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chen appreciation thread?
>i draw chen

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It's nice to see stuff like this. Nice Chen dude.

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Thanks anon-kun. Theres plenty of touhou for everyone but she ended as my choice of touhou for the time being

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Take it one step at a time, don't be discouraged by anyone!

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exactly; no breaks. i'll be posting more drawings of Chen very very soon.

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>no breaks
Don't draw too much. Be sure to take a break if your wrist tenses up.

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that's a pretty good Chen

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Thought that was yuyuko

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/jp/ draws Chen,
Let's everyone draw Chen!

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YES chen!

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Looks like the cookie Sakuya

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cute little chen titties

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a chen a day, keeps the rust away.

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Everything gets ruined every time

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please no, chen is too cute to cry....but is cute when she cries. drawing another chen very soon after this art lesson

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It's the only thing left at this point.

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my masterpiece

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My Chen drawing
Trying to improve.

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you got this lad.

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Hello, I am Chen yes~. That's me.
And my over there Ran-sama. I mean over there and there maybe too.
What is our destination? "we are going on this train" said Yukari-sama
No I do not care what "tickets" are, enough with this Nonsense!
Ran-sama told Chen to not talk too much with strangers.
Ran-sama always shows me what they could do to me if I am not cautious.
Please move on. I need to know this!! Question:
"Where Are We Going To" by Yukari-sama.
wwhen she asked Ran-sama to ask so she asked me to asks You.
I am doing businesswoman meeting here, Chen is a lady and does ladies things.

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pretty good
eyes could be closer together though

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Cute pose

The best businesswoman

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First of all sorry for this text wall of a post,

I remember you from previous Chen threads, and even if you didn't word your posts the way you do, the filenames make it obvious. (don't worry I'm not stalking you, i just filter most of /jp/ to not see trash like vtubers so I know the threads I frequent)

While I appericiate you for posting Chen and loving her as much as you do,
I also hate you for acting like a tragic heroine, I don't know your back story and I don't know why you want to fit into this depressed Chen role play but you look like you need some help. Let me just say that at one point I was like you, so I can relate. Back then I thought it was reasonable for me to act as if I'd be something I was not just like you, but today I after many lessons I experienced first hand I know that's not the way to go around it.
Want to help yourself just like I did with my miserable life?
Spoilered the below just for you

What helped me do the change was meditating and all it's comprised of, especially law of attraction. here is one thing that's the basis of it is that you don't attract what you want - you attract what you are.
So for example: If you want to become happy, less lonely etc. but you are sad all the time and hate interacting with people, you won't make it happen because these two things are polar opposite of each other. Yes it works and before you assume it's some woo-woo /x/ schizoposting, it has actual research proving that it does scientifically

i could go on until I ran out of max post size but it's all down to you, and I only typed this ridiculusly long post to help you because I don't want a fellow Chen poster be depressed and sad, that's all.

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Silly small cat

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I really wish I wasn't in this role since I'm only in it when it feels like I'm out of options after another bad streak of actions from others. My story is a bit too long but it can be summarized how it's after many wasted efforts and how a good amount of people have put their hopes into me. They still do, more or less, and I'm really glad someone still thinks of me. I just feel the pressure so I don't know how to respond perfectly without being worried over disappointing them. I just look back on some things and wish I could go back to how they were. It just depends on select few others for the cases that drag me down. I wish they could get my messages. I do work hard every day and everything should be great considering how it seems better for me now but I just miss some old things that I have never achieved. It includes some old friends too.
Maybe I really should change my mindset and finally take that step of going back to who I used to be. I just wish I could have a talk with the ones I wish to be able to interact with again. For now I'm just taking my time to prepare a good response to all the words of courage and actions that others have done for me.
I'm glad there's some kind people who take notice of those who need it and act on it. It's a trait that doesn't get appreciated enough these days. Nobody really writes to me anywhere and I don't have anyone to talk with for such things since I usually get ignored so I hope you don't get too creeped out by me being happy over any kind of attention.
Thank you.

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you're doing good so far

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I'm not creeped out, I'm glad you are trying to change and I can be someone to talk to when if you want, discord: morphinmata#1655

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i must join you in drawing chen

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this is adorable, really well done anon

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jouzu, you're talented Anon.
Cute Chen!

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i didnt get a chance to draw chen today, forgive me. but i will do it without fail when i wake up.

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>lewd bits are omitted will be covered with "steam" and its Chen, and 2 of my oc's

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This is a pretty comfy thread. Keep posting Chens bros

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no Chen you can't, it's no nut November!

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But there's so many.

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im working on somn big in place of my "daily chen" dont let it die until then D:

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Comfy read.

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Why is she the black cat of ill omen if she has brown hair?

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don't worrry about it

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I wish someone would reach out to me like this.

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It looks familiar for some reason, the way you drew it.

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It looks familiar for some reason, the way you drew it. Minus the eyebrows.

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Who knows.
I can't remember the last time I saw her with black hair.

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If you have a printer, you can scan the paper (if you have that option) and upload it that way instead of taking a photo of it.
Just a tech tip.

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Poor Ran

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went back to finish this up
i forgot her hat earlier please forgive me

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Cute chen! Keep drawing! Your style makes me happy!

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hop hop!

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considering how cute this is, I'll let the initial lack of a hat slide

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Yesterday I lost my 5GB Chen folder

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Oh no! What did you catch Chen doing?

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hiding something she broke, unlike most cats.

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im sorry friends i was working on this drawing. it is not intended to be lewd. but here it is.
>the others are my own ocs.

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it was sketchbook so it was too big for it

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Worry you not, somehow I managed to save the folder

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I don't appreciate chen.
Me watching this chen thread.
Hmmm maybe I do indeed appreicate it!

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im doing another chen.

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Well you better start keeping backups. That's one way to get around that stuff. Compress the files and store them elsewhere.

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Orin will be carrying herself as a dead body when Ran finds out about this incident

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I think I have an image for that.

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I recognize that pose

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not that nut. you can store the acorns though. if you're a squirrel of course.

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>Ran-sama always shows me what they could do to me if I am not cautious.
she does what now?

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absolutely nothing

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You're right. Absolutely nothing.

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yeah, Chen doesn't understand either

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yeah, nothing. *makes a note to give to Eiki*

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Eiki Shiki "itty bitty"Yabadaba can't do anything but to drown gaping in between gloriously Yakumos chests, and she can't compare herself to Chen because she is a baby in youkai terms, and that won't do her any good being the Yama. Gutsy yet pretty sad.

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gap it baby

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Those are big words for someone who will inevitably see her.

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For some stupid reason I got better when I took a break. I think it was about a year after that I drew better. Funny stuff.

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