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Daily virginity check.

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Yup ;_;

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You don't live 500 years without getting laid.

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If you are on /jp/, an eternity could pass and /jp/ anons would still be virgins.

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i'll keep trying anyway

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What if you live in a magical fairy land? Fairies are pure and shit.

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I think your find that that is not a hard achievement in England the place of her original

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Remilia is a vampire, not a fairy.

Are vampires pure?

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>Are vampires pure?

In this case I certainly hope so.

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I, for one, don't want anything to do with that worthless vampire or her shitty little sister. Being an immortal vampire and all, if she bit someone with HIV, she instantly becomes a carrier.

Keep her the fuck away from me.

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Flandre is not pure. She had sex with many men which is why she is locked in a basement. She was a bad girl.

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HIV doesn't exist in Gensokyo.

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>shitty little sister

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daily diaper check

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Daily GATTAI check.

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>many men
silly anon, there is no men in gensokyo,
in fact, tohoes are asexual, they reproduce using silly hats

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Does that mean alice is sterile?

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Alice has a silly hairband. It's close enough.

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Don't give me that. You know it's true.

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do vampires make poop?

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Vampire magic kills bacteria and viruses.

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They make guano.

Now let's not talk any more about that.

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Considering they don't eat, only drink - no.
But they probably pee. Unless the blood simply disappears due to the magic.

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like in energy drinks?

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>Vampire magic kills bacteria and viruses.

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┬┤now i want my own flandre as pet.
where can i buy one?

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so her intestines have shrived and be replaced by a giant liver, and kidneys?

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Do you have an appropriately-sized basement to house her?

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can we share?

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Remilia is clearly the best touhou forever. SDM for life

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