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Why are you still here jaypee?

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Because vtuber

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It's my favorite board and you guys are like friends to me.

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Even vtuberfags?

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This. /jp/ remains the best board on this site despite people trolling alot. (see most of the posts above)

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This is the last board on the whole website that still has some of the old 4chan "charm" left to it. The other boards are indistinguishable from normalfag social media now.

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Eh, they seem a calm lot for the most part.

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reminds me of old NND
also vchuubas

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How do we defeat the /v/tuber menace jaypee?

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sjis threads which seem to have disappeared

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i make terrible decisions on a regular basis

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So far they arent shitting up other peoples threads, so who cares

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funny touhous

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Are you blind? I'm tired of all the crossie buzzwords in my threads.

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/mlp/ was created in 2012, that's not "old 4chan" at all.

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By that logic /jp/ didn't exist until 2008

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Yeah /jp/ is a newfag board for sure. Came a while after chanology. Anyone who says this place is reminiscent of old 4chan is a obvious newfag.

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hololive, of course! This is a joke.
It's this and that no other board has anything really to offer me. I guess there's /tg/, but everytime I check it, it scares me.

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Come to /f/ anon. We welcome all /jp/fugees.

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A habit.

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MLP itself debuted in late 2010. Still not "old 4chan" at all.

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Pretty much

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I like /tg/ its fun to talk about my niche dead as fuck card games from 2004 that only myself and a small sect of insane retards still care about

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i have lost everything i ever worked for in life, have no resources left and no future worth looking forward to, and nobody cares about what i have to say about anything. i come to /jp/ because there's vchuubas and cute touhous here.

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I'm not here, you're here!

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Funny touhou images that make me laugh

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Vtuber shit will kill itself by simply being popularized more on the EN side.

When greasy NEETs who now feel still rather comfy watching it day in day out.will be flooded by normies left and right, vtuber corpos more censored in content due to rise in popularity i.e. attracting SJWs that will cause legal issues like family/advertiser friendly ones. They will be forced to adapt, or go freelance but then with a new name / model because their overlords won't let them use it. With that they will become much less popular, entertaining or both, loosing audience till they are just as damaging to Touhou as boatsluts were supposed to be.

Vtuber cancer is kinda like bronies back in the day, we also thought that horsefuckers will make your day worse for the rest of your time anywhere online and irl, but the hype died out eventually and thank fuck for that.
The vtuber thing will die out same way, the higher you go the harder you fall.

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I guess many internet fads die out quickly these days. The only thing we can do for now is keeping the crossie/vtuber filth out of our threads.

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>they are just as damaging to Touhou as boatsluts were supposed to be
Someone should edit this pic and replace it with some holoslut

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because my friends are here!

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I have nothing else to do and nowhere else to be, a truly empty human.
I'd BRB gensokyo but sadly spell cards are illegal in my country and Yukari got lazy with abducting lowlifes.

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They should've been moved to /vg/ a long time ago. If /v/ just recently had another batch of boards created for the hell of it then moving this cancer to /vg/ wouldn't have been an issue and I doubt anyone would've complained. Or even better, create another board to contain this shit and other similar cancer from other boards. What's stopping admins (or whoever is in charge of pitching a new board) from creating an e-celeb board when younger faggots gravitate towards that shit anyway? The arguments of why that vy cancer should remained contained here, even now that there's english-speaking streamers, are weak as fuck.

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At least K*ncolle b*tes are getting rekt by a literal Chinese ripoff with sexier b*tes.

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Elona. I'm glad the general is here and not on /vg/ where the quality would take a nosedive.
Also fumo.
Thankfully Touhou really can't die to popular fads.

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Already happening, people are getting canceled because they follow vt*bers/are vt*bers who like R18 loli porn on their corporate twitter accounts and post their mostly-loli doujin collections according to my friendguildie who literally cannot fucking shut up about them now. Should have just stayed as yet another shit general on the jay instead of attracting an audience who thinks anyone who so much as knows the name of Rustle should get a public beheading. Pretty much all that's left is for yet another japanese company to confirm to western ideals and fire anyone who so much as talks about "the evil pedophile fetish", only in this case I almost feel bad for the people who watch these random youtubers as they've clearly built no small part of their identity on being women of taste if they're able to talk about and link porn that much under a corporate thumb.

I don't truly care though, both because I feel no sympathy for the companies stupid enough to reach out to the audience who literally cannot feasibly make you money even if you're the biggest anime on the block, compared to the Japanese who'll buy literal fucking bottletops for 5 dollars if they have a character they like on them, and also because this h*l*l*ve shit singlehandedly killed the board. At that point you might as well have just tried to shill to China, at least they love weebshit and can get you money if b*teshit and that new Zelda clone are anything to go by. Not like these companies think enough to realize they'll be walking into a beartrap, but better to get some honey before you get your leg snapped like a twig than nothing.

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>What's stopping admins (or whoever is in charge of pitching a new board) from creating an e-celeb board when younger faggots gravitate towards that shit anyway?
Because then the whole site will get infinitychan'd when someone ends up putting flaming shit on Tim Afflecks's doorstep and posting pics here, or worse? You and I can both imagine what'll happen when you combine /tv/, /pol/, /v/, /a/, and whatever other board that talks about any kinda celebrities into one.

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so... worst-case scenario is we'll finally be free?

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Yeah, but if I wanted to be free I'd have left years ago.

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im here for fun and to have a good time.

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hololive and touhou share a lot in common so i dont get the hate?

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filthy crossboarder

fucking normie

how dare you like an actual roastie behind a camera! My reimu would NEVER pretend to be an anime girl for money on the internet


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Touhou itself is fine but touhoufags are the worst kind of actual autist. They're on par with the bronies. Just look at the disgusting shit clogging up the catalog.

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SHUT THE FUCK UP!!! Did you forget or something? We don’t talk about “them” or they show up

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>Why are you still here jaypee?
To join the /jp/ meet ups.

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>sadly spell cards are illegal in my country and Yukari got lazy with abducting lowlifes.
Sweden’s really gone down the drain hasn’t it?

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Virtual youtubers are not a fad. Streaming is not a fad, it will never go away.

If you still like Touhou in 2020 then you are a sad loser and you probably have some kind of mental disease. Enjoy having your garbage threads bumped off the board.

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Lol this was such a good (if unintentional) troll! I’m a 2hou fag myself, but the fucking salt and seething that this caused was truly a sight to behold!

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>Holosimps thinking they own the board now
To bad your to young to remember all the other fads that have come and gone, this holoshit is no different that all the gotcha games that were so big in the past

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i heard that a new touhou came out and I want to try it
99% would be shit but we live for the 1%

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Just fucking kick them out, send them to /vg/ with the other eceleb trash there's literally no diference

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I understand that you are mentally challenged so let me simplify it again: streaming will never die.

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You've got a point, crossie phonie.

