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Is there even a decent western touhou community.
/jp/ barely qualifies only because I have biased opinion on it due to nostalgia.

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No. The "Western community" is 95% secondaries who only care for spouting memes. It's very rare to find someone who actually cares about Touhou in the Western side of the internet.

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/jp/ is the least cancerous. Your alternative is either reddit or discord if you don't want to spend years looking for someplace else.

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Western Cookie fans are cool

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Sorry to disappoint but /jp/ truly is the only good one.

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Find the Touhou OC making, lore discussing, game developing and gameplay threads on /jp/. There's your decent western community.

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My only experience was joining a random Discord server and seeing that almost everyone is what >>27921732 says.
5% of the talks were general touhou that were surface level and shallow.
The rest are faggots sucking each other's dick in their blogpost echo chamber.

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Our local neighborhood touhou community. Pic related is a sneak-peek of the meet up. No bloodz allowed.

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do your god damn reps for japanese

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>Is there even a decent western ___ community.

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This but less sardonically no, not anymore. You could have had an in with some forums, including this one if you want to count it as one since that word's always been weird to me, but the times passed and all thats left are either people who found out about it through decade old fanfictions/porn, oldfags who do genuinely want to talk to people having already made a small group of maybe a dozen people over the years that you're certainly not going to be a part of, and the vast majority will just be secondaries. Which you'd think is no different from the first group I mentioned, but while they're very similar somehow they manage to be worse in a way that it's an insult to even the worst of shit to put it in the same class as them. If that makes sense.

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>oldfags who do genuinely want to talk to people having already made a small group of maybe a dozen people over the years that you're certainly not going to be a part of
Man, screw those guys. They might as well be as bad as those fags who spam memes all day in some Discord because the only people who got into those cliques were the ones who didn't mind sucking each other off all day.

If you didn't forge any connections back then then your only other option is the wider fandom - who are generally retarded and just repeat whatever Facebook meme is in ad-nauseum. It's terrible.

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Instead of bitching about how no one wants you in their secret club, why not make your own?

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Isn't the modern western Touhou community full of LGBTQ+XYZ145ALPHA&OMEGA and trannies and leftists and commies? Then again, that is pretty much every western community nowadays.

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Put me on a stake for saying this, whatever:
If you're just looking for art and don't mind Western OC or the wrong kind of shitposts, /r/touhou is OK.
It's not that good for discussion though, and the posting standards for sourcing probably discourages a lot of casual art posting, which people on /jp/ may or may not like.

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That's just as bad, anon. I don't regret not joining those cliques. It's true that there are many level-headed people in those groups and you can have good discussions, but they're just glorified circlejerks no matter what. I'm sure you could join one now even if you actively searched - but you'll probably be sidelined from the group that's chatted it up together for 4 years and forgotten unless you really push yourself, which isn't everyone's cup of tea. That's all those groups ever devolve into.

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Yes because they abandoned this place as the impetus of their fandom and chose tumblr/twitter while keeping some memes

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/jp/ is pretty shitty nowadays too. People are so uninformed about official Touhou material that they think Touhou Lost Word is an official game and /jp/ is always one of the last places to even hear about Touhou news because people take /jp/ memes literally and refuse to visit any other website so they end up in a complete bubble. ZUN announcing something on his twitter or blog? /jp/ won't know because other websites are evil and you should not visit them ever.

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Western ''community'' produces nothing of value and just leeches off of content made by the actual community in Japan

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fat brown trans lesbian posting is the future of touhou it seems

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Delete this.

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>they think Touhou Lost Word is an official game
People actually think this?

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Ironically r*ddit is better than /jp/ for Touhou stuff, ban me but I'm right. It's 90% "found fanart" spam and the mods of the main sub are fucking autistic about sourcing but at least people there seem interested in the original works and discussing them. There are many regulars willing to help newcomers, lots of artists, even some game developers.

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Yes, just check some of the earlier threads.

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This is making me feel hopeless. I just want to talk about touhou properly.

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This is starting to sound like sour grapes, anon.
Start your own community and have your own closed-group of trusted like-minded fellows. What's so wrong about that? It's not too late.

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I'm pretty sure some of the Hololive ENs are big into 2hu.
If they were before Hololove, then there must be more like them out there

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>regulars willing to help newcomers
Spoon-feeding retards that refuse to do a google search isn't a good thing
>lots of artists
Western artists, with rare exception, are terrible
>game developers
The best western fan game is at best on the level of a competent flash game

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>think Touhou Lost Word is an official game

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why you want touhou community ? to talk about this girl is cute for the millionth time ? talk about game everyone beaten for the millionth time ? you are just late to the party and everything said about touhou has been said

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This might be me, but it seems corporates learned from Touhou's success, and started spinning franchises that sucked most people except for die-hard Touhou fans. I say this from observing artists making all kinds of doujin works over the years. They used to make many Touhou-related works, then started switching to KC, and now it's idolmaster, hololive, honkai impact, azur lane etc.

Which is why I simply cannot have fun with hololive. It's a corporate franchise to sell memes. Something that used to be spontaneous and community driven became designed, managed and dependent on sales. The business's pretty simple, hire artists to make many cute anime girls, based on a popular subject (gayming, pop-singing, history, legendary heroes, warships). Give them funny characters based on what's popular atm. Add music, gameplay and tailored memes, so the community starts feeding back into the loop of popularity.

Touhou was my life for a few years and will always be important, I see it as a fortunate page in Internet history. Good side is that we probably can enjoy it without meme-consuming normies now.

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setz and yoruny come to mind as those exceptions.

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Yes. I've been doing it for a decade and I'll do it for another, ESL-kun. Nothing wrong with maintaining an interest in what you enjoy.

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you enjoy dick

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this is true, and they also fucking hate my guts for not being a massive yurifaggot.

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you could have just ended it at "future", anon
yes but yoruny got cancelled by faggots for drawing lolicon
such seems to be the fate of most decent western artists it seems, maybe not necessarily specifically for lolicon but nonetheless

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my experience with touhou discord is a bunch of oversharing mouthbreathers who don't play the games and just want to talk about yuri all day
I know exactly one person on discord who genuinely cares about the series and learnt japanese to learn more about the mythological backstory, and he's probably in this thread already

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There's a difference between not being a yurifag and commenting on yuriposts to remind everyone that you hate yuri.

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There is no decent community anywhere
Human nature is vile
Either cope with the shittiness and take what you can get or be satisfied with isolation

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Forgot adding an image, this is an imageboard after all.

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No, but I enjoy giving dick, especially to cute SEA boys.

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Maidens of the Kaleidoscope is probably the best English online community. It isn't very active nowadays but that's not necessarily bad.

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>The best western fan game is at best on the level of a competent flash game
Not sure if living under a rock or trolling.

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There is nothing good unless you make it yourself.
So get a gf, and get down with her.
Produce your own Touhou community! I know you can do it /jp/!

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The only correct post.

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Not sure about decent, but I once got invited to a discord server with a few hundred people that was extremely hardcore into PC98 Touhou. It was the fastest Touhou community I've ever been in, you could take a break for an hour to watch some anime and in that brief moment you were away over 20k posts would have been sent, all related to Touhou.
It only had one caveat: they absolutely HATED modern Touhou. Talk about a game that wasn't released for the system or share a picture of a character with their updated design and everyone would freak out at you and launch into huge autistic rants on why it sucked and had no soul, long after you stopped posting.
Didn't stay in there for long, couldn't bear more than a month, but to answer your question yes there definitely are insanely dedicated Western communities outside of 4chan. They're just so on the spectrum probably don't want to be in them.

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I like playing the Windows games, but they're not wrong. Look at >>27950934 and show me one single Windows portrait that's as cute and charming as this.

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I think PCB select screen Reimu comes pretty close.

