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A thread for the discussion of Dies irae, Kajiri Kamui Kagura, Pantheon and other associated titles belonging to the Shinza Banshou setting, written by Takashi Masada.

>Masada's official Twitter

Dies irae Song to the Witch fully translated: https://www.stuffiliketodo.net/work/dies_irae_song_to_the_witch_2781

>Avesta of Black and White
https://enty.jp/en/avestan (JP, everything after the prologue behind paywall)
Summaries: https://pastebin.com/r8bi3mrq

>Dies irae
Getting Started: https://pastebin.com/03KfVLZZ
Official Website: http://www.light.gr.jp/light/products/dies_portal/
VNDB: https://vndb.org/v548
Interview with Kaziklu Bey: http://www.light.gr.jp/light/products/dies_kaziklubey/
Steam Page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/644540/Dies_irae_Amantes_amentes/ (>buying from steam)
Mangagamer: https://www.mangagamer.com/detail.php?goods_type=1&product_code=1041 (>buying from mangagamer)
Other Resources: https://pastebin.com/27WTzqYV
Random TL's and misconceptions: https://pastebin.com/9XgEAwTU

>Dies irae Pantheon
Official Website: http://dies-p.net/index.html
Website Translation: https://pastebin.com/g7rbqkTM

>Kajiri Kamui Kagura
Official website: http://www.light.gr.jp/light/products/kajirikamuikagura/index.html
VNDB: https://vndb.org/v5844

>Other light titles
Senshinkan: https://vndb.org/v12455
Bansenjin Torrent: https://sukebei.pantsu.cat/view/1705703
Paradise Lost: https://vndb.org/v1951
PL Torrent: https://sukebei.nyaa.si/view/2577220

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Does having save data for usual amantes amentes version mean that hd anniversary wont work? Acta est fabula has clear hd sign on the title(no save files).

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Cute sword

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Would Marie be able to get Mags to calm the fuck down like she did with Reinhard?

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Marie is really fucking strong in Pantheon

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- we start with flashbacks, somewhere at the beginning of current Avesta (so around 2000-3000 years ago).
Here we have a talk of Divine Sword/Shinken, whose real name is Ahura Mazda and current Nadare, who was just “promoted” to being one. Realizing true nature of the universe and Tentsui, Nadare is clearly mad, but Shinken isn’t surprised because that was reaction of every Nadare until now.
The woman that became Nadare rejects her new identity and tries to pronounce her name but she can’t because rank of Nadare’s name outweighs her own name and she’s unable to deny that. Similar to Shinken, Nadare’s concept exists from the beginning of the universe, so thoughts and stories of individuals cannot counter them. So if one is chosen to be Nadare, they’re forced to live as Nadare.
Nadare rejects that fate as well and swears she will destroy this world. But this’s also something Shinken heard from every Nadare before her and after 700-800 years their personalities are overwritten and accept they’re merely tools of the God.
It seems that prerequisite to become Nadare is to be weak enough to submit before power they’ve suddenly gained, but not stupid enough to be ignorant of that fact. So ordinary person with clever mind.
Shinken tells Nadare that they’re standing on two opposing sides, white and black respectively and they’re responsible for the balance of the universe. That’s why Shinken cannot destroy concept of Nadare and vice versa.
Every struggle by good and evil (called “game” by them) is always triggered by Nadare using Houkai on Shinken and sending her to the random place in the universe who is then found and used by hero.
According to Shinken, each cycle of Avesta ends in about 2000-3000 years, so by reign of Shinga we can guess there have been anywhere from 6 to 15 cycles until now (ofc assuming we’re near the end of her reign).
Nadare is still angry, but unlike past incarnations this one proposes cooperation with Shinken in the act of rebellion. Also, Shinken expresses her guilt of rejecting Khvarenah (whether it’s genuine is unknown, but seems to be so).
They don’t know what will arise from this cooperation and maybe even horrible Meifu Madou (Magsarion) will be born, but even if it will result in death of everyone it’s still better than current state of the universe. In order to save distorted “everyone” it’s necessary to destroy it once and for all.
Nadare uses Houkai on Shinken and new Avesta begins.

- it’s been 1000 years since Nadare used Houkai on Shinken
Just like Nadare’s Houkai, Shinken also has her own authority. Part of that ability allows her to observe entire universe at all times. She normally doesn’t make much of this ability, because she identifies as tool, but this time she observed world with intention to punish her sin (rejecting Khvarenah).
Then we have random descriptions of events occurring in the universe, which just show how much of a shithole Mitra’s world is: man and woman who express mutual love while trampling child under their feet, herd of beasts gnashing their teeth at a family, flock of human-faced trees erupting from sea of blood and turning fighting sides into disjointed mess, patriots and believers dying without seeing miracles, hunters bringing both beasts and humans to feast on them, man who insulted happiness of the woman, they both threw themselves into sea and grudge from their corpses poisoned it, killing all forms of life, etc. No matter where she looked everyone just killed, massacred, eaten and intertwined with each other without end.
The Halo (Khvarenah) who was born to be miracle of everyone Collapsed and turned into strongest Maou and something far from what he’s supposed to be.
Daughter of Lanka and Madurai, Bushyasta, couldn’t stand this ruthless reality and escaped into freedom of madness. She submerged herself into the world of dreams and tried to drown past in her sleep, but this only resulted in nightmares covering her star.
Tyranny of Nadare who was trying to accelerate, or perhaps extinguish these conflict subsided in about 500 years. It’s a little early compared to past Nadare and even Shinken doesn’t know what her intention is. Since they inhabit the most distant positions she can’t tell what exactly she’s doing.
Then we have more details about how Shinken is operating.
A little over 1000 years after she departed from Nadare she finally landed on a star. However, since she’s a sword, she can’t walk on her own and requires someone with heart to find her as a premise.
This isn’t something she’s worried about as Dragvant won’t approach her as one look at her will fill them with fear and disgust.

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Furthermore, area where she’s secured turns into Sanctuary, white flower sprout, animals gather and form a calm safety zone.
After it’s done, intelligent life forms worship her and she’s strengthened by sucking on their prayers. Since this continues from creation of the universe her power cannot be measure even by herself. Converting it into pure power will result in act of tearing heavens and if you commit to salvation it will turn into divine power causing miracles.
So those who worship her first questions her origins, goals and intentions. However, in order to hear her “voice” one must have certain amount of spiritual sensitivity. In other words, to be high-ranked Yazata, beings referred to as Shamans. And because of her own gender she’s the most compatible with women.
After 200 years of waiting, suitable vessel finally arrived and she became oracle of Shinken, Maiden of Sword. Purity of their blood will increase through Shinken’s will and their duties will be inherited from generation to generation.
Only those who can use Shinken can pull her out of the earth and after it’s done she will submit to that person and offer them all of her prayers.
First proof of distortion from the usual course of action was the appearance of Killer Demon, Munsarath. While described as small fry by Shinken, the fact he was able to invade Sanctuary proved he has qualities that cannot be overlooked. This’s when he decided to impose new vow on himself.- then we have events unfolding from the perspective of Munsarath, about 100 years have passed since he formed contract with Shinken.
His Commandment, Ushtan Yasht’s vow gives him ability to see future in exchange of sight abandonment and memory oblivion so Shinken resets his memory every morning, but he doesn’t mind and experiences each day as a new being.
Munsarath task was to rampage on this star and get attention of the hero, to become great evil that brave needs to overcome.
On a day when Varhram defeated/killed Bushyasta, Shinken felt that and immediately realized he’s the one she was looking for. Munsarath kept swinging his saw and after 7 years, Hero finally arrived.
Varhram is accompanied by dozens of Yazata, including “scary woman” (Nahid).
Munsarath says that if Varhram wants to see Shinken he must defeat him first.
Varhram then says something that caused him shock equal to that of meeting Shinken – he outright guessed his Commandment can see the future. What really surprised Munsarath is his combat prowess, or rather, his intuition or spirit.
Munsarath is confident that he can keep up with anyone as long it’s 1vs1 due to his precognition. That because he can seal his opponent action from the “moment of occurrence” regardless of how powerful they are. Even if his opponent can use Garyoku to crush stars he can use it to distract opponent’s will and crush it in advance. While they’re limits in huge power difference between himself and his opponent he can still use it to avoid direct hits. And since he’s immortal as a
Killer Demon he has no fear of losing.
Varhram immediately understood that Munsarath’s Commandment doesn’t just see future, but it can actually attract and fix convenient future. This’s something that even Munsarath couldn’t comprehend about his own Commandment, yet Varhram realized this almost instantly. According to Varhram, depending on how you it’s possible to create situation where you want to lose.
And just like a child, he told Munsarath he wants it.
What Munsarath felt at that moment is awe and fear equal or even surpassing the time he met with Shinken. According to Munsarath “knowing” creates powerful diginity, that’s why he established Commandment that can see the future and formed contract with being possessing the most wisdom in the universe. Yet, completely incomprehensible being appeared before him. He can’t tell whether Varhram’s point of view is at the end of sky or bottom of the earth, whether it’s back or front, deep or shallow. However, only one thing is certain about Varhram – about overreaching confidence in “victory”. What is his foundation? Unknown. He’s too transparent to call him just a fool and can only be described as monster where only unknown identity stands out. In front of this unnamed monster Munsarath can only scream in his chest. Going as far as questioning God why would (s)he made him meet with someone like Varhram.
In barbaric rage and fear Munsarath swings his saw at Varhram in a very clumsy way, as if giving “victory” to him. Expecting to miss, much to his surprise he actually cuts Varhram in half, he couldn’t see this future and he realized he already admitted his defeat and his Commandment was deprived by Varhram. With his Garyoku diverted and gaps in his defense, Varhram slashes him with a laugh and only his upper body.

