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Fallout if it was set in Japan. Yumemi is a recruit able NPC but has no attack. But her speech is 100 and her cuteness is just D'AAAAAAAAAWWWWWWW

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Get out of here, ROBOT

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Well, this is not enough for any serious discussion.

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Didn't Japan ask the Bethesda if they could have a Japanese version and some cultural faus pax happened?

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I would ravage the wastelands for her sake.

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Maybe for 3. But 2 it goes up to 300.

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It just doesn't work. You might as well try to make a Paranoia set in Japan.

Although if it was made in Japan, you would be able to sex children instead of just kill them.

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Can I equip her with ribbons and frilly dresses? They should give her +10 CHR. At any speech check she'll say something like "P-please sir...will you let us through? I need to show the rest of humanity the stars..."

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More like STALKER

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Stats can't go higher than 10.

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And then she gets shot by a bunch of raiders and her body is used for g-

I can't do it... It hurts...

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I want a Fallout game that takes place after Planetarian. The main objective is to find a replacement body for Reverie. During the quest, Reverie advises you and provides companionship as the AI of your Pipboy.

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Charisma is useless anyway.

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It adds points to the quality of the sexual act in the F2.
This is not useless at all.

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So basically you want a game covering the audio-drama tracks and the rest of the novel? ಠ3ಠ

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Junker-san...you're arm...it's hurt. You need to rest...please...

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You can get enough from endurance alone, an attribute that actually helps you.

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More is never a bad thing.
And I don't want to roleplay an ugly slut!

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High Speech + High Charisma in Fallout 1 makes the Master easy.

"Hey Master, everything you're doing is a horrible perversion of nature and you need to kill yourself."

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You get dialogue options from intelligence, not charisma, and 100% speech is a 100% success rate no matter what your charisma is.

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It's been a while since I finished 1 but don't you convince Master he is doing a bad thing because you tell him mutants are sterile?

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>Yumemi is a recruit able NPC but has no attack

She has her use. Just set her up in the open somewhere. She will attract another junker to her, and while she's chatting away with him with her verbose chattering you sneak up behind the junker and blow his brain out.

Then you take the guy's gears and booze while she sob over his body

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It could work, but CLANG CLANG CLANG

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If Yumemi follows you around, she gets slower and slower as the game goes on as her systems start to fail. At the end the only words she can utter is Junker...

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That's a horrible thing to do. The junker could have a family and kids somewhere out there in the world.

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We are talking about early Fallouts here, right? Because Charisma gives options too. Mainly sexual, though, as far as I remember. Plus, Fallout 2 definitley had need for skills higher than 100% at some points.
This is one of the prerequisites. Or one of the options. I don't really remember F1, I only play F2 regularly.

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...oh fuck you

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You can upgrade your science and repair bro. Also, use repair kit. Make her better, stronger, faster. Give her a gun.

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The reason your skills go over 100% is to compensate for penalties the game throws at you (shooting from too far away, darkness, etc.). I don't think speech has any penalties associated with it. For that matter, you can probably stop bumping all of your noncombat skills at 101 with the exception of sneak.

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1. Fix her (Science)
2. Leave her here and go for help
3. Break her apart and carry her with you (Str, End)

1. Fix her


You fail in fixing Yumemi. You damage her systems even more.


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>At the end the only words she can utter is Junker...

More like "What do you think about the planetarium?"

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She's got wireless and can interface with machines, that could come handy

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