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oops meant for >>27952882

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What is there even to talk about desu? I love pc98 but there's just not much material to go off of.

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Yes, but still slightly worse. I like the Windows art, but it feels like on the transition to Windows ZUN lost something.

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This is actually why I dislike communities based on a chatting system.

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so image boards?

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What does it take for them to acknowledge that ZUN has abandoned PC98?

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I know the same stuff for Star Wars but at least that made more sense because Star Wars has tons of content even if you want to focus only on certain parts of the franchise. This sounds more almost like those Katawa Shoujo threads on /vg/ that just make me wonder how they can still be around.

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Deranged ≠ dedicated. Everyone can spend bitching on discord for hours about dumb shit. Putting an actual effort into something is being dedicated.

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It's the same method for how people derive content and discussions about Momiji

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I will replay the games if it means you all do a fresh restart on the series.
You've all become complacent and reliant on doujin works.

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starting with which one?

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My point being discussions about pc98 and Momiji are surface level at best and fans are just going off headcanons because the content was never really anything to begin with. You could write a multi-page character analysis for someone like Griffith, Johan Liebert, or Yang Wen-li but you literally can't do that for Sariel, Kikuri, or whatever.

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what you call spoonfeeding helps build a community instead of having oldfag circlejerking all day.

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Different anon but that's only true to a degree. I could dump name after name of things a majority of the people here probably don't know or will call me a faggot for knowing, things that all got ruined because people just fed every last little bit of information to anyone who passively aggressively asked to get spoonfed long enough. Inclusivity for inclusivities sake is the worst possible thing you can do, and some people are just too fucking stupid to actually care about something but weird enough to stick around for longer than they need to be.

See the previously mentioned Yoruny for an example; the dude drew barely lewd loli art, of a character in fucking Touhou, and had half the people he knew turn on him for "being a pedophile" and god knows how many screaming for his head. Think about that, really think about every aspect of that sentence, and and there's really only one conclusion to come to. There are people willing to base their entire online identity around something, but then only to turn their backs on a core part of it in a second because they're obsessed with having the moral high ground or whatever it is. It doesn't make sense that people would willingly jump into shark infested waters and pretend like it's just normal waters until a shark comes along, but that's the kinda retards that come along if you try to get everyone you've ever met to like something you like.

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True and this is what makes Touhou great. The fanon and derivative works are more important than the source material. Touhou is not primarily a work of art handed down to us from on high to be enjoyed as-is. It is a story we are telling each other.

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1, 2, or 6

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This is heading straight into secondary territory where people claim their fanfiction is more important than the official stuff. Might as well start posting that black Tewi image again.

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Anons got a point beyond the "more important than the source material" thing. I kinda just handwaved it because I get the point he's trying to make rather than the stupid way he put it.

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>a few hundred people that was extremely hardcore into PC98 Touhou. It was the fastest Touhou community I've ever been in, you could take a break for an hour to watch some anime and in that brief moment you were away over 20k posts would have been sent, all related to Touhou.
>It only had one caveat: they absolutely HATED modern Touhou. Talk about a game that wasn't released for the system or share a picture of a character with their updated design and everyone would freak out at you and launch into huge autistic rants on why it sucked and had no soul, long after you stopped posting.
Sounds like paradise to me....

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Same. Link pls? >>27952618

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I too asked myself a similar question at some point. But that's something only you yourself can answer. Just keep poking around until you find one that you like.

Personally, I've given up on {consumer product} communities. They always end up in one of 3 directions. One is where after the initial consolidation phase, everyone turns into a gatekeeping elitist sperg. Another is when everything degenerates into pure shitposting and memes. The last one is where everything turns political. That last one particularly hurts because I've seen both ends : when it feels like you're walking on egg shells when talking and when everything becomes about how based some radical totalitarism is. The truth is that there are only so many things you can talk about {consumer product} . All {consumer product} communities are just filled with bored teenagers who don't have anything to do all day.

The best success I had was with skill based interests communities. I'm in a doll knitting discord and we talk about Touhou from time to time and at some point a lot of active members were making their own dolls and posting pictures and talks about the characters and techniques used would ensue.

I'm also in a game making discord for a certain framework and talks about stgs do come up from time to time. Find a skill based hobby you like and I'm sure you can meet many great people.

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sealed communities might suck when you didn't get in, but the only way to preserve a good community is to seal it.

>> No.27966708

Oh wow. Yukari thought of that a long time ago!

>> No.27966928

We know it's you Alicestop pretending that you have friends.

>> No.27972366

>'m in a doll knitting discord and we talk about Touhou from time to time and at some point a lot of active members were making their own dolls and posting pictures and talks about the characters and techniques used would ensue.
Post your dolls.

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can i check out the doll knitting discord?
i saw some guy made a cute koishi doll and i want to replicate it but i could use advice

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>The last one is where everything turns political. That last one particularly hurts because I've seen both ends : when it feels like you're walking on egg shells when talking and when everything becomes about how based some radical totalitarism is.
god i hated it when MAGA momiji became a thing
just a bunch of fucking secondaries posting the "funny MAGA awoo girl"
poor momiji didnt deserve this

>> No.27976351

actually i change my mind, it wasnt even secondaries, i wouldn't doubt if most people posting her didnt even know she was from touhou

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>god i hated it when MAGA momiji became a thing
Reminder that ZUN himself designated Toyosatomimi no Miko as the official Drumpfhu.

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/jp/ is the best there is huh?


Life keeps getting more and more depressing

>> No.27978780

Just to jump off this,
>All {consumer product} communities are just filled with bored teenagers who don't have anything to do all day.
is very true in my experience. You don't need talent, or drive, or intellect, or any maturity at all to post in a fandom. But once you start dealing with real-life hobbyists, you find they're a little older and often more well-adjusted than your average Discord denizen. Even if they're amateurs, it takes a certain level of brains to create something yourself rather than repost and discuss what someone else has created.

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Kill yourself if you use discord

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Isolation isn't too bad. Better than having to interact with a terrible part of the community.
Besides, you can still find good albeit irregular opportunities for discussion here.

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wasn't this just aya making shit up

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>Personally, I've given up on {consumer product} communities. They always end up in one of 3 directions. One is where after the initial consolidation phase, everyone turns into a gatekeeping elitist sperg. Another is when everything degenerates into pure shitposting and memes. The last one is where everything turns political.
Painfully true. The only good friend groups I've been in were ones where we just found people through other people, and people share some interests but not enough for it to be the focus of anything. Granted, those don't always go great either, and I've only talked to one person in the past half a year despite being in several of those groups so I have no idea what it's like now, but I've learned to stay far away from any community revolving around a "fandom" after several god-awful incidents. One guy was so bad his suicide was celebrated when it hit the local news, because apparently he had been recruiting young boys to fuck and do meth or some shit with in another fandom-related Skype group, and god knows how many kids were fucked up by that. Disgusts me I even knew him. Also, sorry for the blog and please post your dolls because now I'm curious.

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You're not wrong, but cliques are all there is these days. Anyone can tell this place isn't what it used to be. The times when a decent community could be built by a huge pool of total anons calling each other faggots are well behind us. While they'll never replace what 4chan used to be, I appreciate the cliques I managed to find over the years. I wish there were a better means of connecting with like minded people than lucky circumstances, but it is what it is

>> No.27982882

>I wish there were a better means of connecting with like minded people than lucky circumstances, but it is what it is
This is the worst thing about anonymous imageboards. There's been so, so many times over the years where sub-communities I like end up getting destroyed by a few weirdos, and I wish I could just recapture the days before said weirdos. But I guess even if I was able to magically contact each and every anon and move them to a mumble or discord or whatever it is that people use nowadays server, it'd kinda get rid of all of the appeal. And it's not really like there's any alternative imageboards out there, and this is just me rambling about a pipe dream that probably sounds really dumb so it doesnt matter anyways.

