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I'm going to post her everyday until you like her.

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But I already like Yuka.

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No you dont!

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inb4 somebody spams this thread with "youkai moe youkai moe youkai moe"

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Medicine or Yuka? Because I like both.

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I fucked you're Yuka

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You fucked my money?


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I'm one of the old fags that liked Yuka before she became popular.

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BR? BR? i rprt u 4 not gib monies!

And I'm the guy who spams youkai moe and create Yuka thread.

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They're pretty likeable both of them already.

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>old fags

Stop that

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Everyone already likes Yuka.
And nobody gives a shit about Medicine.

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>Anonymous of Croatia
>old fags

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Everyone gives a shit about Medicine.

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and sakuya too!

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Don't be lame.
I care. ;_;

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Well I didnt always post with a trip, also I remember when there was like 100 pictures of yuka on danboru.

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You have weak taste in Yuka art, though.

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lol underage

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what he says

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My Yuka folder is made out of 2000+ files it's not easy to find good ones.

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I love both

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That's just what I mean, though. You should be more selective. Having 2000 not so well-drawn pictures of a character doesn't mean a hell of a lot.

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Got the full version of that one?

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Sometimes it's good to be an archiver.

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Well I have a policy to collect all Yuka pictures of Pixiv.
Also the pictures you posted I dont like that style.

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I guess.

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Start sorting them by quality.

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Haha, alright. I won't push it anymore.

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Well no it is the full picture.

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I usually know the pictures by heart since i post them a lot, so i try to sort them in my mind by the release date(pixiv number)
Have a not so pig disgusting 3d Yuka.

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She's fantastic.

But wait, do you really save everything of her on Pixiv? Even the ones you think are bad? Why is that?

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Is Yuka a slut like Sanae?
She have green hair too...

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There's no correlation between hair color and promiscuity, as evidenced by this image.


You can count the number of touhous Yuka is paired with on one hand, and unlike Aya or Sanae, she doesn't interact regularly with humans.

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This thread was supposed to be about Medicine, not those mediocre greenhaired women.

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Croatia has green hair?


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I think he's refering to Sanae and Yuka.

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I'm a hardcore fan I guess.

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Also, team mates.

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