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nice pads

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Her dick is hailing Britannia.

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That face makes me want to cum every, every time...

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Sure, I'll have your delicious NOT PADS.

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She can fuck me anyday

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I agree, >>288416 is in my fapping warmup folder.

And yes, I have a warmup folder which I use before I cum buckets over 2D girls.

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There is nothing hotter than a woman with a bulge in her pants/dress/skirt.

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>I agree, >>288416 is in my fapping warmup folder.
>>>288416 is in my fapping warmup folder.
>>>288416 is in my
Wait, what

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Rape China to get rid of it.

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Anyone who wouldn't let her have her way with your ass is gay.

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A- Anonymous, how could you...

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Oh I would let her rape my anus repeatedly. And I would love it.

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Don't worry, I love you, penis or no penis.

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I only love her with the penis.

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I'll let you rape me if it makes you feel any better.

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I'd hit i-, er, I'd get hit by by it.

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No, you are the fags.

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I'd suck her dick and then I would let her fuck me in the ass. I love that tengu, and I will willingly let her do as she pleases with me. If that means enduring her repeatedly and rapidly entering my ass, thrusting passionately, and then cumming in it, so be it.

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I'd suck her dick and then I would let her fuck me in the ass. I love that maid, and I will willingly let her do as she pleases with me. If that means enduring her repeatedly and rapidly entering my ass, thrusting passionately, and then cumming in it, so be it.

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You take obsession to a FINE ART. Seriously, what the fuck.

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Thats been thjree times tofay.
All on /jp/
What the fuck is it with /jp/ and the game damnit

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My wife grew a penis <3

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I'd suck her penis, if you know what I mean.

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Seriously, there's just some strange appeal to a girl cumming through her clothes.

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Hell no I wouldn't let her fuck me. Pegging is unmanly, and Sakuya only deserves the manliest of men as her husbando

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it's serious business.

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>Pegging is unmanly

You are not a man if you cannot endure pain. Anal sex included.

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ITT Fags in denial.

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That's right.

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You just won the game.

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Bigger bulge and lifted arms, and that would be a lot hotter.

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I however, would rape you up the ass regardless of whether you were a futa or not. That's still fine, right?

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Doesnt that mean she also lost the game?

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A dickgirl's pussy is the best

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Everyone here has lost the game by now.

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We're all playing it

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Dickgirls are better when they have balls.

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but then they aren't girls anymore

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OK fine, dicks with balls, no matter what they're attatched to.

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Dammit 40%, I used to think you were cool, but you're a disgrace to men everywhere! Go kill yourself you fag!

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Sakuya, what's "gay"?

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>Dickgirls are better when they are Wriggle

fixed for trap

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But then it wouldn't be a trap because Wriggle is at least 90% boy.

Remaining % is penis

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I'd argue that wanting a woman to dominate you in the first place is gay, but in the case of dickgirls, this is without a doubt faggotry. You like cocks so much, you have to stick them on a cute girl to get off? You're all a bunch of fags, and what's even worse is you're not manly enough to admit it.

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Stop being such a faggot and go suck some dickgirl off.

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>>288934 I'm insecure about my sexuality and thus have a need to degrade others on an anonymous imageboard.

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I think you're just gay.

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>I'd argue that wanting a woman to dominate you in the first place is gay

ha ha what

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Dickgirls are 20% gay

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Dicks are way much gay than just 20%.

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It's true. Men are meant to be dominate, while women are meant to be submissive. If a man wants to be dominate, he probably has some kind of mental disorder, like withheld homosexuality.

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It's only gay if balls are touching.

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I know you're a troll but I always find it amusing that people actually think like this.

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>Dammit 40%, I used to think you were cool


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Go gender roles!

Seriously, you're the same guy from the Japan rape thread, aren't you?

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So if you're sucking a dick it's not gay?

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Gay = fucking a guy
Notgay = fucking a woman

It doesn't matter if she's shoving a spiked dildo up your ass while you're tied to a bed and calling her mommy. It's a heterosexual activity.

It doesn't matter how much he looks like a girl and that he's wearing a maid uniform while you're railing him from behind. It's a homosexual activity.

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See---> Navy, Jailtime

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Sexuality is all about psychology. If you fucked a trap without knowing it's a trap, it's not gay. Also, fucking a trap means you're attracted to feminine qualities, while letting a woman dominate you mans you are attracted to masculine traits.

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>>289006 Notgay = fucking a woman
Because normal women don't have dicks.

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tl;dr Kinsey scale.

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Domination is not a trait.

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>Also, fucking a trap means you're attracted to feminine qualities, while letting a woman dominate you mans you are attracted to masculine traits.

But only if you associate passiveness/aggression to one's gender role in the first place.

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Now, if a trap would dominate you....

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holy shit, i must be gay then.

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It is, because men have been dominate since forever, and women have been submissive since forever. Dominance is inherent in men, while submissiveness is inherent in women.

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/d/ is leaking

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theres a lot of exceptions, but generally the ratio submissive men-> dominant women is the most unbalanced one.

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That doesn't mean we have to.

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>men have been dominate

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The trouble here is that "masculine" and "feminine" traits aren't set in stone, and vary from culture to culture. So that's useless.

Just relax. It'll hurt less going in that way.

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Pegging is unmanly, Sakuya agreed. Don't bother her about it.

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A female with male sex-drive would be SO annoying...