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- Munsarath regains his consciousness, finding himself hanging by his legs, with Garyoku gone and would healing slowly.
Intrigued by his defeat Munsarath sets Varhram as his new master. He doesn’t consider it betrayal to Shinken because they’re both partners destined to be together so he can set two of them as his “only master”.
Varhram himself greed him as if not looking through Avesta. Also, he already knows Munsarath has 2nd Commandment.
Munsarath asks for an order and he instinctively knows Varhram wants to use Rebounding Gale of his Commandment for the sake of his “victory” and as such, he asks him to sleep forever.

- following that, Munsarath was sealed in a Sanctuary.
However, he can still use his Commandment to synchronize his point of view with his masters and uses it to observe destined meeting between Varhram and Ahura Mazda.
This’s scene with have seen few times already, but now in full detail.
Varhram and Ahura Mazda form a contract. They’re both extremely compatible, becoming invaluable existence for each other.
Varhram told her about his fight with Bushyasta. How she tried to break him with her nightmares, but she couldn’t do that and instead her own nightmares assaulted her, probably showing her unpleasant memory she had sealed inside her. He couldn’t tell what it was but he still can’t forget her expression and words “Dad, mom, I’m sorry. Wherever you are, please help me”. It was back then when Varhram realized she has Collapsed, against her own will which is unlike what is known in Vahman Yasht. Shinken says that despite endowing her users with miracles she cannot escape from spiral of defeat.

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Here we learn why Shinken appeared before Varhram by possessing body Shaman, simply put, they fuck. Intending to “give birth” to their vow in firm form.
Varhram is silent but he doesn’t refuse her. That’s because his point of view was already a mass of mysteries and since he now has Munsarath’s Commandment it’s impossible to tell how far his insight reaches.
Munsarath can only think of 2 reasons of why they’re doing that. First is the creation of factor that contains karma of self-destruction so they intend to entrust future to their child. Second is to use that child as a driving force to let them ascend to the higher realms as a disposable bomb.
Could be both, could be neither and even if there are more reasons Munsarath doesn’t know about them at all.
From now on, all the “blood” that’s connected to Varhram and Shinken is considered to be kenzoku of the sword. Not only their child, but even Shamans and their servants.

- cut to Sirius and Varhram
The first one is angry at Varhram since he should know his life doesn’t exist just for his own sake anymore. Sirius is already aware that his best friend committed adultery with Shinken’s Shaman and thus, betrayed his sister.
Sirius wants to become Holy King to spare Nahid fate of carrying Commandment – to remember all living beings that Vohu Manah knows. Even if Varhram is convinced she would be able to do that, Sirius says the problem doesn’t lie there, but in the fact Varhram and Nahid’s relationship is already recognized by a public. If her love were to be broken it would result in drama where she would fill that suffering with responsibility of the King.
Sirius doesn’t want anyone to cry within his reach, or to be precise, he wants to kill illusion that crying is precious. According to Varhram though, Sirius is desperately looking for a pretext of failure.
Sirius departs to kill Shaman (Mama Quinn), but Varhram isn’t worried, because they both know he won’t kill her and in fact, married her.
Sirius is a tense man who is easily lost that’s why he tried to make Varhram his dream to fill that gap. In the end, he wonders what his true value is.

- truth about Shinken was revealed to public, giving rise to multiple rumors about child of Varhram and who is the mother.
But truth remained only among Sirius, Varhram, Shinken and Shamans.
Unexpectedly, Varhram decided raise that child on his own.
The child name is Magsarion, demon child of destiny who carries extraordinary karma from the beginning.

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- cut to Day of Collapse and the end of Hero
Upon witnessing the horrible end of Varhram, Nahid lost her mind and instead, submerged herself into the world of illusions, singing the same song as Frederica in the previous chapter. This’s well known hymn of happiness in the Vahman Yasht. It’s been said that lyrics and melody created by her have mysterious power and in fact she ignited many spirits in the past. However, there’s no longer any blessing in her voice.
At the end of her sight is Magsarion himself, as if entrusting her hope to him. Sirius is less than positive, this child has no talent at all and there’s only grudge, hatred and killing intent dwelling in his heart. From the start, this boy was inhuman as being born from monsters can only be one himself.
As to prove that Sirius recalls his fight against previous 4th Demon Lord. This one was genuine monster without intellect and probably the most heinous one. Sirius discovered underground cave that was this monster’s den. It was full of bodies in pieces, tortured in the worst possible ways. In that cave they were violated by that monster for days, without being able to escape. So what they requested from Sirius was simple, only death could be their salvation. So he kept slash and slashing them, telling himself this’s his responsibility as the Holy King.
Ahura Mazda gives power to those who stood with her on the battlefield for a long time, weak Yazata become powerful enough to challenge special-class Daeva on their own, phenomenon of kenzoku conversion. The amount of people receiving this blessing was steadily increasing around Varhram. But even though Sirius was fascinated by Varhram more than anyone and spend time with him more than anyone, there was no blessing befalling upon him. That’s because Sirius resents Shinken. He hates her for seducing his best friend for some unknown reason, for giving birth to ominous child and for covering Vahman Yasht with shadow.
After killing unfortunate women in Maou’s den he was comforted by a hug of his sister, but at the same time, he felt scared for some reason. He doesn’t want to know what that means so he sealed Nahid in Frozen Seal. Now that Varhram is dead he’s afraid face her. That’s why being embraced by distorted world is more comfortable – it’s impure, ominous and hard to come by, but not scary. He vows to defeat Mad Mother and create new world.
For a moment, before he seals her sister she looks at him as if ridiculing and mocking.
Driven by indescribable fear he paints it as an illusion and leaves the room.
On the verge of tears he thinks about Mama Quinn, wishing to see her. 3 years later he learned about her death and 10 years later he learned that their daughter (Frederica) became Maou.

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Leave the LDO to me.

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Nahid has the crazy eyes

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Yea like uuuh her Hug of destruction was buffed in patch 2.03. They really need to nerf her before the Senshinkan dlc.
Only 10 days guys! Hype is real

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Varhram is the embodiment of NTR.

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>Let his best friend fuck his girl
>Set up his son to fuck his wife remodelled corpse

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does that mean Varhram is Snake?

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Wonder if we'll ever actually see Pantheon released in some form or another someday. A VN would be nice, but is there even a studio willing to hire him nowadays?

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His stuff still sells.

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snake but better

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Wait 10 days to what?

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huh thats weird.. I though shinza general would be excited for the next big patch, here

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lol if Marie hugs him then he fucking dies because of Commandment 1

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>joking several months ago that Varhram and Sirius is in a 4D ntr plot
>it turns out to be true

You can't possibly make this shit, Masada.