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>Virtual youtubers are not a fad. Streaming is not a fad, it will never go away.
You mean like how let’s plays weren’t a fad? Like comedy skits weren’t a fad? Like fortnight wasn’t a fad? Vtubers are a fad, it’s at its popularity right now but that will pass, it’ll be replaced by whatever slightly innovative idea gets popular and shilled by corporations.

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You are right, winner-san. Making up your preference depending on popularity is mentally healthy. Might as well leave this unpopular site and go to reddit so you can win more.

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I hate how they have become the future. The proof is in the present. To me, anything made by a single man or a group of friends is more otaku than an idea you spin at the business table at 10 in the morning for more revenue.

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I guess millions, if not tens of millions of children, teens, and young adults overseas have a mental deficiency too by your logic.

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please enlighten me, only disgusting shit i see in catalog is homolive generals.

quite ironic coming from homolive nigger.

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The diaperfags, the feetfags.
If they never showed up, the board would be around what it was in 2018 just before they started showing up.

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Streaming is basically a live let's play. Fortnite is still strong. League of Legends is not a fad, it's still growing. There are many things that were popular that didn't just turn out to be a fad.

What is a fad though is Touhou and it lasted way too long. Thankfully it's not very relevant anymore, you rarely see it nowadays.

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I agree, however, a good portion of what is now normalized as “Otaku” is corporate in nature. This article for 2006: http://www.nbcnews.com/id/14415584/ns/business-world_business/t/otaku-japans-anime-obsessed-enthusiasts/ talks about how corporations managed to successfully capitalize on otaku culture and turn it into a money-making machine. Otaku culture lends itself to consumerism very well due to its nature.

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well they are pretty much contained in remi and koishi threads, shame though that those threads are in ruins for now because of it.

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On what planet do you live on? Touhou is still insanely popular in Japan, that’s why even vtubers are shilling it (see https://twilightnewspaper.wordpress.com/2020/05/05/coolcreate-reveals-touhou-project-x-hololive-collaboration-album-releasing-may-17/amp/))
Maybe it’s not as popular as it was with overseas fans but that too be expected, it’s not catered to them (hell half the games aren’t available legally in English). Your augment is like going out into the middle of the nowhere and proclaiming Minecraft is dead because you don’t see anyone playing it.

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Shitting on fags like you is the only way to keep the crossie filth out. Being a 2hufag doesn't make you part of the og /jp/sie club.

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>Being a 2hufag doesn't make you part of the og /jp/sie club.
I would never have been part of that “club” because I started coming here in 2018

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Nah fuck /v/t*bers

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I still love Touhou and a decent portion of otaku culture in general as much as I've always done so I don't see a reason to ever leave, despite the ever-growing list of issues thanks to the popularization of 4chan. I've even started getting into vtubers recently after checking out what the buzz is about. I still wish they would get a split board though so they can be free to post whatever they want and their worst posters get out of /jp/.

>> No.27839705

They’re gonna be here for a while, I suggest you get use to them. Just be glad they aren’t as invasive as other fads we’ve seen

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Just talk about Doremon. If you posted that here, he'd say that was dead too.

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Everyone knows that the fad will slowly die out like that kizuna bitch
Everyone knows that touhou stays forever

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One of the recurring suggests I see every time a board for e-celebs is brought up is to keep it exclusive to vtubers, it makes sense as the current fad is about them instead of random person who posts opinions on youtube #568098056 and they're basically 2D characters with a voice actor who has a lot of freedom.
I can see how quickly /incel/ would turn into /kiwifarms/ and cause weekly fappenings, but /vyt/ could work.

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The only thing famous about touhou now is it's music abmnd even then it is mostly for Bad Apple. Even that is because people use it in mashup and remixes. Like this one for example.

>> No.27839893

well you can clearly see there is crossboarders/newfags even in this thread. since holoslut threads are in /jp/ there will be lots of crossboarding and new people around /jp/. and this traffic will eventually bring people who start shitting threads or just making threads that are not supposed to be in /jp/, mildly happening right now.

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Touhou barely registers on anything. What do you mean "insanely popular"? How do you want to measure it?

>> No.27839905

Or this.

>> No.27839932

Are you actually retarded?

>> No.27839990

Show me how Touhou is popular. Culturally significant sure but it sure ain't popular.

>> No.27840023

Look into the japanese/chinese touhou fanbase, gaijin-kun.

>> No.27840036

1. If vtubers are not a fad, then why do you say a series with as much staying power as 2hu is supposed to be one? Just because you don't like it so people who like it are bad?
2. I agree that they aren't a fad, but popularity comes and goes and the current explosion thanks to EN's launch will fade away eventually, especially given how many literal children it has attracted and you know how little lasts the attention of a child.
3. You aren't really bumping off anything save for a few literally dead threads at the bottom of page 10 every time one of your threads hits the post cap and gets instantly archived (thus freeing space), and ten autists all want to be the new OP at the same time. If anything, you're actually doing the board a favor by constantly recycling the trash. Thank you, accidental janitors.

>> No.27840058

Look up culturally significant retard.

>> No.27840099

>Touhou barely registers on anything
On anything you know, that is, because you're a retarded shitposter with a stupid us vs. them mentality. Try expanding your horizons instead of your anus.

>> No.27840159

You aren't the center of the universe, thankfully enough.

>> No.27840181

>How do you want to measure it?
Did you read my post? It’s always been more popular in Japan than anywhere else, that’s my point, it is, and always has been, a niche anywhere else.

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To suffer until I die.

>> No.27840307

>i-it's popular
>but only in this specific part of the world with only this specific subset of people that talk in this specific language
>y-yeah that is super relevant on a site about english speaking otaku
Touhou is old news old man. Vtubing is the future.

>> No.27840326

So it's not popular.

>> No.27840386

For you, and you alone.
You don't even like vtubers either, you're only here because you want to shitpost against people who like something you don't and you know that the most effective way to do so is by pretending to like something that "competes" with it in terms of popularity.

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Who are you people?

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I googled “culturally significant retard“ and to my surprise it showed a picture of (You)

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>out like that kizuna bitch
Oh shit, I forgot about her. One day it's everywhere and then suddenly no one posts her anymore, not even as reaction images.

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>If it’s not popular in America it’s not popular at all
Based, fuck non-Americans

>> No.27840582

Side note.
If you want to talk about culturally significant, just know that you are obsessing over the subgenre of an alternative.

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Fancy words there boy, I hope you know what they mean cuz I sure as hell don’t.

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/jp/ - People who don't play Touhou think they know about Touhou more than anyone else

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yeah, vtubers just recently appeared to existance and are already under influence of corporate greed, one reason why touhou will always be superior. until it dies for this very reason in distant (or close) future.

now go back to throw your money to your corporate overlords disguised as cute anime girls.