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I don't think you read the post you are replying to.

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Fucking love <3

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Yeah, but in every culture around the world men have been the dominate ones while women have been submissive. EXPLAIN THAT

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What about fetishes? Sexualizing the non-sexual? How does your theory account for something that biologically makes no sense?

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I fucking love this pic. I have oft fapped to the thought of waking up and making 2k-tan her breakfast, as she comes up behind me, puts her arms around me and pulls down my pants a little, while rubbing her slowly hardening cock against my ass.

Once she's hard enough she'd be too incredibly horny to stop so she'd bend me over the nearest table and proceed to fuck my ass until I pass out and her cum is dripping out my asshole.

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Except for...you know...the cultures that revered women as GODS.

matriarchy isn't that unusual.

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Just admit you're gay and get it over with. Don't waste the time of the women who could be spending time with me.

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>lol how do I knew about the Amazons?

>> No.289165

>the women who could be spending time with me.
Oh, anon. You dreamer you.

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Oops, only meant to delete the file. orz

Find it and a bonus image here: >>>/d/839652

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But it's only hot if there's a girl doing it.

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The Amazons (in Greek, Αμαζόνες) were a MYTHICAL ancient nation of all-female warriors. Herodotus placed them in a region bordering Scythia in Sarmatia. Speculation based on archaeological evidence that some Sarmatian women may have participated in battle has led scholars to suggest that the Amazonian legend in Greek mythology could have been inspired by real warrior women,[1] though this remains a minority opinion among classical historians.

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Not that I agree with that other guy, but the Amazons never existed. There aren't really any examples of women in a dominant cultural position throughout history.

That still doesn't change the fact that gender roles vary among cultures, and that very fact no act can be "masculine" or "feminine," because those definitions aren't set in stone: they're open to interpretation. Gay is defined by whether you're banging/being banged by a man or a woman, nothing more.

Also, the prostrate is intelligently designed to be stimulated through the anus. If a chick wants to ravage my shit chute, all the more power to her.

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Men having a domination fetish is normal, and women being masochistic is normal. If it's the other way around it's probably the result of a mental disorder

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I do believe I have never denied it.

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Don't worry guys, it doesn't matter who or what you're having sex with. You visit 4chan, you're gay no matter what.

>> No.289243

Wow, way to pick the ONE subject I wasn't talking about. Let's work on things like...feet fetish, or clothing articles....

There's no biological need for these, yet they exits and do not conflict with sexual identity. Why should one that changes gender roles be any different?


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Then stop pretending to like MY women, asshole

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Hey, I love 2k-tan whether she's got a penis or not.

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Good afternoon, Shiki. How's the mollusk?

>> No.289313

Don't you dare mock that Shik-ster, asshole!

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ITT even more fags in denial.

>> No.289372

ITT people comfortable wit their sexuality and a few that aren't.

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I love that comic. I wish to kiss 2k-tan accidentally ;_;

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Enjoy having any woman you ever get into a relationship with dump you as soon as she finds out about your faggotry.

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"Girls" he says.

Did you forget where you ARE?

>> No.289547

Doesn't mean I don't want to find a woman someday

>> No.289578

Women with dicks won't mind your fetish, right?

>> No.289593

You'll never get a girl to love you by hiding who you are. they'll only love the facade.

>> No.289613

As long as they put out to my facade...

>> No.289634

Couldn't have said it better myself. Women are all shallow whores anyway, who cares whether they like "the real you" or not?

>> No.289664

There is no "real you." Yourself only exists in your mind. If you convince yourself you're a manly alpha male, you will become a manly alpha male.

>> No.289688

There is a kernel of self, deep down beneath the faces we wear for the public. The face you present to yourself is generally the most comfortable one, even though it too is a creation.

Why not count this as the "zero point" and build off that?

>> No.289749

If I just pretend it doesn't exist, then what's the problem?

>> No.289768

Very funny Sakuya, now take that knife out from under your dress before someone gets hurt.

>> No.289784

You mustn't believe in me who believes in you, nor in you who believes in me but in you who believes in you !

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>> No.289795

Then you lose your sense of self and you end up letting people walk all over you.

It's easy to believe a lie, until the system breaks down and you're left with a massive identity crisis.

>> No.289797

This is what happens when Gurren Lagann and Evangelion have a kid

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>> No.289832

ITT: Dickgirls and existential quandaries.

>> No.289848


The defense was showing FEELING, show FEELING of an almost human kind.

This will. Not. Do.

>> No.289875

this would make the strongest mecha !
(and most philosophical one too)

>> No.289881

>human kind

SOOOOO close, yet so far.

>> No.289891


I was going from memory, so sue me.

>> No.289929

Isn't this where we came in?

>> No.289943

When did this thread stop being about females with those delicious bulges?

>> No.289954

An hour ago.

Now shut up and go listen to The Wall.

>> No.289956


Craaaazy, toys in the attic I am crazy
Truly gone fishing
They must have taken my marbles away~

>> No.289984

Anyone who would rather be raped by Sakuya than rape her needs to kill themselves. Fuck off, you faggot

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Why are you even here?

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>> No.290017

What if I love both?

>> No.290027

You should try and do it ONE MORE TIME

>> No.290045

With all this music talk, my mind immediately went to Daft Punk.

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Pink Floyd GET would have been awesome.

>> No.290073

Not really a GET, but /jp/ is undeserving of such awesome anyways.

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