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Gods and those on the path to godhood can ignore breaking their commandmemts

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If you were keeping up, you'd know that Gods and those close to their level can ignore whatever divine punishment that could befall on them if they ever break their Commandment

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I want to rape Reinhard.

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we know, anon

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Ahura Mazada:

The ultimate weapon of the faction of White, which has existed since the time of the universe's birth (Tenchi Kaibyaku). It's a sword that possesses a will of its own, and none but those accepted by "her" will be able to wield Ahura Mazda.

That is, if we are speaking of the current era, only someone of the capacity of the Hero, who is burdened with the Ashavan's racial like will/intent, will be able to seize the Divine Sword and draw out its power. Furthermore, Ahura Mazda possesses an Authority, which is detailed below.

Clairvoyance at the scale of the entire universe, as well as the special ability to establish telepathic contact with her brethren. To transform the vast prayers accumulated through the aforementioned ability into power for things such as attack, defense and restoration. To convert the people who've stuck around with the Hero for a long time into familiars (kenzoku) as her terminals.

In such condition, as it was mentioned above, Ahura Mazda has been gathering White prayers, equivalent to half of the universe, since the time of the universe's creation (Tenchi Kaibyaku). Thus, the aggregate amount of power stored inside of "her" is unfathomable. Nonetheless, since to what degree this power can be used is dependant on the rank of the Hero, her full power cannot be unconditionally displayed.

In the battle of 20 years ago, Ahura Mazda, absorbed by Khvarenah, was reincarnated into Quinn, however, because handling the Divine Sword as they please is impossible for Archdemons, what ought to be called "her" main/real body is thought to currently exist in some different place. However, Quinn's special ability of alignment/tuning, which she possesses by birth, as well as other abilities, are something she took over from Ahura Mazda.

Priestess of the Sword:​
A vessel for the purpose of the communication of Ahura Mazda's spirit, as "her" yorishiro. They are generally women, as can be understood by them being "priestess", and the reason for that can't be anything but Ahura Mazda being a female-like existence herself. Because independent action is impossible for Ahura Mazda, who is nothing but a simple sword, "she" borrowed the bodies of "her" Priestess until the meeting with the Hero came about, using them to harden a foothold on "her" surroundings.

At the time of "her" meeting with Varhram, the Hero of the current age, the Priestess was Quinn, and she is, in a genetic sense, Magsarion's mother. Afterwards, Quinn became Sirius' wife, became pregnant with Frederica, and severed her own life. This is the truth behind the episode that took place in this work's Prologue.

Archdemon Apaosha:
The 4th Rank Archdemon in the time of Varhram and the others.

A wicked Star Spirit, his Star Body, as well as his Soul Body, were those of a jet black monster that bore a resemblance to a horse. He too was a kind of star devourer, however, as his own peculiar manner of invasion, he adopted the ethnic cleansing like method of raping the targeted heavenly body's Star Spirit, as well as the local women, making them all pregnant with his children, thus increasing the numbers of his own familiars enormously.

The name "Apaosha" holds the meaning of "drought", as he was an exceedingly atrocious Archdemon, who dried up the Ashavan's existence up to their dignity. Because he was an inborn, genuine beast who lacks all sorts of intelligence, possessing only swelling sexual desire and apetite for destruction, he earned the disgust and hatred of Kaikhosru, who holds the aesthetics of a ruler.

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>Rape horse as a star spirit

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shame he got powercrept by muzan

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Longinus is made to kill gods

>> No.29563602

So is Muzan

>> No.29564410

Methinks Mercurius made Longinus as a joke just to see how long it takes for Reinhard to realize it's fake. Then in a Nietzschean existentialist way Reinhard ends up giving the fake so much meaning it ends up being real.

>> No.29565492

>Satanael gets Lyle and Know to fuck his daughters
>Mercurius gets Ren to fuck Marie
>slight NTR tease with Habaki and Nakanoin
>now the Varhram shit
Why is Masada such a cuck?

>> No.29587425

Don't forget Beelzebub cucking Know.

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Vol 4 on Friday?

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So why did Reinhard make Trifa kill 10 of his orphans? Just to fuck with him? Punishment for him leaving the LDO? If Reinhard wants him dead for leaving he can just kill him by standing there. It's not like his heart reading powers are useful since he swaps his body with Reinhard's.

>> No.29635500

He did so because he knew the 10 orphans Trifa picked will grow up to rape him.

>> No.29636321

I don't think Reinhard would approve of his possessed body getting raped by 10 orphans.

>> No.29650692

Or does he?

>> No.29664754

no muzan is made to suck dick, mine specifically

>> No.29668164

Kaikhosru cucking Mags doesn't count?

>> No.29668473

Mags doesn't care about Alma

>> No.29670111

so he's chad?

>> No.29670332

He's both a Chad and an autist

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>Thus, I told you not to misunderstand. As far as I am concerned, both White and Black are equally shit, none of them go beyond being hopeless farces. While I don't care about matters like which side do I belong under, the concept of falling down being deemed as something that applies to me grates on my nerves

>Good and Evil, Light and Darkness, and so on... what the hell is such wordplay supposed to be? Worthless, it disgusts me to no end. Do not dare to speak of me in such a shallow perspective, which fickly, frivolously changes positions!

>Everything, all of it is equally shit to me. I will slaughter it all. I will annihilate it all. I will melt "Everyone" into my immutability, without exception. And for the sake of this, I must go beyond Tentsui, I have neither the duty nor the need to be dyed to your tastes. Aaah, shall I say it just one more time? I am me, do not dare to judge me the same as you, you worthless sham!

>> No.29689438

>I will melt "Everyone" into my immutability, without exception.

>> No.29692689

Exactly. If he approves of it, it wouldn't be rape.

>> No.29699767

Too many characters. Scale of the story too big. Can't bring myself to care.

>> No.29699858

Hey thanks for the blog update man

>> No.29701988

gacha pantheon will come back

>> No.29722870


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>Realize I want to be as charismatic as Reinhard.
>Realize his dream is endless fighting, so no.
>Looks at Mercurius instead.
>A perverted neet stalker who spent billions of years planning to get laid and instead got cucked by the actor portraying him in his opera. OK, never mind.
>Looks at Ren wanting his peaceful days to repeat infinitely.
>Basically me irl.
God damn self-inserts.

>> No.29743986

Wish I could share your optimism.

>> No.29749661

Ren never got his nichijou back though.

>> No.29749807

He could get it back though. He just didn't want to.

>> No.29774024

character development

>> No.29800091


>> No.29802265

He did. He just lost it eventually in Masada's Demonbane.

>> No.29806700

>It's an Alma chapter

>> No.29816235

>It's actually an Alma, Roxanne, Kaikhosru, Quinn and Sirius chapter

>> No.29818135

And so, AKU O KURAU AKU old man enters the stage

>> No.29830311

- we start with dream (flashback) of Alma, more specifically, her meeting Magsarion for the first time
Her childhood was basically normal and innocent. She was loved by her parents and didn’t encounter a single Dragvant so being ignored by Magsarion felt odd to her. If he simply rejected her with anger and hostility she would accept that, but Magsarion ignored her just like the rest of people. This’s when she decided to “bully” him, but it was done in a good faith, trying to teach him about importance of others. This continued after 2 years and then Alma decided to change her approach, seeing it’s pointless to socialize with him.
Even Varhram’s words assured her that adults don’t care about Magsarion and treat him simply as a child. That’s why Alma vowed she will make Magsarion look at her, regardless of his intention.
However, Day of Collapse happened and Alma was devastated after losing her family and friends. But only Magsarion kept swinging his sword, act she found ridiculous as it wouldn’t bring back their past. Seeing him training she thought he’s mediocre from the point of view of a honor student such as herself. But she couldn’t laugh at him, because his training was earnest. Sweat and blood were dripping from his entire body and skin on his hands peeled off due to his firm grip, yet he didn’t stop.
Alma realized she’s fascinated by him, yet instinctively knows she wouldn’t be happy with him and only tragedy awaits her.
Even so she’s consent with that. Even if he’s not looking at her, she will keep looking at him. This won’t change even if his destination is Meifu Madou. Because her life is something he lit she’s ready to die for him. Thus, she established her Commandment.