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> even if I was able to magically contact each and every anon and move them to a mumble or discord or whatever it is that people use nowadays server, it'd kinda get rid of all of the appeal
This is exactly how I feel about it as well. There's a certain cadence to anonymous discussion, like sharing a brief discussion with someone who shares a similar mindset. It's a good feeling because you're sharing honest opinions without any outlying "identities" influencing how you're treated, you're just another anon. You move something like that to a named community group and it kills the magic. Rather than a "like-minded anonymous stranger" it's a routine "the same dude you talk to every day in your group".

Shitty as this place can be, I'd much rather complain about old times with you fags than in some secret group. I'd also like to think that maybe there are even impressionable non-retarded newfags or underages who actually lurk and try to care about the culture and why things are the way they are.

>> No.27983688

I am going to grind my skills and hopefully contribute to the touhou community someday as a payback for all the happy memories.

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ganbare anon

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2hu fanbase needs to split with the west at this point. you guys need to understand that they fucking suck and all they care about is lesbian shit now. seriously you cant even enjoy mokou on the west because these retards wanna make her gay for kaguya 24/7 instead of some powerful immortal for fucks sake.

>> No.27983879

Those people not seal you off anon, they just have jobs and family now like everyone else and it's hard to bond over otaku hobbies like they used to be because now they bond over new people through neighborhood events and golfs

>> No.27983962

>2hu fanbase needs to split with the west at this point
What are you talking about.

>> No.27984005

split off from the tumblr/reddit/whatever crowd

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perhaps, instead of talking about Western 2hu being trannies or lolicon artists or whatever the fuck, maybe you should simply...man the fuck up and get into CAVE shooters.

>> No.27984531

Is there even a story to "everything wwants to kill you"CAVE shmups

>> No.27984652

>CAVE shooters.
They are good games but outside that there's literally nothing. No lore, no charisma, no extra material, no tons of fan OC, nothing. Even ZUN's own Seihou has the same problem.

>> No.27984674

I'm sure shovel memes, slut memes, feet stink fetish and other low effort hornyposting make /jp/ superior and less secondary that any serious Touhou Discord server from The Gap.

>> No.27984724

A community of idiots that can't even use a search system, sounds great.

>> No.27984867

Actually yes, it does.

>> No.27985058

Hornyposting forces you to remain anonymous, thus defusing any circlejerks.

>> No.27985216

not really forcing, but its decent repellant aganist people who dont belong here and most likely people cant go to these discord servers posting boobhus or lolis without getting banned so they are probably infested with normalfags anyway.

>> No.27986503


It already is split because of the language barrier.

>> No.27986922

That's literally just 4chan(nel). What I don't understand is why you all keep trying to run when your alternative for a similar nonshit community is 2chan, which a majority of you can't fucking post on or even understand what they're saying, or one of the dead /jp/ spinoff imageboards that are literally nothing but blogs.

You have abandoned something instead of fixing it with your own 2 hands, 5 fingers, eyes and cognitive ability. You're essentially saying that you give up years of development when the alternatives are well outside what you want endure.
You don't see endless gay yurishit or politics flooding the board. You own well over half the fucking board and you're throwing in the towel. Imagine leading a race and saying you're going to take a break when second place is hot on your tail. It lacks any logic.

>> No.27987183

Don’t want to sound like I’m defending Reddit or big Touhou Discords, but have you noticed who is complaining the loudest:

1) Anon who is so upset about yuri that he will come into your thread and throw an autistic fit

2) Anon who is really angry that people somewhere are “circlejerking” and “sucking each other off”(without him).

Might also be the same person, actually.

>> No.27987357

The things you are mentioning can totally, do happen, with skill-based communities.
There's literally no place to be safe anymore nowadays.

>> No.27987529

>doll knitting discord and we talk about Touhou from time to time and at some point a lot of active members were making their own dolls and posting pictures and talks about the characters and techniques used would ensue.
a freaking cute, i wanna make dolls, is this an offshoot of /fumo/?

>> No.27987572

wish we could ban all your disgusting porn addict threads

>> No.27987646

and i wish you go back to your discord or whatever other safe space you happen to have.

>> No.27987806

i have been here since 2011 and have to hide every single thread manually because you people dont segregate to a single retard cumbrain thread when you have an entire board for communal jack offs >>>/e/

>> No.27987893

you can claim what you want and you still sound like you should just fuck off from /jp/

>> No.27987953

What I wanna know is how is one supposed to find a "good" Discord server that actually has a proper and good community. Those seem impossible to join, or even know about their existence, unless you know a friend of a friend of a cousin wife aunt who invites you to the sekrit club because they thought you were a cool dude.

>> No.27987978


Nothing is sacred in today's social media environment

Anglos really ruin everything

>> No.27988065

I bet you're a Vshitter now

>> No.27988110

cumbrains were the original cancer in western 2hu, only present because lol i want 2 fuk the stockings maid girl what anime

>> No.27988166

He's what I like to call /e/fag. There's also /d/fag and /c/fag. Be nice to him kudasai.

>> No.27988268

in your eyes they been always cancer it seems, your opinions are yours not whole communities opinion.

>> No.27990341

That’s because “open” Discord communities very quickly stop being “good”.

Most closed ones aren’t fantastic either, but it’s a necessary first step.

>> No.27996850

>i have been here since 2011
Wow! A true oldfag! Can I suck your cock, anon?

>> No.27999788

Fucking this!

>> No.28002426

I hate those posts as well but i know better than to bitch about them.

>> No.28002941
File: 549 KB, 1123x522, Student.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You just did

>> No.28003009

It can't be helped.

>> No.28006523

I agree with you but it's just how things are unfortunately. People here can pretend that such things repel normalfags but it's already normalized behavior on the internet. In almost every Japanese media centered community it's expected that everyone is a coomer. Even in places like plebbit and most discords have nsfw channels. It's actually less of a normalfag thing to be into the series not for jerk-off material.

>> No.28012491

Choco Reimu isn't bad actually...

>> No.28012703

but all of those are just one guy being obnoxious, you shouldn't equal them to the average

>> No.28012779

>but all of those are just one guy being obnoxious
don't pull another "everything i don't like is one guy" anon.

>> No.28012815

I'm sorry about this question, but past then checking redditaisai I was greeted with a colorful and thoroughly edited subreddit, but now r/touhou looks kinda bland and simple. did something happen, or I'm just confounding places?

>> No.28012917
File: 10 KB, 500x394, 1573088758754.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

on a different note, i really like the effort being put into the alice gets trolled stuff

>> No.28012974

/jp/ was made for hololive and touhoufags can get out
you're not welcome anymore

>> No.28013418

The difference is that nobody here is talking about the Reimu Tanning Salon shitpost.

>> No.28013435
File: 98 KB, 535x378, 1598272318200.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

kinda scary how those homolive threads get 1000 replies within 30-45 minutes

>> No.28013448

I don't use reddit, so I can't answer your question.

>> No.28013689

/jp/ is currently the 8th most active board on 4chan, with 97% of the posts belonging to hololive threads
/jp/ is not taking it easy

>> No.28013890

It baffles me how they strawman touhou when other generals are just as slow.

>> No.28014283
File: 216 KB, 1350x1350, 1597945245112.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

its a fast general and theres a lot of people and when streams are going, it accelerates. today was a culmination of a big return, a new costume, and the hated one doing a meme review for EOP's

>> No.28014307

that was the point

>> No.28014326

again, no shit. /vg/ was the same for me, especially for places like /gfg/ which used to be here, but now its slowed down and mellowed out at least

>> No.28014825

Normalfags still haven't touched 'doujin culture', fortunately.

>> No.28015034

>doujin culture
It wouldn't sell anyway. The most they can ask for is a meme cover to cover the expense of mediocre art.

