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/r/ doujins wherein Yuyuko is abusive to Youmu.

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more ja;f naked Youmu

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more half naked Youmu

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Does such a thing even exist?

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Quit rubbing your naked genitalia against your ghost half, Youmu.

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She's mentally abusive in every doujin. Mental abuse is far worse than physical abuse, especially on a young impressionable teenager like Youmu. She might be scarred for life.

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I don't want boring "OH YOUMU LOOK AT THESE TENTACLES I BROUGHT HOME DON'T MIND THEM whoops there goes our clothes" style of incompetent abuse.

I want "YOU INSOLENT LITTLE SERVANT! *backhand!*" style abuse.

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Seriously, I don't think it even exists. In every single doujin I have seen their relationship has been either "Yuyuko is a kindly mother figure to the lolilicious Youmu" or "Yuyuko is the irresponsible goofball and glutton, Youmu is the straight woman".

Basically every other mistress/servant relationship in Gensokyo is abusive (at least in fanon, though at least Eirin/Reisen is that even in canon), but not Yuyuko7Youmu.

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That's not really in Yuyuko's nature. Most people understand her to be externally a ditz, but internally manipulative and incredibly intelligent and wise. This lends itself well to somebody who mentally abuses somebody to break them down from the inside out, rather than hitting somebody physically.

Of course, there's plenty of lolicious Youmu being brutalized. Just not coming from Yuyuko.

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Best humour doujin, or BESTEST HUMOUR DOUJIN

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Yuyuko doesn't get angry. One cannot raise flaming anger in the undead. Even when Youmu screws up(which is actually acceptably rare) Yuyuko just chortles and tells her to shape up, which is punishment enough for straight-laced honor-obsessed Youmu.

I think a better subject for doujins would be Yuyuko's apparent desire to prepare Youmu to be a wife. The Konpaku line must continue, but it's curious how Yuyuko shows such vested interest.

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Honestly, I don't see even the emotional abuse angle. The impression I've gotten has been the opposite - Yuyuko pretends to be an airhead so that her servant would feel herself more useful.

The closest thing to Y/Y abuse I have seen was that one doujin where Yuyuko got somehow possessed by the Ayakashi Saigyou or something and there was vicious fightan. Can't remember the name right now.

The rest - I've seen Remilia abuse the shit out of Sakuya, everybody abuse the shit out of Meiling, Yukari/Ran, everyone/Reisen, even Reisen/Tewi (rare). But not Yuyuko/Youmu, nor Ran/Chen.

Haven't paid much attention to the newer characters but I'm under the impression that Aya/Momiji and Sanae/FrogSnake are just plain romantic.

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You'd know it better if you are around teenage girls a lot. They're very fragile. When the father figure is absent and the mother figure is heavily unreliable, teenage girls generally turn into drug addicts and/or prostitutes. I'm really not sure how that works, but it screws them up on the inside, somehow. Maybe this is why men were considered the dominant sex for a long time.

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"Were" considered? Males ARE the dominant sex, that's what they are biologically built for (higher strength, decisiveness, more menacing etc). it just has nowadays become a politically incorrect way to behave, that's all.

Oh, and you're right - the single biggest factor in determining whether akid grows up to be a criminal or not is not their social class - it's whether they have a father or not.

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In before retarded battle of the sexes which will completely destroy all chances of an abusive Yuyuko doujin popping up.

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Sakura Kotoba?

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People don't seem to understand that we're still a society that prides itself over physical ability than mental ability.

Thus men are dominant only because they can beat the shit out of women and children.

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Men are mentally better too. All the great works of art and science were made by men.

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Men = Innovators

Women = Managers

It relates back to the early days of civilization, the men would go out to hunt and the women would stay home and take care of the village. The men were in an environment where innovation, creativity, violence and such were rewarded. The smarter, stronger hunters got the most food. Women on the other hand dealt with the the less pressing but no less important matters of managing the village, things like logistics, communication and administration were what came up in their environment.

Middle management has a lot of women in it but you see more men as the head of industry. Basically, men hold the extremes of the spectrum running from the very bad to the very good while women hold a good average in the middle. You can see this in the statistics of grades each gender gets in school exams.

