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Which old hag would you marry?

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Yukari is a lolibaba?

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Eirin, so she could make me the Hourai elixor and we'd have sex for the rest of eternity. She also comes with a complimentary sex slave bunny and eternal virgin princess. Shit is so cash.

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all of them

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None of them.

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Eirin didn't drink it

also, don't forget that Phoenix girl Mokou.
1300 years of lonelyness... She'd fuck you at the speed of light

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I'm not really worth of any of them. However, out of the current selection I'd probably have to go with Yukari, Eirin is a close second seeing as she'd be pretty awesome at taking care of you, but daaamn, Yukari is hot.

Just be careful she doesn't catch you with her beast girls unless she suggests it.

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