>> No.28015054

Doujins will always be a filter

>> No.28015341

what is hololive?

>> No.28015426

theres like a shit ton of videos "explaining" them, but they do it like a wacky meme way. Theres 28 members currently iirc, and its best to at least look it up before diving

>> No.28015435

weaboo ecelebs

>> No.28015546

is it like a glorified vtuber?

>> No.28015566

basically. except they're run by a corporation and not a person.

>> No.28015688

thats terrible

>> No.28016743

Now doujin culture products are just being put behind 100 paywalls!

>> No.28016882

You're part of reason this place has become a complete garbage shithole.

You don't like Touhou at all, you only like to shitpost about it, fuck off and kill yourself

>> No.28016922

What, you expect people to actually go outside? haha how silly of you haha

>> No.28017032

>I'll keep discussing the same shit that I've already discussed countless and countless times
wew, nice way to throw away your life

>> No.28017103

Big words. You judged his entire life with only knowing one aspect of his various hobbies.
I salute you.

>> No.28017385

What does that do with how now even simple fanart is being locked behind paywalls?

>> No.28017514

I thought you just said doujins. I did't see works the first time.

>> No.28017559

reddit spacing

>> No.28017756

There's literally nothing wrong with being a lolicon artist.

>> No.28018068

>today was a culmination of a big return, a new costume, and the hated one doing a meme review for EOP's
I hate every word in this sentence and I hate the implication that you believe a thread reaching 30 or 40 whatever posts a minute is "normal for big happenings" when that didn't even happen here when Aniki died.

>> No.28018091
File: 117 KB, 533x338, 1597237026815.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

okay? I get that its massive but im right. thats literally what happened today and it garnered a sticky

>> No.28018250

I can't remember if it was a /jp/ announcement or a sticky. I do know there was a thread for it.

>> No.28018263

Some random e-whores playing Mario are more important than an icon dying, and you believe that's right? Jesus christ.

>> No.28018292

I know there was a thread. I was there. But it wasn't nearly as speedy as whatever this garbage is. I'm not even sure if I'm mad. It's just fucking depressing, man.

>> No.28018313
File: 214 KB, 2048x1152, 1587368130908.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Some random e-whores playing Mario are more important than an icon dying
if you take it as such, then go ahead. this still was the biggest return they got since she was in the hospital for 3 months. They're both important in one way

>> No.28018343

It's a rerun of the idol phase.

>> No.28018369

>They're both important in one way
Oh my god, please just stop fucking posting.

>> No.28018383
File: 135 KB, 1280x720, HG040805.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the thing is, the ones mourning aniki were regular /jp/ people
the ones frequenting hologen belong to a different group of people that's at least 10 larger than /jp/

>> No.28018386

Read slower

>> No.28018392

okay so what if ZUN dropped down now? we gonna call him so alcoholic and its dumb to give a sticky to a drunk man?

>> No.28018427
File: 27 KB, 246x350, 1392254251446.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>They're both important in one way
Some random idol doing a comeback concert is more important than an event where not just this board, not just this site, but large parts of the whole fucking internet were crying? Are you fucking serious? Am I being baited? Someone, please tell me I'm being baited.

>> No.28018441

What ever happened to those smaller Touhou themed imageboards? Do people still post? Are they still active?
Not the spinoff shit like Ota but like the ones where people roleplayed and wrote fanfiction.

>> No.28018476

It's just disrespect for a dead man.
Anyone sensible knows its a bad idea.

>> No.28018481

The one focused around CYOA's and fanfics with split boards for each location is still up. Don't know about any others.

>> No.28018496

nobody was disrespecting billy at all

>> No.28018517

While you were asleep, I already had breakfast, got my shit together, drove to the gym and worked out. I need to find that.

>> No.28018553

Are you guys talking about that site that had a massive catalog of imageboards still active and dead? I never saved the link but I think I remember seeing ota on there and other shit that died or something else entirely.

>> No.28018783

CAVEfags forever mad that they're irrelevant compared to 2hu

>> No.28018882

Is it normal for older people to attend comiket?
I'm probably not going to be able to attend until I have the money, and that is probably going to be in 10 years even.
By that point I guess I'll give up being a brohu even. What a shame.

>> No.28018896

Thanks dude

>> No.28018913

Where's the rest?

>> No.28018958

It's fucked up what this place has come to now that a cavalry of scum have drowned out all else. I hope I never have to experience something like this in my life again.

>> No.28018982

>Is it normal for older people to attend comiket?
People of all ages attend if they have the passion to attend. That assumes everything is normal.
You get bonus points if you manage to pull off something cool like a cosplay of your favorite character, or even just a character you can play well physically.

>> No.28019044


>> No.28019070

Excellent. Thank you.

>> No.28019076

If you're older maybe you could cosplay Gendo or Char Aznable. But I'm sure you'll be fine if you go in regular street clothes too.

>> No.28019345

>Gendo or Char Aznable
Good choices, but Char needs a bit of reading into. I got partway through gundam so I'm not sure if it branches off with the other following series from the original.
Gendo is pretty straightfoward. I never read the Eva Manga, but I'm sure that's where you might find extra info after completing the run of what's available.

>> No.28019369

Are those little girls?

>> No.28019451

The only one I can even remember was pooshlmer and that one was dead pretty much all the time. It was slower than /po/ and had an image dump thread that was 4 years old and still not full.

>> No.28020354


I remember buying a doujinshi from an older couple who were in their 70s

Comiket is visited by all groups of people possible, age being no exception. The attendance of latest Comiket was 750,000. That's a massive number.

>> No.28021743

It's normal, most of the time when you reach late adulthood or middle age you won't care about how people perceive your hobby, you will only care about whether your everyday social conduct is acceptable/caring/friendly enough or not. My mother in her 50s still openly read Yaoi and Smut, she doesn't shove that in anyone's face most of the time ofc but she doesn't hide it at all if someone ask, people won't care as long as you aren't insufferable

>> No.28022194

This is just sad.

>> No.28023350

>look it up before diving
He's asking what it is, not how to get into it. Fuck off.

>> No.28023395

>reddit spacing
"reddit spacing" has been used on 4chan since it was literally created.

>> No.28023434

Why are you giving them more attention? Let a thread move on for once, please.

>> No.28023467

If you're for it moving on, then don't respond to my posts and ignore them instead.

>> No.28023665

Stop fighting

>> No.28024036

Why are you pretending to be a different person? Big autism

>> No.28024071

>What ever happened to those smaller Touhou themed imageboards? Do people still post? Are they still active?
They are all dead. Touhou RP now moved to d*scord and weird mobile shit like aminoapps or whatever.

>> No.28025369

Maybe because I am a different person.

>> No.28026406

When your schizo hits you, for sure.

>> No.28026494

suit yourself

>> No.28027519

where are all these schizos coming from? this website sees them here, there, up, down and all around. damn, if only there were a word for someone prone to seeing things that aren't really there.

>> No.28027732

but anon, that's what you call an insane person!

>> No.28029252
File: 393 KB, 960x1240, 1591704412042.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You oldfags really let yourselves go. You've grown indolent while allowing new autism like holofags to "shit up" your own board. Is the best thing you can do really just crying with the other grandads here? Those idoltards have a leg up on you guys now

>> No.28029640

It quite literally can't be helped.

>> No.28029882

what a defeatist attitude.

>> No.28029946

You're free to suggest a course of action.

>> No.28030600
File: 50 KB, 480x580, 698ecef597a414fa46eb427f66431ccb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's just the natural course of time anon, no point trying to paint this as something else
Hololive blew up big and that's how it is, complaining about it is redundant

>> No.28031267

>complaining about it is redundant
This is /jp/. Fuck idolfags, and fuck these random english streamers overtaking the board.

