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Caster route thread.

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Still wonder how this could actually work.
Since Shirou does not even offer the option of doing it gently.

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Yay, /jp/ is developing taste!

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Caster likes it rough.

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Does she?
We do not know what Souichirou did.

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She's basically adult Ren.

Sort of want.

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You think that'd put Caster off? She's one of history's most famous yanderes.

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We saw what she did to Saber though. Even discounting THAT doujin (we've all seen it), the shot of Saber being tortured was put with the UBW H CGs.

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Well, mythology, but you get my point.

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Shirou with Caster would've been a laugh. A magus servant who Shirou can provide no magical energy to and won't let her eat any souls?
He'd better be willing to fuck her 3 times a day or he'd be killed by the second day.

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>implying that anyone would not be willing to fuck Caster three times a day

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I dunno, this is Shirou we're talking about...

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Well so long as she'd explain how to do it.

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I'd pay to see that explanation.

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You know how to do it, you are just fucking reluctant.
I guess she would have to rape you every now and then...

That sounds good.

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Personally, I'd just love to see how Tiger and Caster would get on.

Team 'Old Maid' would be the strongest team.

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You know, don't we have any writefags? If we do, couldn't something actually be DONE with these "different servant" or "extra route" threads?

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Their card choices make no sense.

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I'm thinking they'd despise each other.

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Probably like a knife in the back.

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I know, it's not fair that poor Caster has to take the bad rap. Why not Angra (HF version obviously, HA version is pretty BRO). Or hell, ZOUKEN or Dark Sakura would do.

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Caster route - Very early in the game, Issei asks Shirou to help him out at the temple to fix something important. Shirou agrees, and when he's done and its dark out sees Caster stumbling along in bad shape. He goes to her and she passes out in his arms. He takes her home and feeds her. She grabs his arm and tells him her story, and is happy to realize he's at least a magus, even if a weak one. She asks him for mana transfusion. Shirou is reluctant because he has no experience with sex, but ends up giving her tender lovin to save her.

Seeing opportunity, she doesn't become his servant, she uses mana transfusion to sustain herself and limits her activity to teaching him to conserve her mana. She helps Shirou summon Saber. Shirou x Caster x Saber commences. Caster finds a way to drain small amounts of energy from the populous without actually hurting them. The three of them proceed to absolutely dominate the other masters. Caster/Shirou/Saber mana transfer threesome occurs. Kotomine realizes how deadly they are and has Gilgamesh go and capture a weakened Caster while Saber and Shirou are out. Shirou becomes enraged and they confront Kotomine and Gilgamesh at the temple. True end has Saber destroying the grail and returning to her own time with Caster staying to live with Shirou as his lover, Good End has a theesome end where Shirou is able to maintain them both.

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Really? I can imagine them sitting down over a few drinks lamenting about Jason and Kiritsugu and coming to the conclusion that all mankind should be wiped out, except for Shirou who will kept for 'breeding purposes'.

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Her card makes sense.

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In Arcana, Devil is not for representing evil actually, though most of the cards in this set do not really fit properly the Arcana theme either.

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That seems a little sinister for Taiga.

I swear I've seen this exact post before.

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Yes, because I wrote it and posted it before.

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Ever considered going whole hog and writing out the whole route?

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What about Rin, Ilya, Broserker, Archer, Lancer, and Rider?

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I could, I could also do a "choose your adventure" thread last night like someone did with 4th Berserker, but too many fags would likely sage it.

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Devil stands for the enticement of absolute power and wild abandon, as far as I know.

Avenger, with his nature as all powerful evil of the world AND tricky bastard, fits better than Medea.

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Both would be awesome.

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The devil DOES fit Avenger, though not for the reasons you mentioned(Since Aveneger's traits are not like that).

The themes of the Devil that fit him more are Self-Bondage and Futility(due to his very nature)

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Alright give me a few moments, just remember you actually have to somewhat act like Shirou or else I'll be writing lots of Tiger Dojos. Last night's thread had the protagonist go from a maid raping win at all cost magi for hire to a complete goodguy moral fag. Many rages were had.

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Just so long as you give us sufficiently stupid options (also you should post the end result of the thread up on FF.net).

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thread here >>2830497

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