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Time to admit it guys.

Who plays Easy Modo? It's ok.

Not really.

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I play Lunatic Modo

>> No.290618

Only you.

>> No.290621

Then this thread is not for you.

>> No.290622

My best is 1cc pcb hard clear
I've played less than 20 times total

>> No.290625

I play Easy Modo. I suck at it too. There needs to be Very Easy Modo for failures like me.

>> No.290629

>Only you guys
>Only you guys
>Only you guys
>Only you guys
>Only you guys
>Only you guys

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I honestly can't bring myself to play less than normal mode of anything, I've secretly shared the "Easy mode? How weak." belief as long as I can remember.

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Thanks to OP pic, I was always too ashamed to play on easy mode. Normal ftw.

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In every game that I play I always choose medium difficulty. In my point of view, that's how the games were originally designed to be played.

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Its weird, im just as good at lunatic modo as I am at normal (havent even bothered with easy) and yet ive only started playing since a few days ago.

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Is this another tohou thread?

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I started playing Touhou on Lunatic mode and never looked back.

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Easy Modo makes you fail at Touhou

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... There's an Easy Mode? Coulda fooled me.

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I like the revision one anon made to make them act like easy mode was okay because he probably couldn't do more.

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I did it in IN just to unlock solo characters.

It was easy as piss, but I sucked at normal for a while afterwards.

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It was already posted, or I would have used that.

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I started on Easy Modo. It's still the only difficulty in which I can clear the game without using a credit.

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I never played easy mode
first time I played a touhou game I looked at the dificulties, I played alot of the bullet dodging type games before but since I heard touhou was rather hard I just picked normal.
I got lost all my lives on the first level, went back to the title, played again and picked insane.

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I'm not saying that I'm good at Touhou, but playing on a difficulty other than Lunatic seems like I'm playing an incomplete game.

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