- Alma wakes up and gives us summary about recent events
It’s been 3 months since Vahman Yasht and Zahhak formed an alliance. After death of Khvarenah both planets were teleported once again by Nadare. That alliance is still valid and as a proof of that, Vahman Yasht and Zahhak fused into almost single celestial body (Zahhak surrounds Vahman Yasht).
New Continent created by that fusion still exists and it’s Alma’s job to govern it. Holding status of Dragon Princess and one of the Lords she’s symbol of that alliance.
There will be an official signing ceremony five days from now on between two kings. This will exceed even Verethragna’s festival and it’s Alma’s job to prepare it. Matter of place is already a big deal for her. While Kaikhosru and Sirius can use star spirit’s power to freely change terrain, city construction is different and Alma has to properly develop land which takes into account livelihoods of all people.
One day in her office she encounters Roshan.
New Continent’s name has been decided, it’s Arnavaz, Alma’s house name.
Alma asks Roshan about her Commandment, Taromaiti. Her vow is complete opposite to that of Alma’s Spandrmad, but in effect she can change between three attributes (of types of charm) – white (Ashavan), black (Dragvant) and gray (in-between). All of them have strong and weak points. For example, in white state she has outstanding Haoma’s blessing (healing/regeneration) while in black state her Garyoku will increase several times. Gray state she can use both but only on average level.
Also, it seems Samrukh really died…so again, that “vision” of Magsarion was weird.
Alma then asks how did Roshan met with Kaikhosru. She says he was the first and last man for her and that’s when she decided to establish her Commandment. Alma is curious because they both have similar backgrounds, dedicating their lives to a single man.
Roshan then proceeds to tell story of herself, Kaikhosru and Zahhak.

>> No.29830456

400 years ago Kaikhosru was Ashavan. In other words, he experienced Tentsui (this explains his point of view).
Back then Zahhak was known as Dragon Crystal Star and was a planet similar to Vahman Yasht, that is, it only allowed existence of Ashavan and no Dragvant could live there. But only 18 of Dragvant, including Roshan, were allowed to live there. Their identity are the current Dragon Princesses and their role was basically punching bags. Even if individually they were stronger than any Ashavan there, there was only 18 of them so they couldn’t resist and were ridiculed by many Ashavan.
Even if it’s a star dominated by “good” star spirit, disasters, accidents and diseases still occur and many people there die. However, that star spirit (called here Ryujin/Dragon God) was a perfectionist and in order to alleviate anxieties and suffering of Ashavan, he allowed few Dragvant to exist so they can be abused. In other words, Zahhak isn’t that that different whether it’s ruled by Ryujin or Kaikhosru.
For many years Roshan was abused, until she met him, Kaikhosru.
He threw huge fucking rock at her face (:skully), but it might be an act of mercy as other Ashavan were angry at him for trying to break their toy. Even so, Kaikhosru was coming back and causing her a lot of pain with intent to kill and in weird way, she was starting to look at him as if he was a savior.
One day, in the middle of night, he set her ablaze after she was crucified and was consumed by flames.
Amidst the flames and suffering Roshan wanted to thank him, but could only yell “why!” after she was him – at that time Kaikhosru has Collapsed. Ashavan of Dragon Crystal Star have to obey Commandment of Ryujin without exception. And that law was to receive happiness by abusing Dragvant such Roshan. Since Kaikhosru disobeyed that he deliberately broke “his” Commandment and received punishment of Tentsui.
In anger, Alma asks why is there no records of that in Vohu Manah and Roshan can only guess that’s because Ryujin is perfectionist and did everything to hide it.
Regardless, the end result is that Kaikhosru turned into powerful Daeva that shouldn’t even be born on this planet.
Alma asks Roshan how much does she know about Kaikhosru and she answers by saying as much as Alma knows about Magsarion. So pretty much nothing, they both chase men they know nothing about.
However, Roshan says will give her opinion about Kaikhosru in exchange of Alma giving her opinion about Magsarion.
They both wonder why Magsarion is so composed when he was vessel of unbridled anger and hatred before, despising companionship. He defeated 3 Maou in a row so it would be only logical to kill the rest as fast as possible, yet for the past 3 months he did nothing.
Alma concludes that Magsarion wasn’t ignoring “minna” as a child, it’s just he was staring only at Varhram so intensely that he couldn’t see anyone else. For reasons known only to him, he tried to understand everything about his “brother”. Since the Day of Collapse he vowed to never be hero in order to settle feud with Varhram that he could never understand to the end.
Alma then tries to recall Magsarion’s face, but realizes something sinister, but convinces herself it’s due to exhaustion.
Alma now demands part of Roshan’s deal, to tell her about Kaikhosru, but instead she tells Alma she can ask Kaikhosru directly and gives her invitation letter from him. In that letter, he tells Alma to bring Magsarion too.

>> No.29830635

- cut to Quinn who is learning in the largest library in Vahman Yasht’s capital
On her way out she met with Acchan, she’s alive.
Vahman Yasht is flourishing because they defeated 4 Maou, that’s why there’s increase in Yazata’s birth rate.
Ferdows also seems to be alive, but gives “bad feeling”.
Quinn is on her way to meet Sirius.

- Quinn has been researching Shinken in that library. However, because Khvarenah destroyed Vahman Yasht 20 years ago, Yazata newcomers didn’t know much about Shinken and she realized these books won’t tell her much. Still, if this information is intentionally hidden there should be contradictions and with Quinn’s ability to read hearts of the authors she can feel hesitation in the content of the books.
In these records, Varhram’s first feat was the age of 15 (that one we know is bs). From then, until age of his death (27) he defeated 36 first-class Daeva, 5 special-class Daeva and 3 Demon Lords. Probably even that number is understatement.
Desire to preserve Varhram’s greatness and desire to bury Shinken in the darkness were intertwined in these books, distorting history. This conflict might be true intention of Sirius.
Distortion of the records started when Varhram defeated Munsarath and made love with Shinken. This event clouded Sirius’ judgment and pulled him on the path of muzanmuki.
Quinn was invited by Sirius to his own private room that only his most trusted companions were allowed. Quinn looked at Ashavan’s population who were brimming with hope, but they appeared strange to her and Sirius who walked in called them “ugly”. He says it isn’t surprising if someone like him is at the top, the bottom will rot. All of them will eventually seek peerless “good”, that’s wish of Sirius and so it’s law for them. All for the sake of resurrecting “everyone’s hero”.
According to Sirius, his use of “good” is obsolete. It cannot be used to save and win, it’s an empty concept. Then remedy is simple, become evil that eats evil. Dye all things in creation with Muzan’s Hadou. Only by laying down rotten and fallen abyss one can produce correct white glow. So long it’s done Sirius is satisfied with disappearing, because he’s merely shadow of Varhram.
Quinn understands that Sirius doesn’t fully appreciate his values and hates himself in such a way it cannot be described merely through self-punishment and self-deprecation.
Sirius firmly believes he can throw away feeling of his shame with just one move. At the time he coined such idea there was huge shortage of “actors”. But sham like him can walk on the path of shams. It’s a duty of a servant who is crushed by genuine thing. This’s something Varhram cannot do, but only true trash like Sirius. He’s the incarnation of evil, all filth of this world. Ultimately, he will become stepping stone for a “righteous” hero and when he’s killed, he hopes to disappear will all evil.
He says Kaikhosru ridiculed him and tries reveal true identity of something he couldn’t give up, but Quinn tells him to shut up. She tells him he’s crybaby and if he wants to wipe away “sacredness” of tears he should try to stop them from spilling in the first place.
Sirius finally realizes Quinn is with him (topkek) and seeing her only as Shinken he pulls out his sword.
Vohu Manah’s wing materialize and Quinn confirms what we have already guessed, Sirius is already completely united with Vohu Manah. Sirius took over a seat of star spirit.
Vowing to end “curse” that played with his wife destiny, Sirius prepares to fight her.

>> No.29847101

when is pantheon coming out

>> No.29849897


>> No.29855306

>he doesn't want to rape reinhard

>> No.29861024

They are already having loving homosex

>> No.29879771
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>A perverted neet stalker who spent billions of years planning to get laid and instead got cucked by the actor portraying him in his opera
Sounds perfect, i will take it

>> No.29881560

>God is dead, and se cucked him

>> No.29882239

He loves rape.
If you're fucking Reinhard, you're getting fucked by Reinhard.