>> No.27840728

professional shitposters

>> No.27840774

You forgot about the onahole people

>> No.27840815

ZUN would never do that

>> No.27840844 [DELETED] 
File: 1.88 MB, 1528x1187, E7F866C8-3E6A-4EB5-80CD-3080979B381D.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Friendly reminder these are the women you are donating money to

>> No.27840852

Thats what happens when the genius meidos decide to make 5(6?) stickies for one thread.
I still don't get what made them think of such a smart idea, it was hitting upwards of 110 PPM by the end of it.

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File: 216 KB, 690x950, __hong_meiling_touhou_drawn_by_koyubi_littlefinger1988__096ad2fa805956691b5bf3cbf367bbf5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

who are you referring exactly because, those in /jp/ that dont know their 2hus shoudnt be here in first place.

im just thinking beyond that, to time when ZUN had found his way to gensokyo.

>> No.27840947

>ZUN would never do that
You have no idea what ZUN will do for a stif drink

>> No.27840957

The thing is that without stickies, they'd spam the entire board with new threads in a desperate attempt to be the new OP every time their current general hit the post cap after 5 minutes.
I still don't get why the stubbornness against making that vtuber board which would solve every problem.

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I just want to take it easy.

>> No.27841095

Has the stupid singing shark been unmasked?

>> No.27841274

It's a shame that a huge part of the current batch of newfags has never tried to take it easy in their lives. We could all be coexisting and having fun together instead of being part of this us vs them shitshow.

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Taking it easy with jaypee~

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I will never support e-celeb bullshit especially with all the crossies and newfags that like it

>> No.27841368

My world is falling apart. I can't believe they're not real cat girls and dog girls, but instead chubby Asian women...

>> No.27841438

I’ve got no problem chilling with holofags, but they need to assimilate to board culture, it’s reminds me of all the election tourists shitting up /int/ and /his/ with political garbage

>> No.27841463

That dog bitch must be in her 30's

>> No.27841522

Pretty much agree. I just don't want to see /jp/ devolve into a Pepejakgreentext hell. There are plenty of those on this site already.

>> No.27842041

>english speaking otaku
Don't exist.

>> No.27842133

I love you anon

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2020 fucked everyone dude. A lot of people who were here last year probably aren't here now.

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The image was for something else

>> No.27842612

It's a bit late for people who don't alread love /f/lash to come to /f/. Don't go dragging them into our inevitable suffering

>> No.27844178

I'm pretty sure that most /jp/sies still like that kinda stuff. I mean some of them probably still go there for 2hu tuesday.

>> No.27847559

That's what I meant, a bunch of them come here thinking they own the place and they get mad when they're told to lurk. Thankfully it's not all of them as I've noticed by lurking their threads a bunch for the past week, and mods seem quick enough to respond when a truly rotten apple shows up.

>> No.27848901

The connection holofags have to hololive is hollow and ephemeral. It's not something they'll stick with their entire lives. They'll move on. I don't really have the words to explain how I feel about this, but I've seen the kinds of people who like this hololive stuff, and I don't think they are capable of true attachment. It's almost some sort of ironic thing. It's like, they sink their teeth a cm into it, while touhoufags and those with a connection like that to their specific things get their teeth stuck in it. I'm glad that hololive makes them happy, but it just seems so forced and empty to me. Eh.

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I try my hardest anon..
the problem increased 10fold with the EN threads

>> No.27850114

it's dark times, but i hope that some folks will keep carrying the torch, especially with how much traction the preservation efforts have gotten.
i just wish that the neet catalog still worked. i'll still try lurking /f/ again in the near future (longcat got me started for a while), but i've been spoiled.

>> No.27851798

man im try
i dont shit up other threads or go around falseflagging or even care about being the op but the other retards dont seem to get that its that easy to not be cancer

>> No.27852465
File: 114 KB, 903x1085, 1593015061574.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i've always been with the board though. I think they're fine and i see them as girls who still have fun and sing and whatever. the main issue is shit like the drama and /v/tards and anyone who wants to start a political shitfit because of coco mentioning taiwan so the thread becomes /pol/ for a week.

i mean no harm when i literally know this boards culture in and out and respect it all

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You're way too pure, anon. A lot of them are children who grew up on /v/, /pol/, or /a/. Look at what happened with the Flanfly thread from the other day where they sealion'd harder than the Sallyfag. Hell, look at this very thread where it got almost a hundred posts because they're so desperate to defend the "epicly adorkable" anime girls they throw money at, they have to SCREAM and SHOUT about how WRONG you all are! With a little phoneposting on the side because why the fuck not, at this point.

Seriously, the idea of "touhoufags" being a designated group that innately hates vt*b*rshit that they need to "fight against" is just pathetic. If this were any other board there'd be pushback too, that's just what happens when literally hundred if not a thousand people come to spam on a board, doubly so since we probably don't even have half of that amount of posters anymore. The type of faggots that create some mysterious mastermind in their heads when they're called faggots as a way to cope are the kind of people we don't need anymore of on this board. But it doesn't matter, since meido's clearly sided with them, and they're free to attempt and force their wills down our throats in any thread that criticizes them until they hopefully do some illegal shit that gets the whole series of generals wiped from the board, or preferably site, entirely. Otherwise, they're sticking around and won't fucking shut up about it.

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there simply is nowhere else like this left. my filters have so much from years of adding to them, there really isn't any shit that gets through anymore.
whenever the mutts have their elections the entire site becomes pretty unusable though. probably just gonna take a break until after their new overlord gets sworn in.

>> No.27859830

this board is literaly only about females

>> No.27859831

>If this were any other board there'd be pushback too,
I should have saved that [s4s] thread.

>> No.27860828

/s/ BTFO by /jp/!

>> No.27860898

/jp/ literally exists as a toe-hoe and idol cancer quarantine zone

>> No.27861262

This thread is like watching old patients in an insane asylum chimping out because the new patients are obviously scheming to steal their all their bread and cigarettes

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Literally none on this board plays Touhou except me and the guys who post in the gameplay thread.
If you're reading this and you never 1'cc'ed any game on Normal, Kaguya will gently castrate you in your sleep tonight.

>> No.27862795

I am in love with the smell here. Surely you understand.

>> No.27862935

They're upset people invaded their secret club.

>> No.27863118

right when you think vtubers are dying, they'll shit out a new "generation" for people to fawn over
see: the english ones. i really don't see the appeal.

>> No.27864124

after 1ccing everything on lunatic I just stopped playing touhou, I dont like doing LNs or LNNs and I have shit to do so In not even gonna bother with scoring
I don't even play new releases (LoLK was the last I played), there's really not much to touhou for me anymore, they weren't even as hard as other bullet hell games
I just come here for the kigu threads now

>> No.27865568

That's alright anon, but I hate the people who claim to love Touhou and never touched one of the games ever. You know, secondaryfags.