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Women innovated perhaps the most important thing in human history, farming.

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Perhaps so, I'm not claiming exclusive ability in these fields after all. These are trends but there are always anomalies and considering the unpredictable nature of humanity it's impossible to use data like this as anything other than a vague outline of gender difference.

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To be fair, that's because women weren't given the same level of education as men were. Again because they're physically weaker.
And can we drop this before it becomes a shitstorm, please.

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>basement dwellers making sweeping generalizations about the sexes as though the world is so black and white

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>>I'm not claiming exclusive ability in these fields
>>it's impossible to use data like this as anything other than a vague outline of gender difference

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Fuck. Here I am trying to argue that Yuyuko IS abusing Youmu, toying with and warping her fragile little mind, and people fall into senseless gender debate. Get back on track, people.

Some people think psychological abuse is just as fun or even more fun than physical abuse. Altering somebody's mind from the inside out is better than thrashing them until their bodily impulses force them to submit.

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It's usually because the father's not there to help keep his kid on the straight 'n narrow that drives her down into self-indulgence and leading into drug abuse and underage sex.

The father and the mother both help supplement the child's learning in different ways. The mother is caring, passive, and loving to her child. She's usually the one to give out the "sweet love."

The father is the more aggressive (or, aggressive in comparison with the mother) and straightforward teacher, and helps the child learn the hardships of life, but also helps build a strong net in case life hits, so she can either hit back or move on and be the better person. This is "tough love", in the sense that the parent is restricting the child so that they can be stopped from doing stupid shit.

Good parents should provide both of each kind of love, the "sweet" and the "tough".

But with a father not there, if the mother isn't more aggressive to make up for the lack of a stricter teacher, the child will be more undisciplined and rambunctious. And the father is usually the one to teach the child about the dangers of abusing drugs and sex without protection. If he's not there, then the child forgets its teachings and turns into a devilish little shit.

In a family, there must be balance. If one is missing, then the other parent must make up for the lack somehow.

Thankfully, I'm one of the few that lost their father in an earlier age but didn't grow up to be a stupid airhead. But then, I'm so socially detached I learn these things by watching others' stupid mistakes.

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>But then, I'm so socially detached I learn these things by watching others' stupid mistakes.

My very own clone.

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Now neither of us will be virgins

Ironic, though, since I'm so social online. Perhaps it's the lack of making eye contact and preparing what you say beforehand that makes this all the less awkward.

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Now you're scaring me with our uncanny similarities.

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YOUMU IS SO MOE!!!!!!!!!!

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Everyone on 4chan, particularly the people in the individual boards, all have the same mindset. I have a somewhat untested paranormal explanation for this involving spiritual tone and the law of attraction, but it's simpler to say "we all ended up here because we are so alike."

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you 2 should e-date :D

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Whoops, sorry 'bout that.

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Fuck simplicity, I'm interested in hearing about your explanation.

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For me, people come here to escape all that social awkwardness, and being Anonymous is the perfect way to do so. Anon, in a true sense, is no one and everyone.

The only reason I take on a tripcode is... well, I never remembered the original reason. But even now I still can't explain it.

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has Charming Border of Life + a whole bunch others, maybe it will have that?

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The law of attraction(simplified) states that any certain mental state attracts things of that tone. The way this is usually applied is "think positive and positive things happen" which is simplified magick. However, we're going much more complex here, in that the conglomerate of mind that is Anonymous is attracting individuals with that certain mindset.

Likely a moderate amount of like-minded people came here to begin with. Most of these people were here to fawn over the Japanese or whatever 4chan did at the start. It grew slowly in popularity, but didn't have enough combined mindpower to begin a gravity-like chain reaction of attraction. I imagine that eventually it hit critical mass and began attracting like-minded individuals to the website through manipulation of fate and subconscious thought. As more and more people come here, spiritually attracted, the combined mental power grows exponentially.

So as this chain reaction increases in intensity and attracts more and more people to the conglomerate, the power of it's attraction increases. I hypothesize that now there is enough force to completely alter somebody's mind to MAKE uncertain or weak-minded(read: underage retards) suitable for metaphorical assimilation.