>> No.29905360

why is sbg so fucking gay

>> No.29909538

Read the VN.

>> No.29918177

Fags here have nothing to talk

>> No.29918820

that's true

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>Set up his son to fuck his wife's remodelled corpse
shippers btfo

>> No.29956174


>> No.29977478


>> No.29984077

I coom to Marie so much

>> No.29984449

same brother

>> No.29985119

*Rinne Tensei

>> No.30007190


>> No.30014779

Is this an actual quote? If so, holy mother of based.

>> No.30022223
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Yes, after he completely understood Bahlavan and exposing his nature.

>> No.30034343
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>(to Magsarion) Give me salvation, Oh "Beautiful" sword. As proof that I'm a small part of you, take my Prayer with you.....
>----Very well

>> No.30041565

why is reinhard here again?

>> No.30041758
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Reinhard's not beautiful tho

>> No.30044268

Can anyone transcribe Habaki's Taikyoku mantra for me?

>> No.30045246

based silveriofag

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My goodness that's some dental care.

>> No.30051148

"aaaaah hajun save meeee"

>> No.30058373

>muh beauty is immutable
what a retard

>> No.30063236

>muh eternal war
Even more retarded

>> No.30091749

mags kaibyaku a best

>> No.30096236

I can't find a torrent for Senshinkan, help

>> No.30127281

mags is a retard and his whole schtick isn't even his

>> No.30131523

What about
>muh eternal rape

>> No.30145930

Beriah : Page one

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Did someone say eternal war?

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>>muh eternal war
The nightmares? They never go away, Snake. Once you've been on the battlefield, tasted the exhilaration, the tension... it all becomes part of you. Once you've awakened the warrior within... it never sleeps again. You crave ever bigger tensions, ever bigger thrills. As a mercenary, I'd think you would have realized that by now. You care nothing for power, or money, or even sex. The only thing that satisfies your cravings is war! All I've done is give you a place for it. I've given you a reason to live.

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>> No.30192693

a woman typed this response

>> No.30205208

Good. When women rape, most disbelieve her. She will have a much easier time raping Reinhard.

>> No.30212170

Reinhard got raped by Liza anyways. Lmao

>> No.30260849


>> No.30261568

House Arnavaz:

Arnavaz is the name of the New Continent born as a result of the fusion of Wahman Yast and Zahhak. Thus, Lady Arnavaz is the official position of Alma, who governs this land. While in terms of status it might hold the lowest rank within the Twelve Lords, at the present, because it is evident that the administration of the New Continent holds a special meaning for both Wahman Yast and Zahhak, the political power held by Alma is large, and her political importance is high as well.

Moreso, because Alma (or rather, proper Ashavan in general) is not the type of person who would act haughty about her political power and influence, she's earnestly making progress in the setup for the purpose of the forthcoming signing ceremony. Although she herself harbours an excessive unease, which she can't wipe from her mind, about the alliance with Kaikhosru, as a practical problem, because she has understood that her position is extremely effective to save the people of Zahhak, who still suffer and struggle against starvation, she has her inmediate work take priority, while leaving a large number of other problems in the shelf.

Additionally, Arnavaz is the name of the House that Alma belongs to. To apply this name to the New Continent, as well as Alma's recommendation/nomination to the Twelve Lords, has been mainly Roxanne's idea.

Dragon Crystal Planet:
The shape that Zahhak, the Dragon Husk Planet, took as a planet of Good, which existed until Kaikhosru's usurpation of its throne 200 years ago. Back at that time, the ruling Star Spirit belonged to dragonkind as well, and was an extremely prideful Ashavan, as well as self sufficient, who possessed high ranking power.

Isolated and aloof, much like Spenta Mainyu was, he too was a kind of independent power/faction, and though he held some small relationship to Wahman Yast, it didn't go to the point of subordination. He and Vohu Manah were of equal status, and they would cooperate as necessary, so to speak, they treated each other much like reserve corps. Even more remarkable than this singularity was the method he used to rule his planet.

Through the later mentioned Great Cause Enforced Commandment, the established basic policy was "The Dragvant, existing in minority, would be intentionally arranged into a group of people suffering from discrimination, and through their persecution and oppresion, the stability of the Ashavan world would be secured". Though this sort of hate control is typical in lands under the rule of Black Star Spirits, when it comes to the attribute of White, it is nothing but heresy.

In Ashavan society, which is often said to be monolithical, and blatantly devoid of diversity, individual differences in the interpretation of "Good" arising is rare. However, when it comes to existences that have lived through the years, ocassionally and through a certain phenomenon, they come to possess their own peculiar sense of values about things such as justice and Evil. In fact, the lord of Dragon Crystal Planet didn't think of his own law to be distorted in any sort of way, thinking it no different, in terms of being callous and heartless, than the method typically adopted by White Star Spirits, such as Vohu Manah, which is the complete elimination of Black from the lands they rule over. Therefore, he barked, with complete presence of mind, about where the problem was.

Great Cause Enforced Commandment:
A Commandment forcibly imposed by the Star Spirit to the living creatures who thrive in the lands they rule over.

Worthy of being called a small scale Avesta, though it holds a difference in scale over whether the target is the entire universe or just the inside of a single planet, its workings are approximately the same. That is, the lord of Dragon Crystal Planet imposes this onto the people he rules over, much like how God, acting as a father, pushes down his ideas upon his children, as a Great Cause.

In exchange for the binding of "To be grateful and honoured about the intentionally arranged Dragvant, as the blessing of their lord, and to persecute and oppress them", they get "To be freed from the anxiety, unhappiness and hesitation of their every day lives" as a boon.

All of the Ashavan from Dragon Crystal Planet take on this since their very birth, and additionally, they don't hold any doubts about it whatsoever. Because this Commandment has been simply forced upon them, they are different from great men and heroic figures such as the Yazata, being just ordinary people, however, if they are thought of as a colony configured and organized by their Star Spirit, they could be said to be rather rational.

Ultimately, the lord of Dragon Crystal Planet stole the free will of the planet's Ashavan, who were a part of himself, and through controlling them, he made his own power into an unwaveringly mighty thing. However, this law was made to crumble away through the birth of the foreign body/substance known as Kaikhosru.

>> No.30293987

hmmmmmh bump

>> No.30335194

What's the easiest Light VN to read?

>> No.30337107

Dies Irae, since its translated.

>> No.30342842

And among the untranslated ones?

>> No.30343047

The DI spinoff where Mercurius starts LDOs in many different countries for WWIII. You only need to understand several historical characters, hopefully a better understanding of Buddhism than Ungern does, several different languages everyone speaks, and all sorts of different philosophies around the world. It also helps to read Dunsany because one of the LDOs happen to deceptively seem Lovecraftian only for its leader to end up being far more Mana-Yood-Sushai than Azathoth.

>> No.30343275

H-hahaha, I see, it sounds fun and easy

>> No.30358110

Why does Rea win? Wasn't she the least popular heroine?

>> No.30358642

She's Masada's favorite

>> No.30364909

It is. That is the easiest of Masada's work to understand.

>> No.30376463

is there something else besides the wilhelm and rusalka ones?

>> No.30381548

i write fanfic with discount ldo

>> No.30386088


>> No.30390502

There's the nukige spin off, the nichijou spinoff, etc.

>> No.30400880


>> No.30420173
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The Degrelle/Serrano fight in that was great. Evola and Rasputin were faggots for interrupting it.

>> No.30423922

Churchill vs Ungern was my favorite.

>> No.30432871
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I can't help but be amazed how ironic this quote is.

>> No.30433374

I thought the whole point of IkaBey was that Wilhelm's opinions and ways of thinking were wrong

>> No.30433861

maybe you are right but i was under the impression that it was just showing curse of mercurius at work.

>> No.30435162
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This. He should be proud of being inbred, not ashamed.

>> No.30438481

Churchill ruined every scene he was in, just like in real life. That was one the best Ungern moments though, and the pep-talk he gave Codreanu beforehand was great.

>> No.30439995
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Not that Churchill fight. I don't mean his clash with Winston. I meant Mad Jack vs Ungern. It's batshit insanity vs batshit insanity. The guy who brought a sword, bow and bagpipes to D-D-Day vs Ungern's surreal as fuck Mongolian shit.

