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All of your Nasu powerlevels are small time compared to this man.

He personally killed God of war, ascended to the god status, defied the divine rules, and even killed Fate and almost finished Zeus himself.

Even ORT will bow down before the might of Kratos.

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kratos is a normalfag D:

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goku could beat him

thread over

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Nasu powerlevels are shit anyway.
Let's see if he can withstand Touhou powerlevels.

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Um, no.

Lesser gods got shit on ORT. ORT can level the entire planet Earth in a week.

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I don't think you know what "normalfag" means, durp.

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Zeus is the god of gods, your argument is invalid.

And even if ORT can destroy the earth, Kratos can go back in time and kill it.

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Shiki can kill Zeus.

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Back in the day he was the original hax character.

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>Zeus is the god of gods
Cool story, bro.

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"if one exists, I could even kill a God." - Ryougi Shiki

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Zeus has absolute shit on ORT.

ORT is so far beyond gods that you can't even put ORT into a spectrum understandable by the god which makes gods. (That is to say, Gaia, WHO MADE ZEUS.)

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This game series was always a cheap ripoff of Rygar PS2; I never liked GoW. Its soundtrack sucked in comparison to Rygar PS2 as well:


And I still have no idea why they decided to directly port a PS2 game to the Wii. That's just silly.

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Somebody trying to start shit up again?

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We've had this thread a hundred times on /v/.
Doomguy is stronger than Kratos. Doomguy died, went to Hell and wrecked Satan's shit so bad that Satan had to send him back to the living world.

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There's nothing to discuss. It's a fact.