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Hello /jp/!

I am thinking of making a Japanese Study Game.
The protagonist's goal will be to pass the JLPT!
Depending on the level you get a different girlfriend to study with. What do you think of this idea?

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Will it actually teach you Japanese?

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It will probably suck

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That would be the goal.

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Don't worry!

You are the 1,000,000,000th fool.
Your Japanese ability will become the billionth.

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Just try.

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This actually sounds really fun. It'd just be Anki with a waifu attached. If you get kanji correct you unlock events.

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I'd really like this, though I feel bad that I can't contribute anything but my desire to play a game like this. I wish you luck with this project, should you decide to pursue it!

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I just realized.

Akiha and Kaguya look alot alike.

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Reported for faggotry.

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You wil conquer the world if your game will able to learn something that players who already are ready to play with their cocks.

"And -ka in the end means... blah-blah.. and you can combine them, see, like Rena? See,,,? Mr. Smth,,,? Mr. Smith, what r you doing? What? Stop immediatly fapping to kana!"


-Hey, dude, I've got the new eroge.
- Kewl, with hot chicks?
- No, dude, itz greater! No chicks, but KANA. You will learn japanese
- Kana? No chicks?
-K-A-N-A, it's really hot.
-You lost me.

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I would play this.

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I would BUY this thing.

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This would be awesome. Do it.

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>>2851998 Stop immediately fapping to kana!
Seriously she's not even blood-related!

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No you wouldn't.

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I would, if it becomes a retail game.

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