>> No.27865854
File: 54 KB, 639x400, 2020-07-06_21h59_04.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've stopped visiting the Jay on the regular for a while and came back as a regular recently. In my inactive period I'd just come for the new year threads cause they were too good to miss with the shobon chat room becoming more populated. It has always been the place to come to take it easy and have fun.

To my surprise it hasn't changed much. Some flavor of the season stuff and my personal favorites still stick around: the Japanese bird cooking spaghetti, gachi, flan fly, blogging threads like this one and the miscellaneous touhou image dump threads with funny conversations.

I'm still enjoying myself just like I used to back then and it's good for my spiritual health. Joining the work force changed me somewhat but I'm glad to see that deep inside I'm still the same person and the Jay reconfirms that.

>> No.27866308
File: 916 KB, 502x3379, 1589165136451.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

But you guys won though /jp/

>> No.27866314

I've normal CC'd + extra stages'd everything up to Suwako (not including PC98)
I feel like I'd like to play but I can't get rid of some feeling of burn out

>> No.27866316

Yeah, there's kinda no point to talking in the gameplay threads for more than a few here because we already did that and don't really care for scoring. I got a few good 1CC's under my belt, normal clears on more games than I want to admit, and no real desire to go back and get a full set of lunatic clears with skills I no longer have. He's right that secondaries are a fucking huge issue, and honestly I'm not even sure if it's going to get worse with the aforementioned plague, but the days of rushing to clear the games or a ton of new people getting into it are long long gone. Basically, "been there, done that" if I want to sound like a cunt about it though I mean that in the most neutral way possible.

>> No.27866850

I'm making slow progress on normal 1CCing every game, next up is LoLK.
Love the lore of the series. It's just difficult to find discussion threads when you're late to the party.

>> No.27867115

look! he posted it again! what a madman!

>> No.27867222

vtubers will die the day livestreaming dies

>> No.27867601

That's like saying "Roosterteeth will die when lets playing dies". Lets playing is still a thing and will always be a thing, but Roosterteeth has been going under for years and apparently half of the original cast are kiddy diddlers so they're probably going to not even be a brand by the end of the year. All it takes is for one massive scandal, like their audition sex tapes getting leaked, and it's pretty much over.

>> No.27868099

Holoniggers ruined this place.
Make a e-celeb board and kick they out

>> No.27868186

retards like you who can't even read a thread before posting in it are just as bad

>> No.27868198

Did you forget about the otome general?

>> No.27868570


>> No.27868687

The people who literally own a channel named "lets play". Google is your friend.

>> No.27868731

Bitch, I've started learning nihongo. As you can tell from my lack of soul crushing despair, I haven't yet dipped my toe into Kanji.

Also, vtubers at the start but now to a much lesser extent. You can only watch cute girls play video games for so long before you'd rather just do something more productive with your time.

>> No.27868857

Good but please stop posting hololive pics outside of your generals

>> No.27868925
File: 91 KB, 252x295, 1597980430728.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Got it

>> No.27869030
File: 172 KB, 850x1025, __patchouli_knowledge_touhou_drawn_by_fuukadia_narcolepsy__sample-5dd78dd047fb3efb9dd56a8376bfdcf2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I like vtubers/touhou and I actually play the games unlike the majority of you /jp/ "purists".

>> No.27869068

>don't post hololive pictures
>posts hololive pictures

>> No.27869175

Good for you /v/ermin. /jp/ always hated secondaries and liking vtubers is nothing to be proud of on here.

>> No.27869363
File: 230 KB, 1280x720, 1596367518392.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

But I didn't though
BTW different guy

>> No.27869377
File: 59 KB, 242x381, 1594664632138.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>/jp/ always hated secondaries
Self-hatred is not a good thing.

>> No.27869417
File: 2.35 MB, 1295x1812, 1588088442943.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

is this acceptable?
havent played a 2hu game in months. I need to stop procrastinating

>> No.27869453

Liking shit is still liking shit regardless what else you play.

>> No.27869467

/jp/ is not your personal safe space

>> No.27869504

More of his e-celeb tangential bullshit.

>> No.27869542

Not even close.
>liking vtubers is nothing to be proud of on here
I can't imagine deriving any sort of pride from whatever jaypee sanctioned media I happen to enjoy. You people cry about a few threads in the catalog of something you don't like when there's a hundred touhou threads. It's pretty pathetic.

>> No.27869547

Can you holotards just bump this thread to bumplimit, like you always do whenever someone says mean words about you on the internet, so we don't have to see you leak into threads for another week?

>> No.27869576
File: 32 KB, 461x447, 1588555492137.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this is far from the jay i know and you guys need to calm down.

>> No.27869634

Sorry that I'm frustrated that it feels like every other thread I go into where people actually talk about things, somebody has to bring up the metaphorical elephant in the room who has to stomp around knocking everything over when he gets his feeling hurt.

>> No.27869754
File: 794 KB, 1536x2048, EXzAn1FU4AE4Kfz.jpeg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You 2hufags get way too easily upset about 2.5D girls.

>> No.27869796
File: 146 KB, 683x673, 8038378D-78AA-4C87-8346-442BE6E073D2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

For a bunch of refugees themselves, 2hutards sure are cocky

>> No.27869801

maybe don't talk about hololive in not hololive related threads if you don't want them get ruined by holotards? ever thought about that?

>> No.27869806

You're watching 3DPD wearing makeup. And now your 3D are english speaking. Get that shit back to /v/.

>> No.27869840

Thinking cancer on the same level as virtual shills will shut up was your first mistake. Time to build that wall.

>> No.27869889


go back to /a/, schizo

>> No.27869920

Lurk more /v/ermin

>> No.27869925

They're literally just whores too ugly and too flat to show off their face or tits who use an anime avatar instead. I don't know if you know this given your lack of an IQ, but posts that get deleted on this website don't magically go into the ether and fade away forever.

>> No.27869969
File: 224 KB, 626x360, 20200817_051135.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is everything /jp/purists hate either /pol/ or /v/? Because you guys like to bring up those boards a lot, even though they hate holo stuff just as much as you guys.

>> No.27869979

You can't bring the 2.5D bullshit and then point fingers at others, retard. Go back to your attention whore streamers' containment threads.

>> No.27869995

take your meds

>> No.27870015

What are you spoiling?

>> No.27870037

Try again, crossie.

>> No.27870093

In the case of virtual shit, it's more /v/ centric than whatever you want to pivot to. And funny how you push this "purist" low effort stuff when even this shit is undesirable in /v/ and other boards.

>> No.27870106

I don't expect positive responses to this but I'm curious, but how did /2hu/ feel about Mori singing some Touhou songs?

Before she sang this one, she said this song is a bit out of her range, but it's a song she holds dear.

>> No.27870108

/jp/'s purity, anon.

>> No.27870112

What? That's not even an /a/ term, last I checked. Which hasn't been for like 5 years but still. /jp/'s always hated idolshit.