>> No.28031496

Just let them wallow in their shitty behavioral sink

>> No.28033730

I do, but when they come into the room I'm in I'll tell them to fuck off and take a bath. Which is what happened here.

>> No.28033770 [DELETED] 

Not gonna lie feels good seeing 2thou and other oldfags in their dying bed.
"now where will we go", "what will be of us", "maybe, reddit isn't that bad after all" they mumble to themselves, ah, I really enjoy seeing some huge egos getting crushed by time, poetry, it's now time for /jp/ new-comers to construct a well and healthy community.

kind regards /a/

>> No.28033998

Your point would be slightly more poignant if you knew how to properly construct sentences.

>> No.28034305
File: 567 KB, 642x750, 1434430667174.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Your cancer went terminal and that's how it is, complaining about it is redundant.
Okay, retard.

>> No.28034416 [DELETED] 

did it hurt much? maybe you should spend your time looking for a new home instead

>> No.28037142

tourists out !

>> No.28037727

so what about them touhou eh?

>> No.28037952

Stop complaining about shit and make posts that you want to make.

>> No.28038799

>Western artists, with rare exception, are terrible
id like to think im ok at drawing touhous.. a bunch of japanese artists accepted me so idk i must be doing something right

>> No.28039273

Don't be a shitty elitist who underestimate newer culture anon, it's useless and embarrassing

Your behavior remind me of a time in 2000s when we were being underestimated by other elitist seniors in my area because we're into newer stuffs like Touhou, Lucky Star, Gundam Seed Destiny, Ever17/ef/School Days while they're into Sentimental Graffiti or Kanon or Cowboy Bebop, just shut up and enjoy your older stuffs quietly, though I suspect from how you word your sentences what you really seek isn't the enjoyment itself but the validations

>> No.28039314

Western artists that are even remotely good either don't use western style or loosely use it in such a way that it isn't "western"

>> No.28039503

Time is a flat circle.

>> No.28040371

>Anon who is so upset about yuri
I get upset at tumblr, not yuri

>> No.28040771

ZUN has let holofags shit up his own show. You can stop fighting it now.

>> No.28040998

Ancient internet forums. Some people still post there sometimes.

>> No.28045090

Just because beatmario showed vtubers to ZUN once doesn't mean he's really interested in them.

>> No.28047787
File: 21 KB, 185x77, polvneojp.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

As much as I hate holofags, they won't leave unless the mods force them to which I don't see happening. They outnumber the rest of the posters on /jp/ by a massive amount and, whether you like it or not — I don't like it by any means — they are otaku culture.

>> No.28047818

Mods are actively encouraging them. They're stickying threads every other week, and even making brand new threads specifically just to sticky them. They're not leaving, period.

>> No.28047829

I still don't understand how in the flying fuck this happened, or where they all came from.

>> No.28047887

In the mods' defense, I believe they're stickying in order to keep them contained to a single thread rather than all of the posters shitting up the board with like 5 threads.

>> No.28047942

I know Discord is the new boogeyman as IRC was in 2008-2012 /jp/, but most of them are genuinely coming from Discord. There's quite a few Discord communities centered around hololive. Plus, they don't necessarily need to come from any specific place; if a community is large enough it'll inevitably spread to places such as /jp/.

>> No.28047996

>I still don't understand how in the flying fuck this happened
Ironic weebs from Chinkolle, further propogated by youtube recommendations if you've ever watched something that has a whiff of the annie mays, political obsessed retards because some fat burger they love started screeching about them being one of the millions affected by the adpocolypse or whatever witty name teens gave it, and /v/ because they're literally just your average twitch streamer but kyute animay grill with kawaii 2d inu (translators note: cat) facerig. That's what I've been told anyways. Also, don't bump shitty threads.

>> No.28048075 [SPOILER] 
File: 280 KB, 1313x962, 1603370215395.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>In the mods' defense
See the following, and don't defend them. Even if you don't know that they're actively working to keep the threads around, they still should just ban them like so many other generals if they're causing problems board-wide. Of course that implies mods exist on this board but work with me here.

>> No.28048294

Seems my optimism got the best of me. Not surprised to see the mods on board with it, though.

>> No.28048463

Jesus. Even the mods here are 2016 election tourists. I might have known. The Touhou/VN side of /jp/ isn't anything like as bad as a lot of places as far I'm concerned. At least much of the community here still acts like it has an investment in not letting the board go completely nu-4chan.

>> No.28048909

No, image boards are based on images.

>> No.28049370

Next time just say "no u" and b done w it

>> No.28049481

If it makes you feel any better, public bans and /v/-tier moderation have only come in the past 5 or 6 months. Guess they borrowed some hands and said hands forgot their place.

>> No.28049719

The problem with people like OP and the rest is that they belive they're better than the rest of the communities when they're the ones on the bottom of the barrel for everyone else perspective and what is sad is that they don't have a clue of self awareness about it. People here don't discuss anything, they just endlessly shitpost over and over, while this community is dying there are others going strong.

Reality speaks for itself, doesn't matter what you belive.

>> No.28050168

>People here don't discuss anything, they just endlessly shitpost over and over
I don't think you've lurked enough.

>> No.28050235

real easy to say that when the board is faster than ever.
I don't care if you think it's dying, I don't know why OP even made the thread but you're missing the point for why they're upset in the first place.

>> No.28050371

I used to be, but didn't find the time to keep up, my last touhou game is the 12th

>> No.28050467

Are you the same guy who threw a shitfit in the corndog thread? The idea that there's nothing but doomposting is laughable at best.

For as retarded as he is, he's right this new filth isn't causing /jp/ to grow. It's just a /v/ thread that's allowed here for some reason.

>> No.28050705 [DELETED] 

>threw a shitfit
this guy?

>> No.28050736

I don't know why you reminded me. That thread was foul.

>> No.28051381

I just think it's funny when the modern 4chan userbase overuses a buzzword to such an extent they become the very thing they denigrated. happened with npcposting and it continues to happen now.

>> No.28052906

What a surprise that /jp/ metathread #94580933434584538405, once again, turned into whining about hololive for the fact that it exists
Despite the fact that it was supposed to be just about western touhou communities, and not at all about hololive

>> No.28053139
File: 80 KB, 600x600, 7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This, but unironically.

>> No.28053483

Just like what's said every single day this meta general is made, Hololive threads are stickied because were it not for that, they'd spam even more of the board every time their threads hit 1500 posts in a few minutes.
Now you (and some other people) might ask, why are their threads so fast? The answer is simple: that's because they're an entire board's worth of content, forced into a single thread at a time. Imagine if that was also the case for /jp/ itself, with every 2hu image dump thread, idol generals, otaku game generals, random discussions and whatever else, all forced into a single thread at a time. It's not hard to assume that it would be a rather fast and chaotic thread.
Literally every single one of the problems they cause (or you think they cause even when they're behaving) would go away with the simple addition of a new board, but regardless of how many times that's suggested or how many ways to prevent it from being /kiwi/ are thought up, because mods refuse to talk to the community (despite the fact that they seem to be hugely into the fad as well), nobody knows if that's ever likely to happen. Until then (or until the vtuber fad dies down, something that I doubt will happen any time soon), the current state of things with their chaotic generals will have to continue.

>> No.28053608

I don't mind western styles in the sense of cartoony (bean style not apply) or semirealistic/realistic, more variety is nice, but for some reason it's just more noticeable when there's a shitty western artist vs a shitty eastern one.

>> No.28054137

How is anyone supposed to take this post seriously? You don't even have to have been on this site for a year to know mods have never, are never, and will never "communicate with the community". Hell, you should know that'll never happen the minute you enter the door but it's clear you don't. Your thread should have been banned the day it was made and don't even bother trying to argue otherwise.