>> No.30460838

Would anyone ever be willing to create some form of archive for ripped assets from Light works? Acquiring/Downloading some of them has become significantly more difficult in general and there aren't many proper places on the internet that contain the CGs and sprites, etc; fully from various versions, mainly stuff from OG KKK would be an example. I used to have a large collection, but I had issues with my HDD and lost most of it. An SBG archive would be much appreciated.

>> No.30466167

In that case then no argument from me. Mad Jack is best Churchill.

>> No.30467983

>Acquiring/Downloading some of them has become significantly more difficult in general
but its really not though

>> No.30497499


>> No.30504551

Become Chainsaw Man

>> No.30516724
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>> No.30528145
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>> No.30547834

Anything this friday?

>> No.30550173

Nothing much.

>> No.30550178

Masada can't sleep so new chapter is rescheduled to Sunday

>> No.30555091


Wait, are these all the DI spinoff LNs? I was kinda confused because >>30335194 was asking about VN. I didn't think they would continue to involve that many historical characters like that, not that it's too surprising.

>> No.30555118

Yeah, none of them are translated though.

>> No.30568678

He is messing with you.

>> No.30579238
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>one timeline Karl starts numerous LDOs in numerous countries and pits them against each other in modern times for shits and giggles
>Russian LDO has a member who’s the embodiment of General Winter whose craving is “I want all to know cold” and can freeze things to absolute zero temperatures
>Japanese LDO has a kamikaze pilot who’s craving is “I want to soar through the sky like a winged beast” whose Yetzirah lets him fly and Briah flat out transforms him into some kind of sky dragon
>Chinese LDO has a victim of the cultural revolution, a newer recruit, whose craving is “I want to preserve what I have” which makes things indestructible
>American LDO has a WWII soldier who’s been reading way too many comics and war propaganda whose craving is “I want to go on a glorious adventure” making himself some sort of fantasy hero
>Italian LDO has one guy be way too obsessed over Ancient Rome and history and his craving is “I want to remake the past” and allows him to do exactly that
>a giant fight multi-way fight occurs in Suwahara City where the leaders of all sides obtain Atziluth
>Naraka gets a massive erection over how many new gods he’s going to get for his tree
>Snek gets bored right before the final battle and Act Est Fabula resets, unknowingly cucking Naraka

>> No.30579373

They reveal all sorts of hidden details. Like how Mercurius had to spend thousands of resets fixing Reinhard from this shy wide hipped jewish goat-boy into the Reinhard we know now. Mercurius also reveals that he spent timelines experimenting with replacing their holy relics with fakes, partially for fun to see how many realize theirs is fake, but also to see how many are unaffected because they create their own meaning onto a meaningless object in an existential way. That time he replaced Wilhelm's relic with some hooker's period blood was hilarious and still worked as long as the hooker was as inbred as Wilhelm..

>> No.30579553

>the one time /a/ did its own LDO while the anime was airing

>> No.30582575
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Jesus christ Wilhelmu...
i dont suppose you got any examples? Some time ago i have looked through some of the old threads and no 'new LDO' thing was found.

>> No.30582833


>> No.30588242

Who's the Cú Chulainn being perpetually fucked by his Geas/Commandment of Avesta besides big beauty guy?

>> No.30609131

I can't believe it has been 3 years since the anime aired.

>> No.30623425

nice man thanks!
hmhmhm lucifer is reminding me of someone haha

>> No.30625604

We forgot about it because there was no rape.

>> No.30627037

Okay guys, I'm retarded. How do I crack Paradise Lost? I finally got the download and the installing to work but the serial code fucks me. Can I use AlphaRomDIE?

>> No.30627280
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You need to monitor your sodium intake.

>> No.30662686

>It's an Aladdin chapter

>> No.30672159

>Kaikhosru is simping for Mitra

>> No.30677952
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Great CG. The expressions are lovely.

>> No.30677976

we start with Feldows strolling on the outskirts of city
Suddenly he notices that all living being disappeared from the forest and everything is surrounded by oppressive silence (Sirius’ Hadou), but he quickly understood he’s outsider (Quinn/Shinken’s kenzoku) here and general public doesn’t feel anything.
He’s joined by Acchan.
At first he’s puzzled why Vohu Manah would manifest itself, but he quickly realizes it’s because of Quinn. He and Acchan decided to help her, but since Sirius is their opponent, blessings of the star spirit won’t be available to them. But Feldows says they can receive blessings from Acchan herself.

- cut to Quinn and Sirius on the back of Vohu Manah
Quinn asks him from when Sirius robbed Vohu Manah of its position, he says since 13 years ago, but he tried it before that, though his attempt was thwarted by Khvarenah. He did that because he was worried about Mama Quinn and his Commandment wasn’t sufficient to see everything outside Vahman Yasht.
After 3 years of his attempt he realized Mama Quinn is dead, but he still continued to rob Vohu Manah of its power, even though it would survive if he had stopped back then. Trying to eat dying star spirit will reduce lifespan of the star. So stopping that erosion would be his last act as an exemplary king of Ashavan. And there was no point in trying to hijack broken star spirit as it would be similar to acquiring corpse of the star.
Revenge is one of the reasons he decided to commit such heretical actions, but not only one.
In the process of robbing Vohu Manah of its authority he had glimpse at its memory.
When star spirits were just born world was chaotic and boiling. Good and evil were scattered under various interpretations and it wasn’t even possible to tell what’s right and what’s wrong. Sirius guesses it was “selection period” to fix good and evil. Vohu Manah was the most influential “white” survivor of that period so his values became the standard of goodness since then. Ashavan and Dragvant just happen to be like this now, but originally they were monolithic. Previous Zahhak (before Kaikhosru’s reign) also had different form law governing it. Elder being who knew of this chaos period fought for hegemony regardless of enemies and allies. Because of universal Tentsui, “everyone (minna)” became confused. As a result decent people died, leaving only dull fools behind. And since current people inherit sins of such ancestors, everything turns into puppet show where people stop thinking and exist to only entertain.
If even ordinary fools can’t change this world, then Sirius will become big idiot (topkek) and will surely destroy this mad universe.

>> No.30678017

While thinking about what Sirius just told her, Quinn realizes that Mama Quinn was his wife. Because of Quinn high tuning with her she must fulfill her wish for Sirius – to show him beautiful place.
Sirius expresses his gratitude towards his wife and says his grudges and regrets are all meaningful.
He starts his fight with Quinn by manifesting white flames from his sword. Quinn instinctively knows she should never touch these flames as they’re something that deviate from laws of the world, similar to black distortion shown by Magsarion on Druj Nasu.
It’s white, color of Ashavan, yet Quinn doesn’t consider it familiar and Sirius says it’s due to different interpretations he mentioned earlier.
These white flames merely touch Quinn’s hair, but they immediately rot and crumble. She tears off her hair before erosion can progress further.
Sirius says that “white” is usually associated with purity and innocence, but that’s just one interpretation. Another one is that white is vague and weak, in other words, worthless.
Since this’s Sirius’ Hadou it cannot be challenged by existing laws.
But then Quinn concludes that’s not exactly a case. If these flames were truly able to transcend everything in the world, then all creation should burn to cinder. Even if’s limited to Vahman Yasht, it still isn’t perfect when outsider like Quinn can exist. So Quinn still thinks she has chance.
In fact, so far they can only corrode physical objects and can’t do anything to stuff like light or even air. Quinn decides to attack him from distance with shockwaves, by employing Magsarion’s “big idiot tactic” – to punch him in the face. She succeeds even if her arm is assaulted by white flames…but since she isn’t Magsarion’s level idiot it doesn’t have much effect on him.
Then Quinn wonders why does Sirius worship Varhram so much. While there’s no doubt he seems like an ideal role model and living legend, after she saw several memories of him she started to see him in different light – as a mysterious monster. Mama Quinn also thought he’s eerie and scary.
Quinn says that in order for them to progress they must first identify their enemies – for Magsarion it’s Everyone’s Hero, for Quinn it’s Divine Sword and she asks Sirius who is the real enemy he must face for Mama Quinn’s sake?
She goes further and says Sirius has been cursed by Varhram and unless he will accept and purge that curse he can’t be called worthless (can’t reach his craving). Unless Sirius will clear up his grief and anger he can’t even challenge 100 faced muzanmuki.
Feldows and Acchan arrive, Sirius tries to kill them, but Quinn takes brunt of his attack and feels approaching death.

