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It's that time of the year when she can pretend to be us.

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Hey, look! That dumb Vamp is pretending she's people!
Go back to your coffin, you freaky weirdo, or I'll call the Miko!

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Oh no! Who let her pollute that nice stream? It's all green and smelly now, and all the fish have died.

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Breaking through the vamp's tough exterior and melting together in her cold embrace in the hug of gentle missionary sex! Seeing her cry tears of relief! Filling her up with your tomgirl sperm!

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>Filling her up with your tomgirl sperm!

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Read it and weep (cum)

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Aside from what she's doing on the cover, the way Remilia is drawn looks nice.

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page 52

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deep breaths~

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My lungs are stinging and I'm coughing up blood now.

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if only remi didn't take off her socks near a mortal's lungs in december last year, the smell plague wouldn't be upon us. Stinky bat.

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I don't know.
The atmosphere isn't one you can just jack off to.