>> No.28054155

And then you realize, in your [Deleted] bed, that 2hu and the other oldfag (according to you) topics are still the majority in the board while your well and healthy community is being "constructed" in a fast, unorganized and chaotic general.
And joke's on you, I've been here since the wall was erected because I like Touhou and I'm fine with vtubers, I even check them out and those threads sometimes. But the more I do so, the more I understand that being contained like that is for the better of both them and /jp/. I still wish for a vtuber board to give them some freedom one day though.

>> No.28054225

What the actual fuck are you talking about? Did you even read his post?

>> No.28054426

I've seen moot talking to /jp/ a bunch of times, both successfully and unsuccessfully, and I remember one mod who loved /a/ and talked a bunch with the board back around 2009-2012. Mods stopped talking to people because one day moot's faggotry grew so much that he thought turning mods into robots would be better for the community, and then he fucked off but Hiro's so dumb that he didn't revert that rule so mods are still forbidden from speaking up.
But of fucking course you knew all that since you're the oldfag here and I only came here somewhere in the last year to talk about hololive, right?

>> No.28054622

I don't understand why everyone is complaining when they're already contained.
Just post literally anything else you want. It's not that hard.

>> No.28054766

I read his post long enough to realize that he's never been on an imageboard before in his life. Threads don't have to break any rules to stay up or get deleted, it's all the whims of higher ups. Pushing the "they need their own board" narrative is retarded because there's no way to stop it from being a shitfest and he even acknowledges one of the ways it'll be one, the implication that new boards will be made out of any kind of neccessity when /vmg/ was just made, and the idea that mods will actually talk to whatever communities they "run" outside of a boards inception is laughable, especially nowadays.

>> No.28054947

Hell, even when they spam new threads after hitting the cap that doesn't affect the rest of the board much other than killing one or two threads that haven't been bumped for a day. The post cap thing immediately archives their threads too so it's not like they get a bunch of shit slowly sinking to page 10. I get the point that they attract newfags who don't respect anyone, but that has been happening constantly ever since 4chan became popular among normalfags (always) and most of the time the posts that try to start shit with 2hu are made by obvious falseflaggers.

>> No.28055070

What I'm getting from your projection is that you're so new to 4chan that you've never seen a mod doing something good, but since you don't want to admit you're new you'd rather insist that the person who made a long post explaining the whole situation is the one who's new.

>> No.28055141

They're not contained, though. I'm seeing second waves of Sally"I don't understand /jp/ heritage so I'll spam in threads because I feel lonely and hate being left out"fag shit happening in every other heritage thread. Not even counting for the fact that they're so horribly contained they have two threads, one of which has almost no right existing here to begin with, and god knows how many threads just being made about whatever random people look like in real life or some shit.

>> No.28055273

There have been numerous threads made outside of the generals that have been deleted by meido. Add that on top of the 2-4 threads instantly made when one hololive thread goes down, you get about 4-6 new threads and 4-6 dead threads.

>> No.28055501

Add to that the 2 other VTuber threads and you get 6-8 threads.

>> No.28055942

1. Newfags will always happen and they're usually told to fuck off and lurk, if you're as much of a true /jp/sie as you insist then do your job by telling them to fuck off and lurk.
2. The EN thread has the right to exist within /jp/ because despite being about English-speaking streamers, they're nothing but a section of a Japanese streaming company, and it was made permanent because of how it's equally as fast as the main Hololive thread.
3. Any thread other than their 2 designated threads gets deleted, any instance of posting what people look like in real life in those threads gets deleted too as it's against the rules.
4. Talking about any other western "vtuber" is quickly met with a deletion.
The entire situation is being held together decently well by mods exactly because they're into this kind of thing.

Yes, they often make a bunch of new threads besides the fastest one that gets chosen and those threads get deleted, freeing those 2 spaces. Any thread other than the 4 or so dedicated vtuber threads (1 catchall, 1 Niji, 2 Holo) gets deleted as soon as a mod notices it, and any thread that reaches 1500 posts gets immediately archived, wasting no space on the board index. I don't get what you're trying to say.
And then you look at the catalog and you see that the oldest threads that have't hit the bump limit, like >>27654391 are still one day old, proving that /jp/'s speed outside of those 4 generals hasn't changed a bit.
I have to admit something though, the moment this mod gets tired of babysitting the whole vtuber situation on /jp/, the board really will go up in flames. I hope that vtuber board is created before then.

>> No.28055999

>I don't get what you're trying to say.
I'm saying that even if the thread's deleted immediately after being created, it still bumps a thread that's on page 10 off the board. The threads are created too rapidly.

>> No.28056118

>The entire situation is being held together decently well by mods exactly because they're into this kind of thing.
Idol threads. You're describing the sole reason why idol threads exist. You realize that, right?

>> No.28056240

A dead thread that hasn't seen a bump for a day, that is. A thread that would have been bumped off by something else anyway, either about a topic either nobody has discussed for a day, or a general that reached the bump limit a day before.
As soon as I noticed this, I realized that those fast vtuber generals are far less destructive than I though. Everything will be fine.

Because they don't have anywhere else to go on 4chan other than the /idol/ which will never be made, and because idols fit just enough within the "otaku culture" circle of interests that they're allowed in here? I don't get what your post has to do with what you quoted.

>> No.28056398
File: 24 KB, 400x426, out.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>A dead thread that hasn't seen a bump for a day
Okay, you can stop posting now.

>> No.28056609

If that's a dead thread then everything from 2018 is a dead thread when the board was slowing down toward the mid and end of the year. Numerous threads aside from salllyspam had double digit hours between posts.

>> No.28056649

Yes anon, a dead thread that hasn't been bumped for exactly a day. The exact same speed that /jp/ has had for a long while, even before vtubers exploded in popularity. The board's overall speed outside of those two generals hasn't changed at all, as you'd notice if you've been paying any attention to it.
But you're an experienced /jp/sie so you clearly know this already, right?

>> No.28056904

And they can still have, as long as someone doesn't forget to remove the sage once a day. I can't even remember how long it's been since the board settled into this 24+ hours until archival speed but I haven't had any issues with it, and the explosion of popularity in vtuber threads didn't affect it at all because of the forced containment.

>> No.28057199

By the way, in case the sharkmeido who loves changing the board's rules is watching this metathread: a decent way to prevent multiple threads from being made as soon as one of them hits the post cap would be adding an automatic check that stops a thread from being created if it has the same subject field as another thread. Since all hololive threads follow the same OP format, this would only allow the fastest thread to be created and would also prevent earlyfags from shitting the board up. After doing that you just delete threads that don't follow the usual OP pattern and you're good to go.

>> No.28057760
File: 18 KB, 203x182, 583.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ok, I have joined 4chan in 2016 and started browsing /jp/a few months later, what did I miss? I remember that idolfags were the problem, not hololive, are they not a problem anymore?

>> No.28057953

They're still a problem, just now it's both idols and VTubers.

>> No.28057956

They're slowing down somewhat

>> No.28058442

Ah yes, "western", because the japanese touhou community is 100% filled with connoisseurs that know everything about the lore and characters by heart.
Can't wait to fap to yet another EoSD doujin in exhentai, the japanese sure are on another level.

>> No.28058507

No, it's because they can't speak Japanese. Try using your brain?

>> No.28058665

90%+ of the boards traffic is just those two threads, one of which peaked past the mutt's elections. I try not to namedrop them much though, because as you can see they've got their own barneyfag.

>> No.28058690

It's mostly shitposting. You know that right?

>> No.28058769

>because as you can see they've got their own barneyfag.
There's at least one psychopath on each of the boards.

>> No.28058839

That's why I namedropped him, instead of one of the two that search our archives and might actually show up.

>> No.28058990

Fapping to Remi's tiny vampussy for the 9999th time is good enough for me.