>> No.27870146 [DELETED] 
File: 94 KB, 330x265, 1603066481533.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The Jay is just a trash can for anything of Japanese origin that doesn't fit in anywhere else.
So Hololive and vtubers fit in well here.
Just a thought.

>> No.27870175

>You can't

or what? you gonna cry?

>> No.27870218

Lurk more before showcasing how new you are.

>> No.27870243

>/jp/'s always hated idolshit

does JAYPEE even likes anything besides 2hu feet?

>> No.27870282

See >>27869920

>> No.27870285

Yes but you have to lurk more to find that out.

>> No.27870290
File: 316 KB, 831x852, Screenshot_20201019-011704_YouTube.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My point was that I noticed whenever something annoys the fuck out of any board it is imeddiately /v/ or /pol/, even if both those boards would hate that shit even more.

>> No.27870322

I mean, footfags are a thing but they're also mocked, not nearly to the same degree and there's always room for debate on if they are or aren't /jp/, but idolshit's never been /jp/. Granted, there's idolmaster, but I'd hope you're not stupid enough to make a comparison between idolmaster and idol youtubers just because they're both 2D and both idols. People tried the same thing with WUG, and you probably forgot or never even knew in the first place what that means.

>> No.27870332

What about Vtuber beat mario playing touhou? And he’s actually pretty good

>> No.27870336

>doesn't know about the boihu threads
Lurk more /v/

>> No.27870342

lurk what exactly? endless 2hu threads with posts which 2hu anons would fuck? no thanks

>> No.27870374

holoHIV is clearly not being contained. new board is needed so they stop flinging shit and holding their hosts in contempt.

>> No.27870436

>idolshit's never been /jp/

they are now, make dealings

>> No.27870455

Since they like to believe /jp/ culture's some secret thing that you have to lurk in order to know about, even though all of that's in the past, /jp/ likes Tsukihime, Melty Blood, VNs, Touhou, Japanese birds eating spaghetti, Japanese dogs jumping through hoops, iM@S, but they hate Japan itself.

>> No.27870462

Then don't complain about what we like and don't like you fucking moron.

>> No.27870482

>forgot about the gay wrestling

>> No.27870499

Lurk more is not about secrecy but about lurking more.

>> No.27870524

You should lurk some more then as well.

>> No.27870558


stop talking about yourself in a third person, schizo

>> No.27870564

You should learn English.

>> No.27870594

you don't even know japanese

>> No.27870617

Projecting much? The only schizo here seems to be you since you can't fathom that others share the same viewpoints.

>> No.27870620

You should learn Japanese, teen. You're still on a dead /jp/ and not Futaba because you're too lazy to.

>> No.27870676

You're never going to be Japanese, kid, regardless if you kid yourself that you know the language.

>> No.27870683

>we = og /jp/sies
I hoped that helped you, halfwit.

>> No.27870702
File: 167 KB, 1250x1425, ransmirk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.27870723

>you can't fathom that others share the same viewpoints

why yes? i can fathom that the entire /jp/ is in love with 2hu feet, i just told you that

>> No.27870724


>> No.27870754

No you don't, schizo.

>> No.27870808

are you proud of shitting up /a/ so hard you got an entire containment board for your 2hu shit or what?

>> No.27870821

Pictures of cute Touhous.

>> No.27870823


>> No.27870831

If only history could repeat itself with virtual shit. If only.

>> No.27870843

go back to /a/, /v/ermin /pol/tard

>> No.27870857

Ah, so that's why anons been sperging out. He wants to cause a fuss here in order to get a split. Keep up the good work, anon. You'll fail, but I respect the effort.

>> No.27870895

No, I only brought it up because you brought it up. Regardless of your (clearly) active imagination might lead you to think, virtual cancer is still shit and I don't intent to sugarcoat it..

>> No.27870964

it won't, 2huturds reap what they sow

>> No.27870984
File: 41 KB, 360x270, 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Everything would be fixed if they made a virtual youtuber board
holofaggots would be happy and 2hufags would be happy
Why don't the mods do it? because they're faggots

>> No.27871005

I'm literally none of the anons in this argument, it just seems pretty clear to me that this is the worlds most pathetic attempt at forcing a split on a website where mobile games get a board with banned generals. Unironically would have better luck going to the IRC and screaming there for a couple of years like Sally-kun.

>> No.27871007

>because they're faggots
Pretty much.

>> No.27871092

How cute, he just finished reading the ED page about /jp/

>> No.27871126

Better yet make it a all-encompassing board for shit like kpop and e-celebs that are clogging up other boards.

>> No.27871129

>I'm literally none of the anons in this argument
Listen man, it's not my problem that you jump in with retarded conclusions. The only "forcing" that will occur is to whoever dictates new boards (since they clearly don't care about further pumping out very specific boards) and caring about that is pretty pathetic in my opinion.. Besides that, neither party gives a fuck if virtual crap is sent to another place. Everyone will win if that's the case to be honest.

>> No.27871217

is that some kind of secret knowledge that never circulates on /jp/ or 4chan in general?

>> No.27871357

It ended up as moot's favorite board so I'm proud of it.

>> No.27871365
File: 889 KB, 756x715, 1531727506092.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Because vtubers aren't /a/ and the only thing that I could think describes such a thing would be "otaku culture". Though, I wonder how large the amount of people on this board were before people like me flocked here from various parts of the site. I've only seen threads that last 3 months on boards like /h/. It makes me wonder how many people were still active here really

>> No.27871391

I’m sorry, who?

>> No.27871420

yeah retard great idea just make /trash/ 2
fuck off crossboarder

>> No.27871429


>> No.27871439

who is that? some namefag?

>> No.27871520

I'm not. I only pop in every couple of days to fantasies about learning Japanese and causally reply to threads, much like I'm doing right now.

>> No.27871558

why do that when you could just make another videogame board!

>> No.27871657
File: 29 KB, 600x423, 1549405078919.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.27872182

I don't know what's worse at this point, the fact that metathreads like this are made every day now (even the bawson threads used to have some time between each crying about /jp/ being so shitty) or the fact that literally every single one reads exactly the same way reminiscent of /v/'s forced fanbase wars and people being upset just because someone is liking something they don't.

>> No.27872556

while i wish them all the best as long as they fuck off from my precious board and not infest it with their terrorist organisation of a fanbase, and level 3 subs to send death threats or stalk people around if they dare to say something bad on a livestream about it. Asking you "why come here if you hate it?"
And the classy argument pattern starts.where simps feel supperior for literally throwing their cash at someone who's already a milionaire at this point.
I don't mind that toxic waste being contained on some board. or even a specific one for it, because if you can shit out 4 boards for no reason, that literally nobody asked for , except maybe few sad fucks on /qa/ or /vip/ with hiroshimoot thinking it's his secret advice club.
If /mlp/ was as cancerous all over the place. along with /trash/ to make furfags have their cuckshed ttoo - why can't a vituber board be made?
Non-the less I give it maximum 1,5 year before it's reduced to a crippled fandom who just didn't know when to shut the fuck up, going further and beyond making people who enjoy it not like a meme spouting sperg
Alright now, I'll stop writing essay posts and weaponize my autism
as any other day and battle 3dpd threads with nsfw being posted or simply derail it as much as I can again.

