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You'll learn to love me one day. Everything gets sucked into the black hole eventually...

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Like your vagina

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( ̄へ ̄)

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You know you want it, Anonymous.

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I can safely say that this is falsehood.

Say it in red if it's really true.

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But I'm gay. I bet you can't change that.

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damn straight I do


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It's not too late! You can still escape!

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I have a fig of you right next to my computer, you might not be my number 1, but I still like you.

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What kind of fig?

The BDSM kit one?

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i was brought here by the front page
by this
I'm going to /d/ where i belong i am disappointed in what i found today

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Nah, this one.

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I just remembered, Sakura has no figs of her in her cardigan/skirt combo.

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Sacchin is better than you Sakura.

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But I already love you due to the daily sakurafish.jpg

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Good boys.

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lol itrollu

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Hey sis, what's it like being a slut?

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'bout time that slut got what was coming to her.

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You people are terrible for calling her a slut. She's a good girl who simply loves her man. Is that such a bad thing?

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Feminist detected.

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What makes her any more of a slut than the rest of them?

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Kenji was right.jpg

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Let me show you sis.

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and then Rin was an incestuous lesbian

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You say that like she wasn't already.

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I think if they switched places in the begining, they would be same, but with switched personalities. Rin with quiet and timid while going yandere and Sakura would be tsundere..

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Rin would be an open slut.

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Now post the shoop w/ Saya eating the fish eating Sakura

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i want to be raped by sakura

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The fact that every male in the game fucked her`?

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No every male.

Only a few.

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How can I learn something that I already know/do? Mai waifu ;_;

Go die in a fire feminazi. Rin's the real villian of the game, toying with poor Shinji like that.

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Let's see:

Shirou - check
Shinji - check
Zouken - check
Kotomini - check
Soichiro - nope
Isei - nope

That makes 4 out of 6 as in 66.6%. Quite a ratio if you ask me.

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Lancer, Gil, Archer, Berserker, the Assassins - all nope

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When did Kotomine jam it in?

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Remember the scene where he "operated" on her? Yeah that one.

Well, they're servants. I excluded them on purpose.

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He touched her crest worm.

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They're still male characters. They count.

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Well technically they all -entered- her when they died, except for Archer.

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Well, if what metters is the entrance in some way and not actual act, then only Archer is pure.

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Since Archer is Shirous future self, he most-likely entered her as well.

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It's probably impossible for HF Shirou to become Archer, so no.

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No ponos to vagooo. Doesn't count.

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Who says the spirits don't enter her trough the vagina?

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The Shirou that became Archer most likely didn't tap that or any woman for that matter.

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Except for the fact he had a wife, sure.

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It was his own fault for trying to get a woman that was out of his league. She was just putting him in his place.

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When was that said?

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Everyone in FSN is a slut. Saber, Bazett, Fake Assassin, every last one of them. Stop being a bunch of faggots.

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I'm not going to track down the page it was said... But unlimited blade works it was indeed said he had a lover.

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They're not just sluts, they're prostitutes.

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Bazett doesn't even have an ero scene. Fake Assassin can't be a slut, since he's male.

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You can defend them, but you can't defend Saber.

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Sakura is not a slut, you are just butthurt because she turned you down for my sake

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No, I turned her down for her hot servant.

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lol @ Berserker entering Sakura through her vagina.

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He'd fit just fine.

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you take that back nigger. ilya's not a slut.

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Is Sakura really such a slut? She's not the one who is involved in a sex scene in all three routes.

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Just look at her lifeless eyes GOD DAMN.

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This is my angel.

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I rape you, you rape me.And the cycle will never end.

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Runs in the family. Besides, she was too busy cooking in the other routes and masturbating to Shirou when she wasn't. Plus she was drugging Shinji to make him think he was raping her with control. Bitch loved it really.

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Lifeless eyes you say?

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>Runs in the family

You bastard.

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Bitch wouldn't fuck me, SLUUUUUUUT.

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Beast Lair's better translating this before the next century.

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Hey, guess what?

I hit it. Twice.

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She's got a nice pair of kids

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did that happen in the anime? I don't remember that scene...

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No. It's just fun to imagine.

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She was drugging Shinji? When does it ever say that?

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Never. It's a lie to make her seem sluttier.

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it's just reading between the lines

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Good news, guys, black holes aren't so inevitable as you might think.

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they're saving their energy for the canceled tsukihime remake.

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But I already love you Sakura.

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I love Sakura too!

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If you really loved her, you would ejaculate on her face.

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Guess what goes in when women open their mouths like that?

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Spaghetti right?

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Nice one..

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>>Bitch loved it really.

Absolutely right. Sakura was raised that she would enjoy sex with anyone, including non-humans. Shirou was just lucky that she showed her appreciation for him.

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