>> No.28059192

Headpatting Lady Remilia for the millionth time as she feels my heartbeat is good enough for me

>> No.28059285

This but while fucking her small vagina (and then cuddling after sex)

>> No.28059757
File: 42 KB, 807x659, 1523182546095.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Maybe one day we'll have a thread about /jp/ where the vultures don't wake up to start screaming about how they're /jp/ just because they're fast or make obvious lies just to get responses.

>> No.28060081

I hope you get your board back bros

>> No.28060096

This thread was doing well for a good while, but then >>28013435 mentioned the hoes, >>28014283 explained why they were particularly fast today, and >>28018068 got turbo-triggered and caused the rest of the thread to devolve into another metashitshow.

>> No.28065281
File: 64 KB, 779x374, mm.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>the majority in the board
The delusion...
I would say most of /jp/ is neither 2hu or Holo but 3DIdols

>> No.28065488

Now look at non-expired threads in the catalog

>> No.28065769

Yeah, 3D idols or other 3D stuff, the rest are 2 days old 10 IP threads necrobumped like bots

>> No.28066044

You're worrying about the IP count when a majority of all actual threads are ~5p-1ip or 3p-1ip... seriously?

>> No.28066589
File: 19 KB, 386x594, meinjp.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

proportionally speaking, they are not even close
a normal thread with a few posters dies quickly
from what I've seen, most of my threads which don't die with 1 ip, attract around 15 ips, with a number of posts 4-5 times that, then it dies.
Dead generals stay until they reach the replies limit just to rise back again for the same stuff

>> No.28074231

>hey used to make many Touhou-related works, then started switching to KC, and now it's idolmaster, hololive, honkai impact, azur lane etc.
Keyword is sell.
A lot of stuff was made explicitly because it sold well, including even some fraction of touhou doujins.
'Course there's always auteurs but i've always felt there's been a bit of naivety surrounding that among touhoufags.
>Give them funny characters based on what's popular atm.
They can hardly do shit if they don't have a personality. It's streaming with a bit of professional polish after all.

>> No.28074319

When you have literally 500 posters on a board that has maybe 300, and new rules added so they can only make a couple thousand posts a day, and like three different threads? Generally, yes, they'll be making dozens of thread in a day.

>> No.28074527

You do know fags used to spoonfeed here, right?

>> No.28074565

>and new rules added so they can only make a couple thousand posts a day,
A couple thousand posts a thread, fuck I wish they only made a couple thousand posts a day combined.

>> No.28074800

what the fuck did i just read

>> No.28079077

I'm not claiming he's some huge fan. But he's clearly fine with them on his show, he invited them back for the big anniversary stream, he clearly doesn't consider them some sort of moral abomination the way /jp/ cries about them at literally every chance it gets.

>> No.28079343

>he clearly doesn't consider them some sort of moral abomination the way /jp/ cries about them
Have you read the thread? Like, at all. Half of the argument is their idol shit, which we only hate because it's infested the board, and the other half is because it attracts /v/tards. Literally neither of those matter to ZUN, but it matters the world to us because I mean... Look at this shit >>28065281

>> No.28083738

They make a lot of threads (which don't end up taking space on the board because they go directly to the archive) because they only have one thread to discuss an entire board's worth of content for something that moves as quickly as a video being streamed, truly they're the evilest evil thing in the world.

>> No.28084533

terrible image

>> No.28087850
File: 766 KB, 935x935, 1520153601724.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That sounds right up my alley, do you have the name of the server? Or the link?

>> No.28088134
File: 112 KB, 466x393, 1558580497240.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Old touhou hell group on facebook is pretty nice gated community, sadly it got nuked a year ago and new admin is literal faggot

>> No.28089864


>> No.28090195

Even these are getting replaced by Gacha Studio.

>> No.28096029

/jp/ will always shit on /v/ content. That's normal and a good thing.

>> No.28096468

Half of /jp/ is "/v/ content." Touhou is a video game. All the complaints /jp/ has about Hololive today were made by /a/ about Touhou in 2006.

The real reason /jp/ hates Hololive is because it's popular.

>> No.28096577

The real reason why /jp/ hates it is because it only attracts the worst kind of posters. Hating on hololive will be part of /jp/ for at least 2-3 more years.

>> No.28096584

Let me guess, you think /m/, /po/, and /cgl/ shouldn't exist?

>> No.28096607

>The real reason /jp/ hates Hololive is because it's popular.
Literally nobody says this.
If it was fucking JAV instead, it would get the same treatment.

>> No.28096650

Try until the board full on dies, and it gets taken over. So at least one year. See you on the other side lads, when we get /mu/'d.

>> No.28096697

/jp/ hates everything new and popular and will get over it eventually. Remember when /jp/ was militantly opposed to smartphones and gacha? Nobody gives even a little bit of a shit anymore.

JAV isn't getting that treatment right now because it's not as popular as Hololive.

>> No.28096725

This ain't your grandpappies wheat field, anon. No need to place all of these strawmans down when there isn't a crow for miles.

>> No.28096943
File: 151 KB, 963x646, 1600923562104.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No, it's hated because of shit like this being a full thread instead of deleted the second it was made, and because you retards keep coming here to try and astroturf for a company that's not even paying you nor even probably wants this audience in the first place.

>> No.28097080

Do you even know what you're saying? Are my words to vague to you?

>> No.28097277

Congratulations, you found a shit thread from three days ago. That never happens in /jp/.

Your posts make no fucking sense whatsoever, so sure, let's go with that.

>> No.28097358


>> No.28097390
File: 43 KB, 455x434, 1359800691542.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Its no use arguing with them, they think that by taking moral high ground their opinion is somehow more valid than someone who happens to enjoy some porn on the side.

>> No.28097474
File: 179 KB, 1380x747, 1602943103566.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I can find a dozen more using OPs that aren't even of the characters they're supposed to be talking about, or using shitty /v/ memes, or footfaggotry, take your pick. The matter of the fact is that even if you assume they all stay 100% contained in their own thread, if you want to make the argument of "it doesn't matter how fast they're going if its all in one place!" as a result, or that making multiple threads doesn't matter because of how deleted thread slots work on the board or how "inactive threads that only get bumped once a day" like the retard from earlier, then fine. Lets say I and /jp/ as a collective whole magically can agree that you know what, that's true and completely understandable. But you know what's really unacceptable, the kinda stuff that defeats all those points that might as well not even exist due to how retarded they are is?

Shit like this. Go ahead and tell me that I should be filtering your threads or whatever for your free comeback and get the last word you so desire. Just know your general's never going to be accepted here, and learn to live with it. Instead of just begging and screaming and crying in every thread that so much as mentions you guys for the approval your kind desperately craves, like you're all the aforementioned guy who adores a purple dinosaur or a certain gun and time related magical girl.

>> No.28097502

Oh and also I hope that greentexter is right and whoever the hell that guys talking about hates her job and eventually quits, just so there's one less avenue of shit to deal with.

>> No.28097560

I wish hololive was more video game related. The threads are worshipping 3d whores, e-celeb shit, which is why they're hated and shitposted vehemently on /v/

>> No.28097569

I don't give a shit what you can find in the archive. First, if there's a shit OP, everyone just agrees to use the shit OP, because the OP doesn't actually matter, and the alternative is even more OP warring, which is fucking stupid and nobody actually cares about it. The first fifty threads in the curent Hololive thread - a better statistical representative than handpicked garbage you managed to find - are perfectly banal and boring shit.

>Shit like this. Go ahead and tell me that I should be filtering your threads
The "shit like this" you found is, what? 4chan meme OC and a greentext summary of events? Both of those would have been utterly fucking unremarkable in the first three or four years of /jp/'s existence. There's pictures of Marisa FIRING HER LASER running around back then that nobody felt the need to call the meme police on.