Were some powerful sorcerer to tap this great mass of mental and spiritual power and turn it towards a goal, I imagine it would alter destiny very heavily. In other words, Anonymous as a whole has about as much combined power as the average god does.

But that's just theory and conjecture.

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Holy shit.

I still believe though that it's the whole lure of "You're Anonymous, no one knows who the hell you are unless you blow your cover" that attracts people to 4chan, both the regular posters like ourselves and the idiots who post here and think it's either some secret club or thinks it's another subpar (to us) board just because it happens to have a Japanese name.

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What? You guys don't come up with theories like this in your afternoons off? Great, now I feel alienated.

As for Chomp, there are signs of paranormal activity affecting the new "fags" too. Many are slowly changing into the stereotypical Anonymous, as if they were corrupted or infected. The change is hardly noticed due to anonymity, but it is happening. I imagine that it would be happening faster if the more experienced posters weren't feeling as if there was a huge divide.

Think of it like experienced priests and new acolytes. Acolytes are susceptible to bumbles and don't follow their religion perfectly yet, but will eventually either abandon worship or learn and become a more experienced priest.

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Anonymous doesn't have enough psychological conditioning to do what you say. You can influence a large group of people to do something, sure, but they'll only get bored quickly and move onto something else.

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It's too bad we're all godless heathens that are going to burn in some horrible underworld when we die.

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i dont believe in paranormal activity but i do believe good things can go to shit due to the majority of people in the world being shitheads. democracy fucks up everything

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Few of us got bored and wandered off for very long. We're attracted, addicted almost. Influencing a large group of people will only work for as long as they have cause to stay together, and we stay together for our similarities(and for VNs and touhou) rather than any short-term event.

Theoretically, one could join with Anonymous in a hermetic godhead style on death. But really, is donating your eternal soul to 4chan any better than going to hell?

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It's not that I want to make a new theory. But there is that Anonymity = Internet Fuckwad theory, and that's what I usually stand by. But here goes.

When "newfags" come here, they are either completely new to 4chan -pure, untainted, etc.- they notice the "Random" bored and think Ohh, this is like that one forum with all the spam lolol xD (Forgive my use of a smiley, just proving a point.)

So they go in, and after... I give them a half hour before the dogs are gnawing on their legs and arms, they go to the other boards. You have "Anime/Manga", "Japan/General", "Video Games", and all these things. But because they are new, they do not realize that like all boards, we have a code of etiquette, so the older posters who have no tolerance for the new ones send out more dogs.

Now, one of two things happen.

The first, they learn what is going on around them, throw off the dogs biting their body parts, and slowly learn our ways.

The second, the newfag runs home crying and screaming with bite marks riddled all over and has learned nothing. Being subject to how we speak, how we act, perhaps it's like culture shock for them.

Likewise, because these older posters (or some of them) do not give the newer posters a second chance to reform, they immediately attack and insult as if a dog had entered their lawn and started shitting on it.

It's the fact that the old users believe there is this great big gap between them and the newer users, but at one point they were them but have put those particular memories to rest.

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It's actually very simple. You come to 4chan, you look at it. If you tolerate or god-help-you like what you see, you stay. If you stay, you're probably like all the others that frequent the site. If you post, you eventually post how others do because it's the most efficient in getting what you want to happen.

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But as I've explained, there are newfags who like 4chan but have no idea how the boards work, how the site functions, etc., and will not even give a second glance to a thread unless it truly catches their eye. So they stay despite their ignorance of our ways.

And then one of those two things happen. They learn, or they move on.

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Youmu, I think this thread needs some work.

Yes, mistress.

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>I want "YOU INSOLENT LITTLE SERVANT! *backhand!*" style abuse.
But that's a complete 180 from both Fanon and Canon Yuyuko personality.

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Youmu is an acceptable substitute.

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Would that be a 360?

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>The law of attraction

Pseudoscience goes in /x/ or /b/.

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Japanese oni clearing forest

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Not really.

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Dogs in trees go in /x/.

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You aren't thinking in enough dimensions.