>> No.27872636

make a tripcode and use it ocassionaly so I can laugh at you on warosu in roughly 1 to max 2 years from now on.

>> No.27872751

i honstly don't give a fuck what would be their fate in the board he described, should have been in place ever since nyanners got popular in all honesty, people just wouldn't stop posting her content, like /a/ wouldn't be rec'd that already.

>> No.27872973

I have been lewdposting on the jay for more than 10 years, dude.
Its my duty to continue.
Now, wch 2hu wud u fuk

>> No.27873235
File: 544 KB, 560x479, 84150900.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

A vtuber board's probably never going to be made because Hiroshimoot knows that its just a fad too.
Unless all of this hype lasts for around 5 years, this is just another dot in 2hu's everlasting line.

>> No.27873313 [SPOILER] 
File: 208 KB, 850x1133, 1603074070416.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My wife Ran while your 2hu wch u wud fug is watching and gets in the line to graze my anon_D shot type on hard mode, but both go lunatic and recieve an Exta stage.

>> No.27873645
File: 495 KB, 600x450, 1582758401419.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Also, anyone who says that 2hu is irrelevant now probably only watches highlight clips of their favorite vtubers and doesn't really know anything about anything about what's happening anywhere else.
The moment ZUN lets his guard down for one of the very few things he allows commercial-wise, corporations dig it up instantly. There's already been FOUR gacha games since Cannonball, from four different companies. Regardless if Cannonball itself was a failure, that's something else. That's more than any other gacha, even Tales only has three. Do note that it hasn't even been a year since Cannonball came out...
Yukkuri letsplays are still around as big as hololive in Japan, especially with children. To this day they still get hundreds of thousands to millions of views really fast, and they've been there for far longer than vtubers. Random children in school are found humming Touhou themes and playing it in their electone. Even in one of the 2hu streams there was a section highlighting a bunch of fanart from children. Even IF (big if) the fans now slowly die off, 2hu basically has a lifeline of new fans, artists, and worshippers in waiting.
And don't forget even vtubers glorify Touhou. Fubuki and Marine are one of the most popular of them all and both of them talk about 2hu quite a lot. Marine herself is a legit primary and plays 2hu games on her streams often.

Touhou's life is still long and won't die anytime soon, no matter how much you wish it. I still remember when Kancolle was this enormous wave and people started incessantly 2hu doomposting, and oh how is it now...

>> No.27873690

I left in 2009 or 2010?
I came back because of vtubers.

>> No.27874044

A fad is something that is insanely popular, and then disappears without a trace. Fidget spinners were a fad. Something that starts out insanely popular and then settles into a normal level of popularity is just economics. Someone fills a niche where there is little to no competition, gets super rich, then every pretender out there tries to get a piece of the action, and all but the most successful and most niche die out, and then the cycle repeats.

>> No.27874106

All the good jap autists moved to twitter and all the western weebs worth a damn moved to dicord and twitter too.
/jp/ isn't the niche western/japanese place anymore

>> No.27874157

The hate towards VTubers is a bit retarded. Sure, when one thread dies 2-4 more are instantly made, but that really wouldn't be a problem if the 15+ 3DPD idol threads were gone.

>> No.27874190

The hate is mostly targeted at the demographic of people they attract. Look at this thread for reference.

>> No.27874238
File: 369 KB, 500x286, 1597428991548.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

When we start banning vtubers and destroy the hololive threads. Can we call it the holocaust.

>> No.27874370

The HOLOcaust already happened fatefag, just look at how many of the hololive videos were and still are deleted/privated

>> No.27874437

How new are you?

>> No.27874547

There is no such thing. This is 1 site co-equal in majesty.

>> No.27874590 [DELETED] 

Would you believe me if I told you that a majority of these people saying the exact same shit are actually completely different people? If I didn't have a long history on this site, I'd say it's scary how people can hypnotize themselves into hiveminded mob, repeating the same handful of bullet points over and over... but I've seen it happen plenty of times before on many boards. It's sad.

>> No.27874619

Would you believe me if I told you that a majority of these people saying the exact same shit but on different days are actually completely different people? If I didn't have a long history on this site, I'd say it's scary how people can hypnotize themselves into hiveminded mob, repeating the same handful of bullet points over and over... but I've seen it happen plenty of times before on many boards. It's sad.

>> No.27874650
File: 164 KB, 864x1152, 1600571049193.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The answer is obvious

>> No.27874700

The demographic? No no, it's the demographic and the amount of it that it brings in. I still don't understand why these people came to /jp/ by the hundreds instead of some discord server though.


>> No.27874789

Being a pervert is part of the otaku culture in general, regardless of how much normalfags get embarrassed by that. Please don't ever stop for as long as you're still one of us.

>> No.27874905

They've been around since at least 2011.

>> No.27874961

I'd say it's more because they're a somewhat new thing that blew up in popularity, you know how much some people hate new popular things by instinct and how vocal they tend to be. I have to admit that I used to be like that until I watched a stream and it wasn't as bad as I expected.
Every community has its own rotten apples, and it's pretty easy to see how the fag who was going on about how he's going to kill 2hu in this thread was just a bored falseflagger. There are indeed quite a bunch of unashamed crossboarders in the hololive generals but as far as I've noticed, there are many people who don't forget where they are in them too, the main issue is that because it's such a highly popular thing, many retards have also joined in and that happens for pretty much everything.

>> No.27874969

This is the price you pay for the ability to post without an account. This is why anonymous imageboards are the shit-stained bottom of the internet barrel. You have no ability to effectively gatekeep.

>> No.27874999

But then you add accounts and you get people sucking each other's dicks all day. I'd say that anonymity lets people be more honest so it's still the better choice, even if that honesty leads to acting like an idiot for attention.

>> No.27875025
File: 346 KB, 800x600, 1o7lCBxU8_md-13.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>don't think they are capable of true attachment.
The Buddha teaches us that attachment is the cause of suffering.

>> No.27875113

>many retards have also joined in and that happens for pretty much everything.
Not even Reimu in Smash would have caused the board to snowball out of control this fast. It's really only a matter of time until scripters start clearing the whole board because of the children those threads attract.

>> No.27875219

I don't think most imageboards have to deal with attracting 50x their usual postercount overnight, and out of that 50x at least 30x sticking around permanently. At the very least, not any of the good ones, or any of the good boards here.

>> No.27875286

Gonna Piss Your Pants Maybe?

