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What happened to the Miku thread?

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In response to that faggot who said sage isn't used as an insult, you need to lurk the hell moar.

I'll sage whatever and whenever I feel like.

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Please stop.

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Janitor-kun did what was necessary.

tl;dr Miku should never, ever cut her hair, and you're a horrible person for driving her to it.

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how is this /jp/ related??

janitors need to stop being so lazy and delete threads that aren't related to the board...

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go away kog

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Hail janitor.

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OP is a faggot


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let me bump this

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I reported you're thread

Miku is /a/ material

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OP of the previous thread here. I deleted it.

I just wanted to share a nice picture. I wasn't amused when I returned and found KoG samefagging plus a bunch of newfriends from /a/ discussing GETs and bumping the thread with offtopic replies.

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You're a true service to /jp/. If only the rest of us had quality on the mind. Not even being sarcastic. I have to remember to do this more often in the future.

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>Anonymous of Colombia !pkzejWGkfw
>Hail janitor.

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>implying AoC was janitor in 2009

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Hail janitor indeed.

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