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Would it make someone a pedophile for fapping to Flan? If it does, then would liking underage features such as underdeveloped breasts and petite body figures on a matured woman make you a pedophile as well?

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She has the body of a 10 year old girl, so yeah.

Not that it matters. Little girls are sexy in 2D.

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Shut up and fap.

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The real problem is that her mental age is also less than ten. When it comes down to it, physical appearance doesn't matter much, just emotional development.

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Who cares if it's right or wrong, just fap to what you want. It's not like it will bother anybody else.

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Apparently people care enough to prosecute those who are caught fapping to loli.

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Flan is a good girl.

Also, shy mode or horny mode? You decide.


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It's their fault for masturbating in public.

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She's 495 years old, so it's a-okay.

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>Apparently people care enough to prosecute those who are caught fapping to loli.

Do they read your minds when you fap or something?

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Quite delicious.

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I want her to be my waifu and imouto at the same time.

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You may only choose one relationship.

There is, however, the imouto -> waifu course, where you may indulge in both sides of the world for ample amounts of time.

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is it wrong if i dream about fucking her?

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Of course not.

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No, it would however make you a person with shit taste.

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Not at all, she's well above 18 after all.

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Sup Eienteifag.

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Flandre sitting on your lap like this, the gentle rays of the slowly setting sun lighting up the side of her face, the flowers in her hair, the way she radiates warmth, the smell of her so close to you. It's all too much.

Something snaps inside your head. The floodgate has fallen.

"I mean ... I mean I'm already at my limit Flan." You say.
She cocks her head at you frowning.
"Wanna do it?" You ask.
"Do what?" She looks so innocent.
You take her face in your hands and lean towards her. Her cheeks are so soft, her eyes so bewildered as you bring your lips to hers.
You kiss her once, gently, only a fleeting brush. But it's enough to let her know your intentions.
"Oh." She looks down, blushing. "That."
She doesn't move but neither does she push your hands away from her face.

You move one hand, stroking the line of her cheekbone, then down her exposed neck. She closes her eyes and sighs. Her skin is so unspeakably soft. You bring your hand further down, stroking her collarbone with your thumb.
"Ah ... be ..."
"What is it?" You ask, slipping your other hand around her waist, pulling her towards you and savoring the feeling of her hip against the palm of your hand as you slip it through the waistband of her skirt.
She yelps.
"I! Ah!"
"It's okay Flan." You whisper quietly. It really is okay, she's not just some plaything to be used and thrown away. She's Flandre Scarlet, the most perfect being you've ever laid eyes on.
"N-no." She's bright red. "I d-don't, I mean I-I haven't done anything like this before, please, b-be gentle with me."

Anything for you Flandre, anything.

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You take that back.

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Also insane. ie: Not deemed capable of making a decision, so still illegal. But does not exist so not a problem anyway.

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stop spamen us u dumb chenturd's


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That doesn't matter, the law allows you to fuck anybody 18 or older, and Flandre is around 500 years old.

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The real problem is that her mental age is the only thing stated to be less than ten. Why do people treat childlike mind as if she is a child? That's not abnormal or insane.

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She's cute but I can't fap to loli. Maybe I'm gay.

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TESPfag, actually. Sup insecure SDMfag.

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No, of course not.

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This is exactly what I need right now. Some Touhou fanfiction that makes me feel less lonely. Thank you, anon.

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That's not how statutory rape laws work. They include people who aren't fit to make their own decisions.

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Though admittedly, Flandre isn't Flandre if she isn't a little ball of destructive rage.

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no, you can't fuck tards for the same reason you cant' fuck children, they don't understand enough to consent. Flan is a 'tardpire.

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Maybe Flandre has a hidden genius personality inside of her and instead just acts like a child to people because it's easier.

Yeah, that's it. ;_;

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You're just nitpicking now Suigin.

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Sup? Don't mind me, just being the superior loli

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To be entirely fair, Flandre is fully able to make her own decisions and can be rather polite and well educated. However, Flandre isn't real so yeah.

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This is what happens when you become close to an insane being with uncontrollable power.

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Sup? Don't mind me, just being the superior loli

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Chirno is just a obnoxious kid. Chen is love.

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I'd fuck both Cirno and Flan.

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You mean, shit. She's lower tier than Flandre.

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Yeah, but she's just a retarded cat. Easy to take advantage of, I guess.

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>she's just a retarded

oh sorry, I thought you were describing Cirno.

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Cirno is stupid, but still more intelligent than a cat.

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You gentlemen can play with low level retards and later deal with the consequences of frozen cock or killed by Ran.

I, at least, will at least be killed by an elegant and powerful little girl.

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Actually, Koishi isn't retarded, unlike flandre.