Filter whatever the fuck you want, though. Sky's the limit.

>> No.28097614

>I don't give a shit what you can find in the archive. First, if there's a shit OP, everyone just agrees to use the shit OP,
So you're saying you don't care if the image isn't even /jp/ related. Nice to know.

>> No.28097678

>So you're saying you don't care if the image isn't even /jp/ related. Nice to know.
The image is literally /jp/-related. It's a /jp/-related edit of a 4chan meme, which I made explicitly clear by comparing it to Marisa shops of other 4chan memes ten years ago. I'm sorry you need remedial reading comprehension classes.

>> No.28097705

It's not even /jp/ related, it's not even related to the thread at hand. At this point it's pretty clear he's just trolling so it's best to abandon the thread why haven't people already done so? since him and his... ilk, will just continue to lurk.

>> No.28097728
File: 192 KB, 300x377, 1327056152030.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This, also its painfully evident when someone is not even trying to fit in here and acting like this is /v/. Reminds me of the /v/ and /b/ raids, except this has been going on for months instead of a weekend.

>> No.28097736

I'm sorry you think everybody dunking on your retarded hivemind is "trolling." Maybe after you lurk another ten years you'll figure out how full of shit you were in this moment.

>> No.28097908

I hate Homolive, vt*bers and g*cha because their sole existence is to milk paypigs and simps as much as possible, it's another symptom of the internet becoming all about "paid/premium content". Their success will only make things worse.

>> No.28097940

I just wonder why some kid decided to come into a totally unrelated thread to defend the honor of his wild west thread.

>> No.28097942

See, that's an actually principled objection to things. You can come to my house and fuck my sister.

I think it would actually be interesting to talk about in its own thread but someone keeps deleting them.

>> No.28097998

>Just know your general's never going to be accepted here, and learn to live with it
And that's what holofags hate the most on /jp/. That's also the reason why they sperg out in the meta threads.

>> No.28098057

Nobody who actually posts in the hololive thread could give a less of a shit about /jp/ metathreads. They're 99% made of retards who got here in the last four years pretending /jp/ didn't go to shit long before they got here.

>> No.28098090

I think everyone here can tell that much.

>> No.28098240 [DELETED] 

>pretending /jp/ didn't go to shit long before they got here.

>/jp/ was never good.
>Not even a year into its lifetime.

>> No.28098285 [DELETED] 


>> No.28103835

It's funny yet depressing how these daily metathreads are full of people shocked at the fact that they aren't echo chambers against Hololive. Is it really that surprising how people who like, or even just tolerate that thing would come here defend it when someone says stupid things about it?
I understand that point and I completely agree with it, but most of their content is still free so I don't see the point in paying to make a girl say a funny line or to have exclusive access to watchalong streams or silly chat emotes. Sure it's their job and they're supported by that money but I don't give a shit, there will always be dumber people with more money than me out there to support them all they want. As for gachage though, their entire format is all kinds of disgusting for the sake of keeping people playing for as long as possible so I really can't find any reason ever to defend them even though I fell into the AL hole but at least it's nowhere nearly as jewish as most other games.

>> No.28113669

opinions on the big western touhou discord?

>> No.28113995

it's shit

>> No.28119208

>big western discord
each word makes it progressively worse

>> No.28119512

Full of obnoxious secondaries. The smaller game-focused ones are much better.

>> No.28124764
File: 1.71 MB, 1774x8047, 1603144682304.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>when they're already contained.
No, anon. They're really not. Shame this thread's almost dead and they've already ruined it so this'll fade away as a forgotten memory.

>> No.28126658

how can these fags lie so hard with a straight face?

>> No.28127040

They don't.
If the threads are being nuked, they're being contained.

>> No.28127157

Do you know how imageboards work?

>> No.28128694

Being a person means you have independent thoughts, a sense of personality, and maybe even values. /v/ermin have none of those. Their whole beings are just a chaotic cyclone of madness.

>> No.28128991

god, that looks terrible.

>> No.28129023

They're not lying, they actually think their behavior is acceptable.

>> No.28129080

A bunch of shitters get mad at pointless shit, decide to spam the board, and get banned for it. That doesn't prove shit other than the fact that just like everywhere in the world, there are assholes who only find enjoyment in ruining everything for others.
Now, take a look at the board any other time. How often do you see those people leaking out and spamming threads everywhere?

>> No.28129117

Reminder not to reply to vshill cancer.

>> No.28129196

And let's no even consider the possibility of it being falseflaggers either, because who would ever try to make a particular fanbase look worse merely by pretending to be part of them, right? No way, everyone's 100% honest on 4chan.
>all those obvious threads
No way anyone would falseflag, nope.

>> No.28129403

Okay, barney.

>> No.28129414
File: 34 KB, 342x329, 1363840801338.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is all kinds of awful.

>> No.28129425

I agree, there's no way spammers that posts exactly like the vast majority of posters in the vtuber threads can be a falseflagger. And they certainly wouldn't do it for months on end.

>> No.28129540

It got worse. Check the archive now.

>> No.28129705

If that's the only argument you have against anyone who isn't in your echo chamber, feel free to spam it however many more times it takes to make you feel safe.
Taking a look at the archive, if >>28120198 was what triggered this spam, the response is so retardedly overblown that it can't be anything more than falseflagging. Especially taking into account most of the threads in the spam: one-liners with a character's name, complaining about the custom ad or the deletion of that thread that got 10 replies, mocking the moderation and other low effort garbage of the same level. I know that hating new big things is the norm on 4chan but holy fucking shit how fucking naive do you need to be to be completely incapable of questioning who exactly is behind a wave of rule-breaking, especially given how the holofags who are already under a tight confinement wouldn't have anything to gain from it? AND people who hate Hololive would have a lot to gain from villainizing holofags even more than then already are?

>> No.28129957

Okay, ACK.

>> No.28130149

36 or so threads (which all got quickly deleted) in the course of 2 hours, man that's the fastest month I've ever seen. Don't even bother picking up where the "spam" left an hour ago because at this point it would only make the falseflagging even more obvious.
And that doesn't even make sense to anyone who isn't a newfag. Thanks for making yourself clear, in any case.

>> No.28132468

some holos might think that if they keep up a tumult long enough that they'll get their own board. so it's not just them wanting it, but instead an entire board that wants them gone and (hopefully) keeps bugging mods about it. and they might feel like they're bulletproof since they have at least one mod/meido into holos... or simply since they've been here so long now.

either side is plausible, yet unfalsifiable, so it's not a particularly interesting discussion. and it hardly matters since what just about everyone wants, it seems, is just for it to end.

>> No.28132855

The most viable way to get the mods' attention is by using https://www.4channel.org/feedback and posting on the #4chan IRC channel on Rizon.

>> No.28133396

>and they might feel like they're bulletproof
>feel like
Mods are literally active frequenters of their threads as posted previously so even if we lived in a world where making new boards was easy it wouldn't happen regardless. Combine that with /v/ and it makes for hell. You're right that it's done to fucking death and I think everyone can agree we're all tired of it and it should just end conclusively one way or the other.

>> No.28142193

I feel bad for yoruny, dude got depressed because western twitter cant take lolis

>> No.28142549

Yes, the main whole joke of the book is aya lying way too much. Took hecatia half threating her to make her rethink selling the magazine in universe

>> No.28146247
File: 1.74 MB, 1950x2288, EVm9r1bU4AAGxWk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It was seriously fucked up. The worst part it wasn't even western twitter, it was touhou twitter. People he probably thought were his friends must have turned their back hard on him for him to consider abandoning something he loved, just because he dipped his toes into the part of it people refuse to acknowledge is core. At least he's drawn this and a couple of other things in the year it's been, so it's not a total abandonment. Just a forced moving forward, I guess.