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What the fuck, Reimu. I know for a FACT you don't bring in enough donations to get that chubby. Who's feeding you? What a fat slob you are.

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I want to slap her belly

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she's pregnant with three of my kids

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God I want her to fart on my face and take a fat shit in my mouth

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Actually, she's pregnant with three children from three different villagers.

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Those three were me wearing different hats

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If you wear a different hat, you're basically a different person.

Besides, why would you let a pregnant woman starve? Do you not think of your own, soon to be born, children >>28668783?

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I was dumbstruck at how terrible this thread was but then I had a look at the filename and everything fell into place.

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Stupid homolive poster

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False dichotomy.


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retard cookiespammer, you are fetishizing a manipulative bully, whore, and attempted murderer.

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Little fairies are starving every day while she's stuffing her mouth with obscene amounts of food. An absolute disgrace.

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what an irredeemable glutton

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what sound do you think it would make?

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good answer

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>Who's feeding you?
gee I wonder

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>you are fetishizing a ... whore,
Yes, that is indeed my fetish.

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I wish RU was my fiance

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we already know Youmu is Gensokyo's resident architect

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Me, its my job to make sure she's well fed and never goes hungry again.

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Reimu is healthy.

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you're doing a very good thing, anon, we thank you

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I'm not usually into fat but good lord she looks so soft and cuddly here, I just want to dive in and lose myself in all her warm mushyness

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Liar, if that was the case you'd never been in this thread

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looks like that fatty hermit's habits have rubbed off on her

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Playfully, quickly grabbing a hunk of Reimu's cute fluffy flab and making a quacking noise! Making chubbyReimu flustered, but also turned on because girls love being teased!

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This is a good thread

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I really should stress that the teasing is the best part of a chubhou! And they love it as much as you do, as long as you aren't too cruel about it!

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Anon, that's just a momhu.

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I want a cute fluffy loving motherly handjob from a momhou!

This almost sounds like something that needs its own topic! The momhou is the ideal Touhou body! Chubby, but not TOO much so, big hips, cute milky boobs...wearing a sweater, momjeans (or yoga pants) and flats that show off toe cleavage! The perfect Touhou!

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All my yes

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Reimu will never be well fed.

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told you

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You're posting old pictures

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>retard cookiespammer, you are fetishizing a manipulative bully, whore, and attempted murderer.
>a manipulative bully, whore, and attempted murderer.
More on this? I knew Japanese women were far from expectations, but come again?

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fat sanae is better

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how about fat marisa?

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shes a big girl

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Why did Reimu grow so much, but Marisa stayed so little?

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i think its her daughter

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She'll need to be careful if she gets too fat to fly on her broom

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she should probably magically reinforce it or something before it's too late

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Is fapping to Cookie Reimu the same as fapping to normal Reimu? Asking for a friend...

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cookie Reimu is half 3D being
(Especially RU姉貴)

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>(Especially RU姉貴)
Yeah that's what I was talking about, I'm a fatfag and that kind of stuff gets me going but I feel kind of bad fapping to Reimu, you know? She's the protagonist and all that but if it's some weird "alternative universe" Reimu (or whatever the hell Cookie is) like RU, it shouldn't count right?

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No they're just different cookie characters

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>(or whatever the hell Cookie is)
Basically the same as hololive/vtubers but touhou characters are the girls' avatar representations.

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>Basically the same as hololive/vtubers but touhou characters are the girls' avatar representations.
That's a really good way of putting it. Never thought of it that way, always thought of Cookie more as those weird Tumblr slight recolor OCs who look just like characters from existing franchises but have different personalities but your explanation makes a lot more sense in light of their personalities being linked so heavily with their VAs with Cookie.

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That just pushes the problem back to when she too big for even the magic to be of use

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Feeding Remilia high cholesterol blood

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Well this thread turned into a deviantart fetish shitshow. I just want moderately chubby 'hus with a bit of belly, goddamn it!

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yes, acknowledging cookie versions as different characters is unnecessary

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ah well, she can cross that bridge when she comes to it

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This, I don't get how people find stuff like this >>28806641

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It always happens, because there is no fundamental distinction between the two

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would you perchance be willing to give us the source to this?

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not enough fat Remi out there, man

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hell yeah

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its almost as if people who like chub like fat like how even is that connected what a mystery huh

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fat Kasen, solid argument

we did it guys we found the best post

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I fucking love this thread

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Tried my hand at translating a comic for /d/ a while back but no one cared. Maybe you'll appreciate it a little more.

>Ahh... I have to be patient...
>You're so overweight, I wouldn't even want to take a walk with you!
>Well you know, unlike human beings or other earthly creatures, rabbits like us are healthy even if we're fat...[trails off]
>[interrupting] No we're not! I'm not saying you have to be anorexic, but I like you Ringo, which is why I care about you becoming a little plump!!
>If you don't lose weight, I'll pound that fat belly of yours like a mochi!!
>Well, if you say so... Ooh, more dango!!

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>text box: running
>*wheeze* Seiran... *pant* *pant* I can't take it anymore... *wheeze*
>What are you talking about, you just started!?

>text box: abs workout
>S-Seirin!! This is insane!!
>Yeah, your belly flab is so thick that this is physically impossible...
>You're too fat...

>text box: push ups
>Seiran! I can manage to do these!!
>If it's held up by your own flab, does it really count as a push up? Push ups are supposed to be supported [with your hands and your feet], not with your torso.
>I think I used to be better at push ups than you ever were!?

>text box: a few months later
>Wowww, I'm glad I tried working out! I feels so much lighter.
>The old Ringo is back! I love it~! I hope you stay like this~
>[interrupting] Hey, can I finally eat some dango now?
>Of course! That's a great reward!! Congratulate yourself for your hard work!!

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>That body...
>How did your fat rebound so quickly? You were thin only a few days ago...
>*chew chew chew chew*
>That happened about 105 hours ago. Well, the more dango I eat, the more concentrated my energy becomes, and this is what happens to my energy if I don't use it.
>Your reward was so bad for you...
>No it isn't, it's really delicious?
>*chew* Nah, my body is still in *chew* its original shape *chew* *chew*
>Your body's a lot fatter now than it was originally.
>*comfortable sigh*! Since your body's fat like this~ It's faster to like the current Ringo [rather than making you lose weight again]!! I may as well enjoy your fatness~!!
>*various squish and jiggle sound effects*

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Thanks Anon,
is nice to have someone who translate this kind of stuff.

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fat fucking bunny

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All the Geidontei sake went straight to her torso and thighs

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hot as fuck, thank you

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Good now she can wrap them around my head

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soft bellied 2hus make the world go round

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canon mami is too skinny

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zun has started drawing boobs, maybe he'll start drawing characters with more accurate weights next

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big big flower youkai

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she'll regret getting so chunky when she accidentally squashes her flowers

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I have been fapping to some of these images for probably a decade.

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Also, I don't regret spending the past third of my life fapping to fathus. I may die of covid soon, but it was a life well spent.

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chunky reimu trying to sweat off the pounds

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This is too fat for me, but I think it's cute how she's flustered about it! I'd love to playfully bully Yuuka about her fat and make her blush!

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go on

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i want to overfeed miss yukarin until she is over encumbered by her soft and heavy belly

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I don't know how people develop like this.
It would have been better off as a Reu thread. What is this shit.

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Fat Remi does things to me that I didn't think were possible.

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a fat bird

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