>> No.27875292

The fact that they stay contained in their few generals makes them pretty much a non-issue, despite how sometimes one of those rotten apples leaks out and starts whining about the board, or how often they spam new threads after hitting the post cap and end up causing a few old threads to get archived. Despite the stubbornness to not make a well-deserved new board for them, moderation is still doing a decent enough job of keeping them contained and getting rid of (some of) the garbage in their threads, namely /pol/ shit and doxing attempts.
That's what happens when you force an userbase the size of a small to medium-sized board into a single general. Like many other people keep saying, a new board for vtubers would solve all of these problems.

>> No.27875301

It does seem like there is a lot of blind hate. Let people like what they like and so on.
But I think the concept of let's player in 3D model form rubs off the wrong way. As unnatural as it feels to me, vtubers make sense as an evolution of streams+internet celeb culture.

>> No.27875366

You deserve everything that is happening to you. This is karma.

>> No.27875464

It never was.

>> No.27875511

Yeah, I know.

>> No.27875516

I post honestly on all of the forums that I frequent. Maybe you should stop being such a coward.

>> No.27875531

How new?

>> No.27875606

>The fact that they stay contained in their few generals makes them pretty much a non-issue, despite how sometimes one of those rotten apples leaks out and starts whining about the board, or how often they spam new threads after hitting the post cap and end up causing a few old threads to get archived.

They're contained, except on the daily basis when they're not contained.

>> No.27875610
File: 103 KB, 512x512, ;.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I can probably write an entire 10000+ word essay as to how Touhou is still going strong after 25 years even though it literally has zero official advertising.
One of the things I can rationalize is this.
You hear it all the time. "Our fans are the most important part!". "Our fans are what keep us going!".
But in most cases, while that is part of the truth, that's not exactly all of it. The fans revenue and their "free advertising" is what keeps them going, not the fans themselves. When that's gone, sooner or later what people used to clamour for will eventually wither and die. There is a lot of factors for what keeps a product/series/whatever going, the fans are only a cog in the machine.

That is not the case for Touhou. In it, ZUN is the machine and the cogs are all fans. While, at first, that may seem like a more brittle and less adaptable way of how a fandom works. After all, when the fans die, what's left?
But that is not the case for what Touhou is, or what ZUN has made it to be. In a normal case, when a cog stops, the machine breaks. In Touhou's case, when a cog stops, the machine is still functional and only gets rusty; it's only a matter of time until it gets cleaned, one cog turns and everything runs again. This is for many reasons.
One of them is because ZUN is barely affected by money, fame, or anything of the sort. He makes Touhou because he likes making it. He doesn't pander. He will keep making Touhou even if the fandom isn't as big anymore, until he gets sick of making it. This has obvious advantages, but it also connects to another important aspect.
Touhou, as a franchise, is essentially run ENTIRELY by fans, due to ZUN's stances on making derivative work.
In a normal case, if something becomes unprofitable, that something gets shut down. Even if someday, fans look at it and "remember that?" and make fanwork, it'll likely never come back, even if sometimes there's massive push for it. It takes money and risk to do such a thing, and most companies don't do such risks.
That is not the case for Touhou. Even if Touhou's popularity simmers down, all it takes is one spark, one popular fanwork, and the machine runs again. ZUN is still making games. You can still make any fanwork you like. You can still enjoy what has transpired before. Things have changed, yet nothing has. This sort of "stagnancy" is part of what makes Touhou so immortal.
As you say, dedication is a large part of it, but as to how people get dedicated, that's more complex. It's something I'd have to rant about even further.
There's a lot of reasons as to how Touhou has become what it is today. The type of content it brings, the lack of pandering, the dedication of its fans, what advantages good music brings over other types of content, etc. This is just one thing I've noticed.

>> No.27875620

Good for you, but sadly you aren't part of the majority. Just look at reddit's system that enables and encourages conforming to a particular mentality with those up/downvotes for an example, that shit is everywhere and has always been everywhere.
Also, for someone who claims to not be a coward you sure look anonymous to me.

>> No.27875674

Yes, despite how sometimes one of those rotten apples leaks out and starts whining about the board and then immediately gets swatted down by the mods, causing no further harm to the board. If you're concerned about how those people behave, that doesn't change much because /jp/ has seen a massive decrease in ability to take it easy in the past few years, possibly as a result of the great newfag immigration from 2016.

>> No.27875740

I've been on Reddit for many years and have rarely had problems. Maybe you are just an asshole.

>> No.27875850

I don't see why I could have problems given how I don't post there, but if you have never seen any instance of the up/downvote bullshit then you're either blind or part of reddit's core userbase (and if that's the case I ask you to return).

>> No.27875908

>This is the last board on the whole website that still has some of the old 4chan "charm" left to it.
No it's all gone here newfag
jaypee used to be a glorious place, but discord mods have done whatever possible to stomp out that abrasive /jp/ culture and make the board as friendly as possible for the assortment of faggots they force into it

>> No.27875988

Not your secret club.

>> No.27876055
File: 70 KB, 640x300, beato battler.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Vtbers for dumb carousing fun.
WTC for where my heart calls home.

>> No.27876059

It's funny how you say that after stating in >>27874969 that one of the advantages of not being anonymous is having a better ability to gatekeep.

>> No.27876063

You don't know jaypee at all faggot, people like you and these holofags would have been shat on 24/7 back in the day until you left. that's how /jp/ remained so pure for so long, it was extremely hostile to outsiders (ie. you)

>> No.27876086

Not your secret club.

>> No.27876112

I had a feeling the people that recited this mantra were just confused idiots, thanks for confirming.

>> No.27876141

It's heartwarming to see that the big Jay is as bad a shit-show as it was when I left 8 months ago.

>> No.27876142

Outsiders who are willing to learn and understand how the board works and its culture have always been allowed to come in here, the issue with Hololive is that their fanbase is so massive that a bunch of people born in the current hellhole of the internet are into it as well and they have no intention of respecting anything, much less the culture of an imageboard.
I guess this guy's AI just broke after contradicting himself.

>> No.27876195

There was no contradiction. It was never your secret club. It is as open as your slutty mother's legs.

>> No.27876253

Anon, you don't have to defend people who are yACKing it up by searching for their names and coming to shitpost when it finally gets dropped.

>> No.27876395

dude i've been here since 2017 and i know its newfag shit here, but i had someone help spoonfeed me stuff and i learned my history up, and respect this place no matter what.

>> No.27876506
File: 27 KB, 480x360, 1373217645910.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Case in point, some random girl retired because of something she said half a year before she debuted came out where she shat on her going-to-be employers, and instead of shitting on the company for being shit enough to be shat on by someone whose literally going to work for them, or the girl in question for shitting on the company they liked, they decided to spend the next several weeks yelling at another random company that had been marked as "the enemy" as it was somehow their fault. Kinda like that bike image but unironic. The point is, these people are ravenous wolves and don't know how to actually feel things that aren't some kind of hatred, and even then they don't know how to hate unless it's focused. Even if it's on the wrong thing. As any kind of introspection would cause their minds to crumble to dust. I've seen it then with that example, and you're seeing it right now in this thread with "the touhou fags" being the cause of whatevever the hell it is this time.