>> No.30678057

Quinn sees once again vision of past, this time telepathic conversation between Sirius and Kaikhosru around 3 months ago
There Kaikhosru tells Sirius to send Nahid to him. Angered Sirius asks if he isn’t satisfied with Alma, but he’s very satisfied, it’s just a problem of balance. Roshan is beloved woman for Kaikhosru, but Alma is merely one piece for Sirius, so their dedication isn’t remotely the same and believes Nahid will even this imbalance. At first Sirius is reluctant to do so because Nahid is not only his sister, but trump card of Vahman Yasht and since Kaikhosru will eventually turn into his enemy it would be unwise to give her to him. Even so he agrees, but warns him (with scared face) to not take Nahid lightly as she’s unusual. But much to Sirius surprise Kaikhosru says he knows Nahid very well (from the time he planted Roshan in Vahman Yasht), better than Sirius himself in fact.
Sirius says he will give him Frozen Seal’s key after signing ceremony, but adds he holds no responsibility for what Nahid will say. Kaikhosru says he shouldn’t worry, because Nahid will obey his wishes, that’s the kind of woman she is.
Wishing to be part of that “flow” (destiny) Quinn regains her consciousness.

- Quinn wakes up under support of Feldows and Acchan
Her right arm is rotten and because she cannot use star spirit blessing with Sirius as her opponent (+it’s not easy to heal wounds caused by that white flame in the first place) she doubts she will ever use it again.
Three of them are in Baliga for some reason and castle appeared only after Quinn woke up. Surrounding scenery is different, but castle is exactly the same as Frederica’s residence. But in the first place, it shouldn’t exist because Baliga was destroyed during a fight of Magsarion and Bahlavan.
Quinn quickly guesses it’s because of Separation Technique, high-level Ashavan skill that created Baliga in the first place, by separating it from reality and sealing in another dimension.
It seems that Quinn doubled this technique resulting in two different worlds, one is Baliga of Satsujinki and the other one is before them.
They were summoned here because Mama Quinn conditioned her wish to save Sirius and that was to leave mark on Sirius’ soul, which Quinn achieved in her fight against him. Mama Quinn still loves him even now and the key (her prayer) to prevent Sirius from becoming worthless Muzan is in the castle.
They proceed onward, vary of different flow of time in this dimension, hoping to get to signing ceremony on time.

>> No.30678089

cut to Alma who on her way to Kaikhosru meets with Magsarion and they decide to go there together (the entire situation plays like scene from romcom so there you go, Mags is a ladies man!)
Even if Magsarion gaze is still filled only with killing intent, Alma is still happy that for the first time he noticed her.
They teleport to Arzshenk which, while still devastated by the attack of Satsujinki, it’s now overgrown with vegetation and turned into some kind of villa filled with exotic fruits by Kaikhosru.
Apparently Kaikhosru called Magsarion to confirm their “roles”. He asks Magsarion if he wants to kill “everyone”, because that would only benefit him if he got rid of opposition and let Kaikhosru cultivate his desires.
Kaikhosru says his and Sirius’ Hadou will destroy Avesta so he asks (more like demands) Magsarion to take care of Nadare. Magsarion tells him to fuck off.
He’s tired of this farce and tells Kaikhosru to get to the real point.
Kaikhosru then turns to Alma and asks her to compare him to Magsarion. She answers that at first she thought he’s only childish king, trapped in Avesta and enjoying tyranny he causes. However, she doesn’t believe Roshan has fallen for such a shallow guy, but doesn’t say anything further. Magsarion says they’re completely opposites and Kaikhosru agrees.
Magsarion says he’s an idiot and hungry demon who wants to eat too much. Kaikhosru takes it as a compliment and calls Magsarion a decent guy (what a bromance).

>> No.30678293

Magsarion asks him if he’s going to solve mystery of Avesta with pure strength, but Kaikhosru disagrees. For him, the world is like Matryoshka doll (open big doll and you will find smaller one), the same is for reality – individuals are just group of alter egos for the world. Genes and cells for flora, fauna and humans. And these small lives for star spirit such as Kaikhosru.
Then if you expand scale stars will become cells for even bigger beings, existence that can only be defined as God.
Avesta (universe) is the living being and endless war between good and evil is merely its biological reaction and star spirits are reduced versions of Avesta.
When Kaikhosru robbed star spirit of its position he became aware of this truth, if one person can eat such a big existence from inside, then it should also become possible to do so with universe.
That’s why Kaikhosru calls Magsarion abnormal and compares him to cancer. He crushes healthy cells, takes them over and kills mother’s body. He doesn’t have the greed to hold everything, like a sword, like a cancer, his work only ends on killing. Even if he says he will remain immutable, there’s probably no pure attribute there. If he can only kill, then he will kill himself in the end.
Kaikhosru says Magsarion’s ability to know other people comes from his fear and timidity of unknown people and that’s why he’s still tied by laws of the world. If he has no vessel to love mystery and no intention of winning without knowing he has no way to take over Throne and self-destruction will remain his destination.
Magsarion says he won’t die and that he will complete his immutability in his own way. Kaikhosru tells him he should hurry up because he’s already disappearing.
Alma realizes this’s true, because she can’t remember his face.
Alma questions his words that he won’t die if he isn’t living in a way that he can trust and asks him if he can even see himself objectively. Struck by these words Magsarion asks if she wants to kill him, but instead she confesses her love to him. For her who lost everyone, only he remained immutable from the start and will remain as such to the end. For her, Magsarion is the savior.
However, Magsarion became even more frustrated, says he doesn’t need face and tries to kill her. Kaikhosru blocks his attack with his own shamshir. Kaikhosru changed his mind and says he will kill Magsarion.
They start to fight.

>> No.30678331

Kaikhosru blows away garden with roar of star, while leaving Alma unscathed.
They engage in sword fight. Magsarion is currently the person with the most combat experience in the world, even so Kaikhosru is keeping up pace with him without any problems. Their styles were indistinguishable.
It probably isn’t natural and it seems Kaikhosru robbed power of his past opponents and made it his own. This’s his immutable “greed”, belief that all treasures are his property. By looking only at the aspect of incorporating strength of others to his own, it’s similar to Varhram’s Commandment. Magsarion doesn’t know about Varhram’s power, but he instinctively knows that surpassing Kaikhosru is essential to surpass Hero.
However, Magsarion is already close in discovering truth about Kaikhosru, but he says he wasn’t trying to hide it in the first place. That’s because they’re both “invisible” – if Magsarion wants to have no face/be faceless than as an opposite to him Kaikhosru has hundred faces. But it doesn’t mean there innumerable interpretations of Kaikhosru, in fact, he’s pretty straight forward and most people description of him are shared and accurate.
Still, he doesn’t hide his face, he doesn’t hide manifestation of his emotions, he doesn’t lie – no matter how accurate depiction of Kaikhosru Magsarion will draw out, he can simply reject that by changing his mood. He doesn’t think about disadvantages, because he’s a king.
He doesn’t like “equivalent exchange”. Who decided to get something by giving something else? Everything belongs to him.
Kaikhosru attacks Magsarion via his sword and at the same time manipulates ground to trap Magsarion in a pincer attack. This requires a lot of concentration and power, but Kaikhosru isn’t tired. This’s different from Commandment of Locusts.
Magsarion approaches essence of Kaikhosru and his authority that has not been used from the beginning is still unknown.
Kaikhosru knows he will be hurt in next 10 clashes: in the fourth clash his arm is numb from the impact, in fifth clash his stomach is almost slashed, in sixth clash his authority is not working.
Kaikhosru has no choice but to splurge.
In seventh clash his left arm was cut off.
Suddenly, Magsarion’s left arm stops moving. Kaikhosru tells him to taste his own fist and destructive force is struck on his face. At the same time Kaikhosru activates his authority and Magsarion’s body starts to change into onyx.
Kaikhosru says it’s useless to struggle because what Magsarion received is his own power, so it can break even through his immutable body.
At the same time Kaikhosru’s left arm is regenerating as it was before (but not exactly as it was). Kaikhosru demands from Magsarion his arm and approaches Magsarion while boosting his authority with a left hand.
However, he’s suddenly stabbed by Alma. Normally she shouldn’t be able to do that, but conditions for her Commandment has been satisfied, in other words, Alma is starting to open her heart for Kaikhosru.
Magsarion’s petrification continues although it’s slow. Kaikhosru treats this as a little skirmish and tells Magsarion that if he wants true battle he should chase after him. He leaves with Alma.
And here we learn that Kaikhosru wants Avesta…because she’s the best woman.

