REALLY UGLY LOLOL"

Par the course, naturally

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Naughty rabbit, stop trying to find Eirin's lettuce

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cute, not pedo

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Can one use english as keywords there?
Im a barbarian, and I cant write Japanese...

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>Danbooru misses good images sometimes and they only upload what THEY like,
>I had to go to pixiv to get a decent Parsee folder.
That would solve itself if you uploaded them there instead of just leeching every day.

go to touhou wiki, copy the japanese name of your character and paste it in pixiv.

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Didnt know kanako was taller than me

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Fugi is really fucking awesome, though mostly it's because he's the only one who makes the girls really look different past their dresses, headwear and hair. Eirin really looks vastly older than Reisen, who looks vastly older than Tewi. It's very rare when an eleven draws characters that would still be recognizable when naked and shaved.

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According to this, I'm about as tall as Yuugi. I guess that makes me as intimidating as an Oni.
At least most of them have somewhat realistic sizes. I've seen one where they all were about 20 cm smaller than the average person, most being about 140 cm "tall".

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>go to touhou wiki, copy the japanese name of your character and paste it in pixiv.

Fucking low-level fags...

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Japanese is a useless language that will be destroyed within the coming years. Mark my words.

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Yeah, it will probably end with our weeaboo generation.

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Anybody what to do now?

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Those are self-explanatory even if you don't know Japanese.

Anyway: http://danbooru.donmai.us/forum/show/4517

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I think China is very big...

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She will grow larger.

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Yeah. I mean, some people still speak Gaelic regularly even though it's been completely dominated by English, but the primary and official language of a nation of over 100 million people will definitely die out soon.