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Pic related. ;_;

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>no one will ever love
>picture of Flandere

I think you meant pic unrelated.

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I think she would make a nice waifu, but I'm a boring guy and she would never like me ;_;

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If you believe you're a boring guy, then you sure as hell are a boring guy.

And I thought Flandre was popular?

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Liked by fans, feared by the cast.

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>If you believe you're a boring guy, then you sure as hell are a boring guy.
What is that even supposed to mean?

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That means if you believe you're boring and say you're boring, you'll never be not boring because that's the expectation you have of yourself.

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maybe he's being modest?

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Actually, I had never thought that I was boring until I went out with some people yesterday and realized that I had completely run out of things to talk about after 10 minutes.

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That doesn't mean you're boring, it means you and them didn't share any interests.

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>I had completely run out of things to talk about after 10 minutes.

Holy shit you're awesome! I can't even last 30 seconds.

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>Nice girls that no one will ever love
Flandre is one of the most overrated touhou characteres.

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>Nice girls that no one will ever love
Well these two's selling point is their unpopularity though.

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who overrated Flandre?

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Lots of people love Flandre. They're just also afraid of her.

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Is that some Type-moon der?

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I always remember them as the wine producing sisters.

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I can honestly say that I love Flandre enough to not be afraid of her, because I'd willingly let her kill me and let her do whatever she wants with the body.

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Over 9000 remixes?

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I remember Minoriko for the look of disbelief I had on my face when her character portrait popped up. Yeah, Reimu's was terrible already, but that was just icing on the cake.

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The Ronald thing just got blown out of proportions by idiots. Her theme gets lots of remixes, but it's really not more than any other character. I'd rather think Reimu and Marisa are more overrated.

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It isn't that you aren't afraid, because you are; you just don't have a life worth of any value so you'd rather take a gamble at capturing delicious Flan-chan's loli heart or die trying. You are well aware of what's going to happen if she does not approve of you.

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>Reimu and Marisa are more overrated.
Right! Marisa is nice but I not really like Reimu.
I think she is ok but other characters have more style! I play not often mit Reimu. I play the most time with Sakuya in TH7 or with Sanae in TH12. And Marisa...

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I don't even get Marisa's appeal.

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>but it's really not more than any other character.
lol no.
There is even rap remixes.

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Marisa is not overrated. She's a pimp.

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Well here's rap remix of Ran's Theme:

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this thread is now about love'd touhous

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Reimu is really overrated.
I play not often with her.

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here is the problem.

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What's with this edit? They took out the loli bit and bolded the lol only?

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Useless loli, only good for her yandere imouto appeal.