>> No.30678853
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>And here we learn that Kaikhosru wants Avesta…because she’s the best woman.

>> No.30708322
File: 84 KB, 600x598, nichijou.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Pantheon Scenario
>Ren reads Masada's twitter and realizes he's not getting his nichijou
>Ren snaps & develops the craving “Fuck everything, I want my goddamn Nichijou”
>the universe he writes is a SoL for everyone there
>Ren is the unfortunate harem protagonist, the harem members being the girls with routes + Rusalka
>Mercurius is the creepy NEET stalking Marie
>the LDO are some sort of occult club at school Reinhard founded at Mercurius’ advice
>Hajun is unintentionally some delinquent gang leader, his followers borderline worshiping him no matter how many times he tells them to fuck off and leave him alone
>Mithra is a slutty teacher who inexplicably still has a job after numerous allegations of molesting her students
>Muzan is the most remorseless & Judge Dredd cop in the universe who somehow hasn’t been kicked out for excessive violence
>Satanel is the perfectionist student who nearly hanged himself that one time he got 99/100 on a minor quiz
>The other gods are actually aware but most are too afraid to do anything, aware that disrupting Ren’s Nichijou will result in even deeper cravings, increasing Ren’s power even further
>Their only hope is Shirou, someone too naturally part of Ren's Nichijou for him to destroy, who has gone borderline insane from boredom
>It's up to the player to assist Shirou in destroying Ren's nichijou to restore the universe
>the bosses are the vast majority of cast members would genuinely love a peaceful life
>Trifa who peacefully operates his church/orphanage/daycare with Lisa
>Beatrice and Kai, sickeningly sweet loving couple making out in public
>Kei, who took the opportunity to learn arithmetic
>Rusalka, who has a route this time
>Machina, far less suicidal than before now that he doesn't have to deal with Reinhard
>Kasumi, who's actually relevant given her importance in Ren's nichijou
>Bonus Boss: "Der Spinne" - Friendly Neighborhood German Spider-Man

>> No.30712494

>Wanting to fuck the universe so hard that you become the next universe
Best Hadou

>> No.30712524

She looks kinda retarded in there. Truly useless, she won't be seducing anyone with that expression.

>> No.30726169

btw Kaikhosru literally called Magsarion's killing spree Metsujin Messo and because of that he can't take Throne. This really says a lot about our boy Hajun who took it anyway.

Also, Kaikhosru's Commandment was able to steal Magsarion's left arm, but this shit still tried to kill him. He literally had to hold his hand so that it wouldn't murder him.

>> No.30742216

so technically Kaikhosru and Magsarion held hands

>> No.30756004
File: 2.56 MB, 410x307, holding hands.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.30760147

light gay shit

>> No.30773367

From how I see it, Mag's current 'Madou' is 'devours others into itself'. So instead of a drop of ink that turns the ocean purple, it's a purple gem that sucks an entire ocean dry. Since he's taking colors of the ocean into himself he might be currently prone to contaminating his own color and losing his 'self'. In that sense he's not only fighting battles on the outside, but on the inside as well. So, perhaps it won't just be Muzan as the last man standing, but also Muzan, the final winning form of immutability in his hadou.

>> No.30779622

Does this mean that Reinhard actually winning was possible?

>> No.30780684

lol no Hajun wiped Reinhard's ass there's no way Magsarion can't do the same shit

>> No.30780840

Reinhard can win a free rape from anon.

>> No.30781040

I meant in repainting the universe and becoming the godhead.

>> No.30781630

This would be one way the "Muzan = Magsarion + Sirius" theory could work.

>> No.30799426

Lol no unless he could find a way to surpass his role during Merc's reign

>> No.30820785


>> No.30827767

I'm still hoping someone actually makes an actual VN out those concepts. The threads discussing them were great.

>> No.30831357
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Is it ethical to teach your son to fuck your girl?

>> No.30832304

We're better served by different LDOs facing each other. Not just Germans. Even the LDO has Russians and Japanese.

>> No.30832476
File: 368 KB, 1000x891, Roman Maximilian von Ungern Sternberg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

By far the best fight was Ungern vs Churchill. Mad Jack vs Russian Genghis Khan was unbelievably good. But there was good competition too. The most hilarious conflict was the time Wilhelm met up with Christopher Lee & sank into a depression when he realized he's insufficiently vampire. That deserves mention. The American LDO's leader going full Mana-Yood-Sushai and recreating the world, needing the leaders of all the other factions to team up was great too. Everyone expected a Lovecraft-based Azathoth but it turned out to be Dunsany instead. Another great fight was Lyudmila Mikhailovna Pavlichenko's sniper duel or any of Audie Leon Murphy's fights.

>> No.30846013


So who do we have in the theoretical LDO spinoff organization(s) we've been discussing in this thread?

>Roman von Ungern-Sternberg
>Mad Jack Churchill
>Winston Churchill
>Leon Degrelle
>Miguel Serrano
>Julius Evola
>Grigori Rasputin
>Lyudmila Mikhailovna Pavlichenko
>Audie Leon Murphy
>Christopher Lee
>Corneliu Codreanu

Did I miss anyone? Who else could we add?

>> No.30862800
File: 351 KB, 1300x867, A0B2BCBB-DEAE-48EB-BC68-72CCB5A63A38.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The LDO is weak. The powers Ungern has obtained from Comrade Rasputin (who looks curiously similar to that Karl fellow) will destroy them easily. Not even their wide hipped goat-man leader Moses Handel will stand a chance.

>> No.30863543

There’s way too many historical WWI or WWII era people who can fit. Ungern was someone too batshit insane to avoid adding. The Red Baron from WWI can fit. If we’re allowed Finns then Simo "Simuna" Häyhä AKA the White Death is a prime target. Trofim Lysenko’s Lysenkoism is probably one of the biggest middle fingers to science we’ve seen in the past century and it would be novel if we saw what if it was actually real through magic. I wouldn’t be surprised if one of the members is based on the stories of Kashchey the Immortal. If we want a counterpart to Reinhard, the historical Gestapo wishes it could pull off what the Soviet NKVD could. For a time, it was lead by Nikolay Yezhov, nicknamed the Blood Dwarf, then Lavrentiy Beria. The former died before Heydrich did while the latter remained the longest serving and most influential NKVD leader. Either could make a counterpart if they felt like it but I think it’s better that whoever the leader is be somewhat original instead of just for having another Reinhard equivalent or foil. Mercurius could probably easily gather historical figures for an all out brawl between LDOs of different sides if he felt like it but the lack of cuckholding himself would bore him.

>> No.30864633

>place is so dead they have to write fanfics

>> No.30869198

Why did he private it?

>> No.30870517

Pastebin is having a purge now

>> No.30874455

Grigori Rasputin would make a perfect sensory for Mercurius. The IRL one died to a few shots but legends written about him depicted him as borderline unkillable, surviving a massive amount of bullets, stabbings, icy water and more after cyanide slipped into his food failed. Mercurius’ entire dilemma is how his foreknowledge’s ruining him and how he can’t even die because of his situation, wanting Marie to kill him and take his place. His relationship with the royal family was very amicable and had considerable influence on them, to the point there were rumors of seducing the Tzarina. Rasputin was even said to have a disagreeable behavior, being a drunk womanizer among other things. It’s exactly the sort of creep you’d expect a sensory of a snake trying to cuck himself to death would be. We can even say the advisory role to the royal family is alike Mercurius grooming Marie as his successor. One of Rasputin’s kids was even named Marie.

>> No.30900008

One of the most obvious sensories of Mercurius was George Gemistus Pletho, the 15th century Byzantine scholar and neo-Platonist who literally worshiped the Olympians, brought the Hermetic texts to the Medici family, wrote on Zoroastrianism, and was said to have lived for over a century.

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