I can really only look on with a dark awe, like watching a train derail, as to what kind of hellscape the next generation will bring to the internet. At least Spice and Wolf VR's getting a sequel.

>> No.27877005

whoever you are
stop arguing with yourself

>> No.27878046

dude, /jp/ has hated idols since fucking ZUN!bar was posting on the board. Everyone's talking about how old they are yet not one person mentions the tripfags.

>> No.27878120

How do you push two different narratives to make a point when they contradict one another?

>> No.27879027

well, reddits "gatekeeping" is prety much just suppressing "wrong" (unpopular) opinions with voting and sucking each others dicks in their bubble, while yelling their "truths" (only acceptable opinions) in their small echo chamber. shame that it is more common way how forums and commenting sections are done in present internet, usually also with moderators censoring anything that they dont like.

anonymous sites are getting more uncommon but they are also only place where there is room for constructive conversation without people suppressing your opinions with voting or abusive moderation. also less likely to become echo chamber, which half of internet is by now.

>> No.27881370

not just vtubers, this board has changed so fucking much its awful. its not like removing vtuberfags will fix it, mod tools can delete bad threads but cannot create good threads. so either way /jp/ is kill

>> No.27881677

Where else would I be?
As autistic and retarded as this place can be it’s still comfy.

>> No.27881901

E-celebs are banned from 4chan, I don't see why e-celebs with anime avatars shouldn't be be banned too and even get their own board.

>> No.27881941

No such thing 3Dnigger.

>> No.27882181

Love it or hate it this is my home, I have seen countless invasions from the past and the present, and I will continue to weather these storms in the future.

>> No.27883926

Too late, my dude. We were here all along. The tomato is you.

>> No.27885154
File: 499 KB, 386x901, Untitled87_20201019121256.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ok "oldfag"

>> No.27885744

Participating in autistic thread

>> No.27885767

Imagine whiteknighting a Yakuza cumdump.

>> No.27885785

Anon have you even gone into one of those threads?

>> No.27885829

Biggest regret of my life.

>> No.27885963

Duh, there'll always be a few people who still cling to it even after the trend has died. Just like there are still losers who dream about fucking ponies or losers who jack off to Kancolle but at least now they're not shitting up the place as much as Vtubers are now. I look forward to when the trend dies.

>> No.27886872

Because they're different things, regardless of how hard that might be to understand if you're persistent in grouping them all as the same thing.

>> No.27887802

>One of them is because ZUN is barely affected by money, fame, or anything of the sort. He makes Touhou because he likes making it. He doesn't pander. He will keep making Touhou even if the fandom isn't as big anymore, until he gets sick of making it.

That's it.
In contrast, vt*bers and g*cha are not made with love, they are carefully designed to take as much money as possible off the paypiggies. Fags like to compare Touhou with MLP but MLP was also designed to take as much money as possible off little girls and their parents. When sales of Hasbro toys and ratings reclined, they axed the cartoon and now Horsefuggers are dying.

>> No.27888065

They are not. They are literal streamers.

>> No.27888149

Regardless of how hard that might be to understand if you're persistent in grouping them all as the same thing.

>> No.27888253

Repeating a wrong argument twice doesn't make it right.

>> No.27889030

But it ensures that you actually read it. Not that you're ever going to change your mind or realize you're the one who's wrong due to your negative bias, so there's no point in trying any further.

>> No.27889192

How am I wrong though?
Virtual YOUTUBERS. It's in the damn name.

>> No.27889487

Now try reading the other word. They're as real as characters in anime, visual novels and whatever, with the sole difference being that their voice actors are the ones who define their personalities.

>> No.27889750

>with the sole difference being that their voice actors are the ones who define their personalities.
So identical to any other streamer or youtuber, just with an anime girl avatar.
>Jontron is a character, he's not the real Jon Jafari
>AVGN is a character, he's not the real James Rolfe

>> No.27889936

>negative bias

>> No.27893009

The only people pretending they're not a fucking mess are the people in question, I've learned. It's somehow a level of shit above your usual idolfagging. It's advanced idolfagging.

>> No.27894226
File: 619 KB, 708x1000, 84831328_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Personally I'm going to continue enjoying more than one thing at the same time and nobody can do SHIT about it.

>> No.27894386

>not one person mentions the tripfags
Because the only good one was Sudo and he's been gone since 2014.

>> No.27894481 [DELETED] 

Meanwhile these holotards are busy celebrating over the retirement of some streamer because some random leaker whose never had any credit to his name leaked she was going to retire after a 2 month absence, real shocker there, copy/pasted a generic retirement message and said "this'll be what they say", its moderately correct, and now they're raiding a thread because they somehow managed to think that leads directly back to another girl in their company who retired like 4 months ago because she called their company black before she debuted.
Even I don't understand this reading it back.

>> No.27894780

Tribalistic faggots are everywhere on the internet these days (look at this thread for an example), assuming that an entire fanbase is made of only them just because of how loud they are is plain stupid.
That Nijisanji thing just looks retarded going by the little I've seen of it. One of them bullied another girl because they had similar verbal tics? What the fuck?

>> No.27895206

Cool. People only start to care if you're LOUD and ANNOYING about enjoying said things.

>> No.27895357

I actually started watching hololive thanks to Marine and her love for touhou.
I think vtubers and touhou can go well together, just look at beat mario

>> No.27909910

Elona. Been here for 12 years. Kinda hard to change boards when you already found home

>> No.27916875

Damn, this thread is a shit show.

>> No.27922403

A mix of 2hufags feeling threatened due to the constant Holo threads, Holofags being extra butthurt due to the recent Coco/Haato drama and, trolls falseflagging a flame war. Of course the thread would be shit.

>> No.27939709
File: 109 KB, 600x420, flog0016.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just drop by and skim through the catalog
yep, same worthless board. See you

>> No.27940396

The soul Touhou vs the soulless hololive

>> No.27947751

>soul x soulless
Still the shittiest /v/ meme so far.

>> No.27976056

Because I'm the kind of idiot who can't move on no matter how hard I try.

>> No.27980197

At least in this case it's true.
One is independently owned by some dude who doesn't really care about money and only makes games because it's something that brings him happiness.
The other is owned by a corporation whose goal is to basically manufacture waifus for the sole purpose of profitting off of simps.
Which is why I'll never understand the appeal of things like gacha, idols, and corporate vtubers. Unless there's something I'm missing?

>> No.27981028


>> No.27981220

Why are you pretending like you're not someone who likes them? Nobody on /jp/ uses any of those words or terms.