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I'd rather fuck Remilia.

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Enjoy your disintegration the moment she jumps at your touch, I'll be drinking with the best drinking partner loli ever.

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You don't fuck Remilia. She fucks you. Then Sakuya kills you in a violent and painful way.

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Why does everyone have to be killed after fucking a Touhou?

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Happy death.

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In during FUCK YEAR TIER loli.

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Because we don't want someone else to fuck our Touhous. Fuck them once so we can enjoy it but then he has to die.

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Why does Flandre rock so hard?

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Enjoy your cock breaking from her pure vaginal strength due to a mishap from being so drunk all the time.
I'll be enjoying CONQUERING ALL OF GENSOKYO with my unstoppable imouto.

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because most Touhous are actually monsters merely taking the form of a loli.

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I regularly fap to Marisa.

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Good thing Flandre isn't super strong right?

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The difference is she won't be drunk.
I'd rather bet on an insane but sober girl than a super powered drunk.

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It says that she's abnormally strong, not superman. Suika is like superman.

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powerlevels thread in 3... 2... 1

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Perfect maid is the only true choice.

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Sakuya is bad and you should feel bad for liking her.

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People still like Sakuya?

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What is this? 2003?

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And there she is, the worlds worst Touhou.

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Sakuya is my favorite Touhou character

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>Why does everyone have to be killed after fucking a Touhou?
Those are the lucky ones that don't get killed before they fucked you're tohos.
Most Touhous are shapeshifting eldritch abominations that simply choose to be the little girls.
Doesn't matter; The vaginal walls spasm during orgasm either way.

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Sakuya doesn't really have any appeal besides being a maid.

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She's also very submissive and into bondage. Just ask Remilia.
Also knives.

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Timestops, knifes, loyalty, maid. Those are all my fetishes.

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Why don't people like Alice anymore?

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some serious Sakuya trolling going on in this thread. Amusingly I used to think Sakuya as rather dull when I started PCB a couple years ago, but she's grown on me. The maid part is the most boring part about Sakuya when on it's own, it's the cold aggressively loyal Sakuya that can stop time that interests me.

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>the worlds
I get it
I love Alice!

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She's a creepy murderer.

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>>Would it make someone a pedophile for fapping to Flan?

Yes but that means you're a 2D pedophile and that has no bearing on real life as long as you don't start stalking real girls.

>>then would liking underage features such as underdeveloped breasts and petite body figures on a matured woman make you a pedophile as well?

No because you'd be masturbating to an adult and it shows you're not going for children but more for the noeteny features.

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stop spamen us u dumb chenturd's

>inosngfogyyfffvfopohiydsh gmnhlj fdnggh gynys

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I always found Sakuya shitty, I'm surprised so many agree today.

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She's only submissive with Remilia, to everyone you have a cold perfect maid with a sharp temper.

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Alice's problem is over-exposure. Much like Cirno and the like, everyone has seen her and the shitty jokes that go with her to be completely tired of her.

I still like her, but comparatively speaking there are many better characters.

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Enjoy your murderous lolis, while I get me some delicious doll joints. Nothing can go wrong with this. NOTHING.

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I'm glad Medicine doesn't have a huge crowd of followers, it means she can be all mine.

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Thinking about sex in any way under any circumstances makes you a pedophile. Didn't you know?

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I'm hoping Cirno dies out soon. BAKA BAKA I'M THE STRONGEST ⑨ is annoying as fuck.

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Sorry, not gonna happen.

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Fapping to Flandre does not make one a pedophile.

Image related.

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What the fuck did you just do to my Flan? That's disgusting.

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Too bad a entire generation from coming youtube and deviant art will ONLY know of her like that.

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Time Flandre grew up and stopped acting like a child. She's almost 500.

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>Time Flandre grew up and stopped acting like a child.


She will be an eternal loli.

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Speaking from experience, eh?

Seriously, we all know you're just a pretentious faggot ashamed of being a newbie, stop pretending, you're only making yourself look silly.

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u mad?~

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What about IN team?
Why haven't I heard anything about Reisen, Kaguya, Mokou, Tewi, or Wriggle? I want my IN lolis dammit!

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Eientei is shit.

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You are a pedo if you like shaved women. Bushes is the only safe way of determining if they are old enough for sex or not. If you meet some woman claiming she is 40, but she doesn't have a huge bush, call her out on her lie and tell her you won't be falling into any pedo traps.

This advice was sponsored by UNICEF.

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SDM however is worse.

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Nobody cares about Eientei. This household is just plain horrible.

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>My first Touhou game was IN, Reisen is so kawaii ^_____^

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Thank you for firmly reinforcing my belief that pubic hair is disgusting, UNICEF.

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u mad

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You're shit